Shopping For Maternity Style: What To Buy?

I am of course talking about myself here. And clothes. How un-selfish of me, I know. Truth of the sartorial matter is I’ve tip toed around my maternity style for 6 months, debating weather or not I should invest in some maternity clothes, or given that I’m still sort of the same size’ish… I can trick my way for the next 4 months or so with leggings, and loose tops slash dresses, all in bigger sizes. But then I figured why not enjoy this and with it, enjoy the clothes, you know.

Like,  I adore jeans but I can’t wear them anymore… so why the hell should I not buy a maternity style jeans pair right?!

I confess that so far I’ve only bought a few clothes – non-maternity – so just in bigger size because 1) I didn’t really need to resort to maternity style yet, and 2) I haven’t found anything maternity style that I truly loved. Having said that as a pregnant woman fashion wise I live in stretchy dresses of all sorts, shirt dresses, leggings, sporty attire, long sweaters… And so on. I did buy a pair of pants in checks that have an elastic waistband. We’ll see how I style those.

Shopping for maternity style does make me wanna have jeans though. The rest… I’ll see on the way.

Maternity style: what to buy?

I think it really depends on the season, cause if it’s summer you just wear maxi dresses and you’re done! But in winter you need to stay warm and comfortable.

  • bras
  • sports bras
  • bigger size/maternity leggings
  • came tops
  • long-sleeve dresses
  • sweater dresses
  • a pair of maternity jeans
  • a pretty skirt
  • a dressy dress
  • button-downs
  • oversized sweaters
  • fitted tops
  • cardigans

Shopping for maternity style.

Get the look:


What about you, all you beautiful mamas out there, what was or is your maternity style? What do you buy, what is money down the drain… let’s talk about it in the comments below!

xoxo D.

The Ultimate Hairstyle Trends For 2018

2018 in three words. Bold. Creative. Beautiful. It’s the start of the year, and the pressure is on to begin things right. Whatever happened in 2017 is history, and we’re starting on a clean slate. Time to break a sweat to lose all the holiday food-munching, time to quit that job you hate to pursue your passion, time to spend quality time with the people you love, time to save money and cut on expenses. These are all bold steps, and we all have one or two that we want to accomplish this year. But the change all starts here: firstly we’re going to get you a brand new hair, courtesy of hairstyle trends for 2018. A kick-ass hair to jumpstart the new you. To save you the headache, we’re coming up with THE LIST. It’s the only list you will ever need when it comes to hair-lovin’.

This is THE ULTIMATE HAIRSTYLE TRENDS OF 2018 according to Fashion Week runways, leading hair professionals, and your favorite celebrities.

1.Start with a BANG

Style magazines agree on this one hairstyle trend forecast: the fringes are going to be big this year. So forget expensive plastic surgery, because bangs actually have the power to completely transform a face.

Jen Atkin, Kim Kardashian’s bff and hair stylist tells Elle Magazine, “I like to keep my own fringe on the longer side, below my eyebrows which is a lot more versatile. If you decide you don’t like it anymore, you can just tuck it away behind your ears. Also, always go for a lighter fringe, a block fringe can feel heavy with a lob (long bob hairstyle).”

Thick bangs can make circular faces appear even fuller. Side-swept bangs for heart-shaped faces will have a balancing effect and draw the attention down towards the eyes.

If you have a short forehead, a sloping bangs will make a short forehead appear longer and more pronounced.

Did you know that curtain bangs pins on Pinterest, a bookmarking website, spiked by 600% last year? And fashion experts say that the trend will have a strong spillover this year.

The style was made popular by actress Brigitte Bardot in the ‘60s. Curtain bangs are simply cut in an inverted V shape so that the shortest part sits where you part your hair. This way, the bangs angle down gradually on each side to delicately frame the face and gently touch the cheeks on both sides.

The curtain bangs create a dual effect. It is perfect for faces with the high forehead. The style’s thickness conceals the forehead, while the layered hair opens up and widens the face.

Not ready to cut some bangs? There’s plenty of human hair wigs with bangs so you can rock the fringes with no commitment. #fauxbangs Addcolo’s wigs for example, are made 100% from human hair, so you can expect soft, smooth, and natural-looking wigs that will revamp your 2018 look.

2. Take the LONG route

Yeap, Rapunzel is trendy this year, among all hairstyle trends for 2018. Pinterest also reveals that the clamor for long hairstyles have gone up by 130%. Women all over the world have been saving photos of long hairstyles to try for 2018.

And why not? A 2004 study that looked into the relationship of hairstyle and women’s attractiveness found that men actually perceived long-haired women to be healthier. A long hair also warms your neck in the winter time and gives more space for styling versatility. And let’s face it, a hair flip just looks sexier with a long, shiny hair. Now who wouldn’t want that?

Celebrity hair stylist Justine Marjan tells Instyle Magazine that round face shapes should opt for a long hair with lots of layers that begin at the collarbone. This will elongate the face. “Oval and longer faces look better with layers that fall around the jawline to widen the face and draw the eyes towards the mouth, lips and jaw bone,” Marjan says.

Meanwhile, Marjan says heart-shaped faces will benefit from razored cuts because layers that start below the jawline will widen the face where needed.

Square face shapes should opt for long hair with middle parts with a flowy fringe. “I would suggest softening the edges and to style with feminine curls or natural texture to soften the facial features,” Marjan adds.

We can’t stress enough though that for a long hair to look good whatever your face shape, it’s important to keep it healthy, soft, and shiny. So save yourself the trauma of salon chemical mishaps. There’re plenty of long hair collections to get natural-looking, gorgeous, long locks in an instant without damaging your hair. The wigs are washable yet durable, and carefully crafted to withstand repeated washing and styling.

