Whether it’s a wedding, a Christmas party or a day out at the races, achieving a standout look isn’t as straight forward as choosing the right clothes; there’s so much more to it than that. As the festive season approaches, you’ll be getting your fair share of invites to special occasions, so in order to help you look and feel good, we have put together some top tips to make you stand out from the crowd.

Dress the part

Obviously, the outfit you choose still plays a huge part in the overall look you achieve, so give it some careful consideration. Make sure what you wear fits properly, covers everything that it should and doesn’t make you look or feel like someone you’re not. Save the cocktail dress for the party, the maxi dress for the christening and the little black dress for, well, just about anything.

Be unique

Make a statement. Be bold and proud, but remember to be yourself. Just because everyone else is wearing a dress, doesn’t mean you can’t wear a flattering jumpsuit instead. And don’t worry if you’re the only one wearing heels, or not wearing heels for that matter. Dare to be different and wear something that people will talk about for all the right reasons, be it a fiery red dress, a beautiful bodycon number or flowing vintage one-off.

Seek help from others

If you’re not confident enough to choose the perfect clothes for yourself, then enlist the help of others. So many high street shops offer personal shoppers who’ll be able to advise on exactly what suits you. You can even hire the services of personal image stylists who specialise in things such as colour analysis, to ensure you definitely get it right. Failing that, take a close friend or family member shopping with you. Someone who you know will be brutally honest and will say what looks good and what doesn’t.

Wear the right jewellery

Be sure to compliment your outfit with the right piece of jewellery. If you’re wearing something that’s heavily patterned, then choose something simple to accompany it, such as a delicate pendant. If you have short hair or will be wearing it in a sophisticated up do, then pair it with some larger studs or dangly earrings. Or if your dress is classic and simple, why not jazz it up with a beautiful platinum bracelet?

Ooze confidence

One of the key things that’ll make you stand out at the next big occasion you attend is the ability to carry yourself with confidence. Think of it this way, you’re bound to only look as good as you feel. But if you’re wearing a stunning outfit in a style and colour that suits not just your complexion, but your personality too, then you’re bound to give off an air of confidence. Add to that the perfect jewellery to finish off your look and you won’t help but shine in more ways than one.

xoxo D.

What used to be a wardrobe staple both in high-fashion and everyday apparel is now being viewed as obsolete by up and coming generations. The wristwatch is a classic, functional accessory that has largely been replaced by mobile phones, which can provide not only the time but access to the world at large.

That being said, watches still have a lot to offer. With many fashion trends of the upcoming year alluding to days gone by, it’s time to bring back this classic accessory. Here’s why you should rock a watch in 2019.

Work Within Your Budget

You don’t have to feel pressured to spend tens of thousands of dollars to obtain a beautiful timepiece. With the power of the internet and some smart research, you can own a luxury timepiece that works with your budget limitations. You just need to be sure that your supplier is legitimate; while a discount is ideal, know when it sounds too good to be true.

To look for luxury on a budget, look outside the Swiss Made craze and opt for another designer. A Grand Seiko watch is a striking luxury timepiece that fits a moderate budget. For a watch to be labeled as Swiss Made, it must have parts sourced from Switzerland, as well as being assembled and inspected within Swiss borders. Seiko is a Japanese company that took the time to learn from Swiss watchmaking masters, thus offering the same quality without the Swiss Made stamp. 


More people are trying to unplug from their phones and experience the world around them, whether that means giving their full attention in meetings or venturing off to the woods for some self-care. As mobile phones have largely replaced the need for watches, getting in the habit of wearing a watch will keep you on track all day long.

Let’s not forget the added functionality of modern watches. Even designer brands are offering their take on smartwatches to fill the growing desire for integrated mobile features. For those engaged in sports, watches can offer a simple chronograph for timekeeping or track your movement while on the field or in the pool.


With funds and function out of the way, it’s time to get to the fun stuff: fashion. Watches are a versatile, fashionable accessory that can act as the cherry on top of your outfit. The watch you choose can help piece together the look you want to convey. It’s simple to swap one watch for another or invest in a luxury timepiece that has interchangeable bands.

One of the significant fashion trends with watches in recent years is women wearing men’s watches. These pieces take on an oversized look that adds power and strength to an outfit. Whereas women’s watches tend to be designed to be dainty and delicate, men’s watches convey dominance and authority. What more could a modern woman want?

