I blame everything on Instagram these days, including the rise of #yellowmellow from an insta hashtag to in IRL – as the yellow color trend of 2018. I don’t mind it one bit, in fact according to my sign, #lioness its part of my color palette next to orange and red, so who’s complaining. Not to mention it’s such a summer symbol, which again is so me #summerchild, that I’m more than sold on this summer 2018 trend. And it looks great in photos. Besides, style wise no matter what you wear yellow will look good on you, it’s a matter of hue and whether or not you wear one item or drape yourself in lemonade. No?

Just bare with me throughout this post as we’ll go on the ride of your freaking lemonade summer life, and discuss HOW to wear yellow this season AND look fab!

If you don’t believe me, or Instagram, you’d better believe designers, cause their SS2018 collections had yellow in them through and through.


I mean… just think Beyonce’s Lemonade yellow dress and let’s just all go home and cry of happiness. The best yellow outfits for summer are dresses: fluid, flirty, fitted, shift, shirt, midi length, maxis, or minis, in tiny prints, or solids, worn with espadrilles, heels, or sneakers.



2. Head-to-toe YELLOW OUTFITS: In more pieces

If dresses ain’t your shtick, OR you are one of those gals who looove to spend time on outfits and are the least laziest fashion person out there, (God I wish I knew what that was like), well then… it’s yellow outfits in 2, 3, 4, or 23,456 pieces for you. Skirts, shorts, tops of all sorts paired together regardless of style or cut, as long as they’re all yellow. It don’t even need to be the same yellow shade. In fact, I think the more shades and yellow hues the more it’ll all be sophisticated. From bright yellow to mustard yellow to more orange or muted and pastel styles – every lemon inspired color out there is your bestie this season.

Keep the rest simple, speaking of basic dressing here, and let yellow mellow shine through. Personalty I love either very casual laid back summer yellow outfits worn with nude comfy shoes, OR more polished yellow looks that look amazing with posh white slides or black minimal details.

BUT, yellow does look amazing against other colors, and we do live in a free fashion world, so if you wanna wear red shoes, green lips, or pink bags – go for it. It’ll definitely look fab for Instagram.



3. ‘I’ll have just one yellow thing please!’

Not everyone is such a yellow or a mellow kinda human… and some fashion lovers go by the mantra less is more, and make a bigger style splash with just one yellow item rather than wear the lemonade of the entire world at once. Yellow looks absolutely beautiful worn with blue denim, either jeans, or denim skirts or shirts. It’s one of the best combos if you ask me, worn either with heels or flat shoes.

Yellow anything also looks great against white and black, like a minimal clean outfit.

Again, if you’re an adventurous soul and love color blocking pair a yellow top with a pair of electric blue pants, or a red skirt. Do your thing.


Truth is, 2018 summer is a lot about color, big, bold, bright, solid shades of red, orange, yellow, pink, blues, greens… you get it. Designers are embracing these colors not just for this hot season but for fall 2018 as well…. so it makes perfect sense that each and every bold shade has its fans. And since summer is about fresh bright sunny days… Yellow Mellow lemonade is a winner.

What do you think? Do you actually like wearing yellow?

xoxo D.



T-shirts and jeans have been the stepping stone of each and every great style that was ever emulated, copied, and ironically rarely duplicated. Fashion is a lot of things these days, but with the rise of retro and 90s styles, dressing up has become more laid back. Sure there’s Versace, and Marc Jacobs or Tom Ford, but there’s also a massive rise in street style and more Calvin Klein like outfits. The queen of too-much  and over the top dolled up looks – Kim Kardashian herself is often seen as the face of such basic dressing, with the long simple hair, or bob lately, and 90s style spaghetti strap dresses or jeans and white t-shirts she’s like ‘I’m done with those too studied looks, and over the top outfits. I wanna look like I barely tried.’ Bloggers too are jumping in on this ‘trend’ and chose simple outfits with 0 exaggerated elements. They’re easier to wear, easier to shoot, and a true mirror of our laziness at times. By forcing us to rid ourselves of those extra frills and fashion opulence they kinda allow true style and simplicity to shine through.

