Have you ever been in a situation where a friend gives you a present that you particularly don’t fancy? Foundation or lipstick that doesn’t match your tone, a fragrance or bracelet that you will never wear, or use? It is quite unfortunate that this happened to you, then why subject another person through the same event? Well, to eliminate all this, consider awarding them with a gift card instead.

Traditionally, it was customary to never attend a party or visit your friend’s home empty-handed. You were always expected to bring with you something small. But many are the times that you are perplexed on what to get them. Today though, you can still carry on this custom by taking with you a gift card. The perks of using gift cards are unfathomable, and below are the reasons why.


1. They Are Readily Available

Gift vouchers are available all around us. In food stores, supermarkets, clothing stores and most recently via the internet. The whole evolution of the internet has made it possible for busy folk to access and get a card or two quickly. For instance, you can easily purchase a Sephora gift card voucher for your sister’s birthday so that she can get that lipstick she has wanted for a while.


2. They Come In A Wide Range Variety

Another perk gift vouchers have to offer is the wide variety they come in. First of they are available for different items. Meaning you can get a coupon for makeup shopping, clothes as well as hotel accommodations and restaurants meals. Additionally, they also come in varying values. Such that you can get a card with 10 dollars on it and another for as much as 1000 dollars. You are then not limited to only one cash value but a broad selection.


3. They Are A Great Gift Option For All Ages

Gift cards, unlike physical gifts, are not age constricted. Well unless you are getting a gift card from a toy store. But even then, a mother may select a toy that is age-appropriate for their growing child. You may award a gift card from a clothes store to your baby cousin, big brother or grandmother. This makes them very appropriate. You may even purchase them in bulk, keep them, and use them whenever you need to. Although, you need to check their validity period to avoid wastage.


4. You Give Your Friend The Freedom To Get What They Want

Last but most importantly, your loved one has the freedom to get exactly what they need. It will completely eradicate the likelihood of wastage of funds into something that would never be used. They no longer have to fake a thank you knowing they might never wear that top you picked out for them. Now, they chose the top they want and one that they shall actually wear. They might just even want to purchase home decor things as opposed to the clothes you got for them.

It is a clear win-win solution. So the next time you are stuck making up your mind on what to get, consider getting a gift card. You won’t regret it.

xoxo D.

Looking back on may wedding day, if there’s one thing I’d do differently it’s to focus more on us, and our moment than the event itself. And I have a wild guess a lot of married couples would do things differently on the day, if not decor, dress, or momentum wise, then budget wise 100%. I mean it’s our day, the day we supposedly dreamed about ever since the earth was round (I didn’t really, but most people do)… so it’s only natural to wanna splurge on your wedding day. But when it’s all over and guests are gone… trust me the memories of fun, of you two, of family and friends are more important than any decor, designer dress, band, or venue.

I’m not saying go cheap and have a wedding at your home (unless you want to of course), I’m just saying be more balanced and PLAN in advance. Saving for your wedding day on all levels is a thing and very doable.

Is there a way to having the cake and eating it too? Can you have your dream wedding without going in debt? As a forever optimist and lover of planing I’m saying a big bold YES on these. And also speaking from experience and own mistakes…

Is the mantra less is more still gold when it comes to weddings? I don’t know about you, but for me saving for your wedding day is very doable IF you know what you want AND what you don’t want.

Here’s my little guide to save you a few bucks and headaches.


Choose a venue that is classic and needs the least of work or decor. Stick to white, neutrals, beige, even black or darker tones, that you can personalise with small DIY flowers or decor. You can have your wedding at your local restaurant, in your home garden, or a terrace… whatever feels right for you do it. Saving for your wedding day can be done and usually starts with the venue.

Paying close attention to details like: nice chairs, elegant tablecloths, nice silverware saves you a LOT of money. If the venue has these by default you’re in luck. A good floor, good lighting (that can go from bright to dim), nice walls, ceiling is also important. I’m a firm believer in white and light neutrals. They make everything look expensive, are good for photos as they bounce back the light, and can be ‘dressed’ up or down with decor.


Don’t splurge on expensive details. The details DO make all the difference but keep in mind less is more. You can DIY floral centrepieces, different one for each table for example, or just simple pretty bouquets in vases. Choose nice subtle details for your table, and go for glam, luxe, boho, chic, classic depending what your wedding is like. (trust me I know it’s hard. As a ‘more is not more’ kinda gal I totally get the struggle.) Keep it simple. Good taste. Make sure it looks nice in photos too. And use Pinterest for inspiration. Or contract somebody who’s just starting out, they’ll have lower rates and it’s a win win for both parties.

