Shoes Alert: MIU MIU Ballet Flats!

The shoes every blogger and fashion savvy is obsessed with these days are BALLET FLATS. Not just any but the latest fashion frenzy by Miu Miu: mismatched, with a ribbon, resembling ballerina shoes 100%.

What can I say about this? How do YOU feel?

I guess it’s as close as I’ll ever come to being a ballerina. I totally salute and bow down to Miu Miu’s incredible reinvention of the ballet flat, it is finally great to see something so out of the ordinary in fashion. Weird looking, but not that bad.

Other than that… I hate ballet flats. Strongly.

So when these Miu Mius made a splash on the designer fashion scene I felt panic and I did roll my eyes a little too hard. Then I saw them, and I slipped a very honest WTF, and then I clicked through some more street style photos of how the sartorial gurus wear them. And then I liked them.

Of course I did. I am that person who says ‘no’ in fashion, and then wears ‘no’ in 3 years time. (Alexa Chung).

miu miu ballet flats miu miu ballet flats miu miu ballet flats

So why is everyone obsessed with these shoes anyway?

They’re different.

Getting something new from fashion in 2016 feels better than getting something pretty so… I think that’s the deal with these flats. They are very chaotic design wise, and destroy everything minimal about the definition of a ballet flat. So of course they stuck. We LOVE new things, and our newest penchant is more towards unconventional and rather ugly things (the ugly shoe trend) than the classic definition of pretty or normal.

I can only bow down to that.

Miu Miu  ballet flats are quirky. They add some type of girly romantic vibes to an outfit, but with a twist of edge.

miu miu ballet flats

How to wear them? I love how they look with bare legs: mini skirts, summer dresses, shorts. BUT the fashion lovers out there make them work in the coolest ways possible.

The downside to them is they price tag. But if you feel like splurging THESE might just be the perfect little gift to make your feet happy this autumn.

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Street style inspiration:


miu-miu-ballet-flats-4 miu miu ballet flats miu miu ballet flats miu miu ballet flats miu miu ballet flats miu miu ballet flats miu miu ballet flats

miu miu ballet flats miu-miu-ballet-flats-11 miu-miu-ballet-flats-14 Paris fashion week Haute Couture FW16 miu-miu-ballet-flats-15

Who thought ballet flats could look so badass?!