TBH, except for a few incredibly great stylers out there, I’m done with seeing too trendy dressing hanging on the backs of every single girl out there with not a dash of personalty in sight. What is IN these days? Red lips, bob haircut, track pants, platform big shoes, chokers, big logo tees, micro bags, long nails, perfect makeup, combat boots, spring floral dresses, coffee to go, cool drinks and food, etc. *wears all of them at once*. Sure, it’s all fashion and fun, and by all means go have a clothes party, and leave the 30 year olds to their minimalist and basic dressing style. Right?!

Are we haters for saying that? I know I certainly have my moments, and I’m working on pissing all rainbows and butterflies… but am I wrong in my fashion observation here?

Or maybe, just maybe… there’s more to fashion than just one massive trend or movement, and the world is divided into: statement and opulent aka trendy, VS minimal and basic, the formal being sort of a fight back to this massive fashion consumers and piling on of trends…  and if this is the case where do you stand? Good Lord I know I used to be such a fashion freak not too long ago and would wear anything that looked funky, cool, good, bad, you name it, I made it work… or so I thought. Fast forward a few (wise) years and here I am embracing basic dressing. Of course, with time I’ve also become slightly lazier and very very hard to impress… so perhaps there’s this slob phase I’m going through…

What happens when you start dressing basic?

A massive attention to details is born: good hair, natural, healthy, good skin, pretty nails, quality jewelry (a simple thin gold gold necklace, stacking on thin rings, hoop earrings), great shoes, tiny cool bags or classic totes, red lips, good eyebrows, dewy cheeks, headscarves, dainty accessories, tiny sunglasses…

It’s the stripping off of the extra details that allows us to be more careful about what we chose to wear.

How to wear basic clothes and dress minimal without looking ‘basic’?

First of all, stop trying and just wear simple clothes. Secondly don’t give a damn about fashion. The rest will come, cause after mastering the art of stripping yourself of all the ancestry you’ll start having fun with details and before you know it a new style will be born. More comfortable, unique, easy, simple, and classic.

Have you noticed how style icons and some mortals too look good in anything, especially t-shirts and jeans or a simple dress? That is style. Effortlessness is key.

  • jeans
  • t-shirts
  • sneakers, sandals, slide shoes
  • micro bags
  • tote bags
  • dainty jewelry (pile up)
  • red lips
  • zero dresses
  • floral dress
  • monochromatic look
  • sporty style
  • classic pieces
  • retro details
  • simple items

All the minimal things you need:



Basic dressing a la 90s!

This is the so called minimal dressing trend happening these days. It’s Beverly Hills 90210 meets the grungy side of fashion in the 90s with a dash of preppy. What would Brenda Walsh wear? What you wore back in the day? Jeans, crop top, oversized sweatshirts, sneakers, simple black dress, tiny sunglasses. Take them all to 2018 level and integrate these retro classic clothes into a more polished and clean style. Pick quality over opulence, and limit the statement pieces your put on for a more grown-up clean effect.

Get the look:



At the end of the day it’s still fashion (which is supposed to be fun and personal) so it’s up to all of us. Perhaps we’ll al be walking basic copycats by the end of summer? Who knows… What I do know, is that basic dressing and minimal style are quite refreshing in a sea of too much fashion, if there’s even such a thing.

What do YOU think?

xoxo D.


Festival season is only around the corner, with events happening both in the UK and further afield. Whether you’re venturing to your local music festival for the weekend, or you’re making a holiday of it, it’s fair to say that the most important part is the festival fashion. After all, festival attire is often associated with making a statement and standing out from the crowd. So, if you’re hoping to add some key pieces to your collection ahead of the biggest festivals of the year, you may want to be on the lookout for some style inspiration.

Festival style is often linked closely with a bohemian approach to fashion, with eye-catching prints and summer-friendly designs. So, to make sure you get off on the right foot, here are some ideas to get you started.