Personally I’m all about flowers and only flowers. Unless the rest is cheap but looks expensive or there’s a DIY option.


The food and drink is tres importante. So if there’s one thing I would pay major attention to it’s the menu. Let it reflect you two, but also pay attention to your guests. A full stomach and drinks flowing keeps the fun alive and party going.

A candy bar is a must. Keep it cute and tasty.

Then when it comes to the menu know what you want: traditional, sea-food, finger foods, course, how many, etc. Never be cheap when it comes to food, and always do a tasting before.

Drinks wise… have a bar of pretty much everything. Or give fun options of cocktails with cute/fun/funky names that are entertaining for your guests.

And remember a nice presentation is KEY.


The most important thing about a wedding dress is for it to be comfortable and flattering. With that said… don’t go overboard with the spending, there’s sooo many options in small boutiques, even high street… the key is to know what you want and usually to stick to classic. Also my tip here is that before you commit to buying go and try out as many styles and cuts and designs as you can, to have a better idea of what you want and don’t want.

Personally I’m all for mermaid dresses and styles inspired by it. It flatters most body types, its classic, it’s super elegant and sexy, and looks amazing with both a long or short veil.

Wedding day outfit details are super important: nails, hair, makeup, shoes, jewellery.

Hair and makeup: I’m all for natural with a dash of elegant, glam, boho-chic depending on your style. DON’T do something you never wear… go as yourself.

Jewellery wise keep it simple. If you want statement earrings… wear just those. If you want cuffs do those. Elegance looks better over the years.

Shoes wise… comfort and sass. It’s a struggle I hear you, and can’t say it’s an easy and doable one but you can certainly try to find the perfect pair that has it all.

We all want a perfect wedding, perfectly organised, perfectly timed, everything going smooth… but remember it’s all about you two, so make it special and have it reflect you as a couple. The rest will follow. Figure out what matters most and less to you and start spending accordingly… some things just look better on paper, some things turn out to not be such a good idea… it’s always about balance and research for the best solution.


If there’s one thing I’m taking from my wedding is that keeping it classic for me was key. We had a good wedding, and only hired a floral company, music and photography… the rest was pretty flexible and not too over the board. With that said looking back I’d still maybe cut on some unnecessary details (read money) AND HAVE MORE FUN with my husband!

xoxo D.



Each season, New York City comes alive with the presence of designer-clad icons trying to grab the cameras’ attention. CFDA’s NYFW 2019 schedule was released way in advance and the fall collections of 2019 will be just as exciting as any other. Among the latest and most notable designers to be showcased are Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, and Oscar De La Renta. The Designer Debut by the Fashion Umbrella Foundation (on September 6 at 8 pm), which is the organization’s second-biggest annual fundraiser, will feature designers all over the world.

New York Fashion Week: When and Where?

This fall, NYFW will run from September 6 to September 13 at Spring Studios’ premises at 50 Varick Street and Gallery 1, 6 St. John’s Lane and of course Lincoln Center. These state-of-the-art spaces make perfect exposition grounds because they are very roomy, airy, and immersed in light. The studios are also equipped with multiple amenities and the latest AV technology to provide everyone involved in NYFW with the ultimate experience.

The week kicks off with MRHUA MRSHUA by NiuNiu Chou on September 6. On that day, guests will also see collections by Telfar and Tomo Koizumi. 

Christian Siriano, former winner of Project Runway, makes a notable return this fall. He celebrates a decade at his label and will present his collection at 4 pm on September 7. Chromat, who won the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s (CFDA) award two years ago, will also be featured on that day. Interestingly, Chromat shares the 9 pm slot with Ralph Lauren himself.

Touches of Nostalgia

Recently, Ralph Lauren reminisced about his first collection in New York back in the fall of 1972. He may be an international fashion icon now, but in no way was that the case then! He tells us that they set up chairs in his office and only about 10 editors attended the “event”. There were just 10 models, who walked in one at a time, and Ralph Lauren talked about the designs. It’s a time he looks back at with a great deal of nostalgia.

Collections featured on September 8 will include Tory Burch, Lou Dallas, Tanya Taylor, Jonathan Cohen, Tibi, Mansur Gavriel, Victor Glemaud, Tommy Hilfiger, and more.  

