What happens when 80s meet 90s and decide to marry and have kids? 2018 Trends are born, that’s what happens. And the slides summer shoes is one kiddo cutest of them all. I mean when it comes to shoes trends we’ve seen it all, and done it all this far, but slides shoes in 2018 are probably the biggest shoe trend in a while. What’s great about it is that it stopped being just about the ugly slides, the fur slides, or the birkenstocks, and instead 2018 summer is having a shoe party for all the slides in the world. Including mules, thong mules, and those 90s Sex and the city, Carrie Bradshaw fab heeled slides.

I mean… shut the front door.

This only brings me to my next question: what slides to wear this summer? What’s a girl to choose from all this slides chaos?

Easy peasy… like anything in life… choose whatever you love and fits your style. Better yet, when it comes to slides summer shoes, you can actually get a pair of each style, cause each style fits a different situation you’ll be into.


Casual slides.

Aka everyday run to the store, grab a drink, go to the beach, go for brunch, hell even work if the job description requires. This slides are the classic slide with a bit of nip and tuck. They look amazing with dresses, mini skirts, casual pants, jeans, or any type of monochromatic look.

And they’re super comfy and cool.

Shop the look:



The classic mules slides.

Uhm… hello 90s! I used to love these back in the day, and then I wasn’t too fond of them until recently. I actually think they’re such a cool ugly-ish type of easy shoes for summer office wear for example.

Shop the look:



The Carrie Bradshaw slides.

I am crying now. They are the slides that got a hold of my heart! Beautiful, fabulous amazing shoes, with or without an open toe, with a kitten heel, or not, a pointy toe, very classic, very flirty, very easy to put on, take off, wear, and style.

They are the definition of pretty shoes!


Shop the look:



I gotta say… I missed having around a trend that fits all age groups, styles, and occasions.

I’ll have one of each please.

How about you?

xoxo D.

When it comes to polka dots outfits I’m what you call a converted fashion lover. I did not like them one bit. But that was a long time ago, when the reason behind my dislike was that they looked too girlish and too retro, none of which I was a fan of. Fast forward a few years, and here I am sitting in front of a laptop, dressed in a black and white polka dot wrap dress, that I love beyond words.

So… what is up with polka dots trend in 2018? Are they any different from 2 years ago, or even from way back when I was not a huge fan of them? While the poor suckers have stayed the same (big, small, red, white, black, blue, printed on dresses, tops, shorts, pants of any and all colours)… the way we wear them and style this trend is a bit different these days. Hence my change of heart perhaps.

Polka dots are a bit more polished in 2018, and look amazing in black or white. Or they’re very funky in electric blue or bright pink. Then they can be sexy as hell with a dash of retro when in red. I mean… they’re literally giving me life. From bold polka dots tops paired with jeans, to the classic black dress with white polka dots that looks amazing whether you’re out on a date or shopping on a summer day… I am sold on this trend.

Did I say I love polka dots?

How to wear polka dots in 2018?

One word: effortless. Dom’t try so much. Wear that polka dot top with jeans and a pair of slides. Rock that polka dot dress with non-statement shoes and a messy bun. It’s like that you know. Actually it’s a million ways and it all depends on personal style, but personally I do like 5 very specific polka dot looks, that tbh are all over Instagram these days, surrounded by either flowers, city scapes, beaches, drinks… cool slides, and straw bags.

Who can blame people you know. Any polka dot outfit courtesy of 2018 looks kinda bomb in pics. And IRL of course, but considering the title and all…

1.Black and white polka dots outfits.

Did anyone say sophisticated and chic to the next level?! This is it. Whether it’s a classic polka dot dress (wrap midi or mini styles look best), or a cool top, or a pair off slides… this particular polka dot style is the classic one. It’s retro, it’s timeless, it’s classy, and very very very chic.

Best tip: for extra oomph wear red lips and black sunglasses.

