Luxury brands are loved around the world and the most well known brands have come from Dubai. Dubai is synonymous for luxury fashion and you can get it a fraction of price. The brands provide people with style and class; along with comfort. The list of luxury and famous brand available in the country is a long one. They have quite a few brands that are head turning and design stunning clothes. So below is a list of famous brands that can be used to update your wardrobe and to give yourself a different look.

  • Chanel

The brand is basically famous for Chanel Perfume, the Black Dress and the Chanel Suit, and is one of the top selling brands in the UAE and other parts of the world too. It is equally popular in India as well. The brand also specializes in making Fine Jewelry, Watches, Make-Up, Skin Care and Sunglasses. Though it is a very expensive brand, still there are some ways one can make his purchase at Chanel budget-friendly.

  • Gucci

It is also one of UAE’s leading fashion brands that are known for its wealthy looks. The people who look for quality and Italian craftsmanship prefer Gucci in the first place. The products that are made by this brand are highly desirable and fashionable which include ready-to-wear, leather goods such as bags, shoes, time pieces and jewelry. Gucci is said to be re-inventing a wholly modern approach to fashion. You can buy this brand from leading website, Namshi, farftch and more.

  • Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is the first American brand in the list which is widely known for its expensive bags and watches. Change is said to be a vital part of everyone’s life and they make sure they design that change. They create timeless styles along with sustainable product design. The brand offers one of the most expensive leather bags collections which range from $1700 to $4000. So it is one of the most loved brands among the wealthy in UAE. The brand is really an expensive one but some websites offer coupon codes and deals to make the purchase pocket friendly and economic. This brand is available leading online website, noon, levelshoes, 6th street, ubuy, farftch and namshi.

  • Dolce&Gabbana

Dolce&Gabbana appeals to those who look for clothes that are more e formal and timeless pieces which perfectly fit in for the seasonal changes and the long term trends. Other than the apparel range, its make-up range is also quite popular. And of course, its sunglasses, corrective eyewear, purses and watches have also increased its sales. A variety of products and a huge collection is carried out by this brand.

  • Dior

Dior is considered the symbol of excellence, elegance and luxury by the women. The brand is specifically designed for women keeping in mind their needs and requirements. The make-up range that they offer has a lot of products; they have quite a few perfumes and other products too. Apart from that Dior Home Division is also popular among men and the brand also offers baby Dior labels too.

There are a lot of other famous brands preferred by the people of UAE; like Prada, Fendi, Armani, Jimmy Choo and others.

In the stores you can find a large selection of men’s shoes for the fall. In the last few seasons, the most popular are combat boots, Jodhpur boots and sneakers. Men are more and more interested in an elegant and fashionable outfit, so they try to follow the trends. 

Jodhpur boots and combat boots – elegant and classic

Jodhpur boots are classic and very elegant, yet comfortable footwear. This type of shoes looks great in the company of jeans, corduroy and material or leather pants. Interestingly, Jodhpur boots fashion has already been started by the British Queen Victoria. Since then, these shoes have changed both their appearance and purpose. Initially, Jodhpur boots were worn by men from the wealthy upper or middle class, but nowadays practically everyone has access to this type of footwear. Jodhpur boots are reaching above the ankle, so they are perfect for the fall season, when it is important to wear slightly higher and warmer shoes. Combat boots, on the other hand, are a fashionable and casual element of men’s styling, which is perfect for colder fall and even winter days. Such shoes match the suits very well and can be worn with an elegant combination of pants and shirt. That is why the combat boots can also be worn for work. Fashionable Jodhpur boots and combat boots can be found at 

Comfortable sneakers for the fall

Another interesting model of fall shoes are sneakers. Naturally, on cold days it is best to choose sports shoes that reach above the ankle, are made of thicker material and have a solid sole. In this way, the cold ground does not have a negative impact on the feet. Sneakers are a really good choice for the fall, especially for men who walk and stroll a lot, for example, go to work and then go to the gym or pick up their kids from school. This type of footwear is very comfortable and cozy, so you can also wear it for a meeting with friends or for a date. 

How to choose men’s shoes for the fall?

