Tucked In Hair OR How To Look French?

Apparently looking French chic is the #1 obsession everyone in fashion has right now. We all want to look French and do French things. Talk like the French. Walk like the French. Romance like the French. Eat & drink like the French. Kiss like the French.

Oh and of course dress like the French.

But here’s where it all gets tricky, cause when it comes to French style it’s less about what you wear and more about HOW you wear it. It’s the details and the very little effort it’s put into an actual look. So no wonder THE HAIR TUCK is an actual trend.

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It’s that detail that translates into Parisian chic, even if it’s got nothing to do with French fashion per se. It’s effortlessness and cool mess symbolize the very essence of the French chic fad. It’s so easy to do and pull off and really looks great on anyone. You only need 2 things:

  1. long hair
  2. a top you can tuck it under (shirt with collar, coat, scarf, jacket)

French-style-tucked-in-hair (6) French-style-tucked-in-hair (12)

How to do the hair tuck?

Leave your hair loose, and just throw on the jacket or shirt you had in mind without pulling your hair out from underneath it. Leave it like that, like it naturally got tucked in. As you go about your business during the day it will become looser, so just leave it to natural moves and style-chance to nail this look.

THAT is the essence of this style gimmick. No thought or extra effort. Only plain je m’en fiche‘ism and style carelessness.

French-style-tucked-in-hair (2) the-hair-tuck-style (2)

I’m telling you somehow we always seem to go back to the past. Those incredibly beautiful style icons of the 60s, 70s, and 80s are still faces and styles we turn to for fashion inspiration, and it’s more unconscious rather than consciously that we do this, which even speaks more about their fashion statement and our thirst for fabulous cool style.


Of course we could as well blame the tucked-in-hair trend on our hectic and fast lifestyles, when we just can’t be bothered to style our manes every morning, nor give a shit about how our coats tuck our long locks underneath popped collars.

Why should we? Seriously! The taste of fashion-freedom is sweeter than anything else, and there’s a great liberation in not having to bother for every. single. bloody. outfit. detail.

French-style-tucked-in-hair (11)

Not to mention, this hair tuck trend is the puuuuurfect trick to getting a bob or lob or whatever, without actually chopping off your hair. ;)

French-style-tucked-in-hair (3)

And at the end of the day… what do you say what to do you know: THIS very style-anarchism will lead to the brilliant coolness and wild-at-heart-looks everyone is trying to nail these days.

French-style-tucked-in-hair (4) French-style-tucked-in-hair (5) French-style-tucked-in-hair (7) French-style-tucked-in-hair (8) French-style-tucked-in-hair (10) French-style-tucked-in-hair the-hair-tuck-style (3) the-hair-tuck-style (4) the-hair-tuck-style (6) the-hair-tuck-style tucked-in-hair-trend (2) tucked-in-hair-trend (4) tucked-in-hair-trend (3) tucked-in-hair-trend

Dressing for ourselves and according to our moods… that’s what it’s all about, right? ;)