3. Keep it SHORT

So, are bob hairstyle lovers just going to wallow in misery because they’re not 2018 material? Wipe your tears, ladies, we’ve got good news for you. Ironically, alongside the growing interest for long hair on Pinterest, the search word “pixie” as in pixie bob hairstyle is also up by 130% and has caught the fascination of women around the world too. Think Katy Perry and Cara Delevingne.

And of course, a trend like the pixie super short hair will give birth to other bob hairstyle trends for 2018, because the inevitable will happen, a pixie hair will grow.

Getting a bob hairstyle is a bit tricky, choose the wrong cut and you risk looking like a watermelon with hair.

Hollywood hairstylist Tommy Bucket tells Instyle magazine that for heart-shaped faces, it’s better to keep the bob on the longer side, building weight with the hair at the jawline and creating width with flicks or mild curls at the bottom of the cut.

“The best bob for a round face I would say must hit a little below the chin,” says Buckett.

The round face will be further enhanced with a cropped haircut, and keeping the length the same on both sides will be extra nice too.

If you have a square face, Buckett’s suggestion depends on what you think looks better for you, do you want to highlight your strong jawline or cloak it? You can go for a bob that’s above or a little below the jaw, and make sure that the cut is soft and texturized and not blunt.

If you are born with an oval-shaped face, then lucky you, you can wear any bob hairstyle and it would look good.

Want to be part of the bob hairstyle trend without chopping the long locks you worked so hard to grow and maintain? Then go for human hair bob wigs. The wig also comes with a glueless cap that has inner combs and extra-tight adjustable straps to make sure that the wig stays in place as you move. The wig lace is made of soft and breathable material so you can wear the wig for long hours too with ease and comfort.

4. Ride the WAVES and CURLS

The New York Fashion Week Spring 2018 show filled the runway with models strutting with hairs bouncing with waves and curls. Hairstyle trends for 2018 that involve some twists and turns are definitely part of the 2018 vibe.

And for a good reason — the curly hair is one of the few kind of hairstyle trends for 2018 that can pull off the messy-hair-don’t-care look and the I-just-spent-five-hours-fixing-my-hair look both in the same day.

And did we mention that curly hair doesn’t even need that much combing? And that a styling mousse is the only best friend a girl with curls will ever need? Yes, waves and curls provide the shortcut to looking glamorous and fully made-up even if you just woke up five minutes ago and actually sprinted to work.

But curl textures come in different shapes and sizes. Do you get the flowy and natural body wave, or the slightly stronger loose wave that’s flowy but doesn’t flow in one piece?

Are you more into deep wave that have much tighter curls, or would you prefer the deep curl that has a funky look?

Do you want to try having a kinky hair, the kind of curl that basically turns around by itself, and has a zig-zag pattern? Or are you more inclined to get the Funmi style, the kind of curl that doesn’t start from the roots but from the middle of your hair, sort of like the lovechild of straight and curly hair? Or would you rather get the yaki hairstyle, the look of the relaxed straightened African hair? Whew, that’s a lot to choose from!

The Hairstyler advises women with oblong or long face shapes to go for a layered curly hairstyle with lots of body and bounce (like the deep wave, deep curl, and kinky textures). The width on both sides of the face will help cloak the elongated shape and make it appear rounder.

Square-shaped faces will look great best with softer curls (like the body wave or loose wave) to soften the angular jawline. Soft curls are very sexy too. Curls with uniform layers that forms a round shape will work great to create the appearance of height to make the face look a little elongated rather than square.

Faces with a diamond shape will benefit from fuller curls (like those of a loose wave or deep wave) that are cut just below the shoulder with slight layering at the end. This will create the illusion of width to disguise a narrow chin and will make the face look wider on the sides.

Again if you want to achieve the seductive wavy or playful curly look minus the possibly damaging effects of a perm job – go for wigs that are tangle-free and will remain bouncy after they are washed.

5. Love is BLONDE.

Style magazines are in unison with this fashion forecast too: this year, love is blonde. Famous celebrities like Kim K. and her mom, Serena Williams, and Selena Gomez have already joined the blonde-wagon. Even Cara Delevingne’s pixie is now blonde. And the shade that seems to be real hot right now is the platinum blonde.

But before you abandon your dark hair for a lighter hue this year, there are crucial things to consider. Professional hair colorist Sally Northwood tells Cosmopolitan that it’s important to match the shade of blonde you desire to the color of your skin.

“Olive undertones suits honey blonde. Pink undertones suits creamy, beachy blonde. Porcelain complexions suit platinum blonde while olive skins should avoid platinum, but it can be done.”

A word of caution though before you bleach your hair blonde, know the risks first. Bleaching is known to be the most damaging of all the hair colouring methods. Wrongly done, it can lead to dry, brittle, inelastic hair that is prone to breakage and split ends, it won’t look very pretty at all. Bleaches can also cause burns to your scalp or any skin surface it comes in contact with. Better leave the bleaching to salon professionals. In fact, Kim K.’s platinum blonde job excruciatingly took 17 hours! To avoid the pain and possible damage go for human hair blonde wigs.


So there we have it, the ultimate hairstyle trends of 2018. Now that you have an idea which hairstyle to try to this year, here’s our final word: keep your CENTER.

And that applies to your hair, since fashion forward experts are foreseeing that hair-parting in the middle or center of the scalp is making a comeback this year. A middle part hairstyle can elongate a round face and create more symmetry. It narrows and adds balance (by the way, it’s healthier to switch up parts too in case you’ve been on the side parting far too long). And the advice applies to life too, whatever hairstyle you choose, keep your center on the things that matter most– to live this year filled with love and find lasting beauty within your soul. ❤

Interview Outfit & Career Goals: How To Dress For Interviews?