When choosing men’s shoes for the fall, it is worth paying attention to the material. Definitely the best and most durable material is natural leather. Currently, however, many companies produce shoes from synthetic and eco-leather. Unfortunately, even though they are ecological materials, they do not work well in the production of footwear, because they are not breathable and do not adjust to the foot. It is also advisable to opt for suede or nubuck. In the case of fall shoes, you can also consider additional insulation inside or fur on the upper. A thick sole and good fastening of the footwear is also very important. It is worth making sure that the shoes reach above the ankle, as this ensures thermal comfort. Shoes in autumn colors, i.e. brown, black and grey, will work well – this way they will be more resistant to any dirt.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dashed out of the house with just my phone trying to squeeze it into my pockets, or worse – tailoring my outfit to fit my phone when I didn’t wanna carry a bag. A daily scenario of style compromise or of unnecessarily carrying a bag that I repeated way too many times. The thing is I LOVE bags, BUT as a mom to a very very active and cheeky little toddler girl lemme just say I need comfort and utility in my life more than anything, But I also kinda wanna look decent (read stylish maybe) in the process of running around her or/and running errands. #thestruggleisreal

So coming across a brand like Vaultskin – who value simplicity, utility AND beautiful style all wrapped up into high quality pieces such as phone cases and wallets – was a godsend gift to this busy mama. I love the detailing in their products and the minimalist design which does not take away from utility or style, au contraire it makes it incredibly chic and versatile.

I am wearing the Victoria Case Golden Chain and I absolutely adore it specifically for its simplicity which in personal style translates to versatility. Whether its jeans, sweats or more dressy looks this case fits in like a glove. AND it not just holds my phone but also my cards, leaving my hands free to hang in my pockets for all I care.

In reality I’m busy carrying 2,456 grocery bags, a little toddler girl, and my daily struggles. Which is amazing.

A little backstory about me is… I’m that girl who has about 134 panic attacks a day over losing my phone, but this Victoria phone case literally ends this struggle for me. Also quality wise it’s beyond sturdy, so if Siena decides to have a go at my phone I can yet again rest assured it’ll survive any toddler attack. And guess what? Sturdy still means luxe. #somuchyes

I have chosen the golden chain detail to my iPhone case just cause you know me… ya girl still loves a bling. And I just think a touch of gold is just that… pure gold. ;)

And of course it’s beige cause seriously what isn’t beige these days.

Anyway for this post I wore it against white cause tbh I’ve waited forever to actually have an excuse to wear these pants, and just dress up a little. But on a daily basis, y’all know me from Instagram – I’m in jeans or gym wear all the time. Only happier recently cause I don’t have to think about where to put my phone when I leave the house with Siena. I got my little bag read phone case and I’m good.

So ladies and gents if you need free hands and don’t want wear a bag, but still look like you sort of have a bag, without actually having one (#waitwhat) – this is for you.


I am wearing the Vaultskin Victoria Case | PLT pants & coat| HM sweater

xoxo D.

Trends change over time, particularly when jewellery and fashion products are involved. And if you want to run a successful business, you will need to adapt and change as well. 

Matthew and Chris from Custom Plugs know this all too well. They’ve managed to make their eCommerce website for ear gauges and plugs, ear stretchers, body jewelry and accessories, and alternative clothing into a multi-million pound success. How? By being up to date with the latest trends!

Here they talk us through the trends they have seen come and go for the past ten years.

Body modification grew in the ‘00s

By the time the ’00s came around, the body art movement was well-established and the current body modification (as we now know it) was just starting to become popular as part of an evolving counter culture. As body modification grew in popularity, it became more mainstream thanks to a number of high-profile musicians, and extended to the catwalks and stages across the globe. 

As a part of this trend, ear stretching was increasing in popularity, driven in part by the emo culture in the ’00s. More places were offering ear stretching as an alternative to piercing. DIY kits also became available on the open market. 

The alternative scene continued to grow in popularity, bringing a whole new wave of trends into play. A lot of festivals started using emo bands as headliners, which helped popularise the culture, giving us a bigger audience to go after.

Starting Custom Plugs

One of the driving forces of us starting the business was that we were frustrated by the lack of choice on what was offered. We decided that we wanted to expand the offering and give people more choice in their alternative jewellery. 

Bright and plastic

When we started out in our business, we were focusing on products that we personally liked. The trends back then revolved around very brightly coloured designs, generally in plastics. Spikes were very popular, as were silicone tunnels.

