It’s a classic, and it’s back. Animal print trend has never been as bold and beautiful as in 2018 autumn. The only question is: do you like it? My love for animal print has existed even since I can remember, from my fashion ignoramus days, to my now slightly more savvy ones, and tbh it’s that one fashion thing I’m always gonna love. Snake, cow, zebra, dots, white, black, brown, blue… you name it, I love it.

However, there’s one thing called too much when it comes to this animal print trend, or more like the fear of too much, too bold, too extravagant, too extra you know. THIS too has guarded my fashion animal print choices throughout time. Sometimes I gave in, and passed on a-head-to-toe-animal-print-look out of fear of looking too extra, and sometimes I’d just say fuck it and rock it.

With 2018 autumn the time has come again for me to decide whether or not I’m a fashion chicken shit. I’d hope the years gone by have thought me to not pay too much attention to what people say and just do your thing… #mymantra, plus I have the confidence of a queen… so look out peeps… I might rock head to toe animal print this season. God knows, who knows… I’m the most confident insecure person out there.

At the end of the day it ain’t such a big deal, it’s just fashion and a wild print, so if you wanna do it but don’t wanna look extra just rock one animal print item, keep it toned down, and pair it with more casual pieces to make it less louder.

If you love it so much that you’d drape yourself in zebra or snake print… go all the way. This will be my new year’s fall fashion challenge: head-to-toe animal print #extraaf

Tips: animal print looks amazing with golden jewellery, red lips, sleek hair, against white, denim, patent or vinyl. And by the looks of it it’s the biggest trend of 2018 autumn… so unleash your inner beast I guess.

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It’s not for the faint hearted ones that’s for sure, but it’s worth the risk!



A wedding ring is a special piece of jewelry – as it is something that carries a significant meaning. Similar to clothing or anything else, over the years, there have been a wide range of wedding ring trends, which were specific of those times. If we’ve managed to spark your curiosity, keep on reading to find out about the most representative trends from the last couple of years. 

Wide Solitaires (2008)

The reason why wide solitaires were oh-so-popular in 2008 is due to their mere elegance. The clean, modern lines have a timeless appeal. In addition to that, we find that the sculptural beauty is definitely something else. Everything about this type of wedding ring makes it timeless and classic. As years pass by, it will remain just as beautiful and impressive. 

Tapered Solitaires (2009)

Tapered solitaires are distinguished through their delicacy and daintiness. This style places the focus on the main gemstone, for a classic yet refined look that never goes out of style. 

Sculptural Shapes (2010)

The year of 2010 was dominated by sculptural shapes, which feature clean, modern lines in diverse shapes. The main feature that characterizes this style is that of an underestimated glamour. The combination of magnificent gemstones and unexpected shapes of wedding bands was really appealing around that time. 

Classic, Timeless Halo (2011)

Halo designs featuring cushion-shaped diamonds were specifically popular in 2011. That’s due to their timeless, romantic look, not to mention the fact that the halo accent of diamonds makes the central piece look larger. Additionally, the central gemstone was usually surrounded by radiant sparkle. 

The Vintage Trend (2012)

Vintage-inspired wedding rings were really sought in 2012. These pieces of jewelry were definitely something else, as they were characterized by unique details that made them stand out – ornate embellishments, hand engraving, filigree, and many others. We could say that, in comparison with former years when the focus was placed on modern, clean lines, the vintage trend was an unexpected change. In fact, many people would rather invest in antique rings, as the craftsmanship of these jewelry pieces is outstanding. 

Inspired by Nature (2013)

The following year came with flower motifs, dainty leaves, and unexpected lines – which were representative of earth’s beauty. These pieces of jewelry really made you think of moving leaves, flowers, and everything nature’s beauty stands for. Those details really made the precious metal more special and spectacular, creating an unexpected, yet beautiful assemble. 

Spinning Silhouettes (2014)

The nature-inspired trend that was popular in 2013 gave way for the trend that would follow in 2014 – namely that of spinning, twisting silhouettes. They were just as sophisticated, preserving the symbols of intertwined lives. By definition, these rings were a mix of chicness, elegance and sophistication. 

