When it comes to polka dots outfits I’m what you call a converted fashion lover. I did not like them one bit. But that was a long time ago, when the reason behind my dislike was that they looked too girlish and too retro, none of which I was a fan of. Fast forward a […]

Before you gasp in shock or roll those pretty eyes, just think about the number of times you woke up each morning wishing you looked flawless, and ready to go? I know… vanity is a big sin of mine, so kill me for always wanting to look nice and put together. Yet I can’t help […]

If I had a dime for every thought I had related to looking different aka slimmer, toner, more boobs, less fat, younger, taller, shorter etc… I’d be filthy rich let me tell you that. From a big date, a work event, or a social outing – to wearing a freaking pyjama we all have moments […]

It feels like it was only last Tuesday that we were wearing what we were saying: professing our weekend love, our hate for Mondays, our lust for coffee and so on. I mean how many ‘I need coffee’ t-shirts can one person wear? It was fun for a while. Up until we were all looking […]

If you are here reading this, I’m assuming you are finally ready to take the most important step of your life. First of all, congratulations! Nothing is more exciting than finding the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. With that being said, you are at the right place because buying […]

The distressed denim look aka ripped jeans has been popular for years, ever since punk rockers and grunge stars came into the spotlight. They became popular during the late 1980s in the heavy metal era, and have stuck around ever since. Distressed denim offers a dress-down, casual approach to wearing jeans and are a very […]

Just a second ago I was thinking – were I not pregnant right now – what would I wear? An d’you know what I miss most besides proper jeans and maybe a crop top? A pair of great CULOTTES. It’s wild really how my fashion cravings go… just like food cravings tbh, cause you’d think […]

When Diane von Furstenberg said the wrap dress, she would later be iconic and notorious for, will be a timeless piece and a woman’s best friend – she meant it 10,000%. The designer created this cut and model back in the 70s and ever since, especially in summer, hence the wrap summer dresses, it’s been reinvented, […]

Talk about a ‘going back to basics’ this year with fashion! If anyone had told my mom, my grandma, or Jane Birkin (please observe the on point style hierarchy) that 40 something years later – the straw bags they so effortlessly and style unconsciously paraded around their arms every single day for school, shopping, jobs […]

I blame everything on Instagram these days, including the rise of #yellowmellow from an insta hashtag to in IRL – as the yellow color trend of 2018. I don’t mind it one bit, in fact according to my sign, #lioness its part of my color palette next to orange and red, so who’s complaining. Not […]