Extreme body modifications

As time moved on, ear spacers made from wood and metal grew in popularity, and ear stretching became bigger and more extreme, with the world record being set for the largest tunnel in 2014, and the most flesh tunnels in 2015. 

The Media’s influence

Unsurprisingly, games, TV, and cult films also influence trends, as do seasonalities and hot news topics. We follow these closely and have some great ranges to support most current trends. 

Otherworldly designs

The link between gauges and counterculture means that trends for gothic style products never really go out of demand. There’s always been a nod towards magic, divination, and the occult, as well as viking, and medieval time periods. 

Environmental and lifestyle shifts

In more recent years, things have simmered slightly, moving away from more extreme gauges. We’ve seen environmental issues affecting the globe, which shifted the demand from plastics towards organic-style products.

These trends were further enhanced by the vegan movement. Organic and vegan-friendly products are still in demand even now. However, current trends are leaning more towards intricate, aesthetically beautiful jewelry with natural stones and metals and more organic shapes. 

Twisting the classics

Dangle plugs that extend to look more like an earring are increasingly in demand, and we’re expanding our range to meet this with some really exciting and beautiful options. Saddle/spreader plugs are also on the increase, which are a more interesting and intricate take on the traditional round plugs that have been popular for so long.

Personal jewellery

Of course, customised jewellery is becoming increasingly popular. This isn’t inherently new, but the technology is. Before you could create a jewellery design (if you had the budget) and potentially add an initial engraving. But thanks to new processes, 3D printing, and the ability to create designs by uploading an image, these types of customised plugs are becoming increasingly more popular as people strive for further individuality.

Customising jewellery and ear plugs is a really exciting way to express yourself, and we see this aspect as a very big part of our future. We’re sourcing a greater range of materials and working on an easier way for our customers to design their own plugs.

There’s always a new trend, and while we’re close to our audience and fairly good at spotting trends as they arise, the difficulty we have is in managing stock levels to meet the demand and knowing how long it will last. We don’t want to be left with loads of surplus stock, but we still need to meet customer demand. 

It’s a difficult balance but one that we happily accept to make sure our customers are always getting what they want. 

Luxury brands, unfortunately, almost always come with a hefty price tag, especially if you are on the lookout for big-ticket pieces. However, even if your budget doesn’t have the room for the newest piece, it doesn’t mean that you cannot allow yourself to have luxury brands in your home or closet. With just a few resourceful tips and tricks you can end up having your favorite luxury pieces in possession, all without paying that ultra-high price.

And if there are readers who might be interested to learn why someone is ready to spend so much on luxury brands, the reasons are many. Luxury and designer brands usually offer higher worth and quality and longer-lasting materials. Also, these brands give out a status image among colleagues, associates, and friends. Very often these products keep their value, providing a nice opportunity for a high resale price, especially when it comes to jewelry or clothing, as some fashion names are always in high demand.

As you see, there are many reasons for one to lust for a luxury brand. The idea is how to avoid paying premium prices, without creating a hole in your wallet and to be able to enjoy some high-end products.

But before we continue with our suggestions for how to get the best deals on luxury brands, you must know how markups work. In a few words, people tend to believe that when any product is on sale, they are benefiting greatly, and are even ripping off the brand. However, that is not entirely true, at least according to the experts at The Pearl Source. Retailers set their prices backward. They are already aware of the lowest price a merchandise would sell, and even at that price, there is a markup. The “normal” price that consumers see is buffed – the retailer is aware that not many people will buy under that price, but even those few will benefit greatly to them.

Understanding that every price is negotiable, let’s jump to the 6 tips that will help you to get those best deals:

1.Shop the “Other” Collections

When you know a little more about how a particular brand works, you will also learn where you can find the best deals for that brand without paying the full price. This first tip is particularly useful when you are on the lookout for new designer pieces. Many fashion brands have additional brands that are under the same “umbrella” company name. So, one luxury brand line can have a few supplementary brands under that name, categorized in a capsule collection, bridge line, and lower-end brand.

2.Employ Flash Sale Websites

Flash sale websites give a few specific pieces for a lot cheaper than their original price. Those products, shipped in bulk, are received by the flash retailers who later on ship the products to your home. Like this, the designer line saves money on packaging and shipping, which in return are passed to you in the form of a discount. This simple process allows designer products to have lower prices compared to the ones on their website or department store. Of course, these items are usually only offered for a short period, and they tend to sell out pretty quickly.

