When we choose hairstyles, there are two things that we want to achieve. We want to enhance our best features and minimise or hide our worst features. That is the whole idea of haircuts-and also promoting our personal style, of course!

You can use expensive palettes for face contouring, but nothing is as essential as knowing the best hairstyles for different face shapes and understanding what works best for you.  No matter what you want to enhance or minimise, there is a practical and beautiful idea for that. Take a look here. 

  1. Long Chin.

Though many ladies think that a long chin is a bad thing, the case is different as long as you know the right style to work with this feature and not in contrary to it. There are many haircuts for long faces that work to make your chin look tapered and an impression of wider cheekbones.

When selecting hairstyles don’t go for the styles that end at your chin. This will enhance the feature you are working to minimise.  Including bangs in your hairstyle is a good idea since they work to balance your chin and shorten the long face shape.

If you don’t like bangs tell your stylist to trim the layers that reach your ears and your cheekbones to attract more attention to that part.

If you have long chin choose a side part. This tilts the lines of your face to either side hence giving balance to your chin. This draws more attention to your eyes and the rest of your facial features. A side part is an ideal hairstyle for women with oval face shapes. It enhances dimension and interest to this type of face which is considered an ideal shape of the face. 

  1. Chubby Cheeks.

A gorgeous bob is one of the best hairstyles for women with chubby faces. By allowing the hair to grow up to the neck base and then chopping it at that point, the jawline is well highlighted, and attention is drawn to the features of your face, and your cheeks are less pronounced.

You can also opt for classic retro waves to enhance definition and interest to your round face and pronounced cheeks. Give your style a tousled effect for a more modern, regular look.

It may appear you are working against what you want to achieve by cutting the hair short if you have round face shape, but this is usually to your advantage if you rock a pixie. A pixie hairstyle with a messy top gives an illusion of a long face and makes your face appear shiny. 

  1. Square Face.

Square faces might not always appear fuller, but you would want to make your face seem longer for a balanced width. Face-framing hairstyles are ideal for ladies with strong jawlines.

Women with round face shapes are advised to wear angled bobs where the frontal hair is maintained longer and gradually becomes shorter and stacked at the back. The haircut has a slimming impact on your face.

If you are more interested in rocking longer hair, then you should include layers that frame your face to make your strong features appear soft.

Many ladies with more prominent noses don’t like this feature. However, if you have one, it is not a bad thing. There is a way you can draw away attention from it and attract attention to other admirable facial features. Soft, wavy layers assist in balancing out your features and minimising attention from your face.

Wearing side-swept bangs help draw attention away from your big nose and draw it elsewhere. Ensure the bangs are swept well. Don’t use blunt bungs as these will work contrary to what you want.

  1. Low or High Hairline.

For the ladies with a shorter forehead, you can make it look otherwise. Opt for a messy updo and ensure there is enough volume at the centre of your head. This increases the height of your forehead. 

On the other hand, if you have a high hairline, go for bangs. Shaggy bangs are easy to maintain and do an excellent job of softening your big forehead.

xoxo D.

Ah, weddings. They’re emotional, fun, memorable, and often take up most of the day, which is why it’s important that you pick the perfect wedding outfit to wear. Of course, this is assuming that you’re a guest, not the bride or part of the entourage (because that’s a different story altogether!). 

Like any other event, you want your outfit to show off your personality. But while you shouldn’t hide your personal style, there are still things that you need to consider in order to be a good guest. After all, you don’t want to come in the wedding and turn heads. For this day at least, that should be reserved for the bride, not you.

Here are some tips on choosing a great wedding guest outfit:

Know the dress code

 It’s best to check the details first before making a decision on what to wear — the invite will usually mention this. Sticking to the recommended color scheme or dress code is not only polite, but it will show the bride and groom that you care about the event enough to dress for the occasion. 

So whether it will be a formal, semi-formal, black-tie, or even dressy casual event, strive to be a proper guest and stick to the dress code. You don’t want to wear jeans to a black-tie wedding, or a full-length ball gown to a casual garden nuptial.

