Cleaning out your closet is never a job that is on the top of your list but if it includes adding some more pieces as well or updating some of your old wardrobes, then it becomes a little less daunting. The whole “new year, new me” is a phrase that gets said but not done, however, here are some budget-friendly ways to spice up your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Organize What You Have First

Sometimes all you need to do is organize what you have to get inspired to spring clean. It may seem like a lot to do, but pull everything out of your closet and give the closet itself a nice cleaning. After your cleaning, organize all your existing clothes and pack away your off-season clothes in a box in your attic. This will show you what items you have for the current season and what you need and don’t need. A good tip for organizing your wardrobe is to swap out old hangers and use velvet hangers. They free up space and make it so you can’t just grab clothes off the hanger and have to carefully choose what you are picking.

DIY Your Old Clothes

If you don’t want to buy any new clothes but getting bored with your old clothes, get out the sewing machine and scissors and get to work. If you have a lot of old denim taking up some space, take a cheese grater and create distressed denim instead of tossing them out or spending more money.

Throw Away Clothes that Don’t Fit

This is a big one to remember. We all have that one pair of jeans or little black dress that we store away for when we finally hit that goal and can wear it out in front of our ex to show them what they are missing. However, let’s be honest, it won’t happen as soon as you think and if you really do hit that goal, you should reward yourself with some new clothes! You can even save money on those items with the Kohl’s promo code and kickstart your hard work with some new threads!

Get a Haircut

A way to spice up your wardrobe that doesn’t even involve your clothes is to change up your hair. Getting a fresh cut can change your look entirely. You will freshen up your look without spending much money and feel as if you are worth $100 bucks.

You can try some of these tips to spice up your wardrobe and save your money. Even look at your favorite celebrities and bloggers to get some fresh ideas that feature your current wardrobe and you will be on your way!

As in any industry, having the ability to predict trends and seize on them in a commercially effective way is a huge component of success in any given season in the fashion industry. Part art, part science, fashion forecasting takes what is known and combines it with what could be in the hopes of painting a picture of the near-term industry. 

Whole lines don’t develop themselves, and they certainly don’t come out of anywhere. Each fashion season is unique and yet somehow builds upon those that have come before. Critical to the viability of the seasonal look but also for the validity of a brand as a whole, fashion forecasters make sure that the company is both on the cutting-edge of the industry’s trends while also staying in step with current tastes and movements. 

How does one build up their resume to become a fashion forecaster?

It not only takes years of experience, but also some very specific education as well. You see, fashion forecasters don’t just focus on the industry itself. They have to look abroad to other segments for inspiration as well. This also helps with forecasting general trends and incorporating them into the fashion line. Other industries include automotive design, home interior and exterior trends, as well as currently popular products in film, music, and television. But fashion forecasters also have a solid foundation and knowledge of what has already happened. This means previous trends and older pieces could come back into vogue if it fits the time or you could even get some elegant and inspired fusions of multiple inspirations. 

Fashion forecasters determine what colors will be hot, what fabrics should be used, what prints and graphics will be relevant, and even what kind of hairstyles and grooming standards models should convey. And this fashion forecasting isn’t just something that mass-market companies do in the fashion industry. Haute couture and runway collections also use these same inferences in dreaming up their often wild and extravagant designs. As you can probably already tell, being a fashion forecaster is about an abundance of data – both historical and current – that has to be assimilated in a logical manner in order to inform the company’s designers. 

Long-term and Short-term Fashion Forecasts

The primary difference that separates these two levels of forecasting is that the prior is more about shaping a general company vision for years to come whereas the secondary is about responding to current consumer needs and trends. The first one might sound like it is more complex than the latter but it is actually planning for the short fashion seasons that takes the most skill and foresight into the future of the industry. 

Why? Because the long-term view can be adjusted and tweaked in mild ways that are relatively imperceptible to the consumer. You don’t really have this luxury with short-term fashion forecasting. After all, how do you think one designer stands out from another when there are so many collections on offer each season? They definitely try to answer the same questions posed by the current trends, but they’ve also got to stand out in compelling ways. In short, one form of forecasting is about creating and crafting a narrative whereas the other is the equivalent of a short action flick that needs to get as much attention as possible at the box office. 

