Office Look For Spring: Floral Dress & Leather Jacket

I knew I was getting old(er) *and* wiser mind you, the moment I realised I’m leaning more and more towards minimal classic looks, rather than the whole circus. 1) they’re so easy to style and wear, and 2) they look better. While I’ll always be an edgy girl through and through I gotta say when […]

Why Chunky Sneakers Are Actually For Everyone?

The chunky sneakers have been on my mind, and my list of outfits since Paris Fashion Week AW18, but as you might have known from my Insta-stories, some technical issues #macproproblemos – brutally separated me from my blog, hence why I, quite erratically, used my insta polls to ask you guys who follow me there […]

The Best Looks From 2018 Fashion Week

Fashion Week is actually a month of whirlwind events and catwalk shows spread across the fashion capitals of the world; New York, London, Milan and Paris. Over the course of February and into the beginning of March this year, the fashion powerhouses showcased their AW18 designs. While that might seem ahead of the game, it’s […]

Popular BEARD STYLES Among Hollywood Stars!

When it comes to beard styles the world is divided my friends: 1. men who love beards, and women who love men who love beards, and 2. men, and women regarding men, who are not too obsessed about the beard trend. There was time when if you didn’t grow a full on Jesus beard you […]

Fashion Week STREET STYE Fall 2018: Are You Also Obsessed, Or What?!

If I say ‘obsessed’ one more time I’ll punch myself. The fact is, there is no other word to describe a person’s love aka moi for all fashion things, especially when it comes to fashion week street style. OBSESSED. So the Q above is not at all random, in fact it’s a massive summoning for […]

Spring Chic

According the the calendar it’s the first day of spring (crowd cheers), yet according to reality so well portrayed on my Instagram… it’s freaking winter still, so we basically have 1 foot in spring and 1 in winter, hence this look that I feel – were it only a few degrees over minus – would […]


If you don’t know what matrix sunglasses are – they’re those tiny little super cool tiny sunglasses that barley cover your eyeballs and that every. single. cool. posh. chic. person on this planet is wearing right now. If Matrix married Beverly Hills 90201 and they had a kid, that sucker would have been exactly this […]

6 Powersuits To Wear In 2018

Powersuits as powerdressig is a major trend in 2018. Sure, we’ve been dressing in powersuits in the 90s as well as 2000s, so what is changed? Powersuits for 2018 embody everything: they’re sleek, but also slouchy, classic but so edgy, the blazer is massive, big shoulders, cinged at the waist, incredibly fashion forward in both […]

What Type of ‘Ripped’ Jeans Should You Buy?

A natural progression from the punk ethos of the mid- to late-70s, ripped jeans first became popular as a fashion statement during the hard rock and heavy metal heyday of the late 80s When metal gave way to grunge as the subculture of choice in the 90s, the alternative and grunge scene took the ripped […]

SHOP THIS LOOK: Robe Coat x Combat Boots

I’m still not over my weekly crush on robe coats, and my sartorial predicament with combat boots, so for today I love 2 things: my decaf and this look.     xoxo D.