3.Check for Price Adjustments

The most suitable time to buy off-season merchandise is a week or two before a sale takes place. Of course, this only works if that place does price adjustments. That is when retailers agree to refund part of the price in case a product goes on sale after you have purchased it (and are usually limited to a week or two post-purchase period). Like this, you can have the best selection before the sale is on, but you can still end up with a sales price a short period after your purchase.

4.Go for Off-Season

If price adjustments don’t work for the stores you have in mind, try to go for off-season products. These items always have some additional discounts to them as brands try to push the old merchandise and make room for a new one. And even if you need to wait for a few months before you can use it, that luxury item is now part of your lifestyle. A pro tip: go for classic pieces. Although you might find great deals, you always have to think if you will use it when the time is right, or when it comes to fashion, if it’s just a one-time thing.

5.The Final Sale

We believe you saw this coming. The only thing better from buying on sale is buying during clearance. Yes, there might be fewer items available to choose from, but if you find something that you like, it might be a steal. Just remember that usually, products on final sale are not eligible for returns. So, make sure you are sure with the purchase, as there is no way of returning it.

6.Ask What’s in the Back

As the last tip in this series, something that absolutely very few people do. As luxury brands tend not to have many items displayed upfront, people usually think that everything they have is displayed. However, very often there are additional products or leftovers from other seasons that stay in the back. If the salesperson is willing to pull something out for you, you might end up with just the right piece for you, plus with a nice discount on top.


The sense of normalcy I have while writing this is no short of what I like to call a good feeling. Yes we wear face masks, and yes we live in pandemic street style reality, BUT some of us still have a big desire to celebrate life through clothes, be it staples, minimal style or just basic ol outfits topped with red lips. Even as those will go masked and covered up… personally I never forget to selfie a rare makeup day situation.

Anyway… back to today’s dilemma (gosh I missed fashion dilemmas)… how weird and refreshing is it that upon documenting this post I literally came across anther such post, almost identical in its (my) quest circa 3 yrs ago?

Am I really that redundant? Or maybe there’s a legitimate dilemma with no wrong or right answers?

What autumn jackets do we reach for once fall season is here: BLAZERS or LEATHER JACKETS?

Sure one does not have to exclude the other. We can all be both Dolce and Gabbana dolls and V. Beckham minimal girls… BUT do we live in a time where the staple of jackets – the leather jacket – has lost ground? How do we feel about that?

I know, I know…. a series of Q that are only making this thing harder.

The truth is both jackets are pretty fab, and at the end of the day it’s all a matter of what you want. At first sight there’s not even a style battle as the differences between them are huge: the leather jacket is more badass, cooler, a forever staple of rocknroll and edge, while the blazer is more polished, professional, sleek, and classic.

Well, leave it to fashion to color out of the lines and ruin a perfectly good antithesis of items, cause in 2020 you can get a badass vibe with a blazer in no less than 3 seconds, and a very clean and classic cut look with a leather jacket in equally the same amount of time.

So you see why 3 years post my initial article I am still struggling to find a decent answer to this?


Women are pairing blazers with leggings and combat boots, or even track suits. I can’t begin to tell you the amount of times I’ve worn a blazer over a gym outfit as I made a quick run to the shops. Being a mom I’m always in a hurry in gym clothes but I also always wanna look like I’m not… hence my blazer tendencies lately.



Shop blazers:


Oh and don’t get me started on the 2020 leather jackets. They are so BEAUTIFUL in their massive cuts and oversized masculine vibe that to say I adore them is a big understatement. Like I ADORE them. They are the definition of 80s badass style, regardless of what you have underneath: flirty dress, boots, sneakers, stilettos, sweats, leggings, jeans.


Shop leather jackets:


Ultimately it’s all about what your vibe is the day of. Just keep in mind one tip if you can – no matter your jacket of choice, remember bigger is better.

And now it’s your turn: are you team blazer or team leather jacket?


What a nice chat this was. I feel I’m leaving with an even bigger dilemma but what can I do, that’s life.