How do forecasters acquire their information? 

Naturally, there is the historical aspect of the process which means that a fashion forecaster incorporates the past into the present as well as projecting it on into the future. Yet there is also a ton of data involved and this is seen as the future of the profession. In fact, there is so much data involved that fashion forecasting, in the short term, is as much an analytical exercise as anything else. This data could include purchases of previous items, competitors’ items, or even things like mentions on social media or “seen on the street” Instagram information. 

For example, ZARA’s team uses cameras outside of their stores to monitor pedestrians as they go by during the day. In the company’s most prominent outlets in major cities like Paris and New York City, they use this to inform their choices about what to iterate on in their future fast-fashion collections. They can spot trends before they even emerge as a “big deal” or even create a trend based upon an idiosyncratic approach someone has taken on camera. In short, fashion forecasting in the modern era is about more than just gut sensation and is increasingly moving into the realms of hard science and data. 

This makes the profession both dynamic and challenging. As one of those pressure points in the fashion industry that is under a lot of strain due to the changes of the market, fashion forecasting is also a lucrative and critically needed job. For you to succeed in it, you need to have business knowledge and key insights, which only a business degree in fashion and luxury can provide. All serious fashion lines employee teams of forecasters to help them navigate the future of the industry, and all serious fashion forecasters know how to use each and every single tool available to them out there. Requiring more than a keen eye for clothes and fashion, forecasting is something that can help determine the success of failure of a current line and even helps inform that marketing department about what directions to take in the future. 

As fashion becomes more specialized and niche, fashion forecasting will also become granular to match the consumer’s needs for something more unique and tailored just to their needs. That’s a long way of saying that the prospects for fashion forecasting as a job are bright and we see companies enlisting more and more of their number in the future as the Internet allows smaller and more nimble houses to compete. 

xoxo D.


While we might be tempted to ask weather or not men should wear leather bags in the first place… their daily routines speak volumes: YES, because one needs a bag to carry around a book, a laptop, a charger, a lunch, a bottle of water… So the question is – what leather bags should men actually wear? Regardless of being a fashion savvy or not… most men the days seem to have a penchant for fine things, or so I like to think. There seems to be a rise in personal style and every man choses what he wears with more care. No?

Maybe its only wishful thinking… but given the horrid realities of today I chose to be slightly optimistic in life. Fashion included.

There’s so many styles out there so in case you’re browsing these days – just know that Von Baer sell leather bags to fit all tastes and styles.

From briefcases to wallets, to backpacks, and laptop cases… men’s leather bags world is – maybe not infinite – but certainly  more diverse than ever before. Which can make our beloved partners’ style task easier or harder. What leather bags do they chose and based on what?

1. Work leather bags.

These ones are the classic go-to-pieces for men who have formal jobs, dress codes, business men who want to look the part. They’re very sleek, classic, old school. Brown and black leather suitcases remain a staple. They do look amazing and mean business, in a very sexy, harsh even intimidating way.

Make sure you choose sleek and rather thin styles to avoid looking too old school. Think Harvey Spector. #swoon

2. Casual leather bags

The types you take to work if you’re in a more relaxed domain, or just the kinda bag styles you actually need when you go out running errands, doing business remotely, having meetings, going out to a casual brunch and chat. You get it… if there’s no need for a suit there’s no need for a briefcase. A messenger bag, maybe even a backpack, a duffle bag – they’re all super stylish and the chic comfy version of the briefcase.

3. Sport/gym leather bags

Most men these days are at the gym almost 5 days a week, which means they’re pretty serious about their workouts and 0 like us girls – also may wanna look the part. So after splurging on all the workout gear  and gym outfits everyone needs a bag. A sporty bag is so important for guys, I feel like fashion these days gets this so much and the styles are a million to choose from. From bright colours, to classic blacks – a sporty bag is an amazing accessory and necessity for men.

4. Wallets, cards, laptops cases, holdalls.

When it comes to style the devil is in the details. A wallet speaks more about a man than his suit, so investing in these small accessory bits is a sign of good taste and extra care. Besides not all men wear bags… yet. But all men need wallets, laptops, card holders… and there’s really something so cool and grown up about a guy who’s got these things figured out and has a taste and a personal style that translates into his amazing accessories and fashion.