And don’t fret if you don’t understand the dress code. You can just ask any member of the wedding party and they will usually clarify things for the guests.

Consider the location and weather

Where will the wedding be located? And what will the weather be like that day? Asking yourself these questions early on will help you avoid uncomfortable and awkward outfits on the day itself.

For example, you would want to wear something breezy for a sunny, outdoor wedding. But if the event’s going to be held during the evening or at a place with  air conditioning on full blast, you might want to bring enough layers or a coat. 

You should also take wind into account. If it’s going to be particularly windy that day, you might want to wear something that will hold in place. 

Prioritise comfort

Wedding ceremonies and receptions can be long, sometimes too long. And while they can be one the best days in your life, wearing the wrong outfit or shoes can make or break your day.

If you want to spend the affair dancing, you should make sure to wear comfortable shoes. Consider wedges or even chic flats. You can even just pack sandals so you change out of your heels if needed.

Remember that this isn’t your day to stand out

Usually, wedding coordinators like Wonderstruck Events Vancouver make sure to keep the focus on the bride and groom all throughout the event. But you can also help by making sure your outfit doesn’t stand out more than necessary.

For example, unless the bride asks you to, don’t wear white. Cream, champagne, and other shades close to white should be avoided too. This is not a day for you to play matchy-matchy with your bride friend.

On top of that, try to avoid over-the-top outfits, unless the dress code specifically indicates that you should dress a certain way.

These are just some of the things you have to keep in mind when choosing a wedding outfit as a guest. But ultimately, it all depends on what the bride and groom think is appropriate, so make sure to check with them too. So go crazy — but not too crazy!

Ahhh these dresses are totally making me look forward to my next wedding as a guest!

xoxo D.

Once in a blue moon (read more often than not) I get overly excited and obsessed over certain pieces, such as the leopard skirt aka the LEO SKIRT. It really sums up two very different things for me: 1) the animal print trend which I love and will forever adore and wear, and 2) skirts, which I almost never wear. I really don’t know why. I find them unnecessary, and quite frankly a lot of work. (they’re dressy AND need a top). Anyway, don’t mind me. Last time I wore a skirt was when I was 8 months pregnant and it was part of a set, so it might as well have been a dress (which it actually looked like). And after that I last had a skirt on in an HM changing room about a month ago, and I looooved how it looked so I bought it. I guess there’s a first time for everything.

I’m dying to wear it, so in my quest for outfit inspiration I thought why not take y’all on my leo skirt journey with me while we look at this instagram trend together.

YES I call it an insta trend cause 4 outta 5 posts on Instagram are of a a leo skirt: chic silky midi leopard and leopard. Everyone’s wearing one with either heels or flats, and yet here I am clueless of what to wear with it. Do you ever get like that?


1.Leo Skirt with black/white tee

This outfit is so simple yet so sophisticated I’m in love with it. It’s the perfect spring & summer outfit when you wear it with flat mules or sandals. It has that Carrie Bradshaw vibe to it.

Get the look:


2. Sneakers and leopard skirt

This is more on the normcoare edgy side, clashing this flirty uber feminine skirt with dad sneakers or chunky shoes. This style always looks amazing with a sweater.

Get the look:


3. Leo skirt and blazer.

Office chic gone wild in a good way. I love a black longline blazer winged at the waist with a belt.

Get the look:


4. Leo skirt and sweater.

This is a very cool and no-brainer look, and love it because I’m such a fan of a sweater-instead-of-a-jacket-look. This style looks amazing with heels and a cool bag.

Get the look:


5. Leo skirt and ankle boots or heels.

This is perfection because what doesn’t look amazing with heels? I’m such a fan of sock boots this season (although I’ver heard they’re out of style already, but I really don’t care cause they’re just so flattering) that I think they’re the perfect style for this skirt (apart from kitten heel mules).

Get the look:


More street style inspo:


Such a cute and flirty little thing no wonder it’s gotten everyone smitten with it.

xoxo D.

Ah the season of proms and weddings is almost upon us and with it the most hectic but beautiful quest for the perfect dress. Selecting a prom dress is no easy task because you want so many things from your dress: stylish, elegant and easy to dance in.