On the 9th, you can see The Row, Carolina Herrera, Jonathan Simkhai, Alice & Olivia, Lela Rose, Anna Sui, Tom Ford, and Phillip Lim among others.  

The September 10th event starts with BAILUYU by Fu Wenjie, followed by Alejandra Alonso Rojas, Theory, Sally Lapointe, and Gabriela Hearst. Afternoon highlights include Christian Cowan, Claudia Li, and Studio 189. We’ll be dazzled by Naeem Khan and Oscar De La Renta’s latest collections in the evening. 

Highlights on September 11 include Michael Kors and Dennis Basso in the morning, Brock Collection, Ryan Roche, and Mischka in the afternoon, and Marc Jacobs in the evening.

The event enters its last day with the collections of Helen Yarmak and Ontavia Roulette and finishes off with FIFI FW and Jeanette Limas on September 13.

What to Wear at NYFW

Now we come to the essence of things. A guest of NYFW will show respect by putting just as much effort into their outfit as the featured designers did into their pieces. You want to turn heads this fall, don’t you? Seeing as you were fortunate enough to get an invite to the most famous fashion show in the world (and even if you didn’t)… the street style of NYFW is one to watch.

Below, we present some ideas we’ve found most inspiring. At first, these styles might seem incongruous – what does plaid have in common with python print, you might wonder – but bear with us. The latest trends include the most unexpected of combinations.

Blast from the Past

Retro styles have been inspiring designers at NYFW for years. The FashionTag wrote about “Time Traveling to the 40s” and the “80s Comeback” at NYFW in the spring of 2017. Those 40s-inspired collections featured pencil skirts, hourglass designs, high waists, and other ultra-feminine elements. Sequins, giant shoulder pads, oversized earrings, and cinched waists invoked the 80s. Fall 2019 Fashion Week takes a bow to history with the Fendi Baguette, a style going back to the early 2000s.

Suits – from Retro Futuristic to Slouchy in Just a Year 

On occasion of Fall 2018 NYFW, The FashionTag reported a unique trend – boxy retro suits in de-saturated shades. These have been replaced by slouchy suits a year later. Slouchy suits are a must for a guest who compromises neither on style nor on comfort. Over the past several seasons, suits have become a staple in street styles as well. In 2019, we’re seeing slouchy two-piece suits in a variety of styles, from flashy all-over prints to candy-colored versions. The suit’s Fall 2019 silhouette is super-slouchy.  

On a related note, New York Dress introduced jumpsuits as a great alternative to wear to an official event in lieu of a formal dress.

Preppy Plaid

Prep is undergoing a revival in athleisure, street wear, and more. One option of easing into this interesting and versatile trend is by wearing plaid in different ways: tailored pants, coats, or mixed-and-matched into a full outfit. Coats were pretty much mandatory at NYFW earlier this year, and this tendency isn’t going anywhere. If you aren’t a plaid fan – some people just can’t bear its elitist feel – there is plenty of statement outerwear you can choose from, like teddy jackets, colorful faux fur, or belted coats.

Hair Accessories

Barrettes, scrunches, and claw clips are coming back in a huge way, which is great news for guests of NYFW. It means you can get as creative as you want and do your own hair because all of these accessories are easy to use and make a major impact.

One last note on accessories – no outfit will be complete without a giant blanket scarf this fall. Fendi and Acne Studios are the most popular options. The fact they keep you warm is an added bonus.

Python and Zebra Prints

Maybe it would be too much to combine them, but do go for at least one this fall. Python has replaced leopard print as a trend, while zebra stripes will adorn quite a few outfits in ways beyond traditional black and white.

See and Be Seen  

New York Fashion Week is where the greatest of the Greats in the fashion world converge. It has always been THE event to see and to be seen, so have fun dressing the part!  

Author Bio: Jonah Levine is the Creative Director of NewYorkDress.com. NewYorkDress.com, established in 2008, is the #1 online source for Evening and Prom dresses worldwide. As Creative Director, Jonah works to create the ultimate online and in store luxury shopping experience with a focus on service and personalization.  