2. White and black polka dot looks.

It’s basically the same thing only it’s not. It’s the other way around than the above and it’s a very summery look. Very feminine, dainty, romantic and looks incredible with layered dainty necklaces and denim.

3. Retro chic polka dots.

They’re having a moment y’all. In palazzo pants, or big sleeve tops, or maxi dresses, this version of polka dots is a more trendy style with a big bold dash of retro vibe. They’re white, blue, yellow, brown, and usually all over some retro tops, or flirty summer dress worn with boots.

4. Blue polka dots.

My mom once told me that blue, actually navy, is one of the most elegant colours ever. Huh! Go figure. And i agree. I mean just look at the blue polka dot thing and you’ll see what I’m saying. Polka dots are more laid back girly, not-so-serious, not-evening appropriate so to say. Well… do them in blue, and shades of blue and think agin. This style look very elegant in a very cool way. No efforts, just simple and pretty.

5. Red polka dots.

Shut the front door. This is my #1 favourite and it’s also one of instagram’s most shared and coveted looks. It just looks so good. It’s retro hot, modern, feminine, chic, summer’ish. The best look is a red polka dot mini wrap dress for the weekend/beach.

Shop the look:


What do you think? Yes or no? Which one’s your fave?

xoxo D.

Before you gasp in shock or roll those pretty eyes, just think about the number of times you woke up each morning wishing you looked flawless, and ready to go? I know… vanity is a big sin of mine, so kill me for always wanting to look nice and put together. Yet I can’t help but ask myself what does that really mean? In a world of microblading, eyelash extensions, acrylic nails, hair extensions, botox, filler, implants and what not… how far would you, me or anyone else go… to look… good for lack of better word? And if in this trail of thoughts has ever, like ever… the thought of permanent makeup crossed your mind?

If you’re a person who spends hours in front of a mirror in a desperate attempt to get everything looking just right, from eyeliner to make up to lipstick, you know how frustrating all this lost time can be. For that reason, the concept of permanent makeup is something that might be quite enticing. And yet such a thing is no longer a science-fiction concept. It is a cosmetic procedure that is widely practiced and can indeed be something that provides the answers to that morning routine conundrum. The fact that it isn’t quite as permanent as the name might suggest and does require occasional stops to reapply the makeup shouldn’t dissuade you from investigating if it’s the right thing for you.

Once you have decided that you’re going to go ahead with the permanent makeup procedure for some part of your face, your next choice is picking out a provider who handles the practice. This can be a tricky proposition, especially if you live in a rural area and your choices are limited. But it is an important decision to make. Even though it is a relatively harmless procedure, you are still dealing with needles around the face, so it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Ideally, you’ll be able to find a provider up to date on microblading eyebrows and all permanent makeup techniques. Here are some of the things you should be seeking in a provider.

1.Top Credentials

Just like you wouldn’t trust someone to apply tattoos to your body without first knowing that they are experts in the procedure, so too should you be vigilant about making sure that your permanent makeup provider is a licensed professional with excellent qualifications. Make sure they can provide evidence of this for you and be ready to check that evidence yourself if need be by referring to the program or school where they make have studied.

2. Excellent Reviews

You’ll often find websites that tell you all about the customers who have gone through the permanent makeup process and come out with outstanding results that they have achieved. There may even be before and after pictures for you to see. But the bottom line is that no provider is going to advertise bad reviews or put up pictures of procedures gone wrong. Get your feedback from a third party, ideally someone you know and trust.

3. Substance Over Style

Again, the website of the company or medical professional in question isn’t always the best place to get your information. This is especially true if what you see on the site are unlikely promises, such as one that says their permanent procedures don’t require a second visit down the line. If, however, the website is upfront with the reader about the realities of the situation and promise nothing more than a job expertly done by qualified professionals, you could indeed be onto a place on which you can rely.

Remember that when a place seems too good to be true, it sometimes is. But there are those providers of permanent makeup who can really make a difference in your appearance with the minimal discomfort to you; you just need to know the right ways of finding them.