Whenever you decide to buy a prom dress, keep your options open, flexible, don’t get stuck in a floral or black dress code only. Who knows what other amazing styles you’ll find out there AND how they look on you. I’m telling you… I’m the walking billboard for theory and practice being two different dressing situations. Whatever you choose just be confident.

 The excitement of wearing the prom dress starts way before the prom itself. It actually all begins with the search for the dress, which in most cases these days is online, more often than not. So here’s a few guidelines for choosing the perfect prom dress:

Set Up Your Budget

Of course this is one of the key elements in buying anything really, so make sure you get something worth your money. The secret is to buy something that’s not breaking the bank but looks expensive. Invest in quality, even go for designer if you want to, and always keep in mind that you’ll wear the dress only once, maybe twice. Fast fashion can be an option if you find something that looks amazing and not chap, otherwise buy intelligent and for for quality. JJ’s House has a lot of unique prom dresses to choose from.

Decide the Colours

AH where do I begin: blue, green, red, or the classic black or white? Also pink and sequins are so gorgeous these days that’s really good luck in narrowing it all down. My tip is to go for a color that’s flattering on you and if you’re a classic stick with the LBD but if you’re more adventurous go for bold colours, and make a statement.

Consider Your Body Type

This is such a bullshit, but only half of it. I mean know your assets and make the best of them, but keep i mind that usually a mermaid type of dress is quite flattering on all body types, because it elongates the body. The upper part… now that is where the trick is: fully covered, v-plunging, cap sleeves.

Know your angels and try on like a mad woman before coming to the dress. Also keep in mind tailoring and altering whatever you buy so that it fits better. And remember it’s about the night, and the fun, and the memories so screw the rest. If you’re feeling yourself and your dress is beautiful the rest will fall into place.

xoxo D.

Don’t worry I’m not gonna break into rhymes right now, and I’m also well aware this Q and post are long due, it’s just that the new jeans are everywhere these days, so I had to talk about it. Listen, when skinny jeans started to slowly die I died a little inside. Also I panicked. I mean, what the hell am I supposed to wear now? Boyfriend jeans, flare jeans? They’re okay but they don’t fit my bum properly nor make my legs look long and skinny. So I continued to wear skinnies. (well… I still do even today sometimes, when I’m feeling more ‘sexay’ or something. What? They still look great and can be very flattering.)

However, even the most fashion immature ignoramus grows up eventually, so here I am today loving skinny jeans less and crushing hard over classic denim jeans instead. Which brings me to the answer of what jeans to wear instead of skinny jeans?

Well… there’s the mom jeans, the classic levis jeans, the boot cut, straight leg, cropped jeans, flare jeans, high rise, mid rise, low waist… need I go on?

{And of course there are days when skinny jeans are my fave. Still. Hey you know what they say, you can take the girl outta the skinny jeans but you can’t take the skinny jeans outta there girl.}


And then something else happens when you stop wearing skinnies… you suddenly have endless denim choices and outfits that look more grown up and more sophisticated. Truth is the death of skinny jeans brought a new denim trend that sits somewhere between the 80s and 90s style jeans, very classic, somehow relaxed cut, but still following the body’s curves. There’s a lot of play with length, and leg design, and also waist line.


Fave jeans


Personally I will always wear high waisted jeans, mid rise at most, and never ever low waist. I love my denim jeans in blue, fitted around the waist and bum, but also slightly relaxed, and a bit cropped. And no matter how old I am I’ll always love and wear knee ripped jeans.

When it comes to styling jeans in 2019 it’s all about the shoes, from low heel or no heel mules, to sexy stilettos, or block heels the prettier the shoe the better. Like I  always say… it sets the tone of the outfit.


Shoes for jeans


Top wise anything goes with denim, but white will forever be my all time fave. And polka dots are my new fave thing.


Tops for jeans


So… do I still wear skinny jeans? Hell yeah, but not as much. I’ve worn them maybe once a month lately, and I’m very excited for days outside the house, running errands, or just going out to wear and style classic jeans. I know… I know not exactly an existing scenario for many.