Jewellery shopping is fun. It is a great way to accessorise, give gifts to friends, in fact jewellery is also one thing wedding planners and those about to wed must take a look at. Here are a few tips you need to consider when shopping for jewellery:

1. Ensure your jeweler is well educated

Consider a jeweler who has both formal and gemological education, a jewelry manufacturing training in addition to their practical experience. Remember jewelry will cost you a lot and it will break your heart to find out you bought something fake. There are many sites on the internet where you can find out if the jeweler in your area are certified. Whether you are buying silver bracelet for women or you are shopping around for a nice necklace for an event, buying from a certified vendor guarantees you get quality product and value for your money.

2. Look for the manufacture’s marker

This is like your book being signed by the author, like that watermark on the note in the money we use. It spells authenticity. It states that the product was made by that manufacturer and is therefore as original as can be. Jewelry manufacturers have unique way of signing their brands to make them original. For instance a gold ring has a number perfectly engraved on the inside to make it unique and high quality.

Jewelry shopping is fun. It is a great way to accessorize, give gifts to friends, in fact jewelry are also one thing wedding planners and those about to wed must take a keen look at. Today, there are so many fake jewelry around. They look golden and pretty but are fake, after a few encounters with water they even start rusting. For most of us, this is the greatest fear of all, wearing a rusted piece of jewelry that you possibly spent a fortune on. Here are a few tips you need to consider when you go jewellery shopping so you are not lied to or so you don’t end up frustrated.

3. Check the gems and the metal

The gems on any piece of jewelry bought need to be very secure and not shaky. If not secure, the gems will definitely fall off in the near future. Also, remember to check for any damaged stones. If possible, look through the jeweller’s loupe for chips and abraded facets.

You are buying this metal for a very high price. It is only logic that you look for scratches. These are perhaps the most obvious sign of damage in jewelry. All metal finishes, matte, bright and texture show where the scratches are and how deep they are.

4. Check the warranty and return policy

There are some damages you may not notice while at the store so you need to read the warranty and the return policy carefully. Look at the ‘what ifs’ of buying and if there are things you do not understand always ask. Nothing is worse than buying an item, going home and finding out that it is damaged, going to the store and finding out it cannot be accepted. Remember jewelries are often overpriced and the last thing you want is to spend more in buying something that you cannot use neither return to the store. 

xoxo D.

There are so many reasons why we love denim jeans. For some of us, it’s the freedom to wear boy-like options and still appear like the sexiest woman alive. For others, it’s the environmental impact that denim jeans have. From the production of the raw material to the creation of the final fabric, denim jeans are all about saving Mother Nature.

While there are so many leading denim jeans brands on the market today, Boyish is the most sustainable. This is actually their selling point but you also can’t ignore their sense of fashion. Their boy-like denim jeans are the trendiest jeans around. They come with a vintage style that’s highlighted by a modern vibe.

From their mini skirt jeans to their standard denim jeans, fashion and sustainability are written all over. But if we can stick to the second part, there are several reasons to believe that Boyish Jeans are the most sustainable denim jeans around. Moreover, you can find Boyish jeans promo codes on CouponCause.com that can get you some discount.

Here are the top ones:

  1. Sustainable Fabric

You probably are aware that cotton is one of the most sustainable materials. Luckily for Boyish Jeans, the material is the primary ingredient. There are a couple of reasons why they use cotton as their primary ingredient. One, it is energy-efficient. In fact, cotton is more energy-efficient than synthetic fabric. Simply put, it doesn’t take so much energy to produce Jeans from cotton.

Two, most of the cotton comes from Brazil with some from Turkey. The good thing about these two countries is that their cotton is certified to be sustainable by societies like OCS and BCI. In addition to cotton, their second most used material, deadstock, is also sustainable. Deadstock is highly considered because it doesn’t result in carbon emission during the manufacturing process.

  1. Sustainable Accessories

The buttons of Boyish Jeans are made from sustainable materials. Boyish has gone a step further to use recyclable plastic for the buttons. The same can also be said about the clothes label. It’s very uncommon to find a brand that goes out of its way to make clothes accessories that are sustainable. A majority of brands only concentrate on the fabric and nothing else.

  1. Water-Efficiency 

The fabrics used to make Boyish Jeans generally do not require so much water during the production stage. Compared to most denim jeans brands, Boyish Jeans only use a third of the water that the brands use. This is quite remarkable considering how much water they are able to save. During the laundry process, a small volume of water is used as the numbers of dips are reduced. This means that less dye is washed off from the fabric.