It’s a funny business this chase for perfection isn’t it? So where do you stand, or better yet, where do you cross the line, if you do? Personally I haven’t gone past the hair extensions and fake nails. That’s not to say I ain’t up for more in the future. Be as that may… I’m not a permanent makeup kinda person, because I don’t believe in beauty trends and making them permanent…. However, you know what they say in fashion? Never say never.

Your turn.

xoxo D.

If I had a dime for every thought I had related to looking different aka slimmer, toner, more boobs, less fat, younger, taller, shorter etc… I’d be filthy rich let me tell you that. From a big date, a work event, or a social outing – to wearing a freaking pyjama we all have moments when we wish we looked a little skinnier. Okay… slimmer. Aka more fit, regardless of body type or pounds. Aside from hitting the gym a few times a week, leading a healthy ish lifestyle and being a kind person, there is one ace up anyone’s sleeve to actually looking slimmer, and it has to do with how to dress to look slimmer. Doh. So easy and so up on anyone’s street it’s practically a no-brainer.

Read on to learn the top 5 tips to dress so you look slimmer.

1. Invest in Some Shapewear

Yes, there’s a reason Spanx and other shapewear brands are known by everyone – because they actually work! Shapewear has come along way from those thick ugly unflattering bodysuits, and is now not only built to hide your bulges, but also to flatter your figure. You can also find shapewear that’s specifically made for summer, so you don’t have to worry about sweating up up a storm, as well as shapewear for certain body parts, so you aren’t packing on extra unnecessary layers.

2. Black is Always a Safe Bet

There’s a reason a little black dress is a staple in every woman’s closet: because black is the ultimate color choice to make you look thinner! If you really want to slim down, wear black head to toe to create a nice, thin vertical line.

If all black seems a little too goth for you, you can also opt for darker colors, such as a navy blue, dark green, or a plum purple. The key to how to dress to look slimmer is actually monochromatic, wearing the same colour form head to toe. Black is usually the best option for chicness and ultimate sophistication but if that’s not your thing, do dark blue, deep reds and so on.

3. Say Yes to Higher Waist Lines

Oh my God, high waists are the holy grail of my life! High-waisted pants are the way to go if you’re looking to slim your waistline.

The trick to high-waisted pants is finding ones that don’t make you look like you’re wearing mom jeans. In order to avoid this look, you should opt for ones that are only slightly high rise, have a slim fit, and hit at just your ankles. It’s the high waist pants style that’s everywhere these days, from the stores to the streets, and online in shopping hubs like slimsation.com

4. Highlight Your Best Areas With Bright Colors

If you are just looking to how to dress to look slimmer but slim down certain areas only and don’t want to go all dark, another great option is to pick bright colors to highlight your best assets. For example, if you want to slim down your legs, you can wear dark pants, and then wear a bright pink fitted top to show off your bust.

Or, you can do the opposite and wear a thinning black top and show off your legs with some patterned pants or a colored skirt.

5. Buy a New Bra

Because a new sexy bra, with a great fit is always always always a major key to a great makeover. Plus it keeps the girls into place, and makes your dress and top look good. Wearing the wrong bra size can make you look larger, as the wrong size often gives your breasts a saggy look.

xoxo D.

It feels like it was only last Tuesday that we were wearing what we were saying: professing our weekend love, our hate for Mondays, our lust for coffee and so on. I mean how many ‘I need coffee’ t-shirts can one person wear? It was fun for a while. Up until we were all looking *and saying the same things. Like everything about us and around us became a t-shirt meme. Fast forward a few years… and we’re in the same freaking boat. Only cooler and more expensive this time. And more pretentious. Slightly more sophisticated too. I am of course talking about the designer logo trend mania that’s splashed and splattered everywhere these days.

Especially on the backs of the rich and famous. Alongside the instafamous.