Turns out graduating from college was the easy part – now you actually have to land that job you’ve been training for over the past 4 (plus) years. Selling yourself on paper to an employer who doesn’t yet know the glory that is you is hard. Convincing them in an interview that you are the only choice for the job is harder. Stack the deck of valuable first impressions in your favor with an on-point interview outfit that will not only impress but, honestly, leave them wondering how they even made it this far without you.


First thing’s first – do your homework on your interview outfit. Dig around on the company’s website, Facebook or other social media accounts to get a sense of how their employees dress on a day to day (or if they’re holding “Help Me” signs). If word on the street is that the company has a laid-back dress policy, don’t be that girl who shows up wearing a charcoal suit and pearls.

Find a modern but pulled-together look that will make you stand out from the pack. Just remember to leave your jeans out of the equation when planning that perfect outfit. They may have a giant Connect Four and ping-pong table in the break room but it’s still a business where they expect their well-rested (and less-stressed) employees to be professional.

What to Wear to a Startup or Tech Job Interview

These are two sectors that are known for having more of a relaxed dress code at the office so business casual is a good bet for this interview outfit. A crisp collared shirt with your favorite tailored pant or pencil skirt is a solid choice to impress the higher-ups. Give your power outfit a punch with a pair of trendy shoes and you’ll be accepting that corner office offer by lunch.



Ok, ladies, here’s the truth. Job interviews aren’t long. And on top of that, they’re being conducted by someone who is less likely to assess how well you’ll fit in to the role and more so looking for reasons as to why you won’t be a good fit for the office. So here’s a pro-tip: keep your interview outfit stylish but simple so that they have no choice but to focus on what you have to say instead of being distracted by what you’re wearing.

What to Wear When Interviewing for a Creative Position

Let your ideas be the most flashy thing about you and keep your attire subtle and monotone. Consider a simple black sheath with a blazer and heels. It’s ok to include a pop of color but nothing too bright or sparkly. Remember, you want them to be in awe of you – not distracted by your wardrobe.



 A clean and polished interview outfit is just as important in an interview as it is on the job. You don’t want to give the impression that you are someone who doesn’t prepare or think things through. Complete your look with subtle accessories and minimal makeup to elevate your outfit to the next level. Bonus points for perfecting that firm handshake of yours with well-manicured nails.

What to Wear to a Corporate Office Interview

The traditional corporate world is pretty black (suits) and white (blouse) when it comes to dress code. Invest in a well-tailored suit to make the best impression at this interview. When choosing the right button down, consider veering from the expected white and opt for a color that conveys the role you’re interviewing for. For example, blue is the color of calm and relaxation – two great qualities for a team player. Green, however, is a power shade that exudes authority – so if you’re interviewing to be the new boss then this might be the look you’re after.



If you’re truly stumped on how to dress for your meet and greet then it’s totally appropriate to ask the hiring manager what they expect you to wear. Some interview outfits are less formal than others and, depending on the position, your interview may require a quick visit to the program site. The last thing you want to do is show up looking like you don’t understand what type of work and dedication this role will require from you. Plus, you don’t want to be known as the applicant who got her too-fancy-heels stuck in the mud.

What to Wear to a Non-Profit Interview

Though some are more formal than others in their attire, a business casual preppy look is usually a good bet for this line of work. A shift dress with black jacket and comfortable (but cute) shoes is a good look to consider. Or go more formal with black pants and a solid blouse. Either way you’ll let them know that you don’t need to sacrifice style for hard work.



The most important thing to keep in mind when interviewing for your dream job is to stay true to yourself. Sure, landing the perfect job may take a little prep work (not to mention a few credit card payments) but you should never feel like you have to change who you are to land the gig. Dress your best self on the outside and we’re sure the passion you feel for your profession will shine from the inside. And, if you ask us, that is the best way to make a first impression.

Interview outfit inspiration:



Belt Bags & Fanny Packs: 2018 Fashion Trends!

If you feel weird wearing no bag, Fashion doesn’t care. I wrote this tiny intro few days back #editorialcalander and what do you say, what do you know… things have already changed. You can say all you want about Madame Le Fashion but you can’t say she ain’t moving fast. Lemme shed some light:

While the above remains true – #nobagisacoolbag – what’s also true is that 2018 is the year of the bags. It’s a massive return to the gorgeous pretty beautiful exquisite bags that we used to wear back in the day, circa Gossip Girl times.

I am so emotional right now, I’m actually fighting tears. It’s a happy moment and all I can say is amen and throw my hands up in the air. And guess what? I can now do that while keeping my tiny bag on me, because #beltbagsareback!

Okay people, I am way too excited for a regular morning over this trend, so let me calm myself down for a sec.


For the past months everyone out there is wearing a fanny pack, currently going by the name of a belt bag. Fine. No big deal if you don’d mind having free hands on a daily basis. But what I’ve discovered just a few hours ago was that alongside belt bags, micro bags are the stars of 2018 as well, and alongside all these a new trend is born for 2018 Spring: the multiple bags trend. (wearing more bags at the same time). Ha! Well… talk about the latter trend that makes more sense – born out of necessity, cause while belt bags and micro bags are sooooooooooo sweet and pretty, y’all can’t carry shit in them, hence the need of something… bigger. #multiplebags.

TBH I’m not complaining at all, I mean 2018 is celebrating bags, and they’re all so many and all so pretty that you can either go with one style, or all of them at once. How fucking brilliant is that!