Stay safe y’all. xx


Never in my life (time) have I thought I’d actually research ‘face masks trend’… I mean the way reality hits you in the head with this one (in case it hasn’t already) is equality mind-blowing and humbling. And quite shocking too tbh. We live in day and age where we MUST wear a face mask to protect our health and those of the ones around us. Getting over how difficult it’s actually been to implement this super easy health prevention method around the world – we now have finally not just managed to wear them, but are excited to (for lack of better word). It’s a fashion thing too, go figure.

And here I am again, like that nagging old woman who keeps saying the same thing over and over again: fashion is playing a bit of a big role these days being a true mirror of its times, and thus milking the sartorial side of this health mandatory situation. Good for us. And Thank GOD! I mean we’re all a bunch of self absorbed insecure fashion victims anyway so…

Or maybe not all of us, but it does feel rather good to wear something that also looks nice. Simple as that.

Personally, I gotta be honest with you all – except for a couple of times when I wore a scarf for a mask, and another time a black mask – I’m a blue surgical mask kinda gal, and the reason for it is saving time. And I also kinda like that baby blue color pop. Yes I know I am a very profound practical gal.

So… since necessary is married to cool these days why not take it further and make it fashion.

In case anyone is wondering where the hell do these cool people come up with such gorgeous face masks, wander no more my friends. I’ve done the research work for y’all and here’s some shopping links for us lazy girls and boys who only resorted to the basic blue masks.


Nothing wrong with blue masks, au contraire I think they are the professional versions of these trendy ones, BUT even the most un-fashionable ignoramus gets style bored even now and then, and in case that ever happens, here’s this post.


You’re welcome. Gosh have I said how good it feels to be back. <3


Few months into 2020 the world has stopped. It has paused everything for about 2 weeks only to later slowly and awkwardly come back to life affected and misshaped, but somehow happy or hopeful. And fashion – although forced to pause and postpone its FW shows at the time, and even now – has too slept and then awakened. Different. Awkward. But somehow still the same.

The 2020 pandemic had changed everything in us and around us, and our personal style made no exception.

To some minds and souls, less prone or ‘affected’ by fashion this makes no difference whatsoever, yet it affects us all, as fashion has always been a true mirror of its times. The 2020 pandemic street style bares some novelty other than the ubiquitous and mandatory face mask. Being forced to stay in lockdowns and quarantines, or just more isolated and home based has truly paved the way for loungewear, tracksuits, pjs, comfy clothes, slob friendly outfits, less makeup, no fancy hair, sunglasses, face masks, sneakers, hats. The so called celebrity look is on everyone these days, incognito, quickly popping out for just 20 min to run the necessary errands, or go for a quick run or walk.

The world has changed its priorities and with it we’ve changed what we wear to the party. (read everyday).

So is there a street style during the 2020 pandemic?

Well… tbh I came here today, after the longest time off (feels f*&*& great to be back btw!) – and my answer to the above title was supposed to be pjs and tracksuits. To be more precise the IRL street style during the 2020 pandemic transitioned to Instagram, to those #OOTD pics of influencers that look so aesthetically pleasing in their casual lounge/tracksuit pants uniform, as I’m scrolling down on insta every day. They are all wearing the same casual cool outfits, face masks and long lashes. So… this is the new street style right?

Right. Why? How?

Well, the fact that we all have to be indoors pretty much all the time has shifted our choice of clothes from maybe more office, chic, elegant, refined styles to… well… pjs all day everyday. Ish. And since instagram is a platform that mirrors reality (eyeroll… BIG eyeroll) it only makes sense that whatever we do around the house in our outfits will be shown on Instagram as #the2020pandemicfashion. And getting out if the house these days – aka IRL street style – is just a quick run to the shops or the park. And most of these errands can and are done in whatever the hell we’re wearing indoors. We’ll throw a mask and sunglasses on top of everything anyway so why bother?


Yes and no.

While this was true at the beginning of lockdown… and was the 2020 pandemic street style… something strange is starting to happen to fashion and personal style. Maybe it’s our need to socialise, to get dressed so we don’t get depressed, maybe its 2020 FW, which is half assed this year anyway – BUT aside from the Instagram street style STYLE, we also have the normal move-on-with-your-fashion-life-in-a-loud-way kinda fashions, born from our desperation of beauty and normalcy. Some people are wearing nice outfits topped with even nicer face masks. Celebrating life you know.