And now I’ll leave you with a million jeans outfits.


What can I say, I’m a denim girl.

xoxo D.

Valentine’s Day is the one day out of the year where love is publicly celebrated. Now I didn’t say that Valentine’s Day is the ONLY day love is celebrated! Fellas, you should love on your lady every day, but on Valentine’s Day, the love factor should go into overdrive!

Now, let’s get a grip on reality. If you’re like most men, then you’re not buying her flowers, or wining and dining her on a daily basis, so when Valentine’s Day comes, you have to pull out the bells and whistles to really “wow” her and make this day of love memorable to her.

In order to pull off a successful Valentine’s Day surprise for her, it needs to be properly planned for in advance. You can’t just wake up on Valentine’s Day morning and think that you can pick up a few things and that be okay… no loverboy, you have to be better than that.

This Valentine’s Day, your surprise to her needs to be an all-day event. Eharmony.com says that Valentine’s Day to women is the equivalent to the Super Bowl for men, because of the emotional energy invested in these two holidays… and both events are all-day events, so great comparison!

So, from the time she opens her eyes, to the time she closes them that night, you need to be doing everything you can to keep a smile on her face all day long. To be sure your Valentine’s Day surprise goes without a hitch, follow this step-by-step guide to giving her a Valentine’s Day she’ll never forget!


As mentioned previously, you can’t decide to plan her Valentine’s Day the day of… not if you want to celebrate the stereotypical way. Take a look at the planning process to a successful day of love:

  • Find out what day Valentine’s Day falls on. If Valentine’s Day falls on a day that you have to work, then you’ll need to plan around it or take the day off. Keep in mind, you’re really wanting to make it a memorable day, so go ahead and take the day off!
  • Make a list of the surprises you want to do. Remember these surprises will be ALL day, and you can pick the order in which you do them.  They don’t have to be extreme, but enough for her to know that she’s been on your mind all day. These surprises can include, but are not limited to:
    • Breakfast in bed- this will obviously happen in the morning, so wake up early enough to prepare her a breakfast fit for a queen.
    • Having lunch with her- If she still has to work, bring her lunch from her favorite restaurant and enjoy lunch with her during her lunch break.
    • Leave a love note on her windshield.
    • Have dinner at the restaurant where you first met.
  • Start contacting locations and placing orders. If you want flowers delivered to her job, go on and place the order early because the flower shops will be very busy. Go ahead and make dinner reservations at the location of your choice because they will be booked the day of Valentine’s Day.

“Outside the Box” Gifts

With you wanting to make a huge impression on her this year, try stepping away from the typical Valentine’s Day gifts like the teddy bears and chocolates… those gifts are okay as filler gifts, but her main gifts you want her to remember for Valentine’s Day needs to be “out of the box.”

  • Your presence. Sometimes your presence is much better than presents, especially if you all are a busy couple. Something as simple as a romantic night in (with no distractions) to enjoy each other’s company will make her Valentine’s Day all she ever wanted.
  • Jewelry specific to her. What woman doesn’t love jewelry? Yes, she already has jewelry that she can buy on her own, but there’s nothing like receiving a piece of jewelry from the man she loves. It will show her that you pay attention. A beautiful pair of earrings that match her style will put a smile on her face, just make sure you pay attention to if her ears are pierced or not, and if she has any allergies to any types of metals.
  • “Honey-do” coupons. These are coupons specifically made for her to use on you. This is actually a gift that you can create all by yourself, and it will really show that you put time and effort into this gift. These coupons are tasks that she can use on you all throughout the year, and you have to do them. They can say anything from a date night, foot rub, or cleaning the bathroom. 

The Romance

At this point, your lady should have experienced a lot of the surprises you had in store for her all throughout the day. Now it’s time for the real romance to begin. Your home should be nice and clean for her, and the bedroom should be a romantic oasis. You definitely want to have candles lit making the room smell inviting, and your bed should be draped in luxurious, soft bedding. 

From here, the rest is up to you my friend. Just remember, nobody knows your lady better than you. I hope this step-by-step guide was helpful to you and gave you some good ideas. Happy lover’s day!

xoxo D.