What exactly are belt bags?

Ex-fanny packs, but more polished, prettier, girly-er, more glam, more adorned, more high-fashion. However… the belt bags trend does not exclude the classic old fanny packs as we once used to wear them, sporty-er, slouchier, more masculine, casual, practical, normcore.

So basically belt bags are micro bags standing on a belt meant to be worn around your your waist, as a fanny pack, AND/OR as a belt over your coat, or blazer. How cool is that?!

Everyone, and a I mean everyone who’s a who’s who is fashion wore a belt bag all throughout the fashion weeks street styles. Kendall Jenner and her girl squad (is that even a thing anymore?!) is basically the Queen of both cute girly luxe belt bags, as well as normcore fanny-packs, on a daily basis, proving that you can do this trend in a more feminine, polished, professional way is you will (belt bags), OR you can do the casual take on it (80s style fanny packs). Either way the 2018 trend is slayed!

How to wear belt bags?

If you’re the fashion adventurous type, dive in and wear everything from tiny super adorned and embellished Gucci belt bags so tiny they can’t even fit your phone, to the bigger more dorkier style of the 80s fanny packs. One is for office and then other is for weekends… Right?!

Go with what you love because there’s no need to match anything to nothing anymore.

Wear them around your waist, as a belt, OR even cross-body style a la cool kids of 2018.

Tiny pretty luxurious belt bags look better styled and worn as belts over a coat or blazer, and you can do the look for office or a more posh event or something. The classic inspired fanny packs, are usually worn these days cross-body style, with jeans and a sweatshirt. It’s casual, normcore, cool, retro…

Street style inspiration:


Get the look:


I sometimes get so hyped over a new thing that I don’t even care whether or not it lasts, it looks good, or is style practical. I’m just clapping my hands and going along. Obviously this is one of those situations with belt bags. I. LOVE. THEM.

How about you?

xoxo D.

New Year… New Jewellery Trends!

You might have thought of some great New Year’s resolutions ready for a fresh start in 2018, or you may simply be continuing into the new year as normal, with no major changes needed. However, there is one thing you should be doing in 2018 and it relates to your ever-expanding wardrobe. And new jewellery trends. If you’re the type of girl who’s always on the hunt for a new and updated look, turn your attention instead of clothes, to accessorising them.

Learning to accessorise with the right jewellery can completely transform your current wardrobe, so by investing in a few key pieces, you can put a 2018 twist on your clothes from the last few years. So, what new jewellery do you need for the new year?

Charm Bracelet – Jewellery Trends 2018!

The beauty of charm bracelets is that they can be as simple or as decorative as you like, depending on your personal taste. With so many options, you don’t have to opt for a huge charm either; it can be an understated piece of jewellery that you wear everyday or saved for special occasions.

Charm bracelets are versatile pieces of jewellery, and can look incredibly beautiful when worn with a watch or paired with a matching necklace. Gold and silver combinations are now becoming more popular as part of the new 2018 jewellery trends, giving you a number of choices. From angel wings to shamrocks, charm bracelets can be symbolic of good fortune, protection and any other number of things. Wear it everyday and add a new dynamic to your outfit effortlessly.

Stacking Rings

You’d be hard pressed to find a girl in 2018 who doesn’t have a staple collection of rings. They’ve become somewhat of a necessity, if not one of the new jewellery trends, and can glam up even the simplest of looks.

Layering rings and wearing multiple different styles has become a popular way to accessorise, and it can allow your personality to shine through. With embellished rings adorned with mini hearts, open circles and feathers, you can wear them with simple bands for a unique look.

Depending on the designs you find, you can even add some colour with gemstones, or opt for a mixed silver and gold ring for something a bit different. Whatever you choose, make sure you’re stacking them!

Everyday Necklace

You probably already own some special jewellery that you’ll wear for a night out on the town or for a particular occasion. However, you’d be surprised how much an everyday necklace can breathe new life into your wardrobe, adding that extra touch to catch yours and other people’s eye.

With designs like charm necklaces and bar necklaces, the options are endless. Maybe you want to finally buy matching best friends heart necklaces, or perhaps you want something more understated to wear over everything. Whether you’re at work or heading out for dinner, an everyday necklace can ensure you look glammed up. For added effect, you can layer two or three different length necklaces if you really want to stand out!

Personalised Jewellery 

Everyone should own something personalised, whether it was bought yourself or as a gift from someone else. It might be a bracelet engraved with a special message, or a charm necklace that holds some significance for the recipient. Almost any piece of jewellery can add a personal touch with an engraving or meaning, and it can become a treasured piece of jewellery in your collection that you can wear as often as you like.

I guess it’s more of a back to pretty basics with these new jewellery trends, OR a fashion case of out with the loud and bold and in with the classy more timeless pieces. Hmm… I kinda like it.


xoxo D.

Pregnancy Style: Non-Maternity Dresses!

If I had a dime for every time I heard ‘just wait till your pregnant’, I’d probably be half rich. (some of those were true). For those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram – YES, I’m pregnant with a little baby girl, and we’re really happy and blessed and excited for all this to be happening. Yay! Pregnancy style wise I was clueless. Like legit had no idea what to expect, what I should wear, will I need to buy new clothes, as in new wardrobe? Let me tell you this: it all depends on your little baby bump and your body. Each woman is different, each body embraces pregnancy in a different way, all equally beautiful… so you just need to wait and see, and play fashion as you grow you know.