  1. Supplier Auditing and Partnerships

Boyish is generally open to working with suppliers who are willing to promote their dream of sustainability through clothing manufacturing. To ensure that their suppliers meet their standards of production and are socially and environmentally responsible, Boyish hires Intertek to audit the suppliers. So, Intertek always ensures that every supplier they are instructed to audit is supplying materials that are both safe and non-toxic.

Recently, Boyish partnered with 1% For the Planet, an eco-conscious non-profit. They are able to contribute 1% of their annual profit to the organization to assist in the fight for environmental conservation. So many organizations that are advocates for environmental conservation support the organization and so it makes sense for Boyish to join the community.

  1. Zero Water Pollution

During the dye dipping phase of making Boyish Jeans, the fact that there are few dips implies that very minimal dye is washed down. So, there’s little to zero dye release to the environment. Also, the amount of caustic soda together with sulfates is roughly 80% less if compared to what most clothes brands use. This really shows that they are very conservative when it comes to the environment. They always ensure that water is efficiently used without risking pollution.

  1. Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!

Boyish does not just prioritize on reducing water wastage and reusing of the same. They also prioritize reducing fabric wastage and encouraging fabric recycling. Starting with cotton, it doesn’t require any water to recycle. So, they are able to recycle it while still saving on water usage.

The other material that they cut on wastage while encouraging reuse is deadstock. Actually, 20% of boyish Jeans are made from recycled deadstock fabric. What makes Boyish so good at recycling fabrics is that the recycled material looks like the original virgin material. At the end of the day, no one can tell the difference between what’s recycled and what’s not.

Wrapping up 

Boyish Jeans are specifically designed for the young woman and girl who’s a fan of boy-like jeans. The jeans are all about sustainability and caring for our planet. Everything about the clothes reminds you of how important it is to look after our environment. So, if you are an eco-conscious person, then use Boyish Jeans promo codes to score a huge discount on your first purchase.

I haven’t enjoyed fashion like this (in front of my laptop while reporting on some trend) in what feels like a gazillion years. And to be able to this AND report on white tops trend as the IT summer look or trend of the moment is lemme just say… pure joy. I’ver said this in the past (way in the past) that I had a feeling fashion was slowly becoming minimal (#thisbasicbitch), it’s going back in time to a time of some sort of French chic mixed with a dolce far ninete kinda vibe. And depending on the styler it’s got a touch of glam, or luxe, or masculinity, or grunge… it can be whatever.

Okay, to say white tops trend is like the best thing about this summer is a little exaggerated. But I’m just happy my summer go-to-piece of all time aka there white top is finally getting some real TLC.

From basic pieces, to the summer prairie look, the boho romantic, the office white shirt, the sleek style, or the over the top fashion week white blouses – EVERYTHING that is white and a top is IN. I guess it looks great on the gram or something?! And with a tan. #summerperks

To cut long story short here’s the 4 white tops to wear everywhere this summer.

1.The BASIC white tops trend.

YAS! My fave of them all is this little basic piece, just because it looks SO GOOD and blends in so well with 2019 basic trends that I love it. You can wear it with jeans, a skirt, a pair of linen pants, beige outfits, heels, sneakers, slides, kitten heels… And it looks amazing with either minimal jewellery or layered pretty chunky necklaces or big earrings.

And you can layer it under a gorgeous suit.

Shop the look:


2. The white T-SHIRT.

It’s a classic and a no brainer and can go from a pyjama to an office look, or a party outfit. It’s one of the easiest pieces to dress up or down, and look amazing in any combination. The key is to wear soft quality tees and for an extra effect to pair them with bold lips.

Shop the look:


3. The PRAIRIE white tops trend.

From naked shoulders to ruffles, anything that is either prairie fashion, or romantic bohemian, or Edwardian inspired, or Spanish flamenco ruffles is FAB for this season. It’s all about being flirty, feminine, cute, playful, airy, happy… Wear these tops with something simple like a skirt, or a pair of classic denims and some low heel sandal, and spice it up with a messy do and hoops. OR go more classic and take it to work, and wear these tops in a simple way.

Shop the look:


4. The SOPHISTICATED white tops trend.

Ladies if you love statement pieces but also wanna look professional, smart, and minimal this is your look. From the craziest cuts and styles to the more simple ones, the white sophisticated top is the easiest to style. Just keep it simple. And it can be an amazing piece for a summer cocktail party.