Never in my life have I traveled so much in winter to skiing resorts as I have this year. Of course I don’t ski, hence me never going anywhere in winter, but this year it’s been magical. (still don’t ski, just there for the #winterwonderland) And a little nerve-racking. Travelling to freezing temperatures, with a 7 months baby, the packing alone is a LOT let me tell you that. And if on top of this you wanna shoot a few outfit pics… then let’s just say you need to pack 1 week in advance. Aaaaanyway like I said I’m not the most winter well-traveled person out there. I mean what do people wear in winter to skiing trips anyways?! If they don’t ski that is? Are duvets acceptable? What is the apres-ski fashion these days? And once you have that figured out… the biggest Q of them all is what boots to wear? Are UGGs okay? How about Timberlands? Am I ridiculous for not knowing these things?!

Are snow boots a must? And are all snow boots ugly? What do I buy if I don’t ski, I wanna feel warm but I also wanna look ‘mountain-chic’ if possible (go on roll those eyes) but also blend in with the winter connoisseurs?

Well… starting with 2018 I feel like winter fashion aka apres ski is having a moment, and winter snow boots ARE a must, both fashion wise as well as necessity. So if you wanna travel in winter wonderland you can be all winter equipped AND look chic AF. In snow boots that is.

What SNOW BOOTS to wear this season?

Brown, camel, beige snow boots are super stylish and very IN this season, as they go so amazingly with white or camel winter outfits. Personally I think white or beige outfits look so rich and luxe in winter, even for mountain trips.

Fur boots are so extra I swear, but I love them! I think they’re like the drama queens of snow boots, and I’m such a drama queen myself so YES I’d totally wear them. (in fact we’ve planned another winter trip soon… so I seriously might consider this option.) If you wanna go all out go for big chunky fur coloured boots. Do it for instagram. (I swear I do sometimes only wear or buy something cause I know it’ll look good on Instagram. #sojudgeme)

Moon boots are having a major moment this year and as ugly as they may look they’re actually pretty dope. They’re waterproof as all snow boots must be, they;ve got the little fur, the laces going on for them (another major snow boot thing this season) and they look so fashion.  A little too victim but personally I don’t mind it.

Those classic waterproof lace up snow boots – THOSE are the definition of ugly but they’re trendy, warm, practical, and not so bad if you’re into the ugly shoe trend whole thing.


And to answer my own question… YES I genuinely believe it’s okay to wear timberlands and uggs in the snow. Of course I’m not a skiing person… or a winter person so what the hell do I know.

SHOP my faves:


How to style snow boots?

If you’re a winter mountain person you’re probably not too worried about this sort of stuff… but my shallow soul aches for this kind of thing. So… if the winter holidays at skiing resorts have taught me anything (alongside my passion for fashion! #godIhatemyself) it’s that:

  • in 2019 keep it monochromatic (‘ish)
  • wear tone on tone (even in winter)
  • mix textures
  • snow boots and a hat are a must
  • puffier jackets look great, but also nude teddy coats
  • scarfs and gloves are great details
  • always invest in a great cozy knit sweater
  • white jeans can actually make a great winter outfit

Ha the irony… I’m not a winter gal but I could talk about this for hours.

*goes to ski resort once and thinks they’re a mountain guru

Style inspiration:


Well I don’t know about you but for the first time in my life I’m actually excited about winter mountain outfits and that’s something. Right?

xoxo. D




That the 90s are pretty much back in fashion, with all their fads and edgy slash kitschy things is no surprise anymore. So the fact that charm bracelets are slowly creeping their way back onto our wrists is no surprise. God I remember back in the 90s when my right wrist was pretty much covered in leather, beads, and silver charm bracelets.

Traditionally they are started at any time, but are usually bought at a baby’s Christening to mark the little milestones with charms. Charm bracelets bought this early are usually kept somewhere safe until it is time to give them as personalized presents once the baby grows up.

