I gotta say the older I get the more I find myself leaning towards things I never truly paid much attention to before, fashion wise. And it truly hit me how I had actually been a fashion victim all throughout my 20s and even early 30s… yeah I cringe at that thought right now, but seriously don’t throw your stones unless you’re a saint. Anyway, so lately I’m loving classic style, and have fallen victim to the ubiquitous but so timeless beige and neutral looks, which always feel better and look better worn with seamless underwear, to avoid those wrinkles and cuts on your bum or back… which let’s get real – ya’ can’t run from when you’re draped in beige. Besides you know me – your girl does get pretty obsessive about a look so, I do wear neutrals in both outfits as well as under them, and I LOVE anything seamless. It just looks better. Invisible if you will. Like a secret sculpting weapon.

If you follow me for a while you know how I tend to get super obsessive about a certain look or style – aka neutrals and monochromatic at the moment – and what can I tell you? It’s still going strong for me. I’ve been living in this beige faux fur coat all winter and I’ve been waiting to pair IT with an all neutral look for so long, but… #momlife and grey weather had other plans. Until last weekend when the stars aligned and the sun shined and I decided to pair these suede beige pants that are slightly flared with a simple beige top and my go to golden necklaces and tiny hoops. I LOVE dressing in tone on tone and adding a touch of golden pieces to any outfit. #youknowme And you guessed it… I never leave the house without seamless underwear these days, it’s just so fuss free for me at this point in my life, when I don’t wanna have to worry about my undies cutting into my bum every-time I pick UP or put down my baby girl. Oh and the perks of a seamless bralette are infinite, comfort and style wise.

You see what I was saying earlier about growing somewhat wiser in terms of fashion? Things like comfort and paying attention to details matter more to me than actual trends. Although between me and you… I do dabble into them still, and I still fall victim to a few. Even this beige affair is such a trend these days, alongside seamless underwear, shape wear, loungewear, layered jewellery, ring stacking, faux furs and what not. So yeah I pretty much love them all and am guilty of them all, but so far, for me… nothing beats the timelessness and perks of invisible underwear, and monochromatic looks.

In today’s post I am wearing these:


Have a great weekend loves.

xoxo D.

Getting the perfect hair you desire is very tough, and sometimes the task can seem impossible as well.  You can find a picture of a hairstyle on a celebrity or model that you like, but how it would look on you depends totally on your hair. If you have taken care of your hair in every way possible and still have not achieved your dream hair, then this article is for you. Let’s have a look at a few simple steps that can help you achieve your dream hair.

Pick Your Favorite Style

The first thing you need to do is pick a style that you have always wanted. Do not just go with a style you saw in the magazine. First, analyze your hair and see whether they are naturally straight, curly, silky or dry. Then pick a style that suits your hair best. Then you can consult with a stylist as well if that particular style will be suitable for you or not. Remember, whatever picture you take for style reference do not try to follow them strictly. Make sure the stylist you are visiting is someone you trust. Going to a new stylist for a fresh haircut is not a great idea. Take your time in the chair and finalize the style when it seems good enough for you.

Keep Your Hair Healthy

Hair gets damaged easily and needs extra care to look perfect. When your hair grows, they start losing protein. So, make sure that you are using healthy products that are providing all the nutrients to your hair. Also, it’s a nice habit of cutting the edges of your hair as that maintains its healthier look. You should also focus on foods that are rich in protein and is healthy for the hair. There are different hair products for different hairstyles, so make sure you pick the one that is suitable for your hair.

Be Bold

Sometimes you can get bored of a hairstyle even if you love it. If you have a hairstyle for so long that you cannot even remember what you looked like before that, then maybe it is time for some change. Don’t worry; you do not have to start with a haircut directly. You can use artificial hair extensions like bangs, wigs, lace closures, etc. If you find it suitable, you can go for a haircut, or you can just use the piece of wig whenever you like. You can also change the look by giving a break to your hair straightener or dryer. Another way of changing your look is to dye your hair with a new color. You can opt for a color that goes away after 25-30 washes. 