Distinguished Halos (2015)

While the classic halo trend is a timeless design that will carry on for many years to come, the trend of distinguished halos comes with a different approach. To be more specific, the halo is beautified by enchanting, dainty details that emphasize its beauty and magnificence. Floral patterns and scalloping made these rings oh-so-beautiful, which is why they’re just as popular till this day. 

Colored Gemstones and Unusual Shapes (2016)

The year of 2016 was utterly different in terms of wedding ring trends, as it brought the attention towards colored gemstones. A preference for vibrant colors was noted, which made these rings stand out, in comparison with traditional, more conventional jewelry pieces. 

On the other hand, people that still wanted a diamond would choose fancy shapes, such as oval, marquise, emerald, pear, or the Asscher-cut diamonds. Evidently, these distinctive shapes were really appealing, making these pieces of jewelry mere works of art. 

The Rose Gold Trend (2017)

2017 was the year in which the rose gold trend reached popularity. Many brides displayed their preference for this trend, as it mirrored elegance, sophistication and refinement. On a different note, it would be safe to say that the charming shade of rose gold is flattering for most skin tones, due to its specific warmth. Brides with a preference for vintage-inspired rings, who are more romantic, are more likely to choose the rose gold trend. Even in the year of 2018, rose gold wedding rings are a go to for many couples for these specific reasons. 

The Oval and Pear Shaped (2018)

Supposedly, the interest for oval and pear shaped wedding rings is due to the fact that most celebrity rings come with these characteristics. In essence, pear-shaped diamonds are a blend of marquise-shaped diamonds and traditional round brilliant. This is, without a doubt, an unexpected blend, resulting in a stunning mix. The shape resembles that of a teardrop. Kate Middleton, Sophie Turner, Paris Hilton and many others wear pear-shaped or oval-shaped engagement rings. Make sure you check them out for inspiration, if this trend appeals to your taste. 

To conclude, it would be safe to say that picking out a single trend out of the ones we’ve enumerated is utterly difficult, if not impossible – we love them all. Each trend comes with its unique characteristics and mood, meaning that, regardless of your style and preferences, you can always find something that will suit you. 

The rich history of wedding rings trend indicates one thing: wedding rings are in a continuous transformation – so, what are we to expect from the future? Did you know of the existence of memorial diamonds – which are made from the bride and groom’s hair? This wedding ring idea is definitely something else, but if you like one-of-a-kind things that represent you, you might consider it. This concept is really romantic, allowing you to have a tangible symbol of your connection. 

The best part is that you can customize the diamond as you wish – you can even get inspired by the trends from the last couple of years and create the diamond that would symbolize your bond forever. 

To conclude, which of the trends featured in our article appeals to you the most and why? Also, how do you feel about the concept of having a diamond made from hair? The world is definitely changing with every moment, and we’re more than curious regarding what the future will bring in terms of wedding ring trends. 


Before we completely dive into 2018 autumn fashions and bundling-up outfits I’m gonna give one last call for one of summer’s biggest trends: buttons! They’ve been on my mind and in my outfits quite a lot this past few months, and given their sartorial ubiquity and compatibility with fall seasons… I think this talk is quite appropriate in fact.

Not too long ago I was stating how 2018 summer was all about the luxe laid back style, with a dash of retro celebration – and buttons fall right into this fab fashion pic. Everything with buttons was a hit. And suddenly everything needed buttons, either real or mock. They were decorating dresses, skirts, shirts, sleeves, backs, shirts, bags…

The questions is: why do we have to limit this trend to summer?

Can we do the button trend in autumn 2018?

With the 80s revival coming up so strong I would guess it’s all about neon and zippers, but I also like to think the world of fashion is a free one so if you’re into buttons… button them up, what can I say.

A dash of retro and chicness will always look amazing, so damn the trends if they don’t agree.

How to wear buttons in autumn 2018?

For summer they looked amazing in dark brown colours, on nude beige dresses, and white linen shirts. For 2018 autumn try them on blazers, high waisted pants, tops’ sleeves. In fact, double breasted blazers are such a 2018 autumn thing already… so if that’s not a buttons hint I don’t know what is.

Wear button mini cardigans paired with plaid skirts and ankle boots.