And THIS exact new reality, triggered by our despair and FW is what actually surprised me upon writing and diving into this post, which I had so ignorantly assumed at first to only be about pjs and slob looks.


TBH with you all… I think we’ll all come out of this 2020 pandemic changed. And way better dressed, thirsty for fab, over-the-top, BEAUTIFUL outfits.

It feels good to be back y’all. xx

Spring is the perfect time to revamp your wardrobe. With the change of season comes new weather to dress for. After all, you’re no longer hiding your outfit under huge parkas. This season, invest in a few key pieces that are versatile and transitional in order to upgrade your wardrobe — without having to replace it all. From the latest white freshwater pearl necklaces to the now fashionable cardigan, we outline 5 pieces you should buy to upgrade your closet for spring.

Puff Sleeved Blouse

There was no shortage of inspiration from ‘80s fashion the past season and the puff-sleeved blouse is definitely here to stay! It’s romantic, it’s bold and it’s feminine. If you haven’t invested in this trend yet, now is the time. Pair with trousers for the office, with jeans for date night, or wrapped over a swimsuit at the beach.

This is an easy trend to adopt that won’t break the bank but still feels fashion-forward. To really take this look up a notch, style with one of the season’s other biggest trends — leather. A pair of cropped leather pants and a crisp white puff-sleeved blouse is the perfect juxtaposition of different textures and material weights. Finish off with a pair of strappy sandals and a fun bag and you’re ready to take on spring.

Modern Pair of Pearls

Pearl jewelry has really hit its stride in the past few years. What was once a prim gem you’d wear with your Sunday best, pearls have become cool again. From ear cuffs to dainty asymmetrical drop earrings, pearl jewelry is modern, unique, and very on-trend. Long gone are the days of plain pearl studs and pearl pendants. Instead? Reach for a classic shape reinvented in a new gem with pearl hoops. If you are looking to make more of a statement, a large pearl ear cuff will be the focal piece of any outfit. Oversized bauble pearl rings or cuffs are also a modern twist to the classic gem.

Slip Skirt

A slip skirt should be a spring staple in your wardrobe because of its versatility. While you may not have invested in the leopard slip skirt that went viral in previous years, the trend isn’t going anywhere. It is the perfect transitional piece of clothing to introduce for spring. For days that aren’t yet warm enough, pair with an oversized sweater and knee-high boots or booties. To make this look casual, complete the look with a plain t-shirt, your favorite sneakers, and a gold chain necklace.

Chunky Necklace

It seems accessories trends this season are either XS or XL. From micro to super oversized, jewelry seems to be following in suit with either bold shapes or dainty silhouettes. If you prefer to make a statement, you’ll be a big fan of the new it-necklace for 2020. Oversized and chunky chains swarmed the runways and took over our Instagram feeds. They are outfit-making and bold, yet somehow versatile. For a classic look, pair with a plain white t-shirt and vintage denim. This is the ultimate effortless fashion-forward look. They can also dress up your favorite sweaters and dresses. Make sure whatever you are pairing it with doesn’t compete for attention. If you are looking to invest in one piece of jewelry to take your outfits up a level, a chunky chain is for you.

Fashionable Cardigan

Cardigans have taken a seriously fashionable turn. No longer are they a part of your favorite pastel sweater sets. From matching knit bralettes and cardigans (like the one Katie Holmes casually made viral) to chunky and oversized, there is a cardigan for every occasion. They are the perfect transitional piece of clothing for any in-between weather days. Cardigans can work with skirts, dresses, or jeans in both a chunky or thin knit. Pair with a slip skirt for a fashion-forward spring-appropriate outfit. For any casual days out running errands, try an oversized and cozy cardigan with a pair of your favorite jeans and sneakers. Regardless of how you’ll wear it, consider adding a cardigan to your capsule wardrobe — trust us, you’ll wear it on repeat.

xoxo D.

Some office spaces are just plain, uninspiring, and mind-numbingly dull. Fortunately, you can remedy that by decorating your personal desk space. Energize and brighten up your office with cute accessories and tiny trinkets. Not only will it bring some color to your boring desk space or cubicle, but it’s sure to show your personality to your coworkers and lend a more comfortable, homey feel you’re happy to arrive at each morning. What are you waiting for? The next time you punch in, make your desk your own with some cute accessories! Here are some easy steps and clever tips on how to decorate your desk space at work. 