So to the Q what bags to wear and how to style them – I say just pick great quality leather bags, and go for sophisticated styles if you’re more fashion adventurous OR stick to classics if you’re a newbie or a Harvey Spector kinda guy. ;)

xoxo D.


A man’s everyday carry, or EDC, are the items he keeps with him at all times to assist him in his daily life. Amongst the EDC community, there is a philosophy that every item in a man’s EDC should serve at least one purpose; it should help a man function adequately, even in unexpected situations. The goal of the EDC is to help a man be prepared for the worst and perform at the best.

Typical EDC items include a phone and wallet, house keys, a watch and pens, but it can be worthwhile to carry a small prepping kit that includes a flashlight and a multitool that assists with simple handiwork like opening cans and driving screws. Every man has a different EDC, and seeing what other men choose to include is what brings the community together.

Unfortunately, while the goals of EDC are a mixture of minimalism, self-reliance and personal expression, few EDC enthusiasts consider fashion when putting together their everyday kit. Here are a few questions to guide you toward a more aesthetic EDC and everyday look.

What Will You Carry?

Everyone’s EDC is different — in items and in style — but typically, EDCs contain the following essentials:

  • Phone
  • Wallet or money clip
  • Keys
  • Pen
  • Flashlight
  • Notebook
  • Multitool or pocketknife

By no means does your EDC have to perfectly match the items listed above. Depending on your daily activities, your region and climate, your personal preferences and more, you might add or subtract any number of items, from gear more oriented to disaster prepping to work-related equipment like a tablet computer. 

Regardless, you should strive to invest in quality items that fit into a unified aesthetic, as opposed to a hodgepodge of items that look grubby and ill-matched. Sleek, minimal designs tend to be best, but you should be sure to invest in materials that are both lightweight and durable, like aluminum and leather. A neutral color palette ensures that your EDC will fit with any outfit; masculine colors like black, charcoal gray, khaki and dark green are ideal, and you should stay away from patterns, which can age poorly or clash.

If you struggle to identify items that go well together, you might commit to purchasing most of your EDC from one brand or store; typically, sellers will create a cohesive aesthetic for you, making shopping for fashionable gear faster and easier. Some excellent EDC purveyors include:

How Will You Carry It?

While a primary goal of EDC is efficiency, you simply cannot expect to contain your entire EDC in your hands. Thus, EDC is about both the items you carry and how you carry them. For this, you have a few options:

  • Pants pockets. If you can slim your EDC down to a few compact items, you might be able to fit them in typical jeans or slacks pockets. Otherwise, you might want to invest in a fashionable pair of men’s cargo shorts — but be sure they fit well and are well-styled, to avoid the middle-school-boy or harangued-dad look.
  • Jacket pockets. If you live in a region where you can comfortably wear a jacket year-round, you might consider investing in a few jackets with several pockets to hold your EDC. However, you should avoid over-stuffing your pockets with items; you want to avoid bulges or interruptions in the smooth lines of your clothing. 
  • Bags. If you simply have a large number of items in your EDC, or elements of your EDC are large themselves, you will need to invest in a bag. A briefcase is suitable for some work environments, but you might prefer a small messenger bag, backpack or tote. Unlike other elements of your EDC, it might be useful to have several different bags for different occasions. Again, you should always invest in a quality item made from attractive materials, like leather, in neutral colors. 

Researching EDC tools, trying out different combinations of items and carrying your EDC in real life can be fun and fulfilling — but your EDC only add to your style, not detract from it. Fortunately, by investing in the right items and appropriately updating your wardrobe, you can enjoy a functional EDC and look great, too.

xoxo D.

Dressing for work this summer should not be a hassle if you’ve thoroughly prepared and researched how to best equip your wardrobe for your peace of mind and the industry you’re working for. Huge businesses have chosen the dress code as a manner to reflect their stability and honesty on the market and improve appearance.