Rock double breasted trench-coats. Mock button sleeves on your fave sweaters.

But somehow autumn *still* feels miles away…

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xoxo D.


Being a mom to Siena has certainly turned my world upside down for the bestest of reasons, and while I thought I’d spend my first months as a mom in denim and a tee… little did I know I would actually be more into dresses and easy shoes like Birkenstocks and other types of slides, or low heel mules. Or maybe the extra time spent home on Instagram stalking my fave bloggers has led to more than online shopping sprees and continuous adding to cart afternoons…

These days I pride on being an online shopping guru, cause I swear to God for weeks in a row I was dreaming sales and new-in lines on so many fashion stores out there, that I legit felt a savvy sartorial. If being a mom has its massive perks it also has some weird pregnancy legacies, one off which has left me with a shoe size bigger than my regular 38 EU, so… need I say more?! I was a girl and mom on a mission: re-stock on all my fave shoes in my now current size, and add some new staples or fads to my shoe game.

With summer and the heatwave still going strong well into autumn, and the ugly chunky shoe trend being bigger and uglier than ever, I started off classic and simple: Birkenstocks. The best and prettiest ugly summer shoes ever, as classic as my grandma, as timeless as a blazer.

Why are Birkenstocks still so coveted?

Billion years after they first came out, these sandals are still a summer staple just because they’re so easy to wear and style. I picked mine in white, cause I love white sandals in summer and I think the white looks better against any outfit. I love them because they can adapt so easily to dresses, jeans, pants, jumpsuits, or any summer casual outfit.

I need to make a quick run to the market, I put them on. I’m going out for a very laid back dinner on a summer night, they’re on. I’m taking my baby out for a walk, I’m wearing them.

Are Birkenstocks more than just an ugly shoe?

Well… they certainly are not very pretty, but they look amazing. If you love fashion you know this is a great thing in 2018, and I’m not even joking. Yes they’re more than just an fad, they’re. staple and a pretty comfy cool one.

And I bet you a pair of brand new ones that your mom used to wear them too.

Anyway… I wore mine here with a polka dot dress, just cause I wanted to show them off with a dress, and also cause it was way way way way too hot for anything else. I’ve also worn them since with jeans, and even a very casual fluid summer outfit over coffee one morning.


I am wearing: Birkenstocks (shop here) | Forever21 polka dot dress | Zaful sunglasses

xoxo D.


With it being summer, and the good weather continuing for the foreseeable future, you’ve no doubt been refreshing your wardrobe with summer styles. This probably include light colours and bold prints, as per the status quo for summer dressing. But what if you wanted to rebel against the style that everyone says you “should” be wearing? What if you want to remain united with your comfortable, stylish black clothes?

Wearing black in the summer is often looked upon as impractical, usually followed by questions such as ‘Aren’t you hot?’. Well, if you want to wear black in the summer, you should be allowed to! Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Choose lightweight fabrics

For many men’s streetwear brands, black is a go-to in order to create the perfect urban clothing collection. So, if you’re sticking to your guns and choosing black, make sure you look for lightweight fabrics. This is important if you’re heading out on a particular warm or sunny day, making sure that you don’t overheat or feel uncomfortable!

Lightweight fabrics include the likes of cotton, linen and even denim on occasion. Wearing these fabrics can ensure you remain cool, despite wearing such a dark shade.

Look for summer-friendly styles

Just because you’re wearing black doesn’t mean you’re restricted to wintry styles; there are plenty of summer-friendly styles that have been created in black. Look for alternative clothing that lends itself to the sun a little more. Obvious styles include t-shirts, but there are plenty more to add to your collection.

A lightweight blazer can be perfect for adding an extra layer when needed, as can a black denim jacket. Black-on-black will have never felt so stylish. For the bottom half, summer-friendly men’s black clothing can include some ankle grazing trousers and ripped jeans for a breezy finish to your ensemble.

Wear your black clothing to the right occasion

It’s important that you don’t wear your all-black ensemble to events where it would genuinely look silly. After all, a party in Ibiza might not be the best fit for your black t-shirt and black jeans. Consider wearing black to any summer evening events you have coming up, or even a day-to-night affair where you’re likely to be in the same outfit all day.