1.Flare sleeves

In keeping with the popular bohemian chic style, flare sleeves are reminiscent of the 70s when clothes had a strong silhouette with exaggerated details. Flare sleeves add a flirty statement to your outfit, whether it’s a playsuit or a dress. Sometimes called bell sleeves, this is a style that is both striking and practical. After all, if you’re headed to a UK festival the warm weather isn’t always guaranteed! Wearing something with sleeves is a great way to look stylish but stay comfortable into the night.

festival fashion

2. Tropical prints

Nothing rings in the summer better than a colourful, eye-catching print. For festival season, tropical prints are ideal for adding some colour to even the simplest of outfits. For effortless style, a tropical print enhances a shirt dress or co-ord set perfectly.

Tropical prints can include anything from brightly coloured floral patterns, to palm leaves and even the likes of sunflowers or birds of paradise. The epitome of summer, let a tropical print take care of your style, leaving you to enjoy the festival!

festival fashion

3. Embroidery detail

A continuation of the bohemian approach to fashion, embroidery detail is a great way of enhancing designs. Adding a very visual element to the likes of dresses and shorts, embroidery can range from the smallest detail to the largest motif. Flowers are a usual go-to for embroidery patterns, but why not opt for something unique such as geometric shapes or even the traditional cheesecloth embroidered design.

festival fashion festival fashion

4. Bright colours

Summer is the chance to experiment with styles and colours, particularly at a festival. It’s the time to stand out from the crowd and wear something that you maybe wouldn’t normally. Opt for bright orange, stark white or multicoloured options that will add something different to your collection.

festival fashion

xoxo D.

Grillz have been in existence for a while now. Although there have been concerns that such dental accessories are for celebs, with time, grillz have become a thing for anybody, not just for those in the hip-hop culture. Nowadays, you can spot a grillz almost everywhere even on red carpets. If you love jewels made of gold, then you can, or you could consider either custom fitted grillz or plated ones. Despite the fact that these two types of gold grillz may appear similar, they have several differences.

Understanding gold plated grillz

Gold plated grillz are dental accessories made from either silver or steel with a gold plating. These types of grillz are a better alternative in terms of low-cost grillz. The plating is done in such a manner that they cannot tarnish since they are highly durable. The plated grillz are designed to be available in a standard size. Also, they come with other accessories to ensure that they fit your mouth more comfortably.

Pros and cons of plated grillz

Buying gold plated grillz comes at an advantage. Firstly, these types of grills are readily available. Secondly, they are much easier and convenient to use since they are not majorly designed to leave an impression. In addition, they are quite affordable as opposed to the custom-made gold grillz.

However, there are a few disadvantages of buying plated grillz. First, you will only rely on fragile prongs and hence, you have to worry about the security of fitting them. Secondly, the defect rate of these types of grillz is high, and they may feel uncomfortable on some people.

Understanding solid gold grillz

Solid grillz are types of dental accessories which customizable for any individual. Most people love customized grillz because they are comfortable when worn and they perfectly fit because they are made from the customer’s teeth molds. Usually, these types of grillz are made from solid material –it could be silver or gold.

Pros and cons of solid grillz

When you buy solid grillz, you will experience some benefits. Firstly, solid grillz, regardless of the material, are of high quality. If the material is gold, the end product is usually pure gold. They do not tarnish or fade provided you take care of them well. Secondly, these types of grillz are more comfortable as compared to the premade plated grillz since they perfectly fit in your mouth. Solid gold grillz are designed with a snug such that they fit securely in your mouth and hence, you will not have to worry about them rubbing or pinching.

The only drawback of these types of grillz is the fact that they are quite expensive making it hard to afford them. On the other hand, they are not readily available and hence, you will need to wait for a while before you get your grillz.

The choice of the type of grillz you purchase depends entirely on your taste and preference. While solid gold grillz are considerably expensive, they are of high quality and very comfortable.

xoxo D.

Can fashion or alternative fashion be considered to be true art? That’s a question that’s hotly debated in both the fashion and art industries. Yet, according to the website Debate.org, 90% of people believe that both art and fashion display many of the same qualities.