So, no matter which industry you’ve chosen it would be necessary to opt for something that will make you feel alive in your job, feel comfy and improve your company’s image without stressing yourself to death. Keep in mind that today’s business code must reflect professionalism and wellbeing, so no matter what you choose to wear today, make sure you both feel and look great. Here are a few business outfit ideas you might enjoy for your nine-to-five office job: 

The Floral Dress with Knee High Boots

Regardless of where you work choosing outfits that can easily reflect your company’s personality and makes you feel flawless is the best thing you can do. A formal but always comfy outfit should convey the environment you are working in, your company’s mission, goals, ethics and expectations.

However, choosing to wear that alluring floral dress together with those knee-high boots is the perfect choice because no matter the season you won’t have to give up those flawless pair of boots, especially if you can nicely combine them with a floral dress. This combination allows you to feel comfortable and professional while turning heads in the office.

A Pastel Colored Pantsuit Set

Opting for a pastel coloured pantsuit won’t cause you a hole in the budget and will make you feel in-style for the meetings. This choice will shorten your dressing time in half since you can avoid a lot of the match-and-mix situation. So, make sure you have at least two pieces in your wardrobe if you’re planning to ease your mornings.

A Plaid Blazer, White T-shirt and Jeans

As mentioned, dressing for success this summer should not cause you a hole in the budget. When no one suggests a dressing code you can come up with one for yourself. Thus, you can either opt for a business suit to fit your company’s image or just a simple plaid blazer with jeans to fit your job’s image and your needs. A plaid blazer worn over a simple white t-shirt will always look flawless with a pair of heels.

Classy Jeans with A Striped Collar Shirt

Classy Jeans will never get old and you already know it. Having at least 4 pairs of classy pair jeans in your wardrobe can save you a lot of time in the most difficult mornings. However, we advise you to give your button-down shirt a break and select one with stripes as an alternative together with a comfy pair of jeans to maintain your look elevated and fresh.

Printed Blazer with High Waist Trousers

It’s the perfect time to replace those black and navy winter blazers for a brightly-coloured alternative this summer. Bring more colour into your work-life and dear to combine the best choice of a coloured printed blazer with a pair of high-waisted summer trousers.

When it comes to perfect outfit choice for this summer make sure you find styles to suit your needs and your company’s description but try to never overlook how certain outfits make you feel.

xoxo D.

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s hair extensions. In my case… when I have a good hair day it’s most likely the latter, and there’s no shame in the hair extensions game, if you love it, and you need it for a fuller or longer style by all means go for it. Or maybe you wanna try them out for length and colour reasons before or instead of committing to the actual hairstyle. If you think there’s shame in rocking hair extensions of any kind (clip in, ponytails, bangs etc.)… well then you don’t know much about much.

My affair with hair extensions has been long and fun really, and I’ve rocked everything from super long hair to what I thought was an Ariana Grande ponytail to blonder-than-my-actual-hair hair extensions – like in today’s post. The truth is I wanted 2 things from these extensions: 1. to have long hair again and 2. to be blonder again. While as the latter worked and I loved every minute of it, the former was a mild disaster due to my lack of blending in long hair extensions with my blunt cut lob. Hmmm I had no idea it would be so challenging and oh-so-naive me I thought I did a good job, even posted on the gram about it… before I took a double look and was not so thrilled. It was right then and there that I decided to put them in and then trim them to my hair length, curl them a bit for that wavy vibe and pray the whole thing works. And hallelujah it did. I’ve never been so happy and confident about my hair in my life. Of course it’s not my actual hair hence my instant love for it I guess… but whatever. THAT my friends is the actual power of hair extensions when you check yourself out in the makeup mirror with lights, or when they just bounce healthy and heavy on your head.

Highly recommend them, love them to the moon and back, and do wear them for that hair glow.

Outfit wise I’ve always wanted to shoot pics in this vintage dress I got from a boutique in Budapest, so this day was THE day to do it. It was spring, sunny, the wind was blowing, I was feeling like freaking Beyonce. Except I wasn’t even close. #LOL

Oh and I tried to stick to my still current obsession and no-fuss dressing – the monochromatic look. ‘ISH’ And a pop of lipstick, cause quite frankly it does all the difference in photos.


Get the look: hair extensions | dress | shoes | bag | leather coat |

Happy weekend everyone.