Shop the look:


5. The SEXY tiny top.

It’s basically like a bra, except it’s not a bra per se. It is perfect for summer as it’s super tiny, and a go-to piece for more sophisticated events when you can throw on a blazer over it. Oh and of course it looks amazing with any hight waisted bottoms.

Shop the look:


Which one’s your fave? Personally I live in and love basic pieces these days.


xoxo D.


Getting married is a special time of a couple’s life, a time where they can tie the knot and start a new chapter in their lives. There are so many great elements of the wedding process that are enjoyed the most. But overall, the marriage experience itself is just one big memory you never want to let go of. Now there is one thing that you always want to keep in mind, personalization is the key. Over the last decade, the trends of wedding rings have evolved into something spectacular, and that includes wedding bands for the men. There are a lot of elements of a wedding band that may appeal to people. While wedding rings may have trends, wedding bands of men have their own trends too. Even if you have a particular style in mind, you won’t have to do much looking.

Finding the perfect mens wedding bands can be a challenge, but with the help of these trends, you may find the perfect one.

The Rise Of Rose Gold

There’s not a doubt in mind that rose gold bands have started to rise in popularity over the last few years. Most would say that rose gold wedding bands are a trend that will be sweeping the world for quite some time. It’s metal that expresses both romance and a soft touch to a couple’s relationship. This particular style is known for having a vast range of blush and pink hues that give off that pink rosy look. While the style is straightforward, it opens up a chance of customization without sacrificing the taste. A rose gold wedding band is a choice that you can’t go wrong with.

Damascus Stainless Steel

Some people like to have a little simplicity with their style, maybe throw in a nice pattern like design. Damascus is a trend that’s starting to climb the popularity chart, and there is no surprise to this. These wedding bands are have been known to be fashion from steel, the same steel that was used by Samurai. Essentially this developed a wedding band that was as intriguing as it is durable. You could say that it brings along an enduring style capable of making quite the statement. It’s no surprise to why Damascus mens wedding bands selection is becoming a little bit harder to resist.

Why Not Mix Metals

Back then, a mixed metal wedding band selection wasn’t the most ideal selection to make, but things are changing. A lot of men are starting to grow on with the idea of a mixed metal band over other options. Statements can be made due to the multiple metal design, and this style has become a memorable alternative too. Different metal mixtures can create that unique design you want to be wearing. Plus, having that two-toned effect is something that can express you and your style better.

Each of these styles are trending right now, and for years to come, they could continue to stay popular throughout the wedding scene.


Are you someone who sweats excessively? Does the wonderful summer season bring a set of wardrobe regrets, sweat stains, and panic? 

Well, my friend, I understand your woes. For those of us who perspire excessively, picking summer outfits can be quite an ordeal.  Ultimately, going out sounds like too much work, and we’d much rather stay indoors under the AC.

But worry not, because I’m here to show you the light. Once you understand what to pick, dressing fashionably and staying comfortable at the same time will be much easier. And, soon enough, you’ll be able to enjoy your summer outdoors.

So, keep reading for a few tips on how to dress when you’re a sweaty mess!

1. Pick the Right Material

When picking materials, natural is the way to go. Save the silks and the polyester for winter, because they trap heat and put your sweat stains on display. 

Cotton and linen are your best option in summer. They’re light, airy, and breathable. They also have the ability to absorb all of your sweat and dry quickly. 

This means no sweat stains and an overall cool feeling, which is what we all want in summer fashion. It’s also a good time to sport open knitted items since they’re pretty well ventilated.

2. Go Loose

In hot summer days, body-fitting clothes are not ideal.  Air can’t flow through these clothes, making you sweat even more. Your clothes should be loose and flowy so that there’s some ventilation.  

Go for lightweight materials that are not very clingy. Ditch the typical tight tank-tops everybody wears and go for long maxi dresses and cut out styles instead. 

Avoid closed necks and try to pick clothes that have larger armholes. It’s all about letting the air flow through. So, the looser you go, the better.

3. Stick to the Summer Palette

You know how the summer palette involves bright and pastel colors? Well, it’s not just summer vibes that inspired it. There’s some science involved, too!

Dark colors like black, brown, and navy absorb light, trapping heat. And lighter colors like white reflect light, providing a feeling of coolness. So, ideally, you should always opt for lighter colors.

Although white is probably the most comfortable color for summer, it does a bad job when it comes to hiding sweat stains. This can be solved by wearing patterns and the right kind of material.