Fly Your Flag

Watches are a great, subtle way to showcase your personality. Whereas you might opt for a more vintage look as offered by Cartier, your best friend might lean toward a more eye-catching, shiny Rolex adorned with bling. Regardless of the direction you take, it’s an opportunity to add some personality to your look, whether you’re at a formal event or the office.

As stated before, there are a lot of luxury watch offerings that have interchangeable bands. That means you don’t have to be committed to one look at all times; you can change your watch to suit the event you’re attending or the mood you’re trying to convey. 

Appreciation for Craftsmanship

If you have an appreciation for craftsmanship and skills, it’s time to let that shine in a largely automated world. Whereas many of our consumer goods are made by computers, watchmaking is an old-world skill that is still largely done by hand. Wearing a watch in 2019 shows the world that it doesn’t matter to you that we’re almost a quarter of the way through this century; you have an appreciation for finer things from the past.

Purchasing and wearing a watch is much like buying a piece of original art and hanging it on your wall. It’s an investment, a conversation piece, and an heirloom that you can hand down through generations. Watchmakers have managed to capture and record something that is intangible and still not fully understood. That sets watches apart from other fashion accessories.

They Look So Good

If you don’t need a deeper reason to wear a watch, then consider the simple fact that they look really good with any outfit. They add an air of luxury and togetherness to a person. That glint of light reflecting off the crystal of a well-made watch is eye-catching and alluring. 

Someone who wears a watch has things to do and places to be, which is what 2019 is going to be all about. So go get a nice watch and prepare to make next year your best year yet.

xoxo D.

The Hermes bag has earned its place among the most renowned brands of bags globally. The iconic bag is popular for its remarkable strength and impeccable design. The popularity of the brand has led to the release of numerous fake pieces into the market. Statistics indicate that a great majority of the Hermes bags being sold today aren’t genuine. For someone planning to purchase the bag, this might be a disturbing discovery. When investing in a luxury bag, you need to take every measure to ensure that it is the real deal. Spotting a fake Hermes bag can be achieved by looking at certain features of the bag. 

The Stitching 

The appeal of a Hermes bag lies in its perfect stitching. Every piece is hand made by some of the world’s finest professionals. The bags are handstitched to eliminate any flaws in the stitches. This is a characteristic of all Hermes bags that you will need to look out for whenever you are assessing a bag. A genuine product will be perfectly stitched while a fake one will have poorly done stitches. Look out for irregular patterns and crooked seams. If the stitching is not flawless, you should begin having your doubts about the authenticity of the bag. 

Shape of Bag and Handles 

The shape of the bag and its handles is another factor that you may need to consider in determining its authenticity. When placed on a flat surface, the bag should neatly stand without any bulges. The handles should also stand straight up. If it’s a fake however, the bag is likely to have rounded handles that are largely misshapen. 


An important part of any bag is the zipper. This is another thing that you can use to determine the authenticity of the bag. Every zipper on a Hermes bag is made by the brand and bears its name. The zip of a genuine Hermes bag stays parallel to its zipper. It features a high-quality design that locks the zipper whenever in a parallel position. A fake may however have the Hermes name on the zipper but miss the characteristic mechanism. 


Just like exterior of the bag, the interior is made using the best quality material and sophisticated technique. A majority of authentic Hermes bags are lined with a leather known as chevre. The leather is in most cases grained rather than smooth. This is another brilliant way of spotting a fake Hermes bag. Fakes will have low quality liners. The color scheme may also be different from the one on Hermes websites. 

Other things that can be used to distinguish a fake Hermes bag from a genuine one are the authenticity card, logo and dust bag. 

xoxo D.

Ah the question that brings us all together, regardless of our sartorial loves… “What the hell do I wear today?” Looking into 2018 winter fashion trends is a great start. Personally I think it’s one of the richest seasons in terms of looks, outfits and trends that are quite versatile and mostly easy to wear, and adapt to any look and situation. 2018 marked the return of so many fashion trends with a few of them standing out of the crowd. They’re on repeat. They’re classic. They’re chic and very easy to rock.

It is especially easy to top up your winter warmers here, and find some of the hottest winter 2018 fashion essentials to dress up your winter outfits. But when. it comes to essentials I think it’s safe to say some of the IT looks of the season are based on these classic trends.