This can ensure your chosen black outfit doesn’t look too out of place. What’s more, black is a very smart and flattering colour to wear, so keep that in mind for your next social invite!

Accessorise accordingly

If you’re hoping to wear all black, consider your accessories. These can help to break up your dark coloured outfit with eye-catching details. Accessories with a belt that has a subtle silver or gold buckle, or keep it simple with a stylish watch. This makes sure that even though you’re wearing all black, your outfit is far from boring!

So, next time you want to throw on your black t-shirt with your black trousers, go for it and don’t look back!

xoxo D.

It went by in a heart bit. Beautiful, flirty, casual, too hot, grown up, easy, sophisticated, minimal, and very feminine, with star shiners like jumpsuits, wrap dresses, straw bags, chunky sneakers, bardot necklines, headscarves – the summer of 2018 was probably the best. Holiday inspired outfits and Instagram looks seemed to take over IRL and give the street style of cities and outfits at work a more casual laid back yet very luxe vibe.

More so… summer 2018 had a jumpsuit for any style and occasion, and tbh that’s the main reason why I’m not ready to let go of this summer staple just yet. I feel like it barely scratched the surface of our fashion existence, even though truth be told it ain’t the first time in recent sartorial history that jumpsuits are making a comeback. hello 2015-ish or something.

If 2018 did something it was that it brought together all the jumpsuits in history, mashed them, mixed them, and gave us all the versions in the world with a bit of an upgrade yet never letting go of that casualness that defines this year’s vibe.

The straight leg/palazzo pants jumpsuits.

If wide straight pants aren’t having a star-moment these days I don’t know what is, so naturally… jumpsuits followed. When I say straight leg, i mean straight, wide, palazzo, and even flare. Anything that’s not skinny is IN. Ha! Neve thought I’d get the day to see this coming. The style is very classic, grown-up, polished, yet still airy and casual enough to be worn with any type of shoe in any situation.

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The utility jumpsuits.

When fashion knocks on the door who you’re gonna call? Ghost-busters. no joke, but the utility jumpsuit of 2018 is very much ghost busters uniform, very structured, architectural, oversized, tinged at the waist with a belt, awn 80s style homage. The upper part is basically a stiff button down shirt, and the pants are a pyramid style inspired by Seinfeld’s horrendous yet very cool lazy jeans. Worn with confidence, red lips, and a shady cut this little sucker can be a very very very cool fall staple.

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The culottes jumpsuits.

If I had a dime for every time I saw one… I’d be right there in Positano rubbing elbows with the rich and famous. The culottes jumpsuit is maybe the best marriage of 2 items there ever was: the culottes and the jumpsuit. It’s fresh, classic, new, it’s very laid back, but can so quickly be dressed up for the nines you don’t what hit you. Think a white simple crispy yet very fluid culottes jumpsuit worn with espadrilles for the day and a pair of white stilettos for the night. I mean…

Shop the look:



The paperbag pants inspired jumpsuits.

Another marriage of success if i may say so. This is a more classic and elegante take on the jumpsuit, and while it does look fab with sneakers or flat slides, the moment you put on heels with this little baby… it transforms into even a cocktail or a formal office wear kinds look.

Shop the look:



What is so great about jumpsuits?

They have the perks of a dress, so there’s no need to worry about pairing tops to bottoms, but they have the fun of the latter I was telling you about. 2018 has them in so many fabrics, and in so so so many designs, that you can no joke find one for each time of the day. Ruffles, silk, long, short, buttons, bare back, wrap styles, stripes, solid colours, cropped, cut-outs, flirty, casual, elegant… – and on top of all these amazing versions think any shoe style or layering options. (blazer, jacket, coat)

So… you see… I’m really in not rush of getting out of a jumpsuit just yet. I’m sure autumn will be very kind and warm both weather wise as well as sartorially speaking – so we’ll have a bunch of jumpsuits to still pick from and wear come September.

What do you guys think: are jumpsuits your thing?



A luxury watch is a huge investment so a lot of thought should be put into both the buying process and the care for a luxury timepiece. When it comes to watch care – there are so many tips to take care of your watch that an unkept watch is no excuse. Knowing the questions to ask before buying, however… now *that* is a challenge.

