If you are finding amazing ideas to impress your favorite person then wearing black can be your favorite choice. At the same time, choosing a black dress is not enough. You have to know what color of shoes to wear with black dress since shoes are a true reflection of your personality. 

Today is the day that we are going to discuss amazing ideas to help you style a black dress with perfect shoes. It is clear that you need to pick perfect shoes to complement your black dress. If you are confused about the selection process, don’t worry, we will help you to know about beautiful color shoes to style with a black dress.

What Color of Shoes to Wear With Black Dress

Black And Golden 

Golden accessories with golden shoes can create perfect party attire in your black dress. This color is associated with glam and glitz making it perfect for the black color dress. Having golden shoes in your wardrobe should be essential if you want to look bold and beautiful in your black dress.  Make sure that the golden color is very decent and not too old or too bright.

Red Wrap Heels

Wrap heels can make you feel great when worn with a black dress, especially when these are red in color. If you are used to wearing high heel shoes then this could be a perfect match for you otherwise it can be very hard for you to maintain a balance. 

So, if you are intending to walk in your black dress, then wrap heels could be a better choice for you. These heels can help you win the show when worn while dancing.

Polka Dot Shoes

Polka dot design may seem an old design but it looks very decent when worn with a black dress. 

If you are planning to wear your complete black dress with polka dot shoes, then make sure the shoe has a whole black color with white polka dots over it. 

You can also go with a complete red color and white color polka dot designing over the shoes. Polkadot shoes are mostly budget-friendly.

Black And Silver 

If you want a glittery answer to “what color shoes with the black dress” will suit you the most, then the best option is a combination of a black dress with silver shoes. When it comes to the styling quotient, silver shoes always present a glittery shine. 

With a combination of silver shoes and a black dress, you should also consider metal accessories such as handbags, earrings, and lockets. A choice of silver heels with a black dress can flaunt your style.

Black And Black 

Not only a black dress is a good choice but having black shoes with black dressing will create a bold look. The entire black look can help you top the show. Whether you wear a long dress or a short dress, black on black combination always looks great and immensely beautiful.

A black dress with black shoes is a perfect combination for an evening date or dinner. 

The best thing about this combination is that this combination never goes wrong on any occasion.

Black And White Heels 

If you want to feel a sense of serenity and peace, then combine a black dress with white shoes. According to experts, white shoes with a black dress are a combination that is hard to ignore. 

This combination should be a must for every woman’s wardrobe. You can also wear a white pearl set with a combination of a black dress and white shoes. 

This will make you very relaxed about what shoes with a black dress will suit you the most.

Brown Color Shoes With Black Dress.

If you are confused in deciding about what color shoes with the black dress will look perfect, then try brown heels combination with a black dress. 

Without any offense, it can be seen that brown is a truly decent color no matter which dresses you wear. It mostly goes with every color you wear. 

Brown color shoes give you Peaceful and casual vibes when worn with a black dress. Don’t forget to carry a brown bag of color similar to your brown shoes, it will look sexier.

Black Dress With Pink Heels

If you are a teenager and you want some cute combinations with your black dress then pink should be your first choice. Combining a black dress with pink heels will really make you look like a cute doll. Pink is a very graceful and gentle color and works best when worn with black color. The pink shoes are consistent when thinking about what color shoes with black dress look perfect.

Important Factors To Consider 

Black dress is always considered a lifesaver, no matter what the event, occasion, or season. You can style black dresses in different ways by choosing different accessories to style with. 

There are some useful tips that one should keep in mind before trying to decide on your shoes with the black dress : 

1. While making the selection for what color shoes with a black dress for women, you should go for nude colors if you are planning to elongate your legs. 

2. You should also try colors that are in full contrast such as orange, yellow, red, or even cobalt blue. 

3. Make sure that you buy high-quality shoes with an appropriate level of comfort. Never compromise on the comfort and quality of your shoes. 

4. If you want to look professional, you should go for classic choices like a black dress with tan shoes or an all-black look. 

5. If you don’t wear socks, you can always look classy. 

6. If you are a businesswoman, try to go for shoes that have an ideal heel length to style with your black dress.

7. If you are planning to wear a black maxi, you can style any kind of heel sandals.


These are some simple tips about what color of shoes to wear with black dress.There are thousands of colors to combine with a black dress. Some of the most preferred colors are explained above. However, you can try your own color combination with a black dress. 

Experts suggest that choosing a solid color with a black dress makes you look hotter and bold. Therefore, choosing bold colors can be a perfect choice for your black dress.


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