Use Styling Products

Sometimes it is nearly impossible to get that hairstyle you want because your hair does not stay in that direction. In this case, you can take help from certain hair styling products which can keep your hair in your desired style for as long as you like. A lot of models give credit to products for their perfect hairstyle. 

xoxo D.

Women love to receive gifts they can wear but buyers can find it hard to pick a certain style, size or color. However, this is no reason to avoid buying something you know the woman in your life will adore. 

Whether you’re buying for a girlfriend, wife, mother, aunt, daughter, niece, cousin or friend, you’ll find a fantastic selection of accessories and gifts for her to wear in 2020 right here. With the holidays fast approaching, what are you waiting for? 

1. Go Getter Bag

Available at Lulu Lemon, the Go Getter Bag is every woman’s dream. Large enough to carry everything you need yet compact and sleek; this doubles as an everyday bag you can to work, a sports bag for your gym gear and an overnight bag for weekends away. 

However, it gets even better. Water-repellent fabric means you can carry your electronics without fear of bad weather causing a catastrophe and a dedicated laptop interior pocket ensures you can transport your tablet or portable computer with ease. The Go Getter Bag also features built-in yoga straps and a zippered section to keep your gym gear away from your everyday items. 

Available in Grey/Heathered Black, Dark Chrome and Stacked Jacquard Midnight Black, it’s the perfect gift for her. 

2. Feed Necklace

Jewelry is a sure-fire hit when you’re looking for gifts for her and you can add special meaning to your present with a necklace from Feed. Handmade and crafted from recycled brass, this stunning necklace doesn’t just look exquisite, it does good work too. 

When you buy the Woman on a Mission necklace, you’ll be providing 25 meals for children in schools around the world, including right here in the USA. The signature, ‘Woman on a Mission’ Feed slogan epitomes what the brand is about and is perfect for females who are determined to make a difference. 

With an inspirational message, a stunning visual and a charitable donation, a Woman on a Mission necklace is a gift she can wear throughout 2020 and enjoy every day. 

3. Chunky Knit Scarf

With low temperatures set for the next few months, a chunky knit scarf is the perfect holiday gift for her. When you choose to gift a scarf, you can treat the recipient to something she can wear without having to worry about what size to choose. If you want to avoid an argument before the wrapping paper hits the floor, this is the way to do it! 

With this super cozy scarf from Not on the High Street, you can combine a personalized gift with something fashionable and functional. Available in cool monochrome or warm caramel, you can add the recipient’s initials to this super soft chunky knit scarf. Perfect for all ages, this is a gift that will be a hit in any household. 

4. Perfume

If you’re looking for gifts for her that she can wear, you’re not limited to clothes or accessories. Her favorite scent or a limited-edition perfume will be gratefully received and it’s something she can wear all the time. 

When you’re buying a gift for someone you’re close to, you may already know what their favorite perfume is. If so, you can treat them to something you know they’ll love. Alternatively, take your time and choose something that makes you think of them. If in doubt, high-end brands will count for a lot!

To make your gift something extra special, choose a fragrance set which includes perfume along with body lotion, creams or candles. Whether it’s Coco Mademoiselle from Chanel, J’Adore by Christian Dior or Daisy by Marc Jacobs, fragrance is a gift she will wear from dawn until dusk. 

5. Socks

If you’re looking for a stocking filler, socks are the perfect option. They can make the ideal personalized gift if you want to add a name, initials or an inside joke. Alternatively, you’ll find a wide array of funny, novelty socks designed for her available online and in local stores. 

While novelty socks will bring a smile to her face and can be worn all year, you may want to opt for something more versatile. If your loved one spends hours on her feet, memory socks will her day (and, quite possibly, her life!). Designed to soothe aching feet and prevent discomfort, memory socks or woolen socks are the gift you didn’t know you needed. 


6. Pajamas

From comfy pajama pants and chic oversized shirts to silk sets and camisoles, pajamas make a great gift for her. Treat your loved one to luxury pajamas and gift them something they can wear all year round. As well as being stylish and versatile, pajamas can be personal too. 

In fact, you can even opt for bespoke pajamas and go for a personalized gift with a name or initials embroidered on them. If you want to combine something your loved one can wear with a novelty gift, you can even have personalized pajamas adorned with family photos and fun images. 