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I gotta say the older I get the more I find myself leaning towards things I never truly paid much attention to before, fashion wise. And it truly hit me how I had actually been a fashion victim all throughout my 20s and even early 30s… yeah I cringe at that thought right now, but seriously don’t throw your stones unless you’re a saint. Anyway, so lately I’m loving classic style, and have fallen victim to the ubiquitous but so timeless beige and neutral looks, which always feel better and look better worn with seamless underwear, to avoid those wrinkles and cuts on your bum or back… which let’s get real – ya’ can’t run from when you’re draped in beige. Besides you know me – your girl does get pretty obsessive about a look so, I do wear neutrals in both outfits as well as under them, and I LOVE anything seamless. It just looks better. Invisible if you will. Like a secret sculpting weapon.

If you follow me for a while you know how I tend to get super obsessive about a certain look or style – aka neutrals and monochromatic at the moment – and what can I tell you? It’s still going strong for me. I’ve been living in this beige faux fur coat all winter and I’ve been waiting to pair IT with an all neutral look for so long, but… #momlife and grey weather had other plans. Until last weekend when the stars aligned and the sun shined and I decided to pair these suede beige pants that are slightly flared with a simple beige top and my go to golden necklaces and tiny hoops. I LOVE dressing in tone on tone and adding a touch of golden pieces to any outfit. #youknowme And you guessed it… I never leave the house without seamless underwear these days, it’s just so fuss free for me at this point in my life, when I don’t wanna have to worry about my undies cutting into my bum every-time I pick UP or put down my baby girl. Oh and the perks of a seamless bralette are infinite, comfort and style wise.

You see what I was saying earlier about growing somewhat wiser in terms of fashion? Things like comfort and paying attention to details matter more to me than actual trends. Although between me and you… I do dabble into them still, and I still fall victim to a few. Even this beige affair is such a trend these days, alongside seamless underwear, shape wear, loungewear, layered jewellery, ring stacking, faux furs and what not. So yeah I pretty much love them all and am guilty of them all, but so far, for me… nothing beats the timelessness and perks of invisible underwear, and monochromatic looks.

In today’s post I am wearing these:


Have a great weekend loves.

xoxo D.

Getting the perfect hair you desire is very tough, and sometimes the task can seem impossible as well.  You can find a picture of a hairstyle on a celebrity or model that you like, but how it would look on you depends totally on your hair. If you have taken care of your hair in every way possible and still have not achieved your dream hair, then this article is for you. Let’s have a look at a few simple steps that can help you achieve your dream hair.

Pick Your Favorite Style

The first thing you need to do is pick a style that you have always wanted. Do not just go with a style you saw in the magazine. First, analyze your hair and see whether they are naturally straight, curly, silky or dry. Then pick a style that suits your hair best. Then you can consult with a stylist as well if that particular style will be suitable for you or not. Remember, whatever picture you take for style reference do not try to follow them strictly. Make sure the stylist you are visiting is someone you trust. Going to a new stylist for a fresh haircut is not a great idea. Take your time in the chair and finalize the style when it seems good enough for you.

Keep Your Hair Healthy

Hair gets damaged easily and needs extra care to look perfect. When your hair grows, they start losing protein. So, make sure that you are using healthy products that are providing all the nutrients to your hair. Also, it’s a nice habit of cutting the edges of your hair as that maintains its healthier look. You should also focus on foods that are rich in protein and is healthy for the hair. There are different hair products for different hairstyles, so make sure you pick the one that is suitable for your hair.

Be Bold

Sometimes you can get bored of a hairstyle even if you love it. If you have a hairstyle for so long that you cannot even remember what you looked like before that, then maybe it is time for some change. Don’t worry; you do not have to start with a haircut directly. You can use artificial hair extensions like bangs, wigs, lace closures, etc. If you find it suitable, you can go for a haircut, or you can just use the piece of wig whenever you like. You can also change the look by giving a break to your hair straightener or dryer. Another way of changing your look is to dye your hair with a new color. You can opt for a color that goes away after 25-30 washes. 

Use Styling Products

Sometimes it is nearly impossible to get that hairstyle you want because your hair does not stay in that direction. In this case, you can take help from certain hair styling products which can keep your hair in your desired style for as long as you like. A lot of models give credit to products for their perfect hairstyle. 

xoxo D.