Every cool and fashion relevant soul is wearing some sort of designer logo, whether it’s that Gucci t-shirt, or the Fila, Puma, Yeezy sportswear, or some D&G belt, some Supreme socks, some Balenciaga sneakers… you get it. We’re walking billboards for designers these days, and we seem to be loving it, as we pile up on designer logo stuff, and keep buying them from either online fashion hubs like SSENSE, or from your classic high street stores.

Are we loving it so much though that we have to wear it? Or are we slightly snobbish? Or do we genuinely happen to like some items which happen to have some very famous logos on them.

It was only yesterday that it was un-cool to show off and brag about stuff, right? Now we’re screaming for attention in our big bold Versace logo t-shirts, Levis jeans, and D&G belts. Isn’t it too much?

Okay… okay… I get it, too many questions.

Wearing designer LOGOS in 2018

The truth is… we’re currently at the dawn of minimalism so this may just be a last cry from fashion opulence for a while, OR this may be just the amount of fashion statement we need to spice up our boring, I mean minimalist outfits.

Think about it: a classic all black outfit is anything but boring with a display of the new Balenciaga logo popping up somewhere in your minimalist look. It keeps the whole thing still so chic and fashionably quiet… but it adds… character, and a tad of sartorial smirk if you will for both the fashion savvy and the ignoramuses.


If quiet ain’t your shtick… then do a full on Rihanna and drape yourself in designer logos just for the fun of it, or for the love of those clothes AND their logos. Think street style at Fashion Week: louder, bolder, more colourful and not shy from a total designer show-off.

Or… you might just be a simple mortal who occasionally and casually works out… or just chills in gym clothes. Then, my friend… whether you like it or not you will be doing the designer logo trend, because no gym clothes and athleisure is free of logos these days. Personally I don’t mind it, in fact I think it has a bit of 80s nostalgia to it.

Is there an age limit to this designer logo trend mania?

Helllllll no. (*sits down to actually think about it.)

*thinks about it.

Hell no.

However, since age usually comes with some boring baggage like jobs, responsibilities, social conduct, et all… I think the designer logo trend is totally do-able if kept simple and classic. Just do the damn D&G belt without the 2,345 other logos. Wear a Dior logo blazer for work or dinner and you’ll still be killing it in both career as well and fashion.

If you’re slowly pushing 100, but you looooooove fashion and clothes and colours and prints and trends and styles and fads and hats and accessories and everything in between all these… and you HAVE TO WEAR them all at once, or else… then just do it what can I say. #nike

Nonetheless, the more I pile up on years the more I feel I’m leaning towards less is more in fashion. I love a classic minimal style these days, or a classic jeans look, or a summer classic wrap dress. Sure I might style it edgier one day, sporty, chic, elegant, or casual the next… but you get it.


Therefore the designer logo trend pour moi… is a total yes as a one or two statement pieces, as gym wear, and on some days as a fashion victim’s logo dream. #stillindecisiveaf #facepalm

Your turn now.


xoxo D.


If you are here reading this, I’m assuming you are finally ready to take the most important step of your life. First of all, congratulations! Nothing is more exciting than finding the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. With that being said, you are at the right place because buying a ring that is just right may feel a bit intimidating.

Engagement rings come in many styles and shapes. Most feature a diamond, which has pretty much become a standard symbol for engagement rings these days. But these diamonds are often sourced in unethical manners and a socially aware person would definitely not like to be proposed with a ring like that! In fact, in an era of social awareness such as this, we should all be a part of the conscientious consumer community and steer clear of anything that exploits our environment or workers. So it is important that you know where you are getting your engagement ring from, given that you and your partner give value to such issues.

How to Buy an Engagement Ring?

First of all, you should consider factors like your budget, any particular style you’re looking for, the type of diamond you want etc. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Set Up a Budget

Setting a budget will make sure that you don’t overspend. In addition to that, a budget also helps you narrow down your search. Finding a match between the budget and your desired ring is the key here.

There are many online jewelry stores these days that help you with this factor. One such store is the Brilliant Earth. You can set a range you want while choosing a diamond, and they will show you the rings accordingly. The price range starts from $510.