What is your budget when buying a luxury watch?

From a couple thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars and upward – the sky is the limit. So basically setting yourself a budget will comes in handy both financially, hello NOT-overspending!, and also style wise, because a certain budget will narrow or widen your luxury watch style choice.

It’s important to note that you can get beautiful, brand name luxury watches without completely breaking the bank. The materials used can have a significant impact on price, and to the naked eye, have few notable differences from the more expensive styles.

New or Second-hand?

Before you start shopping, ask yourself if you are set on getting a new watch or if you are open to a second-hand option. By looking at second-hand options, you may be able to get a higher valued watch at a lower price. You also open yourself up to a vintage luxury watch which is no longer on the market. Say, for example, that you want the same watch model as your late father had… second-hand options may be preferable.

If you’re buying a second-hand luxury watch, be cautious: you want to ensure you aren’t getting tricked into buying a knockoff. Use our best judgment when shopping and have the timepiece looked at closely before buying.

Smart or Not?

Is having a smartwatch important to you? Many of the luxury watchmakers are offering smartwatches that combine the convenience of modern timepieces with the classic look and feel of a luxury watch. Getting a luxury smartwatch may limit your options, as well as some of the visual aspects of luxury timepieces that you enjoy. On the other hand, your luxury smartwatch may not be as advanced as an Apple watch, cause function is often sacrificed for fashion.

Ask yourself how important a smartwatch is to you, and if you’d rather keep your luxury timepiece separate from your latest tech gadgets.

What movements are used in the luxury watch?

Movements are the inner workings of a watch and are often what set apart the good from the great. Most luxury watches use mechanical movements in the form of minuscule handmade gears that are designed to last until the end of time. Cheaper watches often use quartz movements. 

Don’t be afraid to be a little pushy when trying to get this information out of the retailer or salesperson from whom you’re buying your luxury timepiece. Don’t just settle for quartz as an explanation. Ask where the movements were made and assembled. Are they Swiss made? The retailer may have to refer back to the paperwork that came with the watch, but all of the information should be readily available for their reference and yours.

What about the warranty and servicing?

While there are many things you can do to care for your watch and keep it ticking until the end of time, it is a machine that will sometimes require maintenance. Be sure to ask about the warranty and find out what that covers. Does it cover any servicing and maintenance? If not, get a better idea of what maintenance visits will cost you over time.

Mechanical movements often require cleaning and oiling every few years to keep everything moving smoothly. As luxury watches are often complex pieces of work, you’ll need to pay an expert to get the job done and maintain the integrity of your timepiece. This can add up over the years and needs to be considered when making a purchase decision.

What Materials are Used?

Be sure to understand the various components of the watch before you purchase. Is the watch made of titanium, platinum or gold? Are the straps rubber, fabric, metal or leather? Does it have any precious stones or exotic additions that will drive up the cost, but make the timepiece unique and special? Is the crystal of the watch glass or sapphire crystal?

The various components of the watch directly correlate to the price tag. For example, if you find out the watch you’re looking at is platinum with moon rock pieces, you can expect to pay more than you would for a simple gold watch on a leather strap. 

Purchasing a luxury watch is a huge investment. Asking yourself and the seller the right questions can help you get the value you deserve for your money. 

xoxo D.

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…” “Diamonds are forever…” “Shine bright like a diamond…” *presents themselves with engagement ring.

For years we’ve been told that the gift of a diamond is the ultimate symbol of love – which is why the gesture of “will you marry me?” is best presented with a diamond engagement ring. Very few questions are asked about why this sparkling gift is given, but when you look into it, it’s quite simple…

The story of engagement rings

In most cultures, engagement rings have been considered very important as symbols of love for centuries. Whilst diamond rings can be traced back to Egyptian times, the first documented diamond engagement ring was given in 1477 by Archduke Maximilian of Austria to Mary of Burgundy. It was a simple ring – shaped like the letter M and set with diamonds but it was this ring that seemed to start a trend that has lasted to the modern day.


Why is everyone obsessed with diamond engagement rings?

