You’re at your desk, sipping on the 3rd coffee, begging for inspiration & work motivation, procrastinating, daydreaming about last or next weekend, avoiding the work-agenda of the day and instead cheekily spending hours on your fave sites and adding to cart #ootds, food, shoes, books, gym wear, everything you need and more importantly don’t need.

Does this sound familiar?

Good. Since we’re all rowing the boat here why not actually get some good stuff out of it? Like shop for the perfect #OOTDs for each day of the week, for work? That way we’ll be actually indulging into a somewhat guilty pleasure but the same time we’ll be investing in our perfecto wardrobe AND do something for work. Motivate ourselves through perfect outfits of the days.

YAS. (do people still use this phrase?)



On the ‘worst’ day of the week wear black. And heels. My fave picks below. I am currently obsessed with basic dressy pants and those classic silk blouses.



#TheNudeOpposite (I’m obsessed with nudes.)











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