They also have physical stores, if online shopping isn’t really your thing. Just go to this one or any other physical store you feel like you can count on, and ask for the salesperson’s help. Although this is option is more tedious and time-consuming.

Make It a Surprise

It’s also okay if you want to take your partner to the store with you to make sure that ring is perfect. But a surprise proposal with you on your knee and a ring in your hand is just more romantic and thoughtful! The main key point here is to make sure that the ring fits and something they’d absolutely love, so pay close attention to their ring preferences and style from ahead.

Picking out a ring that they like is not exactly easy, but at least a lot more manageable these days. Stores like Brilliant Earth give complete customization options, so if you know what your partner likes you can make them a customized one accordingly.

Find the Ring Size

This of course, is not needed when you take them to buy the ring but crucial if you are planning to propose out of the blue. Don’t worry about tipping your partner off. Finding a ring size is easy. Just get a ring they usually wear and has the right fit, and get it measured. Taking it to the store is enough as the salesperson will have it measured for you.

For online shopping, you need to know the ring size and here’s how you do it: Take a piece of string and use it to measure the ring you took from them. If that seems like a hassle, Brilliant Earth can send you a free plastic ring sizer too.

Find Out the Style

Take note of your partner’s jewelry choices. If they don’t wear much jewelry, opting for a minimal looking band with a simple diamond is the way to go. But if they have an outgoing personality and like to draw attention to themselves, get a sparkly one to suit their style. Depending on the jewelry they already wear, it should be easy to determine their style. The rest is simple as stores like Brilliant Earth have customization options in choosing the band style, color, diamond cut style etc.

Picking the Diamond

Now, time for the big finale: picking out the diamond. While choosing a diamond, look out for the 4 Cs.


By cut we mean the angles and proportions of the diamond. Let’s break it down- A well-cut diamond is what gives its sparkle. Diamonds with too deep or shallow cuts will not give a very shiny and sparkly appearance since the light can leak through the bottom or sides.

This is the most important C because if the cut isn’t right, the other Cs won’t matter much. At Brilliant Earth, you can choose the Cut from 5 options, starting from Fair to Super Ideal!


Yes, diamonds do have colors. They range from Colorless (Denoted by a D) to Light Yellow (Z). Colorless diamonds are the rarest and thus are the most expensive. White diamonds are the most popular, of course. If you’re not sure about your partner’s preference, go for a white diamond. At Brilliant Earth, you can choose from the color D to J.


Clarity for diamonds equals fewer imperfections. Fewer imperfections mean more expensive. Clarity is measured on a scale. SI1 and SI2 are diamonds with good clarity as the imperfections can’t be seen with naked eyes. Go for a diamond within this range. Another thing is ‘Inclusions’. They are tiny fractures or minerals. The less inclusion the diamond has, the better it is. Avoid the ones which have inclusions on the top and the middle as this interrupts the light to disperse properly.

Brilliant Earth carries diamonds with clarity range starting from FL to SI2.


Carat is the weight of the diamond. The more weight it has, the more expensive and sparkly it is. But a good jeweler can make any diamond look good with proper mounting. Brilliant Earth has carats in 0.25-17.57 range.


As mentioned earlier, not all diamonds are sourced ethically. If you are looking for a conflict-free diamond, it is better to go with a seller that ensures that. Note that many sellers, despite being conflict free, don’t actually follow the proper rules. Brilliant Earth is one store that has the ‘Beyond Conflict-free’ policy, which means not only the diamonds are ethically sourced, but each of the diamonds can be traced back to their origin.

You can check Brilliant Earth Reviews where previous buyers have shared their feelings about buying a conflict-free engagement ring and it’s absolutely worth it.

Final Words

An engagement ring is a commitment for a lifetime. It’s important that the ring has sentimental values. Getting an ethically sourced ring is a good first step. We wish you all the very best!

xoxo D.