From high-end designer sets that will last a lifetime to fashionable loungewear that doubles up as cozy pajamas, you’ll find pajamas make the perfect gift for her in 2020. 

Shopping for gifts for her

Finding the right gift for someone you care about can be even better than receiving the perfect gift for you (well, nearly!). Although women can be difficult to buy for, choosing something the recipient can wear will ensure they receive a present that’s functional and stylish. Enhanced with your own unique twist, you can turn something to wear into something chic, funny, comfortable or fashionable. 

If you want to impress a lady in your life this year and give them a gift they’ll love, choose something they can wear and you’re sure to get something they love. From perfume and jewelry to bags, scarves, and hats; there are endless options to explore when you’re shopping for the perfect gift for her. 


Leather jackets are more than just outerwear. They are a fashion accessory that can bring even the most everyday attire to life! As a matter of fact, there are styles of clothing to best coordinate with every type of leather jacket imaginable. From the classic to the casual, there is a vast selection of styles that complement the timeless piece. Here are just a few of the many leather jacket styles and the outfits to pair with them.

The edgy leather jacket

Do you own an “edgy” leather jacket? You know the type. It has straps with buckles, and if you are into the retro look, it may even have studs. If you have this type of leather jacket, you may be tempted to pair it with ripped jeans and a basic T-shirt, but that combination simply lacks imagination.

This tough-as-nails coat needs to be anchored by a style that opposes its hardcore façade. In other words, it is best to take your coat to a whole new level by wearing it with a contrasting, ultra-feminine look. Match it with a tight crop top in a solid pastel hue, such as lavender, or a pseudo-neon color, such as hot pink or lime green.

On the bottom, drive the point home with a soft, flowing skirt. You get bonus points if your skirt has a floral-pattern, lace, or flourishes. Complete the look with white, strappy sandals and dainty drop earrings.

The fur lined leather jacket

The fur-lined leather jacket can be dressy or it could lend itself to the business casual scene. It is tough, yet soft just like the modern career woman. By adding it to a turtleneck and pullover sweater combo, you’ll get that geek-chic look that’s currently trending. Neutral-toned slacks, black flats, and medium-sized hoop earrings complete the contemporary office look.

You can also use this versatile jacket to dress up a bodycon dress for the weekend. These form-fitting dresses have been all the rage this year, for thin to full-figured women. They’re super simple, yet they come alive when paired with the perfect accessory.

Pairing any solid-colored bodycon dress with a fur-lined leather jacket adds a bit of spunk to the basic item. It adds a rebellious flavor that is sure to get you noticed. As we approach winter, accent the ensemble with leather, fur-lined booties, a beret, and fingerless gloves to show off those nails! Red, maroon, or plum shades are best for this time of year.

The standard leather jacket.

This is the coat that we think of when leather jackets are mentioned. This James Dean style can match nearly anything. If you only have the standard black, consider grabbing another one in brown, burgundy red or purple.

This style pairs well with a number of outfits. Having other shades would make this style even more versatile. Sport a vintage T-shirt with faded jeans or a stretchy, patterned tunic with dark denim. They both call for different shades of leather. With the first outfit, a black or dark brown standard jacket is needed, but the second choice will work best with a burgundy or maroon coat. Either way, throw on your standard leather jacket and a pair of sneakers and you are casual date ready.

The cropped leather jacket

Cropped leather coats are super-cute, and should be the focal point of any outfit that they are a part of. As such, they should only be paired with basic pieces like leggings and skinny jeans. The leggings can have a funky pattern, if you wish, but only if you wear them with a top in a subdued color, like a rusty red, or navy blue. Remember, longer tops work well, since they balance the cropped length of the coat.

Just remember, that even with the focus on the cropped coat, you should still add accessories to complete the outfit. For earrings, try fun geometric shapes to pair with patterned leggings and clogs. However, if you prefer skinny jeans and a longer blouse, try a Y-shaped statement necklace, large hoops, and mid-calf boots in leather that match the jacket.