1.Classic checks are back in vogue

There is a strong Savile Row vibe going on. The fabrics being used for many of this winter’s clothes feature classic patterns like checks and houndstooth. Most women will look great in these traditional, good-quality fabrics. 

2. Pure wool and tweed

Traditional, environmentally friendly fabrics are also prevalent. Pure wool coats are expensive, but well worth the price.

Tweed suits and jackets are also back in vogue. You are going to find this fabric being used for classically tailored suits for men and women. But look out for less traditional designs. This beautiful, rich, textured fabric is surprisingly versatile.

3. Animal Prints

The animal print trend we have seen featured in so many designers’ autumn collections looks set to continue through into most winter ranges. In fact, if anything it is set to be even stronger. If you have never worn them before, just take a look at this article before you go shopping. It is a great guide to how to incorporate these fabrics into your wardrobe.

4. Classic retro coats make a strong comeback

It is great to see classy coats and jackets dominating again. If you want something casual there are plenty of sports jackets around, with 1980s ski jackets being the main trend.

Military-inspired bomber jackets are also widely available. If you tend to feel the cold look out for the sheepskin lined flight jackets that some stores are carrying, this year. They are not cheap, but they are really warm and made to last.

You will find also a great selection of smart coats and jackets in the shops. The trench coat and camel coat have both made a strong comeback. These classic designs look fantastic on practically anyone. Wearing a coat with a belt is a great way to define your waist. Look for one with a belt that sits at the narrowest point of your torso.

The great thing about the upcoming winter trends is that they blend in really with the autumn fads and styles we told you about here. This is very good news if you have a tight budget. It means you can pick up some end of line bargains, knowing that you will definitely be able to wear those items with the clothes that you pick up later in the year.

xoxo D.

*drops everything. raises hand in the air. Everyone… my prayers have been answered. After secretly having hoped in a cowboy boots return, they are finally here. I knew it. Deep down inside I knew it, and I saw this coming for a while. I know, I know you don’t believe me… Nevermind that. What matters is that cowboy boots are IN this season and they are amazing.

When I think of all the outfits we can wear with a pair of classic or not so classic cowboy boots I’m literally going insane. And while you may think jeans and a tee are the go-to look, apparently for 2018 autumn the style is so sophisticated and so western-chic that it’s basically a beautiful sartorial challenge and amazing outcome to wear them with anything but jeans.

Of course denim works too, and always will, but the custom these days is to go for white peasant dresses, for head-to-toe animal print suits, for knits, for skirts and puffer coats – all paired with cowboy boots.

If you’ve got legs for days definitely  do the cycling shorts + blazer trend with cowboy boots. It’s chic, it’s cool, and it has edge.

And if you’re wondering WHAT style of cowboy boots is the coolest of them all… well it really actually depends on what floats your boat. Personally I love the higher boot styles, just because ankle boots are slightly ubiquitous these days and if you’re going for a classic cowboy look might as well go high, you know what I mean.

I love the white styles, cause #whitebootsrock and classic black. But I wouldn’t say no to a pair of killer red, blue or yellow ones.


Get the look:



This is probably one of my fave boots trend in a while. It’s strong, it’s cool and edgy, and it’s a classic. What do y’all think?

xoxo D.

There’s no need to cake your face with pounds of makeup to make your eyes pop. Whether you like to remain natural, have sensitive skin, or just want to try something new, here are some things  you can try to make your eyes look prettier:

Curling Your Lashes

Curling of eyelashes is a great way to make your eyes stand out because it makes them look bigger. You should use an eyelash curler to do this if you want to achieve a more natural look. If you do not own this tool, you can use your fingers: blow on them to make them warm then press onto your eyelashes for ten seconds.

Wear Colors That Bring Out Your Eyes

You should figure out the shades that make your eyes pop then buy shirts in those colors. If you do not know, you should try to remember the times when people complimented your eyes: which colors were you wearing? You can also hold up different colors to your eyes and ask somebody else to tell you the ones that bring out your eyes.

If you have blue eyes, you should wear different shades of blue or black. Lighter blues will make your eyes look light blue while darker shades will make your eyes look deep blue. To make your eyes pop more, you can accessorize them with things such as coloured contact lenses.

Groom Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows groom the face and help to balance your facial features. Whenever possible, you should opt for a thick, natural brow instead of pencil-thin, unnatural-looking brows. You can visit a salon to have your eyebrows shaped by a professional then use tweezers to maintain their shape.