The distressed denim look aka ripped jeans has been popular for years, ever since punk rockers and grunge stars came into the spotlight. They became popular during the late 1980s in the heavy metal era, and have stuck around ever since. Distressed denim offers a dress-down, casual approach to wearing jeans and are a very stylish way to wear otherwise ordinary men’s denim jeans.

Ripped jeans are now so commonplace that there is a right and wrong way to wear them; it’s seemingly very easy to get it wrong and either look incredibly scruffy, or not quite on trend. So, if you’re on the hunt for your very own pair, you may want to consider these rules for buying ripped jeans.

The different types of rips

Ripped jeans can encompass a number of different styles. It can mean anything from full holes to scrapes. Understanding the different styles within distressed denim can help you to make an informed choice.

Ripped jeans may feature a hole, where there is a visible gap in the fabric and often shows some skin. Shreds refer to where the fabric has been torn, but threads of fabric still remain to cover up what would be the hole. Scrapes are small abrasions to the denim, usually only surface-deep and won’t show any skin. Scrapes are usually quite small.

Distressed jeans can sometimes mix the different types, or stick to one. It’s important not to go too crazy, as it can look too much!

Placement of the rips

When buying a pair of ripped jeans, it’s important to consider where the distressed sections are located. It should look natural; that’s why holes and shreds are often placed around the knee.

Holes on the upper thigh of your jeans could risk looking unnatural and out of place, while holes or shreds around the shin area could look like you’ve been nibbled by a dog on your way out!

Scrapes generally can be placed anywhere on your jeans as they are a very subtle detail. They are particularly popular around the pockets, as if to look like natural wear and tear.

How many rips?

Be careful that you don’t overdo the amount of distressed patches on your jeans, or you will start to look like you’re trying too hard. You also risk exposing too much of your legs, which sort of defeats the point of full length jeans!

Opt for between 2 and 4 ripped patches, whether that be two shreds, a scrape and a hole or a different combination that suits your personal taste. As long as your jeans don’t feature rips all the way up the leg, you’re good to go.

When it comes to men’s ripped jeans, opt for a vintage subtle look as if you’ve casually just ripped them yourself.


xoxo D.

Just a second ago I was thinking – were I not pregnant right now – what would I wear? An d’you know what I miss most besides proper jeans and maybe a crop top? A pair of great CULOTTES. It’s wild really how my fashion cravings go… just like food cravings tbh, cause you’d think you’d crave what you love most (like pizza, or salty chips, or hoops, floral dresses, stilettos par example)… but nope. You actually crave the craziest things in the world.

Culottes. Really. Like the only time I ever wore them was only as a second choice. A style backup. I LOOOOVE them on others, and I always lusted for a great pair that would look as great on me as they did on those beautiful fashion bloggers. But then… I never really did find that pair. Never really searched for it either.

Bottom line is pregnancy is giving me wild wild wild cravings. Apparently of the fashion kind too.

So what do you do when you find yourself mid-day craving culottes? Well… you wonder whether or not they’re still in fashion 2018. Are they?

Can we still wear culottes this summer AND look great?

I only realise now… what a stupid question I’m asking.

Never mind.

*raises hand and asks the Q again*


Are culottes still in fashion 2018?

Would it make any difference if they weren’t? But they are!!!!!!!! *throws confetti around*

I think it’s been a while since they’ve traded their trendiness for their staple worthiness. And hallelujah that they did, because they do make one hell of a pants style: versatile, cool, sophisticated, minimal, grown-up, granny chic, just chic, elegant, simple, classy, boho…

Perhaps the way to wear them in 2018 is slightly different, or perhaps their styles are different. However it may be I do think ANY culottes style works just fine as long as the personal style is great. You see… I’m an old school soul, so I still buy that it’s-not-what-you-wear-but-how-you-wear-it-crap.

Or maybe I’m just old.

And maybe that’s precisely why I’m craving culottes. The grown-up version of shorts, you know.

Whatever the reasons, I couldn’t care less. I love them and for me they’re a staple worth styling over and over and over again.


