Luscious glam hair, freshly coifed, freshly washed and dried, commercial hair, model hair, big hair don’t care – THIS is the new hairstyle trend of 2016. The BLOWOUT hairstyle is back ladies, and I wonder if that means we’re embracing the glam glowing locks look all the way, ready to ditch the slept-in-bed-sex-hair for good? Or is this just a look that goes hand in hand with all the others?

Side note: I’m really scared but also kinda excited of the fear we’re dangerously getting closer to 80s kitsch. If *that* perm hair comes back I’m done.

Things could be worse though. We could do 2000s all over again.

So the perfect supermodel hair is BACK. If only I had perfect hair I’d love this hairstyle trend.

But I don’t, so for me the messy hair, the salty beach waves look, the slept in look was more doable than any other hairstyles in my life. Back in the day when supermodel hair was big, both literally as figuratively I was doomed. Now it seems I’m bound for the doomed hair situation again.

Of course not all is about me (go figure!) and truth is the BLOWOUT hairstyle is one brilliant motherfucker. It looks absolutely fabulous on most people, whose hair is normal hair and it holds. It’s glamorous, effortless, sexy, healthy looking, feminine, old-school but modern.


What is a blowout hairstyle? It’s when you go to the hair salon and the stylist will dry your hair with a round hairbrush and a hairdryer giving you a natural hair glow with a bit of a volume and bounce. It’s really amazing, in every sense of the word.

You can try the blowout at home as well. All you gotta do is watch enough youtube tutorials to master the skills. I could do it 60%, so if this is the case, you guys can totally out-do me.

The blowout is exactly the opposite of textured slightly messy hair, and because it’s so glossy and bouncy it looks amazing for work, office days, meetings, evening. It’s a very clean and polished hair look.

BUT I just think it’s not for everyone. I know women whose hair looks perfectly like blowout without any effort. It’s thick hair, it shines, it floats, it’s straight but it beautifully waves towards the end. For them blessed hair manes gals the blowout hairstyle is not such high maintenance.

For others with thin hair (yes, me, myself, and I) the blowout looks great for about a few  hours, maybe a whole day and night. It will have volume, but it will never be as bouncy and glossy all throughout those 4 or 5 hours it’s suppose to hold.

Those with curly hair don’t have this problemo but they gotta straighten it, and for them too it’s a whole lot of bloody work. Hence the high maintenance situation. #80sScare.

Anyway the best thing about the blowout hairstyle is the fact that while I think it takes more time to pull off it looks way more natural in a very perfectly polished kinda way. It’s literally commercial hair.

Or supermodel hair.

I don’t even know why the hell I’m so surprised, I mean fashion trends come around and go around, and so do beauty looks. So there you have it.

Let’s get some blowout hairstyle inspo and bounce our manes back and forth.



Have a great week my little dolls.


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