4. Your Bra Matters

Wouldn’t it be great if we could skip bras altogether? Unfortunately, you still need the support, so the best thing you can do is look for a comfy one.

Faveable.com suggests avoiding padded bras because they’ll make you sweat even more. Get high quality, simple ones that won’t itch when you wear them. 

Summer is also the perfect time to sport some bralettes. These may sound fancy, but an unlined bralette is going to be super comfortable, sweat-free and stylish for the heat.

5. Stay Covered

Our heads tend to overheat when we’re under the sun for too long. And, if you’re a sweaty person like me, you’re well aware of how annoying it is to have buckets of sweat dripping down your forehead.

Always keep a scarf or umbrella in your bag for days that are especially hot. While hats and caps do the same job, they can often make your head even hotter. Scarves are ideal because they’re super lightweight and all you need to do is drape them over your head. 

Pair them with sunglasses and you’ll have the perfect summer look. You could also just tie up your hair with a scarf to keep it away from your neck. This will make you feel cool and hassle-free. 

6. Keep Your Bags Light

There’s nothing worse than lugging around a huge bag on a hot summer day. Be it a backpack or a large tote bag, the heaviness will make you uncomfortable. The added weight sticking to your body will make you sweat even more.

Once summer hits, change to a smaller crossbody, side or handbag. Do a thorough cleaning of the contents and only keep the necessary items.  The lighter your bag, the more at ease you’ll be.

7. Minimalism is More Comfortable

In summer, less is more. And if you’re a sweaty person, being flashy or having lots of jewelry on you will not do you any favors. Try switching up to a more minimalistic style and you’ll certainly see the benefits.

Avoid jewelry that’s in direct contact with your skin. This includes necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Having sticky chains or heat-trapping metals on key cooling points of your body is not comfortable at all.

It’s also a good idea to stay away from added embellishments on your clothes. Things like beads make your tops heavier and trap more body heat. 

8. Layer Up

I bet you thought that layering up was only for the winter. Although it is true that the fewer clothes you wear, the cooler you’ll feel, layering up is a good hack for people who sweat a lot.

Wear something thin and light as the first layer and go for something flowy on top. This will prevent stains from appearing on your outer clothes. You can even find special moisture undershirts that will keep you cool in the heat.

9. Pay Attention to the Feet

Feet are a part of the body that sweat a lot. Even worse, sweaty feet are pretty stinky. So you’ve got to be extra careful with what kind of shoes you wear in the summer.

Sandals are the best since they are breezy and not at all restricted. Open toe shoes are also a good option. However, if you are a sneakers girl, pick something comfy and lightweight that lets your feet breathe.

Summer is not the time to show off those cool jelly or plastic shoes. Your feet will definitely be blistered and sweaty. And, if you do have to wear socks, opt for ankle-length cotton socks.

10. Antiperspirants Are Your Best Friend

A normal perfume or deodorant might make you smell good, but it won’t stop your sweating. If perspiration is truly a huge problem in your life, you should definitely stock up on some antiperspirants.

These work wonders and stop your glands from secreting sweat. They’re very drying, so you won’t get that icky wet feeling under your armpit either.

If you don’t have any antiperspirant lying around, definitely put on some talcum powder before you head out. This will have a similar effect, and keep you feeling fresh.

11. Always Carry Extras

Sometimes, you can’t avoid being drenched in sweat, especially when you’re doing intense physical activities or workouts. There is special athletic wear that’s made specifically to keep sweat away, but it doesn’t get rid of the uncomfortable, sweaty feeling.

So, if you do have a day of activity planned ahead, make sure to carry some extra clothes. This includes shoes as well. It’s also wise to always have a handkerchief and wet wipes at hand. This way, you can instantly wipe away your sweat and stay refreshed.


Summer fashion is all about comfort and flexibility. Once you get those two elements straight, you can experiment with colors and patterns and create unique looks that no other season can bring.

While being sweaty is quite an annoying curse, it can’t stop you from living your life. Just make some wise choices and think realistically. Then, dressing up will no longer be such a hassle.

So, start shopping and prepare to have fun in the heat!

The health of your teeth and the look of your smile is an underappreciated part of one’s attractiveness. Everything is better with a smile: first impressions, meetings, coffees, fun times, boring times… You get it, when you smile the world smiles back at you. In fact, scientists have studied how teeth play a role in finding someone attractive, with multiple studies showing that teeth are used as a way to assess someone’s overall health and genetic quality. Ha! How about that.

