From now on you may call me Rapunzel. I’m not quite there yet, but I’m working on it. For the first time in a long time I feel like I’m a step ahead of a ‘trend’… My hair is growing, life is good. Who knew that my overuse of coconut oil and my unabated hate towards scissors would ever pay off sartorially. Ha. At this point me and Kim Kardashian could be besties. I’m growing my hair past my ego (I really hope it reaches my waist by this summer. #hairprayers), she’s rocking the Cher inspired hair all the time lately. So… if you chose not to acknowledge this relationship, that’s your problem.

This post practically hit me in the face on Monday when I realized something.

While having my coffee, and still struggling with a damn running nose, planning my week, working (I know. My life is beyond exciting.), scrolling through Facebook news of how Kim Kardashian is back on the internet with her now Cher inspired hair (eye-roll) and all that – it hit me. THIS will be a look. Sure it’s Azealia Banks signature hair, Rihanna’s done it like a billion times, Beyonce’s wearing long blonde braids in Lemonade buuuut it’ll probably be Kim’s ‘look’. So… life is unfair. Go cry in a corner, and get over it

We’re still doing the 70s looks, and the lob has been did done did for a while, it’s got its followers no doubt about it… so if you take these and add fashion crowd’s thirst for always something new BANG! you know you’re winning with waist long hair.

I adore long hair. The longer the better. But then I have days when I LOOOOOOVE a great lob. Or even a pixie cut. Short hairstyles look amazing, and that’s the truth. #thestruggleisreal

The thing about uber long hair, as long as your hips and waist is that it looks amazing if it’s healthy and taken care of. Also it can be styled in a million ways, but also not really. Hmm. Braids, ponytails, buns. Maaaaan this is hectic post and rant. Moving on.

How to wear waist long hair? The thing about uber long hair is that it may look too princess-y and young-ish to be rocked if you’re past 15 years old. It can also look dated. Circa 18th century. It can look tacky or cheesy in that soap-opera kinda way.

So can we wear waist long hair if we’re not 15 anymore, and if we wanna look sophisticated and effortless rather than beauty pageant-y? Can Rapunzel hair work in our favor?


Here’s how:

  • straight luscious hair slightly wispy at the ends, like a 70s queen (hello #CherHair) but very polished at the same time
  • slightly wavy like beach hair for a more boho chic style
  • long layers
  • sleek hair
  • center part, or side-part (never sleeked back)
  • braids
  • avoid super styled hairstyles
  • avoid those 80s big puffy looks (keep those for shorter hair. the 80s are back after all).

Outfits also matter when you wanna make a hair statement. I love the athletic with a twist looks, like sporty luxe, like heels but with a sweatshirt. Mini skirt with a baseball hat. Thigh high boots and oversized coat.

Other days I love minimal looks: all black suit for example which would look super bad-ass with stiletto heels and straight waist long hair.

It’s all a matter of what you like and your mood that day when you decide to make a hair commitment.


What I do know after this post is that I may like pixie styles sometimes, and the lob and God knows what, but I’m a long hair girl through and thorough. And if you just cut your hair recently – like my bestie beast is probably cringing right now – I say to you: You are a kween no matter what! Also rock that mane and enjoy your look. At least you’re different than the Rapunzel pack. And you got great hair.

Have a good one everybody. xoxo



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  1. Longhairlover says:

    Who says you have to apologize For very long hair or make extra adjustments or try Styles when you´re past 15 years old? who has to tell you how to look and what to wear in the first place? Long hair is great! The longer the better. By the way, you shouldn´t include Rihanna in your collection of – mostly gorgeous – pictures – she has a new hairstyle with radically different lengths every two months, so she cannot be taken seriously hairwise at all. which brings me to the point that the only thing you have to apologize for (and should avoid) are extensions. Following a long bob fashion this year and catching up with tailbone-length fashion next year is biologically impossible. just don´t do it and simply keep your hair timelessly long all the time and at any time. It does have to do with a character trait named Stick-to-it-ive-ness. i admire women with this trait.


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