Is Alternative Fashion Truly Art?

While fashion and alternative fashion aren’t displayed in a gallery or in a frame, fashion certainly tells a story – a story of the designer, of the wearer themselves and of the era in which the garment was created. If the purpose of art is self-expression, then fashion must be the ultimate embodiment of that principle, and in that light, fashion must therefore be art which is worn on the body.

Increasingly, we’re seeing fashion being displayed in museums in exactly the same way as art, and, in the same way that art can either be beautiful or disturbing depending on the message the artist is trying to express so, too, can fashion vary in style according to the whim and direction of the designer.

So, Is Art Fashion?

Conversely, if alternative fashion is art, then art must also be fashion, and The Killing Tree brand believe that clothing can be used as a medium, just like a traditional canvas, for artists to display their work and for the world to exposed to its beauty and its deeper message.

The Killing Tree is at the forefront of the art inspired clothing innovation, specialising in creating wearable art that makes a statement. Merging art with alternative fashion, The Killing Tree is proud to lead the way in this exciting industry, and ‘we have made it our mission to share both with as many people as possible.’

Working with Artists to Make Wearable Art

The Killing Tree works with some of the most innovative UK artists to create exciting artworks that can be admired on a wall, or worn on a t shirt. Working closely with some of today’s most innovative and talented creators, The Killing Tree has developed the Exposing Art programme, designed to bring art within easy reach of everyone.

Art is at the very heart of The Killing Tree, and our passion is to raise its profile whether in an art gallery, your living room, or on your body. We’re proud of the amazing artistic talent in this country today, and we’re here to make sure that it doesn’t go unnoticed – that’s why we give away free matching art prints with every t shirt bought on our site.

The UK’s Artistic Talent

The UK is home to some of the world’s most outstanding and gifted artists, and it’s our mission to make sure that they get the exposure they deserve. In the same way that fashion legend Yves St Laurent worked in collaboration with the artist Piet Mondrian during the 1960s to produce iconic pieces that are still famous today, we take inspiration from the world of fine art to create beautiful statement garments that you’ll love to wear.

Some of the artists we work with include Chris Rivers, a musician and artist from Manchester who incorporates his musical influences into his darkly themed paintings that centre around the concepts of innocence versus the sinister, and Tom Gilmour, an illustrator who takes his inspiration from tattoo designs and early 1980s skateboard graphics.

Other artists whose work features in The Killing Tree’s collection include Helen Hebenton, who reflects her personal interests in her surreal artwork. Pieces from her Animal Inspired collection were featured in GQ’s summer 2015 edition, and, of course, The Killing Tree’s founder himself, Karl Sandor whose reverse approach to design results in a unique artistic perspective. 

xoxo D.

Sometimes the best things in life come in small sizes. Of course as a maximalist I’ve never found that to be true. I mean I’ll always get the larger coke and bigger pizza, the big house, the big necklace… the big party, the large ego… you get it. Yet… when it comes to 2018 latest fad, I am quite a small size lover. Of shades, people. Of shades.  From my recent post about small sunglasses, and my insta stories about them – people are not big fans. So… alone in my small sunglasses predicament I was actually wondering where in the world can I, or anyone who loves them too, could buy them.

You know them: those smaller than an asshole’s brain sunglasses, in black, blue, red, orange that casually stat the top of your nose, an match some sassy bored attitude, a la Kendall Jenner & co par example.

Without further ado here are the bestest small sunglasses ever. I mean… I love them, and I just think the Topshop ones and the Adam Seldam ones are beyond insane.

Shop away ladies and gents:



Thoughts? Do you still not like them?


You may be tempted to think the question above is simply stupid, YET not all stupid things are un-true. #whatthe Maybe the question mark should’ve been added after something like: is the denim shirt still a staple, and if it is, do we still love it? If it’s not… (which is a total bullshit in my humble opinion) why do we still gravitate towards it? I mean we do, right?!

And who the fuck decides whether or not it’s ok and staple worthy to wear a old piece over and over again? Right!

