Fashion Trends among Teenagers in 2023

Teens love to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Staying on top of what’s current makes them feel confident and stylish. Fashion has always been a part of teen culture. Teens express their individuality through their clothing choices. With the rise of social media, awareness of fashion trends is greater than ever. 


Sustainable fashion

The whole world is becoming more environmentally conscious and teens are no exception. Sustainable fashion is becoming more popular among teens. There is a high demand for eco-friendly shoes, clothing, and accessories. Brands that commit to reducing their carbon footprint and promoting ethical practices receive support from sustainably-minded teens. 


Chunky sneakers

Chunky sneakers are bigger and bolder than ever in 2023. They can give any outfit an edge. Teenage girls tend to pair them with cute denim skirts or shorts. Teenage boys wear them with jeans or joggers for a stylish yet casual look. Walk the halls of any academic institution and students will be wearing some brand of sneakers whether it’s Adidas, Reebok, Vans, or Nike. Teens who want to keep up with fashion trends may not find time to write essays. They can use the online writing service where to pay for research paper. Reaching out to a writer to write a research paper for them will save them time. They will also be assured of receiving a quality paper that’s original and plagiarism free. The services are affordable and they only have to pay when they are fully satisfied with the end result.


Oversized clothing

Oversized clothing has been popular for a while but there is no sign of this trend slowing down. It is perfect for allowing teens to express their style without sacrificing comfort. Comfort is always a key factor in teen fashion. Brands like Vans and Champion have many versions of oversized, baggy clothing. Slouchy, oversized blazers were all the rage on the runways for summer. Many teens like to experiment with layering. They will pair a baggy sweatshirt with a cropped tee or tight-fitting tank top. It’s all about finding a balance between style and comfort. Someone like Hailey Bieber is a style icon for many teen girls. She often wears oversized clothing, crop tops, and sneakers in a mix of streetwear and high fashion.


Gothic style

Some fashion trends have taken off due to viral TikTok and Instagram moments like the gothic aesthetic worn by Jenna Ortega in the movie Wednesday. Her prom dress was the envy of many a teen. When styling a gothic look for warmer weather, it’s the details like black lace and sheer paneling that make an outfit softer. Teens are pairing summer dresses with chunky platform boots or wearing black corsets over sheer, long-sleeved tops. 


Biker shorts and graphic tees

Many influencers today wear biker shorts and Kim Kardashian is the one who made them popular. They are great for pairing with loose tops, sweatshirts, or hoodies. They are most popular in black and made from stretch material. Graphic tees are always popular with teens. They can be striking and very artistically done. High fashion brands often use funny, surrealist, and subversive messages on their tees. Teens will sport these tees with pride as an expression of their individuality. 


Cargo pants

Students are throwing on comfy graphic print sweatshirts and some relaxed-fitting cargo pants for a day of classes. This looks cool in a super effortless way, especially when paired with sneakers and a beanie in colder weather. Bella Hadid is one of the fashion icons showing teens how to wear cargo pants in 2023. Bella will throw on cargo pants and a tee with a micro cardigan. Camila Cabello has shown that cargo pants paired with a form-fitting top can be a great combo. Many of the top fashion brands are coming out with iterations of cargo pants such as denim options or cream options with minimalistic pockets.  


Geometric cutouts

Geometric cut-outs are adding dimension to outfits in 2023. There are many possibilities when it comes to this trend such as cut-outs on dresses, tops, and even jackets. Brands like Free People and Nasty Gal offer a wide range of items featuring geometric cutouts. A whole shoulder or one hip may be exposed. One-piece swimsuits with cutouts are also popular. 


Low-slung waists

The low-slung waist is back in fashion. It was popular in the early 2000s but it is receiving a contemporary twist today. Everything from jeans, evening skirts to suits and shorts are undergoing the low-rise treatment. Brands like Urban Outfitters are already offering a wide range of options for this trend, including low-slung jeans, shorts, and skirts. Teens are pairing the look with crop tops to show off bare midriffs. 


Vivid colors

Bright orange and vivid magenta are just two of the bold color choices teens are making this year. Neon greens and hot pinks are other hues teens are incorporating into their outfits. They are wearing statement pieces like jackets in bright colors. Others are introducing vivid colors in their accessories, like their jewelry or sunglasses. H&M and Asos are some brands offering brightly colored clothing.


Sheer fabrics 

Sheer fabrics are another popular trend for teens who want to show off their femininity and still keep it edgy. Sheer fabrics are worn in many different ways. Popular brands such as Missguided and Forever21 have dresses, blouses, and skirts celebrating sheer fabrics. They are adding overlays to dresses and creating intrigue with sheer blouses.  



We may have thought we said goodbye to plaid forever but it has a sneaky way of coming back. Teens are pairing plaid skirts and blazers with chunky boots and graphic tees. Plaid can add a touch of something different to outfits without sacrificing comfort. Swapping out a button-up shirt for a plaid one under a sweater and adding a matching beanie is a popular option. An oversized plaid shirt with black leggings and white sneakers is another good combination. A huge plaid coat can add interest to a plain outfit. 


Sweater vests and wide-legged jeans

Sweater vests give off academic vibes and teens keep it casual with on-trend wide-leg jeans. They will wear a sweater vest alone or layer it over a white button-down shirt for a more classic look. The wide-leg jeans keep the look fashion-forward. 



It is impossible to look at fashion trends for 2023 without mentioning Barbiecore. There’s been a resurgence of bright pink thanks to the Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie. Some teens are incorporating pops of pink in their shoes and handbags. Others are going pink from head to toe. 



Accessories also play a significant role in teen fashion. Oversized sunglasses, quirky hats, and statement earrings are just some pieces that are popular. Small shoulder bags are another good choice. Brands like Urban Outfitters and H&M offer a range of interesting accessory options. 


Current style icons with an influence on teens

As mentioned previously, Hayley Bieber is one of the style icons teens look up to and the Hadid sisters are others. Here are some others.  

Ariana Grande 

Ariana Grande is a fashion icon for many teen girls. She flawlessly puts together vintage and contemporary looks. She frequently wears a signature high ponytail and dresses in oversized sweaters, mini-dresses, and boots. Grande has collaborated with various fashion brands to create her own clothing and accessory lines. Her style can be feminine and girly but is also comfortable and effortless. She can combine streetwear and high fashion and isn’t afraid to experiment with patterns and color. 

Lily Collins

Another celebrity with an influence on teen fashion is Lily Collins who plays Emily Cooper of Emily in Paris fame. She embodies quirky, eccentric glamor. The hashtag on TikTok referring to Emily Cooper’s outfits has generated over 75 million views. Neon clothes and accessories show up repeatedly in the series. Emily’s style evolved through the series and became ever edgier in later seasons. 


At the age of 26 Zendaya is showing some decisive style choices. She has exchanged her ‘girl next door’ image for a more purposeful approach and looks equally elegant in a man’s suit as in a silk gown. Her fashion touch is being noticed by some esteemed designers and many young girls are inspired by her. 

 Harry Styles

 Harry Styles is another style icon with a great deal of influence on teens. He isn’t afraid of breaking the boundaries of masculinity by wearing pearls and bows. He has the ability to mix masculine and feminine elements in a cohesive way. Harry is not just a trendsetter but his style manages to provoke cultural conversations. He has gone far beyond his boy brand roots and his black skinny jeans and paisley shirts. 


In 2023 teenagers have a wide range of trends to choose from. Whether they are into bold colors, oversized clothing, or vintage accessories, there is no shortage of ways for them to express themselves through fashion. They also have many different style icons to inspire them along the way.