Women love to receive gifts they can wear but buyers can find it hard to pick a certain style, size or color. However, this is no reason to avoid buying something you know the woman in your life will adore. 

Whether you’re buying for a girlfriend, wife, mother, aunt, daughter, niece, cousin or friend, you’ll find a fantastic selection of accessories and gifts for her to wear in 2020 right here. With the holidays fast approaching, what are you waiting for? 

1. Go Getter Bag

Available at Lulu Lemon, the Go Getter Bag is every woman’s dream. Large enough to carry everything you need yet compact and sleek; this doubles as an everyday bag you can to work, a sports bag for your gym gear and an overnight bag for weekends away. 

However, it gets even better. Water-repellent fabric means you can carry your electronics without fear of bad weather causing a catastrophe and a dedicated laptop interior pocket ensures you can transport your tablet or portable computer with ease. The Go Getter Bag also features built-in yoga straps and a zippered section to keep your gym gear away from your everyday items. 

Available in Grey/Heathered Black, Dark Chrome and Stacked Jacquard Midnight Black, it’s the perfect gift for her. 

2. Feed Necklace

Jewelry is a sure-fire hit when you’re looking for gifts for her and you can add special meaning to your present with a necklace from Feed. Handmade and crafted from recycled brass, this stunning necklace doesn’t just look exquisite, it does good work too. 

When you buy the Woman on a Mission necklace, you’ll be providing 25 meals for children in schools around the world, including right here in the USA. The signature, ‘Woman on a Mission’ Feed slogan epitomes what the brand is about and is perfect for females who are determined to make a difference. 

With an inspirational message, a stunning visual and a charitable donation, a Woman on a Mission necklace is a gift she can wear throughout 2020 and enjoy every day. 

3. Chunky Knit Scarf

With low temperatures set for the next few months, a chunky knit scarf is the perfect holiday gift for her. When you choose to gift a scarf, you can treat the recipient to something she can wear without having to worry about what size to choose. If you want to avoid an argument before the wrapping paper hits the floor, this is the way to do it! 

With this super cozy scarf from Not on the High Street, you can combine a personalized gift with something fashionable and functional. Available in cool monochrome or warm caramel, you can add the recipient’s initials to this super soft chunky knit scarf. Perfect for all ages, this is a gift that will be a hit in any household. 

4. Perfume

If you’re looking for gifts for her that she can wear, you’re not limited to clothes or accessories. Her favorite scent or a limited-edition perfume will be gratefully received and it’s something she can wear all the time. 

When you’re buying a gift for someone you’re close to, you may already know what their favorite perfume is. If so, you can treat them to something you know they’ll love. Alternatively, take your time and choose something that makes you think of them. If in doubt, high-end brands will count for a lot!

To make your gift something extra special, choose a fragrance set which includes perfume along with body lotion, creams or candles. Whether it’s Coco Mademoiselle from Chanel, J’Adore by Christian Dior or Daisy by Marc Jacobs, fragrance is a gift she will wear from dawn until dusk. 

5. Socks

If you’re looking for a stocking filler, socks are the perfect option. They can make the ideal personalized gift if you want to add a name, initials or an inside joke. Alternatively, you’ll find a wide array of funny, novelty socks designed for her available online and in local stores. 

While novelty socks will bring a smile to her face and can be worn all year, you may want to opt for something more versatile. If your loved one spends hours on her feet, memory socks will her day (and, quite possibly, her life!). Designed to soothe aching feet and prevent discomfort, memory socks or woolen socks are the gift you didn’t know you needed. 


6. Pajamas

From comfy pajama pants and chic oversized shirts to silk sets and camisoles, pajamas make a great gift for her. Treat your loved one to luxury pajamas and gift them something they can wear all year round. As well as being stylish and versatile, pajamas can be personal too. 

In fact, you can even opt for bespoke pajamas and go for a personalized gift with a name or initials embroidered on them. If you want to combine something your loved one can wear with a novelty gift, you can even have personalized pajamas adorned with family photos and fun images. 

From high-end designer sets that will last a lifetime to fashionable loungewear that doubles up as cozy pajamas, you’ll find pajamas make the perfect gift for her in 2020. 