However… I always thought when it came to pregnancy style – dresses were the best way to style the bump, and to this day I could’t agree more. I’m a huge fan of simple midi dresses, bodycon inspired but not Herve Lerger’ish, just more casual and daytime like, easy to dress up or down, with a style that hugs the body so it’s easy to stretch without pressing your belly, yet comfy enough to hug your new curves.

Prior to carrying this little baby girl, the reason behind my hypothetical pregnancy style choice: dresses was pure style crush. I loved how pregnant women looked in fitted comfy dresses. Now… while I still adore this pregnancy style, I also find wearing dresses easier and more practical.

Ya’ll… jeans don’t fit around the bump anymore, and I’m still debating whether or not I should invest in a maternity style, or just keep using the DIY hair-elastic trick?


So my pregnancy style up to now has been quite boring, but at the same time quite easy to dress around, cause the bump is cute and small. Being winter and freezing comfort takes style… so that too took a toll on my love for fashion. However I’m kinda happy that I’m starting to show… so now I can dress like I’m pregnant, not fat. And I am craving dresses.

Pregnancy style: what dresses to wear?

The best part about wearing dresses when you’re pregnant is that they don’t really have to be maternity style and you can still use a lot of your fave pieces. The key is a stretch soft material, a fitted or loose cut and loads of fun with pairing it with either more casual or sporty attire, OR more polished and elegant depending on where you’re off to.

  • midi fitted dresses
  • mini dresses
  • jersey dresses
  • knit dresses
  • long-sleeve dresses
  • baby-doll dresses
  • maxi dresses
  • shirt dresses
  • cocktail dresses
  • bodycon dresses
  • floral dresses

How to wear dresses for a perfect pregnancy style?

After you’ve checked the comfy box all you’re left with is what literally fits you and then what fits your style. Personally I love love love the casual chic pregnancy style.

Tip: a midi dress paired with sneakers and a light parka or trench-coat. Sunglasses, and a cross body bag or even a tote and you’re done. Think Kourtney Kardashian pregnancy style.

For a more boho chic style go for maxi dresses.

Tip: all black outfit – maxi black dress that hugs the body and the bump, flat sandals and a pair of massive black sunglasses. 

For a cute girly style go for baby doll midi or mini dresses.

Tip: pair a ruffled off the shoulder baby blue baby doll mini dress with pockets, with a pair of wedges, sneakers, ballet flats, sandals (insert fave shoe) and a cute bag. Think Candice Swanepoel.

For a sexier vibe or an evening date, an event, a cocktail – think celebrities.

Tip: choose monochromatic styles in fitted midi dresses, pair them with cute heels and maybe even a fab duster over. Perfection. Think Chrissy Teigen or Kim Kardashian pregnancy style.

For more inspo and way way way more cute looks than the 4 styles above here’s street style inspiration:


Get the look:


Have a great day everyone and an amazing 2018!

xoxo D.

3 Christmas Outfits To Copy ASAP!

Have you noticed how the older we get, the more we love Christmas? No?! Well, I have, and I do, hence another Christmas inspired post but this time it’s really simple: what do we wear this Christmas? No matter who are you are, what you do, how much of a fashion lover or an ignoramus you are – truth of the matter is the chances of you wearing clothes this christmas are pretty close to 100%. Right? Therefore it’s safe to safe that Christmas Outfits is a thing even for the least clothes loving person out there.

Quite frankly why look like a slob when you can look like a Queen? Or like a cool slob, you know?

Okay… let’s be brief and to the topic: christmas outfits always always always depend on where you’re going for christmas dinner, and what you’re doing. If you’re home you’re probably not gonna drape yourself in sequins and wear sky high heels (unless you want to, which is fine). If you’re off to parents’ – casual dinner – why bother with dressy over-the-top looks? If a great party awaits… well then you’re not gonna show up in flannel. It’s super easy, and if all else fails just wear something simple with a dash of red. (red boots were the topic yesterday so…)

1.Casual Christmas outfits.

These are perfect for when you can’t be bothered, you’re not doing anything too fancy, you’re off to family dinner, or you just want to feel comfortable and look cute. You know like there’s no fashion police around, but you still don’t wanna look like a slob.

Your favourite jeans, leggings, paired with a christmas sweater, or dressy sweatshirt, OR if you wanna keep it even more laid back think Kourtney Kardashian’s latest style. She’s always in cool jeans and some sporty oversized sweatshirt or sweater. Wear red, wear Christmas inspired themes, add a cool scarf, hat, vest or big jacket, a pair of comfy boots and over the knee socks and you’re pretty much all covered up, literally and figuratively.

Get the look:


2. Dressy Christmas outfits.

These can range from super dressy to just a hint of fancy, which you can actually wear to a family dinner, something like a very pretty skirt paired with a christmas sweater or a fitted turtleneck, and a pair of cute heels and you’re one Christmas knock-out.

If a party is where you’re off to… again it depends on what kind of party. If it’s just friends watching movies and eating all the food in the world, sweatpants are great. If it’s a fancy posh situation… take out the glitter, the sequins, the metallics, and all that jazz. A long sleeve mini dress, a pair of glitter leggings, a metallic skirt paired with a minimal top and over the knee boots or sandals if you can, will look insane.

Get the look:


3. Around the house. 

Hello cool-slob life. I am always either fancy or slob. There’s no in between for me and I love both equally. Nothing will ever beat a Christmas day spend home with my man chilling, having our own little party, cozy in cool pyjamas, and fluffy socks, sipping hot chocolate, wine and what not. It’s perfection.

Get the look:



I’m so curious about you guys, what do you do on Christmas? What do you wear? Do you care what you wear, do you do something fancy, or just casual home dinner, do you go over-board, do you keep it simple and slob? lol.

