Goth style is going mainstream again, with 2022 fashion rollouts like pastel goth clothes and other newfound takes on goth looks, now full speed ahead. The time is now to stock up on all your favourite gothic wardrobe staples, or Skull rings for men & women. Still, beyond the black pants, messenger bag buttons, and temporary hair-dye: what else is out there to count on this year in goth fashion? As you consider your style for this year, here are six goth trends to be aware of and, ideally, to include in your closet for 2022. 

1. Black Leggings And Oversized Tees 

Most tees you’ll see for goth styles are those featuring bands, horror movies, and other dark and daring clothing themes. Trending right now are looks that combine black leggings and oversized t-shirts. Pair these outfits with knee-high socks and combat boots, and you’re dressed to impress. Grab an oversized headband if you want to come across like you know your goth clothing. Sport cat ears if you wish. It’s all a part of the 2022 gothic fashion scene! 

2. Chunky And Edgy Sandals

Spring is right around the corner. Accent your dark outfits with gothic sandals in fishermen and gladiator styles. Choose black sandals with thick, metallic buckles for a punky edge. You can wear your sandals with everything from denim shorts to flared jeans and trousers. Consider your sandals to be the most versatile part of your goth wardrobe for 2022. 


3. Vintage Styles Galore

With sustainable fashion at the forefront of trends right now, there’s no better way to style your goth outfits than with items found at your local thrift stores. Shop for vintage finds like old-school leather jackets and denim cut-offs, and dress them up with lace camisoles. Yep, your goth-meets-biker aesthetic just got even better. Who says you can’t save the environment while looking still like you live to ride? 

4. Dark Academic Aesthetic 

If you need an outfit that gets you in the mindset to study, this is the look to go with. Bring out those intellectual vibes with vintage cardigans, plaid skirts, and stockings. Pair these outfits with goth, heart-shaped sunglasses for a sophisticated yet edgy look. 

For extra cuteness, pair your outfit with hair bows and leather cuff bracelets. Try ear cuffs while you’re at it. Feel free to play with your accessories to find the best items that showcase your personality. 

5. Little Black Dress

Whether you’re headed to a funeral or a semi-formal dance, you’re dressed for the occasion in your gothic little black dress. You heard that right, and your goth style is little black dress approved. Go for silky, form-fitting options that drape into V-shapes at the ends. Be sure to pair your dress with some vintage pumps or those chunky sandals we mentioned earlier. If you’re a fan of studded gems and rhinestones, bring a clutch decorated with these gothic jewels. You’ll be the steampunk princess of the ball. 

6. Military Button-Up Jackets

Goth fashion has always gone hand in hand with military jackets. Pair yours with frilly blouses and fingerless gloves for a gothic bohemian look that is uniquely yours. Your black jeans and Converse will go perfectly with this look and will pull everything together. You can wear this look for a day of shopping or a family dinner, and it is the perfect blend of casual and formal. 

The Bottom Line 

The gothic trends for 2022 are modern takes on the classic goth fashions you’ve come to know and love. There’s a goth look for every occasion. Given the items and outfit suggestions above, how will you style your year?


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