Instead of waxing your eyebrows, you should try threading or plucking. Waxing is rough and can damage the skin around your brows.

Choose a Good Hair Color

If you color your hair often, you should choose colors that highlight your eyes. You can choose to highlight the different flecks in your iris or focus on your entire iris. If your eyes are light in color, you should opt for darker hair colors. On the other hand, light hair colors bring out the dark in your eyes.

Get Plenty of Sleep

The skin around the eyes is very sensitive and usually looks bad when you do not get enough sleep. When you do not sleep enough, the thin skin around your eyes will show blood capillaries. To prevent puffiness, you should prop your head on two pillows to drain the skin under your eyes as you sleep.

Massage the Skin Around Your Eyes

When you have excess fluid under your eyes, your under eye area will look swollen. To get rid of this excess fluid, you should massage the skin around your eyes in a gentle manner. Use your ring finger to massage gently or tap the area around your eyes in circular motions.

Massage from the outside corner of your eye as you move downward then up the brow bone. If you use excessive force to massage this sensitive skin, you will encourage the early onset of wrinkles.

Consume Less Salt

A diet that is high in sodium, artificial sweeteners, and alcohol can cause damaged skin around the eyes, resulting in puffiness. Excessive salt consumption causes the body to retain extra water, which makes the skin look bloated. Since the eye area is very sensitive, the puffiness will be even more obvious there.

The above tips will help you make your eyes pop without using makeup. If you prefer to look natural, these methods are for you.

When we think of how to wear white, the image that first comes to mind is probably that of a bride walking down the aisle in a formal wedding dress. While white may be dominant as a wedding dress color, it’s actually underrated in all other style areas. It’s got a simple elegance that works in a variety of settings. Don’t hesitate to wear white just because you’re afraid you’ll look bridal. If you do that, you’re going to miss out on some great style moments. Here are three ways to wear white that won’t have bystanders humming the wedding march.

Make it Sexy

White wedding gowns have dominated Western culture for less than 200 years. Contrary to what your grandmother may think, brides didn’t start wearing white as a symbol of virginity. Queen Victoria kicked off the white wedding dress trend in 1840, but there is no evidence it had anything to do with sexual purity. She was probably just a fan of the color, and it didn’t hurt that white clothing was expensive and hard to maintain. That made it an excellent choice for wealthy people who wanted to show off their status. Still, the idea that “white” equals “purity” has persisted in many circles. 

To combat that, look for gorgeous white lace dresses that have low-cut necklines and high hemlines. These designs are fun and flirty rather than staid and innocent. A bright white dress shows that you’re hopeful and optimistic, which is a upbeat vibe to give off.  Since white can be tough to clean, wearing it signals confidence in a crowd. In a room full of sexy little black dresses, a sexy little white dress will help you stand out. 

Maximize Accessories   

White wedding dresses are often beautiful, but they’re also heavy, extravagant garments. By the time you add a veil, you’ve got an ensemble that’s going to overwhelm just about any other accessory except maybe a tiara. Even then, you basically have to be marrying a prince to really pull off the tiara look. 

But when you wear a white cocktail dress, you have so many more options. You can add a dark-colored belt for contrast. You can also layer some necklaces if you want to draw attention to your neckline or bust area. If you want your earrings to be big and dangly, go for it. Don’t forget a hat, too. In the summer, a straw hat is a great way to set off your outfit, while a knit hat is a great option for colder weather. There’s no need for minimalism when you’re wearing white outside of a chapel, so feel free to experiment with a lot of different accessories to find a combination that works for you.

Make It a Pantsuit

A pantsuit is a bold statement of power that challenges traditional notions of what femininity is supposed to look like. The white pantsuit can work for any woman regardless of her age or body type. Pant suits make sense for winter, as pants are naturally warmer than drafty dresses. Also, the color white is typically associated with winter components like snow and LED warm white Christmas lights, so it’ll be a festive way to ring in the season. 

Good tailoring is essential for any white clothing, but it’s especially important with a white pantsuit. You shouldn’t spend as much on a pantsuit as you would on a wedding dress, but you also don’t want to buy something cheap that makes you look like you’re playing dress-up with your dad’s clothing. This look isn’t without risks, but if you get it right, you’ll find that a white pantsuit makes you feel smart, stylish, and capable. 

xoxo D.