Science aside, having good teeth just generally makes people feel more confident and look more put together. Who hasn’t had the unfortunate incident of putting together a cute outfit and swipe on a luscious shade of lipstick, only to see yellowed, crooked teeth in the mirror?

Because good style is often associated with having a good smile, here are a few tips to help make our teeth look a little bit better:

Make flossing a habit.

There’s not debate that brushing one’s teeth is, and should be, an integral part of one’s daily oral hygiene routine. But what a lot of people often do not know is that flossing should also be a part of that daily routine. While brushing your teeth helps remove a good amount of plaque, flossing can actually help make your teeth look brighter and your gums look healthier.

Flossing removes plaque and food particles that are stuck between the teeth, which are normally places that brushing or gargling alcohol free mouthwash can’t effectively clean out. This prevents plaque from building up and turning into tartar, which can then lead to a whole lot of trips to the dentist for things like gingivitis.

Get your smile fixed.

Speaking of trips to the dentist, we all know that not everyone is born with a smile worthy of a Hollywood career. Whether it’s through an unfortunate case of genetics or something random but serious like face-planting on concrete earlier in your life, we could all use the help of a professional to fix things up.

Dentists do more than just pull teeth out or secretly judge people for not taking better care of their teeth, they can also help correct any problems with one’s chompers. While people are very familiar with the concept of braces, dentists are also able to replace missing teeth through the magic of dental implants. Through all on 4 dental implants, prosthodontists can replace entire rows of teeth and restore that kilowatt smile that’s been missing for a while.

Brighten your smile.

Not all white teeth are the picture of health, and not all yellow teeth indicate poor oral hygiene. But while this may be the case, having whiter teeth is generally regarded as a more attractive and fashionable dental choice. Consider giving your chompers a dazzling white smile using at home whitening kits. At home whitening kits vary a lot; some of them are good only for surface stains, while some are reported to remove even deep seated stains on the tooth. 

A lot of at home whitening kits usually use bleaching agents that are harsh and abrasive. But some teeth whitening products like the Active Wow Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder use natural ingredients like coconut-derived activated charcoal, bentonite clay and orange seed oil to naturally whiten teeth. The whitening process for these non-chemical alternatives does take longer, but there’s less chance of developing sensitive teeth and gums afterward.

xoxo. D.

 When it comes to purchasing an engagement ring for a loved one, it’s important you make the right choice. It’s such a special type of jewelry that will be treasured by your loved one for years to come, so it’s all a very special affair, from the picking to the proposal, to its wearing over the years. This is why you need to take the time to do some research before you pull out your wallet.

There are various factors you need to consider when choosing an engagement ring, and by doing this you can boost your chances of choosing the perfect ring for your sweetheart. With so many different options available, it can be something of a minefield to choose the ideal ring. However, by following these tips, you will be able to ensure you find the right one.

Tips to Help You Make the Right Choice

 There are 3 tips you have to consider if you want to ensure you make the right choice when it comes to buying an engagement ring.

The Cost of the Ring

One of the key factors that you must consider is the price of the ring, as you need to ensure it is within your budget. You can get engagement rings at a range of price points, so finding one to fit in with your budget should not be a problem. Take the time to do some number-crunching beforehand so you know exactly how much you can afford to spend on the ring. You can then focus on rings that are within your price range rather than spending time looking at ones that are not within your budget.

The Style and Design

You also need to consider the style and design of the ring. If you are buying for someone who loves modern jewelry, you may want to consider a contemporary design. If you are getting the ring for someone with more traditional tastes, there are plenty of stunning classic engagement rings you can choose from.

The Precious Metals and Gems Used

One of the other things to look at is the precious metal and gems used in the ring. Your partner may have a particular type of gem that she prefers such as rubies, emeralds, or diamonds. Try to find a ring that uses her favorite stones. In addition, some women like metals such as white gold or even platinum while others prefer yellow or rose gold. Take her preferences into consideration – if in doubt, look at the types of precious metals she usually wears.

These are all important factors that will help to make your choice much easier.

Making an Impression with the Perfect Ring

By taking these tips into consideration, you should find it much easier to select the ideal ring for your partner. You can make a great impression by presenting her with the perfect ring when you pop the question. In addition,  you stay within budget while also getting a ring that she is certain to love. You can then look forward to giving her a ring that she can treasure and wear with pride for decades to come. 

xoxo D.