Let’s talk about all these in the comments below.

xoxo D.


Red Boots: The 2018 Biggest Trend That Goes With Everything!

If you think I’m inconsistent reporting on big trends one day and trends that are over the next, you’re right. I am what we (my friends and I) like to call ‘all over the place’. Today, my so called condition took me to trends that we love, aka RED BOOTS! And that is with all the capitals and drumrolls in the world, because… you cannot escape (who the hell would want to?) this trend in the next year no matter what you do. It is the best thing fashion has given us so far. Say it with me people: red boots.


I need a moment to cry. #happytears

Red boots are to 2018 what the sun is to summer: hot, beautiful, and makes everything look better.

Designers have shown red boots – heeled and thigh high, or ankle style with kitted heels, block heels or stilettos – all throughout their collections for this fall. But since fall only lasts 2 seasons (autumn and winter) I don’t think it’ll ever be enough for sartorials to showcase their red boots love for only a few months. Hence the stretching out of this boots trend way into spring 2018. Talk about a great outcome.

So for 2018 spring trends – we’ll be witnessing a lot of red boots worn with jeans and a tee – like a statement piece, OR blending them so cool into a boho fashion kinda look, when paired with those flirty summer dresses or retro jumpsuits. Perfection.

Why red boots is the best trend so far?

1). They look amazing. So fear not the ‘puss-in-boots’ analogies or jokes. You’re fashion. Everyone else is an ignoramus.

2). They’re both classic and statement. Red will always be a fantastic choice in style, and boots come in a billion designs, so if you want a pair of classic red boots – staple worthy – go for a pair of stiletto red ankle boots, or even block heel ankle boots. For statement pick over the knee red boots style.

3). Red boots go with everything. They’re like black boots only cooler, and for cooler people, for daring fashion soldiers who ain’t scared to walk the fashion walk. But like all trends they too will most likely have an expiry date. For example, just last week as this red boots through was crawling more more and into my sartorial head… I Facebook stumbled upon yet another Jenner inspired trend #eyeroll – as Kendall Jenner was supposedly seen in what will be or is the boot of 2018 – which was… attention people… a pair of white boots. Pointy toe, ankle cut, kitten heel an all – just like its massive red boots trend over here.

So… that’s that for trends per se. But don’t tell anyone. Let’s just pretend this red boot will last forever and ever and ever and ever.

And to put a pin in the why Q above… a great trend is one that stands out, yet can live on on on over time without losing its charm or that sexy je ne sais quois it used to have. QED. #redboots

How to wear red boots?

The title pretty much sums it all up, and if you put this next to there’s no wrongs in today fashion you could actually wear red boots on your head and get away with it.

For the conservative lot out there, who wear boots as shoes still… you can go on wearing them as such because they look damn good.

Red boots look great with denim and all red outfits. It’s their best best best combo in the world.

Blue jeans, white shirt or chunky turtleneck, red boots with block heels, and one of these cool coats that are fab for winter 2018.

Another great outfit tip for red boots is to just add them onto any outfit you’re wearing, be it colourful, be it weird, funky, elegant, office… it will be that eclectic detail that will either pop out or bring everything together. Either way you can’t go wrong.

Street style inspiration:


Get the look:


Well guys, gals, I don’t know about you… but I am kinda sold on this puss-in-boots-look.


xoxo D.



25 Trends That Are Over In 2018!

Ladies… after billions of what to wear posts, and trend this or that – it is time to talk what NOT to wear anymore, as the end of 2017 caught me in a very critique/know-it-all with a dash of let’s clean our lives kinda mood. Well… that is never an easy task, the life thing, hence today’s post on what trends that are over in 2018 aka cleaning out our closets. #easier

While in fashion ‘all is in’ these days, or so it seems, truth is the sartorial world is filled with recycled trends that we just (hopefully) learn to perfect over time. However, some things are dated, old, tacky, OR the way we used to wear them circa 2015 for example is not a great look anymore.

On the other hand, there are people, the great style gurus, who can make any item as old and dated as it would be, to look incredibly cool. See the rise of the scrunchie for example.

At the end of the day when it comes to fashion a lot of things are debatable, and some things come down to having great style. YET a lot of other things make me cringe when I see them. There I said it. Some things are plain ugly or dated, and more often than not the wearer, as pretty and kind they may be ruins the outfit. #sojudgeme

Anyway… here’s a list of some trends that are over, and some trends that must die already.

1.Wedge Shoes

Wedge boots, ankle boots, or even worse pumps are dated. Yes I know not everyone is a gazelle, but if Kim Kardashian can say goodbye to her platform pumps (which too are so dead) than so can we wave goodbye to trends that are over.

I must confess I hate wedge boots, yet I own a pair of simple black suede ones that I just can’t find myself to throw away for the simple reason that I love how they make my legs look a billion floors high, skinny, and so statuesque I feel like Giselle. I don’t know what I’m gonna do about them… but I’ll definitely think twice when putting them on. That’s to say I’ll try to have such a great style on that day, so that these wedges play out the outfit just great. Black skinny jeans paired with a black oversized sweater and some great earrings might save the day.

Also, the style of the wedge shoes is very important, cause while we might get away with wedge ankle boots and boots, YOU HAVE TO STOP at the wedge sneakers. For real. Those have been dead and buried for years now.

Therefore, try these shoes for 2018.


2. Big jewellery.

#crying Fashion is headed more towards minimal jewellery, OR bold and beautiful but sleek and classy. So we kinda need to say good-bye to those big colourful necklaces in a thousand blinging gem stones, and to the billion bangle bracelets in favour of more subtle pieces, or statement earrings.