Leather jackets are a fashion statement and a brilliant addition to any lackluster outfit. Throwing a leather jacket over the simplest of ensembles can perk it up and add a rebellious, yet still sophisticated flair. You can also easily transform your leather jacket, whether it’s by dyeing or bedazzling it, to give it some fresh flair and a new look. This winter, pick one of these styles to reinvigorate your garb and break free from convention.

xoxo D.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and chances are your man is already planning a way to make the evening lovely. Anyone needs some good Valentine’s Day tip, right? Those cute little earrings you wanted? He’s probably got them. Dinner at that chic new place downtown? The table is booked. Or maybe a gorgeous bouquet of your favourite flowers? He’s picking those up on his way home from work. Whatever it is, it’s going to be special, and that’s why you love him.

But it takes two to tango – every happy couple knows that reciprocity goes a long way in making a good relationship. And nothing makes a man happier than a little spice! If you’re wondering what you can do to make you man feel as special as he makes you feel, here are a few ideas for a Valentine’s Day that he won’t be able to get out of his mind.

1.     Give him a massage. 

Few men can imagine anything sexier than getting a slow, thorough massage from the woman they love. The best part is, you don’t have to be a professional masseuse to give your man a relaxing, amazingly sensual experience he will ask for again and again. Just get some scented oils and sensual music and have him lay back, relax, and enjoy the show.

2.     Buy yourself some sexy lingerie. 

What could be sexier than the most beautiful woman he knows gift-wrapped in a thin layer of lace? That’s right, nothing. No matter your body type, you’re sure to find something that will blow his mind. Corsets, thigh highs, negligees, teddies, bodysuits and these sexy nightdresses – there is something for every woman. Release your seductive side and watch your man drool like a true modern-day goddess. 

3.     Get matching tattoos.

Tats are not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re ready to forever wear something that will remind you of your love for each other, go for it. After all, there is no denying that pain and pleasure are two sides of the same coin. And the endorphins released into your system during the tattoo session are sure to come in handy in the bedroom later…

4.     Recreate your first date. 

Looking back at that first, perhaps awkward yet exciting date can arouse all sorts of positive feelings in both of you. Wear the same clothes (if you still have them!), go to the same place, order the same food and drinks, and look back on the moment you realized you were in love with this stranger.

5.     Make a bucket list together. 

The last idea was about celebrating the past – this one is about planning the future. Sharing a bottle of wine and making a list of all of the dreams you’d like to fulfill together is sure to bring you closer. Who knows, you might just wake up with a hangover and plane tickets to Hawaii to match!

Valentine’s Day can be so much more than a heart-shaped box of chocolates – a time for you and your significant other to celebrate your intimacy, both physical and emotional. The best part is that, what with all of the red heart-shaped balloons adorning every shop, he might not even be expecting anything extraordinary. Until you walk in the room in a satin babydoll, that is…

xoxo D.

You know that to earn the “wedding of the year” title isn’t that easy. However, to make the first step in getting it is to decide what style and color decorations would be a perfect match for your wedding. Therefore, this article is here for making up your mind about the best color and style for your wedding.

We all have dreamed of our wedding day as little girls, haven’t we? Imagining yourself in a dress that seems too good to be true with a beautiful bridal bouquet walking down the aisle. Take a moment and try to remember your perfect wedding picture with all the details and emotions you experienced back then. ‘Cause with all these wedding rush you need to find a moment to just exhale and let these childhood memories plunge you into the world of dreams and become your meditation in some way.

While you are gaining strength, let’s continue planning the wedding with more pleasant and important details such as choosing the color and style of the wedding.

This article reveals trendy colors and styles of the future 2020 year so that you can choose the best ones for your wedding. We will show you how to combine the selected styles with trendy colors using examples so you can imagine how they work together.


This style is always about elegance, sophistication and laconicism. You can’t disagree that this style is a true classic, not just a fleeting trend. If we talk about a wedding bouquet, then the best choice would be a mono-bouquet i.e., composed of only one kind of flowers. Mono-bouquets will always be relevant due simplicity and the natural beauty of flowers.

Grace and tenderness, quality of fabric, original cut, lack of decor these are the main criteria in choosing a dress in the style of minimalist.