What culottes to wear in 2018?

Denim culottes are the hottest things around. I think it was a few summers ago that they had their first appearance but didn’t quite stick. Well, well, well… fast forward to this summer and they’re the new skinnies.

They’re cool, sophisticated, loose and sexy, casual, look great with flats of all sorts and heels too.



White and black culottes are on point this summer with minimal style on the rise. They make fantastic office outfits too.



Linen, beige, yellow, orange, khaki styles. Earth tones, beachy vibes, boho minimal styles are in, alongside the straw bags for example.



Where to wear culottes in 2018?

Depending on the cut, the fabric, the style, and the personal style… culottes go everywhere.

  • office
  • events
  • cocktails
  • dinners
  • beach
  • festivals
  • casual situations
  • weekends
  • meetings
  • brunches
  • weddings

Why are culottes still so cool?

Besides being the greatest combo of granny-chic meets boho chic meets sophisticated/minimal boss lady – the secret lies in  their cut and style.

Exposed ankles always look delicate, feminine, and sexy. Pockets are always casual cool. A high waist always elongates. With sneakers or flats they look extra chic and laid back, with heels they’re hot and relaxed.

What more do you want?

Shop the look:



Any other weird, funny, cool, or uncool fashion cravings around? Let’s share people. :)

xoxo D.






When Diane von Furstenberg said the wrap dress, she would later be iconic and notorious for, will be a timeless piece and a woman’s best friend – she meant it 10,000%. The designer created this cut and model back in the 70s and ever since, especially in summer, hence the wrap summer dresses, it’s been reinvented, nipped, tucked, played with by both Diane Von Furstenberg and other designers.

Retail chains picked it up, and later anyone and everyone who actually noticed that if you take a piece of a flirty fluid fabric, in the shape of a dress, and deconstruct it only to later just wrap it and tie it around your waist, which can fluctuate, you’ll be wearing probably the most versatile, most flattering, and easy to style dress in the world.

This would later be known as the wrap dress. While it’s definitely possible to wear wrap dresses in winter as well: hello velvet wrap dresses for example, this iconic piece looks its best as wrap summer dresses.

Or maybe it’s just me now… loving 2018 summer with all its flirty dresses, and polka dots, and printed sets and maxi dresses, mini dresses and so on.

2018 summer is a back to basics kinda summer, a very flirty, easy and feminine take on this season, when cut-offs take a backseat for pretty dresses and flirty tops paired with skirts or shorts made of light dancing fabrics.

Everything is paired with straw bags rather than anything too pretentious, we wear scarves to tie our hair, and the biggest blings are maybe a pair of cute hoops. It’s retro with a dash of minimal, and loads of French riviera chicness if you will.

Therefore it’s not a massive fashion surprise to notice women loving to literally wrap midi dresses around their figures and dash off to work, to parties, to running errands, to weddings or God knows where else.

Wrap summer dresses: what to pick this season?

  • midi wrap summer dresses
  • mini wrap summer dresses
  • cap sleeves, long sleeves, spaghetti sleeves
  • maxi wrap summer dresses

The queen of summer dresses remains the midi style, because of its easiness to wear and versatility. It’s a great piece for office days, paired with flat sandals, flat pointed toe shoes, midi heels, AND it can later translate great into a cocktail dress if paired with stilettos for example. OR it can be a great casual weekend staple when paired with sneakers or espadrilles.



Mini dresses are absolutely fabulous and cute and a great choice for summer in the city, for weekends, for beach walks, for shopping sprees, brunches, dinners, dates, parties… They look best with slippers, a bamboo bag, just to balance out their sexiness. OR if you wanna go full on glam, pair them with minimal stilettos.



Maxi wrap dresses are great for summer. Personally I’m scared of them, just because I feel there’s always this fear of getting lost in too much dress and fabric. They look great on some people, and are a great choice for summer weddings, or fancy cocktails by the beach, or even casual styles… I just don’t LOVE them, okay?! I like them.