I may not know a lot about a lot of things, but this I know: the moment I can’t wear something I make it my sartorial life mission to drape myself in that thing. And now it’s the denim shirt. In which I can’t fit because #babybump So if you see me rocking  my Canadian tuxedo – that is the reason.

Pretty selfish or at least self-absorbed right?

But I can’t be the only one still hung up on the denim shirt, so given this present predicament AND the denim shirt’s classic’ness I think it’s safe to say we do still love the denim shirt in 2018, and we’ll love it in 2080 as well. The only adjustment I’d do is in regards to its styling. I mean that’s the bloody key to it all at the end of the day, and allows us to wear incredibly ugly even dated pieces IF we know HOW to wear them.

What does the denim shirt look like in 2018?

Well, it looks like a pair of shoes. Just joking. Of course it looks like its old siblings, YET there’s a shift in its cut and design which is more towards cowboy inspired, printed, dark blue denim, rugged, oversized, polished, masculine, architectural, bold. Vintage and edgy.

A lot of designers actually showed denim shirts on the catwalk for 2018 SS, and if that’s not a green pass to this piece I don’t know what is. Especially in a time when the blue jeans are so losing ground.

How to wear the denim shirt in 2018?

The key is to wear it as a shirt, not as a layer, not as a 2010-denim-shirt, not unbuttoned, over a tee. Treat it with importance and style.

Go for any colour, any size, and cut – even those 2010 style ones if you want to, and button it all the way up, tuck it in into a pair of office trousers, or wear it loose, and unbuttoned with your fave pair of jeans. It all depends what look you’re going for.

Keep the jewels minimal, no more chunky necklaces, no more 1,234,567 bangle bracelets, and chandelier earrings.

Less is more and apparently *this* will make a bigger statement. The 2018 denim shirt look is more vintage and sleek.

How to not wear the denim shirt anymore?

  • don’t tuck it in into low waist jeans
  • don’t wear it as a cardigan, it’s a shirt
  • don’t pair it with leggings anymore
  • don’t go overboard with jewellery

The light denim shirt.

While 2018 has more penchant for vintage yet modern and polished looking denim shirts, which means darker blue denim, the light aka baby blue denim shirt is such a summer winner. Or maybe I just like it too much to let go of it.

The light denim shirt looks amazing in that thin and summer light fabric, slightly oversized, half tucked in, or not at all, paired with dark trousers for office, or loose culottes, or shorts.

The look is more relaxed, be it professional or casual.



The dark denim shirt. 

It’s a more formal take on this shirt with a more retro/vintage vibe. Usually dark denim is for autumn or winter, but in summer it’s perfect for office, if the cut and fit is tighter, and for casual if it’s oversized.



The fitted denim shirt.

While it’s not our first choice, because denim shirts are all about relaxed, casual styles, the fitted denims are a good choice for office wear, and maybe even events. So you can pair one with a pencil skirt, or high waisted trousers.



The oversized denim shirt. 

THIS is so 2018. It’s a very cool and prefect outfit for casual days, for relaxed office hours paired with anything from shorts to jeans, to cigarette pants, to mini skirts.



Despite the fact that I’ve haven’t worn a denim shirt in like 1,234 years, I love it, and I’ll always love it. I just need to get my body into one asap.

So my answer is YES. Evidently I still love the denim shirt. How about you?

xoxo D



Everyone… listen up! I’m so happy it’s disgusting, I mean spring is here, birds are singing, I just bought myself some floral summer dresses, one of them in size 6, contrary to being so fat and pregnant right now, (and it fits!), it’s so warm I could actually lay in the sun, cherry blossom trees are high in the sky, I’ve background music wherever I go, I still feel fit. Fat but fit. Life is good.

Did I say I’m into floral dresses this season? If you ask me, which I’m sure you’re not, but imma tell you anyway… 2018 will be all about summer dresses. From casual to evening styles, from chic to simple, from daytime to night time, from mini to maxis – everything that is summer appropriate and is a dress is IN. With a massive trendiness on floral styles, wrap styles, and midi lengths.