Choose a Theme

When it comes to decorating your desk, first things first: Choose a theme. Soften the area with feminine touches and cute accessories that have a common, cohesive theme. Color plays a large part in your theme too. Especially because you want to liven up those neutrals and grays, think of your cubicle as the foundation in which to add some accents colors.

Hang and Display Photos 

Photos of family, friends, and pets add a nice touch to your desk space. You can clip them onto fairy lights strung over your workspace or place in a few various-shaped frames to lean on a shelf. And it doesn’t have to be people, either! Find a quote that drives you to work hard or a far-off destination that motivates you to make it till the weekend or vacation. 

Bring in a Catchall Tray

Keep your notepads, paperclips, and stapler organized and on a stylish tray. Make it woven rattan to bring a country charm or faux leather-wrapped for a glamorous touch. Inside the tray, leave space for a few more items to complete the look. Store thumbtacks and paper clips in separate small bowls. And keep a pencil holder with a collection of your favorite pens too. You can also utilize the tray as a personal space, designating it as the go-to spot to place your lunch tote, planner, and coffee mug each day. 

Decorate Your Shelves

Place some decorative objects and tiny trinkets on bookshelves or a cubicle shelf. Reflect your personality with cute accessories. You can even use shelves to display photos too. From functional file storage to big and bold sculptures, there’s really no end to possible ideas! The point is to express yourself and make your desk space feel more personalized. 

Illuminate with a Desk Lamp 

Add a table lamp or accent lamp to soften and dress up a corner. It’s sure to add some warmth to your desk space, but it will also add just the right amount of ambiance to balance out the garish overhead fluorescents. You can even use a warm temperature LED light to save energy. A lamp can also pull together your theme and color through its base or shade. Consider something with some multi-functional features, such as an extendable or rotatable neck. Even if you have minimal desk space, you can always use a clip-on lamp to add just a pop of color and illumination.

Add Some Greenery

Plants make great decor. You can also bring a few sprigs of flowers, picked from your garden or bought at the market, and place them in a small vase. They look gorgeous while lending a lovely scent. Potted plants are a wonderful way to add some greenery. Choose a hardier plant that’s low-maintenance and requires low to moderate sunlight. The perfect plant for your desk space could be a snake plant, English ivy, or philodendron. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, the simple addition of a silk flower bouquet or tiny faux succulents is enough to add some much-needed life to a desk space. 

Sip from Fun, Personalized Mugs

Whether you’re a coffee drinker or tea drinker, a fun, personalized mug is an excellent way to express your personality. Better yet, keep a collection to rotate to whatever suits your mood. Bring in a mug that tells the world (or, at least, the office) who you are. Even showcase your name, so it’s never lost and only used by you.

Attach Magnets and Push Pins

Use some cute magnets and push pins with inspirational messages and photos on bulletin boards. There are many places around your desk space where you can attach a magnet or two, especially in metal cubicles. Think file cabinets, whiteboards, metal shelves, and even the door to your office. If you have a bulletin board, pick up some decorative thumbtacks or push pins. There is an endless amount of push pins from those with heads featuring animal heads to bright colors and shiny metallics. 

Use Decorative Bookends

Hold up files and binders with decorative bookends. It can be almost anything, so long as it’s heavy and supports the weight. You can use anything from colorful geodes to that potted plant or flower vase you added. Also, consider decorating what you already have. Most offices lend out industrial metal bookends that can hold a magnet. This is a very budget-friendly option, costing only a few bucks for a fun magnet, and it is super utilitarian! 

Liven Up Your Stationery

Bulk office supplies are pretty basic, so why not liven up your pens and notepads as well? You can find a variety of pencils and pens in fun colors and some cute illustrated stationery. Keep organized while adding some decor to your desk space too! Think calendars or planners that coordinate with your workspace but also remind you of important events, meetings, and coworker birthdays.


Drape a Throw over the Office Chair

Your office chair might provide the proper ergonomic support, but it’s not doing much for your office space aesthetically. Not to mention, most offices are kept at lower temperatures and can sometimes get quite cold. One tip? Drape a decorative throw or chunky knit blanket over your office chair to make your desk space look cozier and provide some warmth during chilly office hours.  


xoxo D.