Shopping for gifts for her

Finding the right gift for someone you care about can be even better than receiving the perfect gift for you (well, nearly!). Although women can be difficult to buy for, choosing something the recipient can wear will ensure they receive a present that’s functional and stylish. Enhanced with your own unique twist, you can turn something to wear into something chic, funny, comfortable or fashionable. 

If you want to impress a lady in your life this year and give them a gift they’ll love, choose something they can wear and you’re sure to get something they love. From perfume and jewelry to bags, scarves, and hats; there are endless options to explore when you’re shopping for the perfect gift for her. 


Leather jackets are more than just outerwear. They are a fashion accessory that can bring even the most everyday attire to life! As a matter of fact, there are styles of clothing to best coordinate with every type of leather jacket imaginable. From the classic to the casual, there is a vast selection of styles that complement the timeless piece. Here are just a few of the many leather jacket styles and the outfits to pair with them.

The edgy leather jacket

Do you own an “edgy” leather jacket? You know the type. It has straps with buckles, and if you are into the retro look, it may even have studs. If you have this type of leather jacket, you may be tempted to pair it with ripped jeans and a basic T-shirt, but that combination simply lacks imagination.

This tough-as-nails coat needs to be anchored by a style that opposes its hardcore façade. In other words, it is best to take your coat to a whole new level by wearing it with a contrasting, ultra-feminine look. Match it with a tight crop top in a solid pastel hue, such as lavender, or a pseudo-neon color, such as hot pink or lime green.

On the bottom, drive the point home with a soft, flowing skirt. You get bonus points if your skirt has a floral-pattern, lace, or flourishes. Complete the look with white, strappy sandals and dainty drop earrings.

The fur lined leather jacket

The fur-lined leather jacket can be dressy or it could lend itself to the business casual scene. It is tough, yet soft just like the modern career woman. By adding it to a turtleneck and pullover sweater combo, you’ll get that geek-chic look that’s currently trending. Neutral-toned slacks, black flats, and medium-sized hoop earrings complete the contemporary office look.

You can also use this versatile jacket to dress up a bodycon dress for the weekend. These form-fitting dresses have been all the rage this year, for thin to full-figured women. They’re super simple, yet they come alive when paired with the perfect accessory.

Pairing any solid-colored bodycon dress with a fur-lined leather jacket adds a bit of spunk to the basic item. It adds a rebellious flavor that is sure to get you noticed. As we approach winter, accent the ensemble with leather, fur-lined booties, a beret, and fingerless gloves to show off those nails! Red, maroon, or plum shades are best for this time of year.

The standard leather jacket.

This is the coat that we think of when leather jackets are mentioned. This James Dean style can match nearly anything. If you only have the standard black, consider grabbing another one in brown, burgundy red or purple.

This style pairs well with a number of outfits. Having other shades would make this style even more versatile. Sport a vintage T-shirt with faded jeans or a stretchy, patterned tunic with dark denim. They both call for different shades of leather. With the first outfit, a black or dark brown standard jacket is needed, but the second choice will work best with a burgundy or maroon coat. Either way, throw on your standard leather jacket and a pair of sneakers and you are casual date ready.

The cropped leather jacket

Cropped leather coats are super-cute, and should be the focal point of any outfit that they are a part of. As such, they should only be paired with basic pieces like leggings and skinny jeans. The leggings can have a funky pattern, if you wish, but only if you wear them with a top in a subdued color, like a rusty red, or navy blue. Remember, longer tops work well, since they balance the cropped length of the coat.

Just remember, that even with the focus on the cropped coat, you should still add accessories to complete the outfit. For earrings, try fun geometric shapes to pair with patterned leggings and clogs. However, if you prefer skinny jeans and a longer blouse, try a Y-shaped statement necklace, large hoops, and mid-calf boots in leather that match the jacket.

Leather jackets are a fashion statement and a brilliant addition to any lackluster outfit. Throwing a leather jacket over the simplest of ensembles can perk it up and add a rebellious, yet still sophisticated flair. You can also easily transform your leather jacket, whether it’s by dyeing or bedazzling it, to give it some fresh flair and a new look. This winter, pick one of these styles to reinvigorate your garb and break free from convention.

xoxo D.