Summer means the ocean, the beach, holidays and so on, but it also means life in the city, summer parties, after work drinks aka cocktail parties, dinners, events, weddings… you get it. A social situation that we love to use as an excuse to dress up and look fab.

The easiest way to to that is to put on a summer dress. It’s a quick outfit, it looks good, it’s comfy, looks effortless and does the job.

1.What summer dresses to wear to summer events? 

Of course it depends on the event. If it’s a beach cocktail event, you’re not gonna be in heels and sequins. If it’s a more formal event you’re not gonna be in some casual-ish dress, if it’s a wedding you’re not gonna wear white.

So what summer dresses do we actually go for?

  • midi lenghts
  • chiffon
  • ruffles
  • floral print
  • lace
  • mini
  • maxi
  • wrap
  • 70s styles
  • shift styles
  • cap sleeve
  • bare backs
  • long sleeves
  • no sleeves

The idea is to fit in with the crowd and the event, to stand out through how fab you look, but to be appropriate. Personally I’m really liking JD Williams brand for summer dresses for a cool breezy wedding, for a summer cocktail situation. I love the wrap styles they have, and the midi dresses which I feel are winners no matter your age, body shape, or actual event.

My fave dresses from them:


2. How to style summer dresses for sophisticated events? 

Don’t wear feathers in your hair and don’t do the whole damn circus. Choose a look and go with it. Simple is better. Having said that, keep in mind summer dresses are exactly that: summer easy breezy pieces.

Hair & makeup: keep your hair simple, natural, either just blow-dried or in a loose bun or low or high ponytail. You can wear bold lips for that sophisticated style, and do the false eyelashes, but keep it natural.

Accessories: we live in the season of less is more (people! I am struggling so hard with this!) so go for simple yet statement pieces. Gold looks better. Earrings are having a moment. So are bracelets.

Bags: … smaller is better for such events, with micro bags being so trendy you sound’t have a problem finding a great piece. I love the ones with a long chain just because you can hang it across your body or your shoulder and juggle 16 glasses of prosecco at the same time if you want to.

Shoes: since it’s summer and the world is more laid back and easy you can actually got for more comfy chic styles, not just stilettos. Although stilettos are the best! Simple one strap, nude, or clear sandals are the bomb. However even mules work, wedges, flats with a more polished design. Be fab, but also be as comfortable as you can. Don’t do sneakers, flip flops, espadrilles… that sort of stuff.


I don’t know about you but I’ve always loved events and getting ready for them. But, at the same time I also hated all the fashion and social circus. I know… I’m so balanced it’s crazy.

Anyway… I think this summer things will change. I’m feeling more grown up, more prone to dressing chic, and I’m really really loving summer dresses. Like from the bottom of my heart. I told you life’s good.

xoxo D.


Change is good, but it’s also difficult. This simple statement has been pointed out by pop bands over for decades, and it’s grounded in brutal truth. To change your look can be one of the most liberating yet terrifying things that can happen to your life – after all, there’s comfort in security and predictability. But not everyone wants a stable ground; some people thrive on the uncertainty that change brings, as well as the excitement. This is also true for your appearance. Changing the way you look can have great consequences for you spiritually and emotionally.

Think about the last time you went to a hairdressers and came out with a botched job… we’re guessing you didn’t feel too good about it. But then consider the last time you wore a new dress for the first time – it probably felt fantastic. While change generally is hard, there are some steps you can take to instantly modify your look – and your mindset – for the better.

1.Dye your hair

Hair is sacred to everyone. It frames the face and can instantly change the way you look. Dyeing your hair offers you a chance for a rapid transformation from one style to another. You can start off as a redhead and switch to blonde, or use black hair color and transition to a darker look from chestnut brown. The best part about this option is that it’s relatively cheap when you do it at home and you can get results in a few hours. Also, this tip to change your look is reversible. If you don’t like the look, simply change to the next color.