The beauty of minimalist is that it does not overload information and focuses on small details through which you can reveal the identity of your couple like, for example, invitations. Simple but creative is what you are looking for, no need to make them with a lot of decor or complex fonts.

A wedding in a minimalist style dictates its own rules. Minimum of jewelry for maximum effect, isn’t that chic?

Suitable color

Of course, it’s Brilliant White, there is nothing more perfect and pure than a snow-white color for a wedding in a minimalist style. A dress-code in white would be a good idea, because simple elegance is about minimalist.


Victorian style is all about luxury and nobility, but we insist on adding a romantic touch. As for the bridal look, then there is nothing more romantic than puff sleeves, flounces, lace and open shoulders. Imagine how such a dress will emphasize the fragility and elegance of the bride.

In addition to the bridal look will be a wedding bouquet with pearls and lace decor in it to give a vintage look.

When it comes to wedding invitations use a script font that gives the feeling of handwriting or you can actually try to write it yourself on an aged paper and wrapping everything in a lace ribbon. Such an invitation will add a feeling of a love letter and guests will feel become a part of your love story. Isn’t it romantic?

To create the right atmosphere use all the rare things that you will find. A wedding in this style will be light, gentle and very touching.

Suitable color

We think that Coral Pink will be perfect, because its delicate shade creates the atmosphere of tenderness and romance suitable for this Victorian style. A great option for the photo zone with the addition of greenery and wedding textiles.


Comfort, convenience and functionality are important for a modern bride, that is why her choice today is a pantsuit. In 2020, trousers are increasingly coming to the fore when choosing a wedding outfit. It’s already impossible to surprise anyone with a classic trouser suit, so the designers came up with elegant trousers for brides with a wedding train. So it’s some kind of a mix of business wardrobe and wedding attire.

There will be two hot modern trends in the coming year such as: jumpsuit and…SHORTS! If your wedding will be held in summer, then, believe us, in such an unbearable heat, shorts will be your salvation. Another plus is that at last everyone will be able to see your tanned taut legs that will not be hidden under a full skirt.

An ideal invitation for a wedding in a modern style would be an electronic invitation. Now you can implement an electronic invitation not only in the format of the picture, but also in the format of the invitation site. How cool is that?

What could be more modern than technology? That is why with the development of technology, mapping has become the main wedding trend in 2020. Mapping is the projection of specially created video on embossed surfaces, such as buildings. This will definitely immerse you into the atmosphere of fiction and you will feel as if in a fairy tale.

Modern wedding bouquets look a bit disheveled and careless what gives them a natural touch. But what will make it truly in a modern style is to put a Go Pro camera in your bride’s bouquet so that the most touching moments will be taken from your face. You will be like a walking mobile phone tracker, so parents can not worry where their children will be, because an all-seeing bouquet watches them, haha. Anyway, at the end of the evening you can show the mounted video and the guests will be surprised for sure. 

Suitable color

For the wedding in a modern style will be perfect to add some bright accents, for example Flame Scarlet color. Bright, pure, hot color will look great on the bride’s lips, bridesmaids’ dresses and in wedding’s floristry.

Remember that trends are just trends, we all know how fleeting they are. So, you need to rely on your own taste and preferences since this day is only yours and your fiancé, just do whatever you want, ‘cause you own it to that little girl inside you.

xoxo D.

With plenty of research and preparation, you finally decided to achieve your dream wedding without breaking the bank. That would be quite a feat! Many couples are so easily carried away by their excitement of making their wedding a bonanza that they end up deep in unnecessary debt.

Of course, saving a few bucks does not mean compromising the glamor of your wedding day. At the same time, you would want to show gratitude to your bridesmaids and groomsmen. You can take a cue from sites like www.cathysconcepts.com for some beautiful gifts for your entourage that are stylish and very much affordable.

Personalized Accessories

Nothing makes a gift more meaningful and lasting than a touch of customization. And no gift is more elegant than a piece of jewelry. You could combine the best of both worlds and come up with a wedding memento for your entourage that is worth keeping and wearing.

In keeping with your goal of not splurging too much, these gift items do not need to cost a fortune to match their beauty, elegance, and meaning. The fact is you could spend less than $10 for each accessory piece. You could go for white pearl bracelets or necklaces for the bridesmaids. For the groomsmen, you could prepare for each of them a set of cufflinks and tie clips.