The number of beads and charms that you will include in the bracelet will depend on what you believe will fit the liking of the receiver. But if you are buying a charm bracelet as a stylish accessory, then you can be as creative as you want. You can add age related beads, trendy designs, and even star sign charms to the bracelet to create a piece of accessory that is individual to you. If you are starting from scratch, you can have fun with a lot of details, colours, and materials and are unsure of the carrier bracelet you must choose, and the material and colour options that will complement the charms, then this guide is for you. Ross Fraser from Fraser Ross goes over some of the simple steps you can take to create the perfect charm bracelet so you can build your own stylish piece with confidence. 

Choose a Brand 

There are several designer jewellery brands that make exquisite charms and charms bracelets. Your first step involves choosing a charm brand, so you can narrow down your options, and proceed to finding a bracelet that will serve as the base to which you can continuously add charms. Some brands specialise in rectangular links, while others produce colorful beads in silver or gold. In the end, the charm styles you are looking for will dictate which brand is the right one for you. 

Find a Bracelet Chain 

Once you have picked a charm brand, the next step is to choose from a wide selection of bracelets offered by your brand of choice. Starter bracelets range in material, color, and style, and some of the most popular options are cuff bangles, silver carrier bracelets, double curb chains, and charm bracelet with clasp. 

Choose Charms and Build Your Collection 

Once you have a starter bracelet, it’s time to choose the charms you want to add to the bangle or chain. You can start creating your very own charm bracelet by investing in a few simplistic charms at first, and adding more charms that mark precious moments in your life. You can arrange the charms any way you want, or have your trusted store distribute the trinkets and charms evenly across your chain bracelet. 

Make it Meaningful and Trendy

A charm bracelet can represent your style preference, and carry your treasured memories. As such, you are free to mix decorative pendants to feature the latest trends, and precious mementos to commemorate important occasions in your life. 

Buy from a Trusted Store 

Buying online is a convenient option if you cannot visit a physical store. You can find a number of online stores that carry thousands of different charm styles, from yellow gold charm, sterling silver charms, and rose gold charms. You might even find tarnish resistant charms that are made of a new alloy of sterling silver and a small percentage of germanium. 

Get open jump rings, and add more charms to your gold or silver charm bracelet, or opt for parrot clasps that allow you to move your charms around your bracelet or to clip them on another silver chain. Parrot clasps, which are often shaped like the claw of a lobster, are great because they give a streamlined quality to any charm bracelet. 

xoxo D

For many people, watches are no more than tools to tell the time. I get that. But for me, and other fashion lovers it’s probably a little bit more than that. I mean… it has been known that wearing my fave watch, I checked my phone for the time. (#facepalm) These days a lot of us go for the classic watch weather in gold, silver or leather strap, with a round design. Personally I love the metallic strap watches just because I do love my bling and I think they look amazing with most outfits. However… not all outfits are watch compatible. My grandma never really taught me too much about fashion but she did say 2 things: 1) always match your bag to your shoes. (okay that no longer applies) and 2) never wear a watch with an evening dress. And I never do.

So my question is: Are there any style faux-pas to not wearing a watch? While I couldn’t care less about rules, I still think we ought to know these 4 classic watch style tips.

1.You don’t know your watch’s functions.

Please imagine the following scenario: you’re wearing the most exquisite watch there ever was, and someone walks by you and asks you the time. But you don’t know how to read it. #awkward

Of course telling the time is the primary function of all watches, and I assume we all know that one, but truth is today’s watches are so smart and have like a billion functions that excuse me if I don’t know how to make my watch take me home or something. Moral of story is if you’re wearing some sc-fi watch get to know its functions beforehand. To avoid social awkwardness if anything.

2. Don’t wear a watch with evening wear.

YAS grandma. As much as you love your daily watch, truth is 90% of the time it will not go so pretty with an evening dress. However there are some watches that can be worn at as cocktail party for example, with your beautiful dress or your amazing suit gents. For formal occasions, you can’t go wrong with simple styles. Parmigiani’s Kalpa Chronor is an excellent example of what you could use to complete your evening wear look. This luxury timepiece comes in a tonneau-shape movement enclosed in a rose gold case. The black leather strap never goes out of style for men, so you’ll look as sharp as you can be in the evening.