Instead of focusing on jewellery trends that are over, wear pieces more like these:


3. Tiny jackets.

Thank. God. They. Are. Gone. Tiny blazers, too fitted leather jackets, denim jackets that are a perfect match for a toddler – those are gone. If the jacket is above your hip-bone, and is so tight I can hear your heartbeat… it has to go. Hopefully it died a while ago, but in case it didn’t, here’s your reminder.

Instead opt for longer hems, and more loose styles, but still fitted.


4. Low waists.

If the pants are skin-tight they’d better have a mid to high waist, cause the low waists are so 2000’s that I think everyone knows by now not to do them anymore. If however you wanna do them… you can! Just pick more loose pants styles that hang off your hips.

But please note that the low waist is not at all flattering: it makes your legs shorter, it exposes your muffin tops and so on. Hight waist is the best and more flattering. Not to mention comfortable.


5. Skinny jeans.

I am crying typing this bit of trends that are over, but I’m also well aware they’re not the first jeans choice anymore for a lot of women, myself included. I do still wear them occasionally when they just look better you know. Like a casual summer or spring outfit with a basic top and a pair of espadillers or sneakers. High waist and ripped knees and I’m good to go.

However they’re not the first choice anymore for a grown-up and more sophisticated look.

Instead try these:


6. Printed leggings.

If we’re talking gym wear they’re fine, they’re perfect actually. However a lot of us are wearing leggings outside the gym during our running errands kinda days, or on more sporty luxe outfit situations and so on, or even in winter layered underneath a massive long sweater.

In these cases pick one color leggings, and stay away from those graphic printed styles that used to always be paired with uggs. They’re gone for now.

Wear these instead.


7. Over-styled hair and makeup

If I see one more socket bun, over-styled curls, or perfectly done makeup (contour and a thousand other visible layers on a daily basis) I will scream. Listen, while I’m all for natural looking hair just cause mine is an idiot who never cooperates, when it comes to makeup I’m a huge fan, and I love love love to wear makeup and use any excuse to put on lipstick and do my face, but there’s a difference between a 9 pm dinner dance makeup and a 9 am one, right?

Know your features, and enhance them, don’t hide them. And hair wise… au natural.


8. Tulle skirts

Some people just can’t let them go. You guys, hello trends that are over!!! They were super trendy a loooooooong time ago, but now they just make us look like ridiculous real life overly gown up dolls. Ya’ gotta let ’em go.

Try normal skirts for normal people for example:


9. Infinity scarves

They’re great but they’re ugly, and pretty dated. The best scarves version these days is the massive wide styles that look more like blankets than long thin scarves, and thank God for that. They also force us to style them differently which was problem #2 with infinity scarves. Very unflattering.

Wear these scarves instead:


10. Fur boots.

Oh my… they’re specific to those people who are over-styled and over-trendy, like they never pick the black ugg boots for example but the pink ugg with a bit of fur lining and maybe some gems. #facepalm Trust me I have seen these women (yes women!) around town and I don’t know what looks more ridiculous – those desperate hideous 4 year old boots on a 34 year old, OR the fact that the wearers are so damn proud of ‘nailing’ the trendy look.

You want furry boots? Try these if you have to:


11. Too trendy styles

Listen, not everything that’s a trend is worth wearing, and certainly not all trends at once. If you’re a teen it’s fine, you get a free pass on a the fashion stupid mistakes out there, in fact do them now. But if you’re a grown-up… stick to staples and trends that are not exaggerated.

Try cool trendy staples like these:


12. Caterpillar jackets.

Lawd help me! I hated them when they first came out and I despise them still. But forget about me… even fashion itself is calling them dated and extremely unflattering. Besides, they may be puffy and warm, but they’re too short and make no winter or style sense anyway.

Instead try these winter puffer jacket:


13. Too thick false lashes.

Om my God, how much time you got people? I could vent about the ridiculousness of thick big false lashes for weeks in a row. Again I am amazed at how many followers this trend still has and how cool and feminine the wearers think they look. For years in a row I waited and waited to see more and more brides sans false eyelashes that looked like a fly’s wing. It never happened. In fact, the trend of these fake false lashes is replaced by lash extensions that is a beauty gimmick quite misunderstood (again!) by the same crowd.

If your lids are too heavy, if when it rains the raindrops get caught up in that lashes maze, if it looks too much and too fake it probably is.

KEEP THEM SIMPLE AND NATURAL. Lash extensions are amazing just don’t overdo it. Think Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian false lashes instead of say… Kylie who tends to overdo it.


14. Slouchy bags.

They lack in elegance and tend to look cheaper. Instead pick boxier shapes, and good quality bags, big, small, or micro – but go for styles that have a clear shape and can ‘stand up’ (for lack of better word) on their own.


15. Coloured tights.

This side of the 60s is over. Besides, what are you, 5? I never ever liked this trend in my life and always felt a bit left behind for not joining the coloured legs crowd. Well… I’m not anymore.

Choose black tights. Period.


16. Too ripped jeans.

When it comes to shredded jeans only some styles look very dated and very trendy, or the way we wear them might be un-cool. Avoid too tight ripped jeans, and too shredded. Try to pair them with more toned down items if you really can’t let them go.


17. Platform heel pumps

Stripper heels. Let. Them. Go. Kardashians used to be massive fans of this shoe trend up until Kanye stepped in and showed them better.

You must avoid them at all costs and wear these instead:


18. Floppy hats.

Fashion says we gotta let them go, and I couldn’t be happier about it, cause they never stuck on my head and in my heart anyway. But if you’re a fan… rock it what can I say.

These hat styles though are way way way prettier:


19. 2000’s sunglasses.

