Big, bold, and beautiful. Add luxe, sexy and elegant to the list and no, no, no, it’s not a man. It’s a man’s watch. Although I’m such a girly girl through and through and love a touch of glam here and there, sometimes I love to clash my so very sparkly persona with something bolder, classic and more elegant. A man’s watch is a style statement in itself, and I’m all for that. A lot of women not only adore, but prefer a man’s watch. It’s that extra boldness and cool roughness in a very sleek way we give to an otherwise feminine or minimal // READ MORE…

If you think this is a fashion illusion, you’re wrong. What it is it’s a dream come true. Runway & street style rumour has it the  fashion print are no longer just a thing of summer, and when it comes to 2017 SS trends that stretch all the way into fall 2018 one specific fashion print trend stands out, as it makes a massive comeback: the tie-dye print. It’s so grown up though and sophisticated this season that it’s probably one of the most versatile and easy to pull off prints on any item and in any situation. It’s subtle, slightly retro-futuristic, very artsy, painting // READ MORE…

To the question what makes an outfit great the answer is entirely good quality fabrics. Sure, style matters, and so do a few other fashion factors, but if the fabrics are not great, no hat style tricks can save your wannabe fashionable ass. Truth is great clothes begin with great quality fabrics! Expensive fabrics are the key to those ‘good’ clothes which lead to sophisticated outfits and evetually make fantastic style. Luxe fabrics have a refined inherit quality to them, so whatever you decide to tailor out of them will probably stand the test of time and class too. #HowStaplesAreBorn Tissura is a brand that // READ MORE…

You’re in an exclusive club of women if you’ve had the same hairstyle ever since you were a little girl. A British study reports that only 6% of women have never changed their styles at all, while more than three times that many say they change theirs just about every single year. The study goes on to say that 41% of women change their basic hairdos once every two years. And the rest change their looks whenever inspiration strikes. Sometimes it’s before getting married or after having a baby. Sometimes it’s to get a fresh start after a romantic breakup or for a new job. // READ MORE…

Beautiful nail polish colors play a very important role in our looks. For that reason, many women try their best to get a manicure almost every month. The next salon challenge you’ll be facing this summer is picking the hottest nail design that will make you stand out unique. Well, if you want to have the perfect nail design for this summer, check out the 7 hottest nail polish colors and designs below. Almond Designs In Any Nail Polish Colors  Almond nail designs have become a common pick for celebrities. This is a nail design that helps them bring that sense of glamour to the // READ MORE…

Shopping for a new swimsuit can be stressful. Whether you have a supermodel physique or you’ve got a little extra fluff, finding a suit that looks cute and makes you feel great isn’t always an easy feat. For most of us, searching for the right beachwear is enough to make you wish that the old-timey bathing costumes with long pants would make a comeback. Finding the right swimsuit doesn’t mean that you have to drape yourself in a caftan and call it a day though — even if that does have its advantages. Since comfort is one of the keys to being confident, focus on // READ MORE…

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