Plunging necklines,  big hair, big jewellery, the sound of sequins and the sound of whisky and champagne glasses, a billion velvet jumpsuits, gorgeous fluid satin dresses with slits so high they make you dizzy, bodysuits worn as such, shorts so short they’re actually glittery knickers, fur resting on skinny slouchy shoulders, big bold heels, bare legs, bare nipples: welcome to Studio 54 fashion, aka the most coveted glamour ever.

Between your job, and kids, or between uni and the struggle of single versus committed life, between laundry and a glass of wine in the most comfy socks you own – the slits and the champagne flowing is just your regular Tuesday night. I know.

However, even us mortals and simple Susies out there love to scroll through a bit of weekend glam because go figure… a Friday night lived like a rockstar in your living-room and then your city may just happen. Hence the Studio 54 fashion inspo we kinda need.

More so, I don’t know about you, but first of all I adore glam-retro styles. Second of all it’s the 70s, which are still a massive trend with all the other tiny trends it brings: high slits, big hair, sequins, jumpsuits, velvet.

studio 54 fashion studio 54 fashion studio 54 fashion

Studio 54 Fashion. Style inspiration for a day-to-night glam life.

Aside from the classic fashion staples in our sartorial lives, looking into Studio 54 fashion (as a necessary mood-board for some social eventful weekends, when you’re no longer 19 and can go to fancy dinners in sneakers) is actually a pretty sartorial Eureka moment. Very style rewarding and inspiring if I may say so.

studio 54 fashion

studio 54 fashion

Studio 54 Outfits. #StyleIcons

Bianca Jagger‘s dresses with their plunging necklines, and high slits, tiny spaghetti straps, glitter, sequins, and 70s heels and fur – are staples Goddammit. Her studio 54 outfits have become IT looks for the 30 year old woman out to party.

Diane Von Furstenberg in her wrap dresses and fishnets with big hair and big heels. Perfection. To this day it’s a solid look for any woman or girl.

Don’t get me started on Cher‘s and Jerry Hall‘s hair and jumpsuits, or bare midriffs. More than studio 54 outfits, they’re trends and staples as well. Hair so long it touches your butt, middle parted and paired with some 70s grown-up but kinda flirty and fun pieces: a sequins low cut top and bell bottoms, or a very deep V-cut velvet jumpsuit.

Bodysuits were the BOMB back in the day. Sort of like the Studio 54 fashion uniform. To be honest as body goals as I might get, and as much as that gym workout would ever pay off, I’d still never go full on bodysuits out and about. Probably I’d get arrested. Yes, I’d look fab (if I’d have that #bodygoals nailed), but I’d be in jail. (Yeah, a lot of ‘ifs’ up there I know.)

Unless of course I’d be a full on rockstar with a trench coat or a fur coat to cover me up’ish. Then I’d be able to flaunt anything in full on bodysuits. Right?

Who the fuck would wanna do that anyway? Except for Mariah Carey, I know nobody else.

studio 54 fashion

studio 54 fashion

studio 54 fashion studio 54 fashion

Studio 54 Fashion: How to get ‘The Look’ Today?

Courtesy of 2017 trends, looking like a Studio 54 fashion icon in 2017 is easy peasy. Ish. The key to nailing Studio 54 outfits is effortlessness and a dose of rich-nonchalance that has nothing to do with money, but you just act like you’re the richest bitch in there. This sounds very wrong, but it’s actually meant in good spirits.

After you’ve nailed that one, the next step is to pick pieces that you’d wear to a very posh evening event (like floor length gowns or skirts, sequins, glitter, stilettos, high slits, cleavage) and get creative with them, and always keep it to either one of the 2 extremes: very simple OR all out. Why do cleavage when you can do exposed nipples, you know? (well… again, were it not for the jail, who knows). Why do a bodysuit and mini skirts, or sequin pants (sequin pants?) when you can only do the former?

Anyway… my not-very-funny-jokes aside, rocking Studio 54 fashion is all about those very racy but kinda cool and glamorous details that have turned into trends these days. Dresses with a high slit and an open back, very low cut tops, jumpsuits, velvet anything, fur coats, glittery tiny dresses.

Stilettos, and thigh high boots, and bare legs or fishnets – all are party details meant to give a bit of racy retro vibes to today;s night glamour.

Oh… and natural hair: long, short, big, sleek. leave it. Bold lips, and tons of rings.


Happy weekend everyone. Enjoy the pic-inspo.


Shop for my fave Studio 54 fashion pieces below.




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  1. Chelsea Watkins says:

    Hey! I came across your blog looking for outfits for a studio 64 themed holiday party. Do you happen to know who makes the maroon/orange v-neck, flare jumpsuit? I have been searching everywhere for it on the internet but cant find it so I figured I would ask! I’ll take a photo with me in it and tag your blog after the party! such a great find! Appreciate your help!

  2. Micaela Daniel says:

    Hi Any chance you can tell me who made the Gold dress (big shoulders, plunge, small waist) in the compilation picture with the two red metallic dresses. Soory for the all caps :)

  3. Jamey says:

    Wow, wonderful weblog structure! How long have you ever been blogging for? you make running a blog glance easy. The whole glance of your website is great, as neatly as the content material!


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