You know those sunglasses that Nicole Richie or Kim Kardashian used to wear early 2000’s? Yeah. Talk about trend that are over, so please let them be, especially if they’re adorned by some gems and rhinestones.

Instead pick these styles:


20. Fitted layers.

Why be a tight onion when you can be a loose cool cabbage? What I’m really saying is that layers should always be worn loose, and cool, and effortless. So don’t wear some fitted long top, over some too skinny jeans, and top it off with another fitted button-down and that short tight jacket I was telling you about.

Layers are supposed to create dimension to our bodies, to hide, conceal, to ooze coolness and warmth. Not visually cut the body and make it look like a stuffed sausage.

So pick layer staples like these:


21. Coordinated looks.

This is a common mistake among fashion lovers and un-savyes alike. Those who wanna look fashionable but are a bit clueless. No problemo… the key is to not coordinate anymore. There was a time when coordinating your shoes to your bag to your hat and belt and lipstick color was considered a sign of femininity and great style. Yeah. Those times ended when your grandma probably turned 40.

Don’t match your shoes to your belt and earrings and lipstick, or the color of your makeup or God knows what. It looks very overstayed and dated.

Instead pick pieces that just go well together.


22. Big belts.

You know those big wide belts that we used to wear cinged at the waist over a loose sweater or button-down? They are gone!

Instead wear belts on your jeans or around your coat.


23. Peplum.

This trend is long long long long gone, but in case you missed the memo… this is a reminder. However… some peplum tops are not too bad if you style them properly. A black sleeveless peplum looks pretty good with a pair of black cigarette pants or even skinny jeans and classic heel pumps.

Your call, but don’t go overboard.


24. Excessive lip fillers.

There I said it. I do not like this beauty trend at all, how it got out of hand and how some doctors just don’t pay attention to the face features when injecting too much lip filler in faces that were once so so beautiful is beyond stupid. It’s a shame and a pity, and it’s sad, cause instead of us accepting our features for what they are we end up looking alike. Which would be fine, were it not grotesque.

Do the botox, do the lip fillers, nobody cares, we all wanna look the best we can – but don’t go overboard.

Some girls can’t smile or talk properly and have lost all the natural movement and look of the mouth.

Do everything with balance and don’t alter beautiful features over a beauty trend.

25. Too long jeans/pants

I wish I had this problem all day everyday, but I don’t. If I did I’d trim them, or just plain cut them. Why? Because too long jeans or pants make legs look shorter, frumpier and have no purpose. If getting them tailored is too much of a hassle just cut them. It will look much better than a ton of fabric sitting above your foot.

Hope you took this with a smile and share in the comments below your most despicable trends or looks.

xoxo d.



2018 Winter Trends: Metallics & Feathers For Holiday Party Season!

If you invite me to a winter holiday party this year don’t be shocked when I show up draped and drowned in metallics, sparkles, glitter, and feathers altogether. And I’ll do the stilettos and bold lips too. I mean… why not? Rumour has it 2018 winter trends is back to its core: it’s raining all the girly and glittery mess of the holidays. Silver metallics, ostrich feathers, lame fabric – alongside many many others, these are 3 fab winter trends to rock this holiday season.

Therefore when they invite you to a party this year, you know what… go all out and be a disco ball, cause quite frankly 70s are still hot, 80s are back, and nobody wants a boring Becky sitting on the Christmas tree.

As an ex-oplunet lover this shit is right down my street. I mean I’ve taken a break from over-the-top styles, cause I wanna be more grown-up you know… but it’s fucking Christmas and I wanna look like an 80s dancing queen. Who’s with me?

Anyone? No…

Well… you might change your mind, you know that?! Hey but even if you don’t, which I totally get (I mean who in the right mind would wanna dress up like a Christmas tree?), then just take this metallics return of fashion as a guide for your street style winter fabulousness, cause you see… ya’ll don’t need to be draped in metal and feathers, you can do these trends subtly with just a hint of the above.

Truth be told these 2018 winter trends seemed more holiday appropriate but they’ll linger well into spring so we can take a lot of the next year’s inspiration from them. It all seems futuristic a la 80s with a hint of such great kitsch and opulence that can look absolutely amazing if you dare to wear it like you mean it you know. #ownit

These are tough trends I’ll give you that, but they’re also fun…

1.Silver Metallics – Winter Trends

I always wanted to be a spaceman you know, like in that 90s “spaceman” song. Not really, but I do now. I mean I don’t, but I wanna look like a badass space queen.

Silver metallic skirts, party tops, sweatshirts, sweaters, moot-jackets, trench coats, suits, dresses… this trend comes in a billion shapes and they all look very glam and very daring. You can wear it head to toe, or just an items blended in an otherwise more normal outfit.

Party look: a silver metallic mini skirt or pants, and a black top.

Get the look:


2. Winter Trends: Lame Fabric.

Ah this is liquid perfection, so 80s and 70s it’s insane. It looks like melted metal that just moulds to your body and the way you move.

Party look: a 70s style lame dress a la 54 Studio Fashion, toped with a fur coat.

Get the look:


3. Ostrich feathers, winter trends.

If you think they’re too much, you know nothing. They are so feminine and elegant and refined and pretty and delicate that wearing them on your sleeves, dress, or skirt is party perfection.Go for white or pastel colours for a dainty style, or black ostrich feathers for the ultimate drama.

Party look: A glitter see-through dress with feathers on it, or a full feather skirt paired with a bodysuit.

Get the look:


Street style:


Well thank God I’m going to no parties anytime soon… I would’ve worn all 3 metallic masterpieces.

xoxo. d