2.Get a wig

If dyeing or cutting your hair is too extreme but you’d still like a different hairstyle, you want to change your look but not fully commit,  a good option is to buy a wig. The benefits of this are numerous. On a surface level, it means you don’t have to risk messing up your hair by cutting it permanently. It also means you have the opportunity to try on a bunch of different styles if you get bored of one. The only downside to this strategy is that it might get quite expensive when buying new wigs, especially if you decide to buy virgin hair wigs (which you should).

3. Acquire new apparel

This is easier said than done as a new wardrobe costs a lot of money. However, if you’ve got some cash to drop and are looking for a quick way to change your appearance, then this is the way to go. Sometimes even one item or accessory can go a long way; a pair of shoes can reinvigorate your entire wardrobe and a new handbag can create new looks you never thought were possible!

4. Get a piercing

The effect a simple piercing can have is quite phenomenal. It adds an entirely new dimension to your style with a tiny bar, stud, or ring. However, getting a piercing should never be a decision that is taken lightly. After all, it involves a fair amount of pain and there’s always the chance that if it’s removed, it will leave a scar. So getting a piercing is always something you should be very sure of before it’s done. But if it means something to you, and you love it a piercing is a great way to change your look.

xoxo D.

Woke up this morning to a fashion title that read something like thong sandals with heels are the bombshell shoes of spring 2018, all accompanied by a photo of Kim Kardashian (obviously) wearing a pair of furry thong heels. Cause everything she wears these days is a clear homage and return to those 90s meet 2000s. So all this morning fashion bombarding got me thinking: are those late 90s thong sandals with heels coming back in fashion? And if so, how do we feel about this?

Meh, nah, whatever, no way, yasss please…

While these 5 year old reactions are all plausible, the truth is I have no idea how I feel about thong heels? Do I like Kim’s style of them? I kinda do. Frankly I must confess I sort of like her new style, and how she’s doing these cool throwback trends in such a fashion forward way. I like her. #goonandjudgemeidontcare

And I liked these shoes way back when. Go figure. But am I as ready as Mrs. K-West to do the trend a second time around? Do I wanna be?

questions… questions…

I feel conflicted. #help

Thong Sandals with heels back in the day!

I remember thong heels were probably my number 1 obsession in the early 2000s. Like… I’d only wear thong shoes, because I felt they were so flattering to the legs and feet. Sure, I had blisters to last me a lifetime, but who cared. The moment I put on my brown-nude thong sandals with heels that had some turquoise gems glued on them, shut the front door. I felt like a goddess. Hey! We all lived in the 2000s, so we all made mistakes.

Carrie Bradshaw wore her thong Manolos and damn if there ever was a style validation for me, that was it.

The cool MTV generation wore any thong shoes with low-waisted jeans and lipgloss. I was falling hard.

Beverly Hills 90210 had its share of thong sandals with heels, so… we were all in this together people.

The thong sandals with heels 2018 spring trend?

Fast forward a few years and here we are again, cheeky in thongs. I’m half joking, cause with the 80s coming back so strong I see a thong revolution happening. Yes, the bikini. But that’s another story, for another day.

To-day we’re doing the thong sandals with heels in a very sexy way. I predict the fur style Kim’s wearing and the clear thong heels as massive fads this summer.

A forever love for the flat thong sandals will remain true, as a newfound love for thong platforms will rise. Before you start throwing up… they’re re-desgned and look more polished. Think vegan mom running errands, slash supermodel on holiday in Hawaii.


I feel like I’ve talked and talked and asked questions and then asked some more questions about these thong sandals with heels and I still have no idea whether or not they’ll be a thing, and if they will, do we have options?

Except for Kim who was seen wearing her furry thong heels with cycling shorts, Balenciaga showed thong heels on the catwalk. Add our lust for all things of the past these days and a love for eclectic original style… and we may be onto something. Very thong-ish with a heel.

Best picks here:



What do you think. Be as real and blunt as possible.

Personally I’m still thinking, but knowing me… I’ll probably say yes, just hand me a pair of thong heels so we’re done with this.

xoxo D.