How to wear wrap summer dresses this season?

Think of them as the casual kimono you put on around the house, or the bath robe you like to chill in at times… and then put in on for any occasion and start dressing it up or down.

Wrap summer dresses have this incredible quality of being so easy to put on. All you need is you underwear. You just put them on as if they’re your fave robe, wrap them around your waist and start the day.

The best style gimmicks for 2018:

Why are wrap summer dresses so flattering?

The cut makes them your BFF for life, because they mark your waist, so even if you have a few more pounds, or have an apple-type of figure, wrap dresses trick the eye and accentuate your waist, elongate your torso with the V-cut, and hide your legs up to the knees. All the while they hug the body but don’t squeeze it, they just follow the shapes, conceal and reveal what they should. They’re perfect really.

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Not to mention they can be a great choice for maternity style, IF you find the right size, or you wear them with cycling shorts underneath. Or leggings. Trust me.

xoxo D.

Talk about a ‘going back to basics’ this year with fashion! If anyone had told my mom, my grandma, or Jane Birkin (please observe the on point style hierarchy) that 40 something years later – the straw bags they so effortlessly and style unconsciously paraded around their arms every single day for school, shopping, jobs or pickings WILL be back in fashion… pffff… *that my friend would have been a bet worth making.

Back in the day they wore straw bags anywhere basically, not just the beach, as the fashion norm dictated not until too long ago.

What has changed in 50 years?

And what has changed in the last 10 years maybe – so much –  that we decided to take the classic beach straw bags to the city, to dates, to parties, to work?

Who is to blame for the rise of straw bags beyond their classic casual status?

Part fashion cycle, part designers, part our lust for simple style things these days, or so it feels. I mean, with the minimalist 2018 summer and all.

First of all anything that was once cool fashion wise will 100% come back to haunt and delight us. That is a fact.

More so… whatever designers love we’re bound to follow. And this season they love anything wicker, raffia, woven, rattan.

And then it’s us mortals, VIPS, and souls of fashion who make it all happen. With the rise of summer style, culture of laid back weekends, globetrotting, traveling, leisure, coastal styles – women loooooove the laid back look, the casual luxe style that comes with/or mimics either french style or a rich life. Or both.

Everyone these days is like kicking it back on a beach, yacht, or sexy destination somehow.

*raises hand*

“I’d like to know how that is possible please! (leave thoughts and tips in the comments below.) Thank you.’

And also everyone these days falls more for simplicity rather than opulence. Or at least post 30. So then… it makes sense we kinda fall hard for a bag that’s a straw bag.

Classic straw bags:



How to wear straw bags and where?

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhm… like is it okay if I show up in wicker for work? Can I wear a straw clutch to a wedding? Is there even such a thing?

I’m guessing running errands, shopping, picnic, beach, dinners, lunches, brunches et all are fine.

So what is the social courtesy of straw bags?

Personally, I’m all for fuck rules and wear whatever the hell you want, as long as it’s not white on a wedding day, you know, that sort of stuff.

But the casualness of straw bags is in fact pretty cool for both the actual casual situations as well as more sophisticated ones, because the clashing of styles makes it all look more fashion savvy.

Besides – wicker, raffia, and straw bags these days are not limited to those styles of the past. In fact, they’re so chic and quite elegant some, that they do look amazing worn with suits, dresses, or office outfits. They add a bit of summer character to a look.

However, as ‘anything works with anything’ as things may be these days, straw bags look best worn with:

  • linen outfits
  • summer floral dresses
  • casual jumpsuits
  • monochromatic white, black, yellow, orange looks
  • denim
  • midi retro dresses
  • polka dots
  • flirty shorts
  • oversized summer clothes
  • nude taupe clothes
  • safari inspired looks

On the ‘where to’ side: start with casual situations, wear straw bags to a brunch, then take it to a picnic, and then slowly transition it to a Friday office day, a date lunch, and so on.

Street style:


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xoxo D.