But why a diamond? When diamonds were first discovered they were a fascinating find. The rough gems were an anomaly to anything that had been mined before and it was only once they have been cut and polished that people realised their life and sparkle was definitely something special and unlike anything previously seen.

A diamond is formed over billions of years deep under the earth. Take that in for a moment… Billions of years. This means that the diamonds we wear in rings and other jewellery are almost as old as the Earth itself. It is this symbol of time and change, combined with the beauty of the stone that justifies its use to bring together two people for life ever after. 

The distinctive thing about a diamond is that no two are identical – so each engagement ring although similar in design, will always be different, making it as unique and special as its intended wearer. Something that no doubt contributes to allure of these precious stones.

Over the last century, the types of engagement rings given have changed in popularity as style trends and celebrity influence has assisted the market. We’ve seen yellow gold – which was always deemed the most classic and traditional fall in popularity but contemporary metals like platinum and rose gold have seen an influx in choice. However, the custom of gifting of an engagement ring has continued with diamonds being the stone of choice for 80% of all rings given.

Gemstones like sapphires have seen an increased popularity since the engagement and subsequent marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton. We’ve also seen synthetic diamonds attempt to enter the engagement ring market but they have failed to receive a reception like their natural counterparts. 

While designs are bound to continue changing as fashions and styles come and go, one thing is for certain – a diamond will always be forever.

xoxo D.

It is easy to see that nostalgia and neo-grunge look is a big thing nowadays, not only in film but also in fashion. One of the most popular trends to hit today’s culture was the 80s throwback, which is leading to the resurrection of grunge. 

Remember the Neo-Grunge Look

The grunge look has not been seen for some time. Officially, it started with the introduction of Kurt Cobain and his band, Nirvana, though it probably started in the streets a lot earlier than that. Still, it was this band’s interpretation of the look that made it popular at the time. 

The style might have started in Seattle’s alternative music backdrop, but Nirvana made it popular enough to define a whole generation and style. The look was purposely unkempt and totally different from anything that had seen before. It went against the tailored suits of yesteryear and welcomed comfort, heavy layering, and an obvious lack of concern. 

This lack of care is what marked the generation and what made a statement that suited people like Kurt Cobain or Courtney Love. Some say the reason this look took off was because it went against the cookie-cutter, tailored look that had become popular in the 80s. As most fashionistas know, young styles are usually rebellious statements, and this movement was no different. 

Still, just like any other style, the grunge look began to fade away after some time, but it seems like the fashion industry was not done with the look. A few decades later, grunge resurfaced and its popularity continues to grow as the years move on. 

Grunge began to sneak into popular culture back in 2003, but it wasn’t until 2016 that it truly became its own animal and really set itself apart from the grunge look that started all those years ago. 

Getting the Neo-Grunge Look Right 

Most fashionistas paying attention to this resurgence say that the grunge look has grown up a bit. It seems that this look was all about not caring, but that is no longer the case. Today’s look has a touch of luxury and carelessness. 

It should also be noted that today’s grunge look is a lot tougher, especially for women. This could be linked to the female empowerment movement that has taken the culture by storm. One way women are adopting this tough look is by wearing bulky and tough-looking jewelry akin to the biker jewelry offered by Bikerringshop. 

The mixture of luxury, skull rings, and a piece of clothing with a tear or two is making the new grunge its own animal. Nostalgia is definitely influencing this look, but that is not the only reason this look is being adopted so easily; for one, most young people are shopping in thrift stores now. This makes it easy to find pieces that would make this look easy to pull of. 

Furthermore, online stores where sellers can sell their luxury items through consignment shops or online stores at discounted prices have made buying luxury more affordable without spending luxury prices. Everyone knows that today’s generation is all about finding ways to cut corners and save a buck or two whenever possible. 

There is no telling how this grunge style is going to change as the years pass, but it is still in its infancy, which makes it pretty exciting. Sure, the look won’t be for everyone as most styles usually fit some people better than others, but this style is definitely here to stay.

Street style inspo:


I don’t know about you, curious to know though, but I for one have always loved and will always love grunge fashion!

xoxo D.