I swear this summer went by in like 3 seconds for me, so you can only imagine my despair when, after having embraced summer dresses as a summer uniform – it was all gone. But… if like me you’re a little stubborn, and the weather’s o your side too, there’s really no reason why we shouldn’t wear  summer dresses in autumn.

In fact I think certain styles are great transitional pieces. Hello midi dresses, wrap styles, and long sleeves. Pair them with ankle boots, heels, mules, and rock a blazer, or a cardigan over it all and it’s really the perfect autumn outfit.

Anyway… with this in mind and my love for summer dresses altogether I wore this outfit on a hot Sunday in September when hubby and I took Siena for a walk alongside the river. I felt it was the perfect outfit for a perfect day spent with my beautiful family. Casual but pretty. After pregnancy I find it’s really important for me to feel pretty in clothes, and I think clothes have this capacity to give us that razzmatazz and confidence back…

Scroll down to see all the photos and what I wore.


What I wore:

Forever21 Dress (similar here)and here) | HM shoes (similar here and here) | Bag | Primark old skinny belt (similar here) | Zaful sunglasses (similar here)

From the reign of the blazer to animal print trend, if 2018 had a name it’d be bold, beautiful and the year od the fashion comebacks. Okay, that’s a lot of words for one name… but… you get my point. In 2018 autumn we celebrate and wear on rotation: blazers, plaid, snake prints, wild prints, classic jeans, cropped pants, powers suits… vintage big earrings, statement bags. #fashioncomebacks

However, autumn 2018 also has a more quite side, a minimal side, a side that comes so handy on those days when you wanna look like you barely tried but still put together. Sort of minimal chic in blue jeans and white shirt kinda style.

Shoes mean a lot this season, from dad sneakers to combat boots or stiletto heels – they sort of give the tone to a look that’s otherwise more simple and basic than it used to be.

If you’re out to get the fads focus on prints and coloured boots, white ankle boots are massive this season, but if you’re out to splurge on staples I think either of these 7 pieces are worth investing in:

  • plaid blazer
  • animal print dress
  • classic boot-cut jeans
  • kitten heel boots
  • white shirt (blouses and shirts will have a huge fashion moment this season #personalprediction)
  • a power-suit
  • a good bag (depends on your style and necessity, you can be a tiny-bag-kinda gal, or the opposite)

Spend the big money on staples and the fast cash on those fads.


Shop my autumn guide here:



My fave 2018 autumn pieces remain: classic jeans, white shirt, a plaid blazer and white kitten heel boots. I need to shop ALL of these pieces asap. How about you, what are your faves this season?



It’s a classic, and it’s back. Animal print trend has never been as bold and beautiful as in 2018 autumn. The only question is: do you like it? My love for animal print has existed even since I can remember, from my fashion ignoramus days, to my now slightly more savvy ones, and tbh it’s that one fashion thing I’m always gonna love. Snake, cow, zebra, dots, white, black, brown, blue… you name it, I love it.

However, there’s one thing called too much when it comes to this animal print trend, or more like the fear of too much, too bold, too extravagant, too extra you know. THIS too has guarded my fashion animal print choices throughout time. Sometimes I gave in, and passed on a-head-to-toe-animal-print-look out of fear of looking too extra, and sometimes I’d just say fuck it and rock it.

With 2018 autumn the time has come again for me to decide whether or not I’m a fashion chicken shit. I’d hope the years gone by have thought me to not pay too much attention to what people say and just do your thing… #mymantra, plus I have the confidence of a queen… so look out peeps… I might rock head to toe animal print this season. God knows, who knows… I’m the most confident insecure person out there.

At the end of the day it ain’t such a big deal, it’s just fashion and a wild print, so if you wanna do it but don’t wanna look extra just rock one animal print item, keep it toned down, and pair it with more casual pieces to make it less louder.

If you love it so much that you’d drape yourself in zebra or snake print… go all the way. This will be my new year’s fall fashion challenge: head-to-toe animal print #extraaf

Tips: animal print looks amazing with golden jewellery, red lips, sleek hair, against white, denim, patent or vinyl. And by the looks of it it’s the biggest trend of 2018 autumn… so unleash your inner beast I guess.

Shop here:



It’s not for the faint hearted ones that’s for sure, but it’s worth the risk!