3. They say don’t do leather in the heat.

This may come as a surprise, but watches are seasonal just like clothes. You wouldn’t wear an oversized sports watch in a black-tie ball, right? Once the summer season arrives, make sure you have something else to wear other than your favorite leather-strapped dress watch. They say a leather strap watch in summer heat is like wearing boots or jeans… It’s best to use a nato, rubber, or silicone strap to improve comfort. What’s great is that you can simply buy a new strap and switch things up without buying a new watch. This is an easy way to give your watch—and yourself—a quick and affordable makeover.

4. Take proper care of the watch.

This sounds like a no brainer but it actually isn’t. Except for taking care of it aka not breaking it I truly had no idea you can take your watch to regular cleaning services to keep your watches looking brand new. Most brands will also service your watch if you have a receipt or any form of authenticating your watch. Watches in tip-top condition hold their value extremely well, which opens the possibility of getting an excellent return should you decide to sell yours in the future.

xoxo D.

We like the people we see on TV and the internet,  because we think they look flawless, gorgeous and stunning. Who doesn’t want to be like that? Most girls dream about looking like celebs because they think it’s the answer all problems. The truth is, stars and celebrities are regular people, with the same amount of flaws and problems. They seem to always look perfect and flawless because it’s their job to take extra care to themselves. 

I remember back in the day growing up celebrities like Madonna or Cindy Crawford were icons of beauty and perfection that every girl wanted to be like. Was it wrong? It certainly wasn’t that wrong nor that right, its just how the world works – we are inspired by icons and beauty. As long as we keep them as inspiration and don’t copy or go to extremes to look like somebody… I think idols and icons are an ideal that doesn’t really exist but that we need.

In the time of Instagram fame and beauty where everyone has the same standards and features it’s easy to lose sense of reality. Next thing you know all women will have high cheekbones, full lips, tiny noses, perfect lashes, microbladed eyebrows… and so on.

Bottom line is… beauty in all its shoes and sizes inspires. But what matters more is the sense of wellbeing that some people put out, and THAT is amazing. Personally I think the key to feeling fully beautiful inside and out comes from more than a perfectly arched brow or bee-stung lips. It’s a happy marriage of the soul, the mind, and the body. It’s a process, it’s a journey, and a continuous evolution.

A guide to feeling and looking fabulous could maybe look like this:

1.Take care of your body and health naturally

You might see some celebrities who have perfect shapes on every TV appearance. But you don’t know how hard they work to perfect the body and achieve a healthy look. For this part, you need to:

  • Exercise and stay fit
  • Eat healthily 

2. Accept your body and learn to love it.

In the world of perfect faces you might be tempted to scalp yourself with MyBotoxLA in Los Angeles, 

and that is okay. God knows we all hate a certain wrinkle and wouldn’t mind looking rested or 5 years younger. I’m all for these tiny procedures if they come from a place of insecurity and help you be more at peace with yourself. I mean time forgives no one… It’s not 0kay to do these things cause everyone’s doing them, for social acceptance or god knows what crap.

3. Pamper yourself from time to time

A spa weekend? Tell me when and imma be there. Ladies…. a little time off from life is always a great idea: massages, facials, mani, hair, doing nothing, sleeping, de-toxing… you get it.

4. Do what makes you happy.

Before getting pregnant I LOVED intense workouts, wine, and spending time with my friends. Fast forward almost a year and a half, now I’m a mom and I still love workouts and… shopping. Clothes make me happy. Period. Getting dressed up, and putting on my make up is such a relaxing ritual for me that I tend to it whenever I have time. I love to pick out my outfits and shop for new stuff. So I indulge into this. #judgeme I love food, travelling and going out for coffee on Saturdays with my tiny fam. And I do these things cause they give me joy.

Nobody holds the secret to flawless living or looking. There’s no such thing, thank GOD. Eventually it all comes down to feeling good in your own skin, loving yourself, and accepting yourself. Improving yourself to be a better version mentally and emotionally. And your body and face will follow. I believe this 100%.

xoxo D.