*Plays Selena Perez while dancing in high waist flare pants and sunglasses indoors.* No, this is not a meme, this is my 2018 summer! Lately I’ve become obsessed with flare pants and a certain kind of style. Actually a couple of certain kinds of styles. #indecisivesartorialheart If we’re to pay our thank yous to 2018 for anything it’s the bringing back of 90s, with a bit of 80s, and 2000’s. It’s a celebration of sporty, luxe, kitsch, minimal, Seinfeld mixed with 80s bombshell kinda vibe. And you know me… if it’s laid-back, but kinda sexy and glam sign me in.

So where do flare pants fit in all of this? Well they do… but not in that 70s style kinda way, although that one will forever be a classic, but more like in 90s style. (ah those 90s! ya’ gotta love em.) Sometimes glamorous and sometimes laid back.

WHAT styles of flare pants are IN for 2018 & HOW to style them?

If I say all of them… you’ll hate me, but all of them.

1.The flare wide leg classic pants.

Think 2000s classic pantsuits and bootcut jeans. Now add a higher waist on them, do pockets maybe, and any colour in the world. Red and white bootcut pants are having a major moment these days.

This style is perfecto for over 30 yrs old outfits for any occasion! They look professional, dressy, they’re more body forgiving etc.

STYLE TIP: either as part of a power-suit (shut the front door!) OR with a t-shirt or blouse for office, and a bodysuit for evening. Always wear heels.

Shop the look:


2. The cropped flare pants.

These are perfect for a more laid back summer vibe, especially in white. They’re like the french girl of flare pants, more sophsicitcated and more fashion. They’re usually in jeans fabric, or just more structured material, either in high waist or boyfriend cut style.

They’re a great choice for flats, and laid back occasions, but can also look amazing with kitten heels and a summer blazer.

STYLE TIP: all-white look in cropped white denim flares, a white button top, beige sandals and a straw bag.

Shop the look:



3. The sexy flare pants.

Think Selena 90s meets 2018. I mean… high waist, cropped top, big earrings, thin layered necklaces, ponytail, tiny shades. They’re usually stretchy fabric flare pants, in any colour, perfect for summer and more party or evening styles, worn with heels.

I love this look and I think it’s just taking off so the sky’s the limit when it comes to styling them up.

STYLING TIPS: all-black, skin tight flares, high waist, a black embellished bustier top, necklaces, sunglasses, red lips.

Shop the look:



4. The festival flare pants.

Ahhhh those 90s, or maybe they were 2000s already. Who knows, who really cares. Those print thin fabric flares, that every girl used to wear summer are back in 2018! These can be worn with flats. Actually they look best with flats, either espadrilles or sandals.

STYLING TIPS: high waist print flares, white crop top, sunglasses, and a bum bag.

Shop the look:



5. The sporty flares.

Wait what?! YAS, they’re more like sweats than posh flares, and look best with t-shirts and sneakers. Perfect for running errands, or just a cool sporty look with something other than leggings or sweats.

STYLING TIPS: a pair of flare sweats and a crop tee, paired with sneakers. Basic style.


Shop the look:



6. Very exaggerated flares.

I mean, do you even fashion?! I’ve often seen these during fashion week street style, paired with heels and an even more extravagant top. They are actually do-able IRL paired with a simple top and a pair of cure heels.

STYLING TIP: either as a work outfit paired with a white t-shirt, and a pair of mules, OR as a cocktail sophisticated style paired with a same colour top, #monochromatic

Shop the look:



7. The hem flare pants.

They’re basically simple skinny crop pants with a frill hem, as tiny as your ex’s brain, or as big as your heart (awwww!). They look cute, usually in check prints, or polka dots, but tbh they’re kinda of confusing to me. They’re capri, they’re also skinny, also flare, also not… I might give them a try once, but I don’t think they’ll have a long life.

STYLING TIPS: wear a pair of black and white frills with a bardot top, a cute bag, a pair of low heel mules, and a headscarf in your ponytail.

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8. The classic 70s flares.

Hello 70s my old friend. They’re either denim, or high end designer flares, and look amazing styled with simple tops or t-shirts.

STYLING TIPS: just do a DVF inspired flared jumpsuit and shut the front door!

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So what do you think: do you like them?

xoxo D.