The plus factor for the accessories is the personalization. You could have their names or initials engraved on their gifts for a more distinguished look.

Personalized Attendant Boxes

You could up the ante on your entourage gifts by giving each bridesmaid and groomsmen a personalized wooden gift box set.

The wooden structure exudes a warm vintage feel. The cover of each box could have the recipient’s name etched or engraved on it. You could also add with it a simple, heartfelt message from you. For the contents, that would be all up to you. It is pretty much the sky’s the limit at this point.

To get you started with the contents right away, you could put in a champagne glass on each box, whether for a groomsman or bridesmaid. Then add a cardholder or pouch for the bridesmaids and a stainless card multitool for the groomsmen.

Personalized Vegan Leather Products

Keeping up with the stylish side of things, most would recommend using vegan leather products. There is more with this gift option in terms of variety and style that could easily suit your wedding theme and your entourage.

By choosing vegan leather gift items, you get to promote earth-friendly and guilt-free products. These could even become discussion pieces during the wedding. Since these vegan leather products have the beauty of genuine leather, they come off as stylish and very fashionable, but surprisingly much lower costs.

And as with everything else highlighted earlier, vegan leather products are highly customizable. Thus, you could go ahead and have your bridesmaids and groomsmen’s names printed or etched on their gifts for a more personal touch.

Those gift ideas should help you sort out what you would need for your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Or, if not, help point you in the right direction and ensure that you keep your goal of balancing your expenses and making the most out of your wedding day. Besides, there is no point in stressing yourself too much and ruining your pre-wedding skincare and missing what truly matters.

xoxo D.

Cocktail dresses make a bold statement while still making you look (and feel) elegant and reposed. The perfect mix of bold, sexy, and confident, the cocktail dress is a favorite for just about any occasion, whether it be a work-related gathering or a simple night out on the town. That being said, there are actually several varieties of cocktail dress to choose from; from the classic little black dress that’s become a staple in any wardrobe to the lace dress for those extra-special occasions when you want to look your best. Here are five types of cocktail dresses that are perfect for any occasion.   

The Little Black Dress (of Course)

What cocktail dress list would be complete without the little black dress? Sleek, form-fitting, slimming, and simple, the black cocktail dress has been giving ladies everywhere a sense of elegance and casual class perfectly blended into one outfit. The little black dress can be worn pretty much anywhere, even to more high-end events. You’ll find the little black cocktail dress at weddings, red carpet events, and more! Even plus size ladies can enjoy the sleek style of a little black cocktail dress, with high end plus size cocktail dresses available online and in some clothing/department stores. 

The little black dress comes in just about any variety and price you can think of, making it perhaps the most versatile cocktail dress and nothing less than an essential piece of every wardrobe. If you don’t have a little black dress in your wardrobe, it’s time to find one that fits your shape just right. You’ll feel like a million dollars in a sleek, form-fitting cocktail dress with the right accessories and some heels to complete the look. It’s safe to say that the little black dress is perhaps the most important option on this list, and certainly one of the most important components of a complete wardrobe.  

The A-Line Dress

The A-line cocktail dress is more of a classic approach to the look but still stands out as a stylish and flirtatious option for ladies of all shapes and sizes. You can opt for long or short dress options with an A-line, with both serving their own style and showing off your legs and shoes. You can bare even more with a spaghetti strap option, or a halter style to keep your shoulders covered. 

The best part about the A-line dress is that it looks great on ladies of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a plus size beauty or a thinner lady, the A-line’s shape will show off your curves in all the right ways. The shape and style of this cocktail dress make it perfect for casual and formal occasions alike, and there are dozens of styles available to choose from. From designer plus size fashion to options for thinner ladies, the A-line is the versatile option you need to iron out your wardrobe. 

The Long-Sleeve Dress

Adding sleeves to an A-line dress takes it a step further into the casual/formal look. A perfect balance of sophistication and boldness, the long-sleeve dress shows off the subtle curves of your legs while hiding your shoulders, collar bones, and arms. The dress says “I’m ready for a party, but I’m also a classy lady.” Take the skirt up a little higher to show off more of your legs, or keep it long to reveal only the bottom half of your legs and your ankles. If you’re looking to draw attention to your heels, the longer option is the way to go! If you want a more flirtatious look, a shorter length should do the trick. 

