I’ve been secretly praying this hairstyle makes it, and I was left on my knees, hopes high, tears in my eyes, prayers unanswered. Until of course the Kardashian-Jenner clan decided it was suddenly cool to dutch braid their hair, and BAM the boxer braids were in.

Khloe Kardashian has rocked the boxer braids more often than her siblings, then it was Kylie I think, and now, as of recently Kim posted several pics of her on Instagram rocking the boxer braids in quite a few styles, alongside North. Yeah, she got us with that. We’re not a bunch of ignoramus idiots though, we know braids have been coming and going in fashion and it’s got nothing to do with the K’s.

Anyway… now they’re here, and they’re trendy, and I’m guessing we’ll be seeing a lot of side or centre parted hair, dutch braided into boxer braids this year.

boxer-braids-hairstyle-trend-2016-1 boxer-braids-hairstyle-trend-2016-1kimkardashian boxer-braids-hairstyle-trend-2016-15 boxer-braids-look

WHY is this hairstyle suddenly our #1 obsession and HOW and WHERE do we rock it?

It was 2 years ago I think when I kept my hair in boxer braids all the time. Well… almost, cause I can’t dutch braid for shit, so I was always lurking next to my friends who can, and when the right moment came, I was like: ‘Phuleeeeeeese could you braid my hair?!’ And then I used to keep it like that for a few days and take it off before the weekend, slap some dry shampoo in it, and BOOM! I’d have perfect curly wavy locks. FYI this is huge from a girl with straight hair.

I gotta pick up this hair habit again.

Truth is, it’s the most fuss-free hairstyle, it keeps your locks in place, and it looks insane. It has a very cool and feminine vibe to it, and can translate to either an urban edgy look if you style it with boyfriend tees and baggy jeans, and sneakers, and big bling (think ghetto-glam), OR it can look very retro Spanish, mixed wth bold prints or black lace outfit, and dark lips. Or it can be a very minimal yet sophisticated hairstyle to a more posh look, or a classic heels outfit cause it creates this balance between smart and effortless. This is the look Kim Kardashian has been doing over and over again for the past few weeks. All-black, very sexy, coat hanging off her shoulders, stiletto heels on, and perfect face. #makeuponfleek


Too bad I had more hair trims for the past 2 months to last me a lifetime I swear, so I’m again praying for my hair to grow faster so my braids would reach my waist. Right.

Anyway enough with the fucking rant, I don’t know shit about hair, except I LOVE the boxer braids and I could live online scrolling through pics for inspiration all day long. In case you’re slightly the same, I give you tons of inspo below, cause I love you like that.


boxer-braids-hairstyle-trend-2016-2 boxer-braids-hairstyle-trend-2016-3 boxer-braids-hairstyle-trend-2016-4 boxer-braids-hairstyle-trend-2016-5 boxer-braids-hairstyle-trend-2016-6 boxer-braids-hairstyle-trend-2016-7 boxer-braids-hairstyle-trend-2016-8 boxer-braids-hairstyle-trend-2016-9 boxer-braids-hairstyle-trend-2016-10 boxer-braids-hairstyle-trend-2016-12 boxer-braids-hairstyle-trend-2016-13 boxer-braids-hairstyle-trend-2016-16 boxer-braids-hairstyle-trend-2016-18 boxer-braids-hairstyle-trend-2016-19 boxer-braids-hairstyle-trend-2016-20 boxer-braids-hairstyle-trend-2016-21 boxer-braids-hairstyle-trend-2016-27 boxer-braids-hairstyle-trend-2016-30 boxer-braids-hairstyle-trend-2016-31 boxer-braids-hairstyle-trend-2016-32 boxer-braids braided-hair-looks braided-hair-trend-2016 braided-hairstyle braided-style braids-hair braids-look braids hair-trend-braids long-braids the-dutch-braid

BOXER braids are the best. xoxo





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