Embellished Cocktail Dress

Embellishments such as sequins, beads, feather patterns, and more, can really make your dress stand out in the crowd. Whether you want to shimmer in the light with an eye-catching sequin pattern or add texture to that plain old cocktail dress with a bold floral pattern, the embellished cocktail dress is the right choice for the more eccentric look. 

You’ll get the style, grace, and comfort of a typical cocktail dress without the plain look that often accompanies it. Take your fashion to another level by choosing this unique look the next time you’re looking for a cocktail dress! 


Nothing is quite as sleek and sexy as lace, and on a cocktail dress, it’s simply radiant. Lace is about as feminine as it gets, showing off your female prowess and providing a whole other level of comfort to the cocktail dress. Lace is quite versatile as well, being able to be made into many different styles. If you’re looking for that perfect balance of style and boldness, adding a lace cocktail dress to your wardrobe should do just that. Remember to find a great pair of heels to go with it! 

xoxo D.

Everyone loves wrapping boxes from under the Christmas tree, but what about the things we stick in the stockings? The Christmas gifts. Pulling down the stockings to hand out to your family can be a treasured part of the Christmas experience. As such, you want to be sure your stocking stuffers are fun, small, and affordable!

Stocking stuffers can be anything as small as a piece of candy to larger items you can bundle up. If the loved one you’re shopping for has a sophisticated taste, here are 5 ideas that won’t break the bank and will easily fit.

Phone Case

Some phone cases can be very expensive, that much is true. However, some of the best looking iPhone cases are completely affordable! It’s easier now more than ever to find a case that fits every personality. Some are simple, solid colors. Others have intricate designs and textures. There are also charging cases and wallet cases that won’t kill your budget! It’s a great idea for a trendy tech lover who loves to use their phone as an accessory.


Jewelry can be expensive, that’s true. You can still find some beautiful and/or funky jewelry, like necklaces and earrings, for reasonable prices. 

Look for those holiday sales at larger department stores or even jewelry shops. Accessories work for nearly anyone, as long as you find something you know appeals to their taste. Who doesn’t love accessories when they want to look good? And jewelry will easily slide into those stockings!

Hair Accessories

From headbands to bobby pins, anyone that loves to style their hair will appreciate these holiday gifts. Flower crowns, sparkly bands, and decorative barrettes are making big strides in fashion right now. 

For fun, you can even throw in a little tiara. Scrunchies are also making a massive comeback thanks to 80’s nostalgia, and you can find some fantastic multi-packs at great prices. 


Makeup can get pricey. Anyone who knows anything about makeup knows that. Still, you can find good quality cosmetics at low cost in most cosmetics stores like Ulta and Sephora. Brands like NYX and Make-Up Revolution have loyal followings and lower prices than luxury brands. 

Another thing you could do is palettes. This will be a more expensive option, but if you know it’s trendy and something they want, it could make their holiday amazing! Most palettes will fit into a stocking, too.

Tumbler/Travel Mug

You’d be hard-pressed to find a modern-day woman who doesn’t carry around a cute travel mug or tumbler for her coffee, water, shakes, smoothie, or juice. However, custom tumblers tend to stay under $30, and they’ll take up a lot of room in the stocking, so you won’t have as much to stuff! 

You can’t go wrong with a travel cup. You can find a ton of designs, and many have the choice to customize! Add initials, a fun quote, or a bonus gift card inside and you’ve got a wonderful Christmas gift.

Bottom Line

Whether it’s something they can wear or something they can carry, choosing how to fill up those decorative socks offers a lot of creative freedom. 

For trendy family members, you can get many different types of accessories or cosmetics. For others, a bag of candy or a collection of favorite snacks might be just as welcome. It all comes down to knowing your friends and family and how to fill their stocking with love rather than expensive gifts.  

Your holidays should be fun and full of love – keep this in mind as you prepare stockings stuffers! 

xoxo D.

Spending money on clothes may feel like a loss. It’s not gold or real estate that may increase in value at some point, and they often go out of date faster than you imagine. Pouring cash on expensive clothing is a pointless task when you’re on a budget. Once your clothes age, there’s no going back.

After using an article of clothing for a while, we grow tired of it. It feels either too boring or too shabby. But what if you could make your old clothes new again?

Here are ten ways to make your old clothes new again.

Embroider Some Colorful Designs

One way to transform your old wardrobe is embroidery. Add some colorful stitch patterns on your clothes to give them a fresh new look.

We often buy the same clothes as the next person from the popular stores. Embroidery lets you make your clothes one of a kind. Even if factory-made clothes are not unique, yours can be with embroidery.

To find the right embroidery machine, visit CraftsSelection.com. Check out their reviews and find the embroidery machine that works for you.

Resize Old Stretchy Clothes

Clothing that’s loosely woven or made from natural materials like cotton or wool will stretch over time.

A stretched out top or sweater looks shabby and worn. Resize it to your shape by cutting and sewing. Or you can shrink it, which is a little risky but worth it if you can get it right.

Change the Sleeves

Transform the sleeves of your top to make it appear new. You’d be surprised how different it’ll make your top look.

With this method, you can replace the sleeve with a different fabric. You can use a patterned fabric on a single-colored shirt to give it a new look, or you can cut off the sleeves all together.

Reshape the Neckline

Spice up your boring top by changing its neckline. A round-necked shirt might feel boring so turn it into a V-neck, T-shirt or any other neckline. You can also cut off the collar all together to get a rough retro look.

Turn Trousers into Capris or Shorts

Wearing the same trousers every other day gets boring. But wait before you toss your trousers into the donation box. Why not turn your old trousers into a pair of capris or shorts?

Cut your trousers into the length you want and sew it with a good finishing. If you’re working with denim trousers, you can change them into cut off shorts or even a skirt. Your old pair of jeans will look amazing as shorts and it will save you money during the summer!

Using Tie-Dye

Tie-dye may sound very hippie to you but it’s a great idea for summer clothing. You can change your plain single-colored tees into multi-colored beauties. The amazing thing about tie-dying is how unique it can make your clothes look.

If you’re looking to update an old white shirt, tie-dye works best on. You can also tie-dye your light or brightly colored shirts.

Change Its Entire Color

If you want to transform your clothes, hand dyeing is the perfect way to do it. No one will even realize that this was once an old tee shirt. If the color of your old shirt has faded, dye it again to another shade. It will be like buying a brand new shirt!

Hand dyeing gives you the unique opportunity to choose the exact color you want. You can try out hand-dyeing following this method. 

Bedazzle It

Yes, bedazzling is not just for children. A little bedazzling can transform your boring old jeans or jackets. Jewels can make ordinary things look fancier. You can do this to revamp your old clothes, shoes, bags, etc.

Bedazzling your belongings can make them uniquely yours. You can do it the old fashioned way with glue. Or you can take the easy way out and buy a bedazzler.

Add Some Trimmings

Trimmings are additional pieces of clothing that decorate your clothes. You can find all sorts of trimmings, from lace to ribbons, online or at a fabric store. 

You can add these trimmings to your old clothes and refashion them. For example, you can use lace trimmings to change the hem of your dress or skirt. You can stitch ribbons onto your coat and give it a new style.

Trimmings are a great way to reform your old clothes. They can make any boring item of clothing more fashionable. 

Turn Them into Clothes for Your Kids

At last, if you’re really tired of your clothes, you can give them away. But with a little creativity, you can hand them down to your kids.

As children are always growing, we often have to spend a lot on clothing. Save yourself some money and refashion your old clothes for your children.

This is why learning to sew is so rewarding. It helps you turn your old sweaters and shirts into dresses for your daughter or other fashion items for your children.

Final Thoughts

A little hard work can transform your old wardrobe into a brand new one. Use these DIY methods and you won’t have to buy new clothes for a while.

Not only do you get completely personalized clothes, but you’ll also get to save a lot of money. So, don’t throw out your old clothes, refashion them into new fashion wear. Have fun!

xoxo D.