I like to think of myself as being a pretty savvy fashion person, at least in the past, and at least in theory moreso than in practice. So I will confess that the above title is tricky… cause you see… vests are neither a hot trend anymore (I am the one to arrive a little late to this party) nor are they a summer staple…

But what are they?

They came back into fashion as a HOT IT thing circa 2022-2023 but back then I had no time to write and a part of me never truly thought vests would stick again in fashion tbh. But as all 90’s and 2000’s things… they did, and here we are, 2 years post the first button down vest instagram moment – still wearing and loving vests in summer.

Button down vests in summer are the more polished, more rich, luxe, elegant and smart version of the tank top vests. They look great! and I mean great! for office in summer, they look great for a casual look, and they are a classic item as much of a 90s fashion lover as we are – button down vests are classic.

How to wear vests this summer?

For office or just an overall smarter more polished look opt for pairing them with suit trousers or skirts. Think of to as an updated version of the 1940’s suits Katherine Hepburn used to wear.

For a more casual look pair them with jeans, a denim skirt.

For a 90s meets 2000’s Brittany Spears inspired look opt for vests and low rise bottoms.

For a casual summer beach inspired look – think rich coastal meets boho chic – choose linen fabrics and wear them slightly oversized.

The shoes always set the tone and so does the fit: oversized or more fitted, so play around with vests and have fun.

Shop the look:




The return of the vest only strengthens my hoarding believes and tendencies even more – I used to own 2 such vests. Never in a million years I thought they’d come back yet here we are. (adds vests to cart)


xoxo D.

Every time I open instagram these days someone famous or beautiful goes redhead and dies their hair either cowboy copper or cherry cola . Why? What happened between blonde, bronde, and balayage that had us all doing 180 and straight into red mode? Well the fashion cycle happened, and the new generation is now inspired by 90s Claire Danes ‘My so called life‘ era.

Oh man where did time fly by. It was just yesterday that I begged my mom to let me dye my hair red in high school. She said no, but I did it anyway. (a few years later). And you know what… looking back almost everyone looked good as a redhead. Which is still available in today’s beauty real world.

Maybe a hairdresser and colourist can help us figure out why? How come anyone looks great with red hair? Or is it just my imagination?

What is different to 2024 red hair trend than that of the past? 

Firstly there’s a new shade in town and it’s called cherry cola, a deep cool red that looks amazing, and has become Dua Lipa’s trademark.

Secondly redheads these days are the 90s version of Angie Everheart... amazing hair, thick and luscious, long, with a 90s blow-out style to it.

That doesn’t;’t mean a thin haired girl with straight hair can’t work this color, or a short pixie cut, or a lob or bob be it curly, wavy, or straight… I think anything works and if my hair wasn’t falling that much these days I’d totally jump on this redhead wagon.


It’s fun, quite sexy, elegant and edgy, luxe and rich, and if you hate it or get bored, it grows and it can be dyed back… If you got the mane for it, do it!

xoxo Dana




Sexy, statement and strong with a dash of relaxed. No, no… this is not the latest slogan for coffee or some summer drink, this is 2024 summer fashion. That it’s bold and beautiful, but equally casual and slightly blasé is non questionable, what is questionable though is – are you a part of this sexy summer revolution or not? Are you loving it? Are you wearing it?

And what in God’s name is IT anyway?

It’s 3 things actually: metallics, sheer clothes, and fringe.

The novelty with these is how daytime accessible the outfits are, or perhaps we’ve grown some style balls and have no problem wearing metallic pants to work or pair some sheer skirt with a basic white tee at 10 o’clock on a Tuesday.

From Gucci to Chloe, Blumarine, Nina Rici, Joanna Ortiz, Dion Lee, Dolce and Gabbana, to Simone Rocha – all of them were caught somewhere between this romantic version of a woman, dainty, feminine, frail, on one hand… – and very powerful, slightly grunge, dark yet draped in see-through-white-lace par example on the other hand. There is something incredibly powerful and sexy in a very confident way about the juxtaposition of contrasts in a look or an outfit.

Throw in some lust for life post pandemic and there you have it – a 2024 disco summer where the world is alive again and we are here dressed for the part at 9 o’clock in the morning, thank you very mucho!

Metallics Trend for 2024 Summer

When I scrolled past some metallic pants on asos circa 6 months ago or so… I said to myself ‘hmm really, daytime jeans in party dressing?‘ Not too long after this I think it was Rocky Barns who did an outfit reel wearing theeee absolute coolest and sexiest pair of 90s cut metallic pants… and then somehow everybody owned a pair. Except me of course.

Why – you ask? No idea… At this point on I feel like if I didn’t’t jump on this trend wagon in time… ahh might as well skip the road testing and adore it from the sides.

We’ll see…

So how does one wear metallic pants in 2024 summer? Easy peasy. It’s all about the leg cut, whether they’re high waisted, mid rise or low rise has no difference whatsoever, it’s all about your personal style. BUT DO stay away from skinny styles, and opt for more classic jeans cut, not too tight, not too oversized… These types look best with a plain tee, a blazer or a party top, why the hell not.

Shoes wise I ADORE metallic pants with skinny heels. Oh my god I might just get a pair of these pants for this look alone. Of course with my busy party/social life (insert sarcasm here) they’d make a pretty cool outfit for instagram.

Gazelle sneakers are a pretty great runner up shoe style and so are chunky heeled sandals. Ah… if only I were shorter… the things I would wear…

Personally I love the metallic pants look for a more polished version of the jean and you know me: I like contrasts so I’d probably wear a white tank top with some skinny sandals.

I do not like a heavy printed top with metallic pants BUT it might just be me and I haven’t yet found a great outfit alongside the mixing prints with metallic pants style.

Last but not least – metallic dresses are to die for. Period.

Sheer Clothes Trend for 2024 Summer 

Oh man… where do I begin with this one. Honestly it deserves  an entire article in itself… EVERYBODY and I mean EVERYBODY is doing the sheer maxi dress look this summer. I’m taking a wild guess here and I assume it’s beach only attire but again who knows…

Surprise surprise I too am deep into this sheer trend. I have a few older pieces (lets call them vintage) that I will bring back to life this summer. Of course given Pinterest and instagram one needs a very nice young body for such a look, but you know what… I like being delusional and I’m also proud (when I’m not insecure) of my body as we all should be. And clothes are just clothes. If they look good on you wear the damn clothes.

But enough about me.

How do we wear sheer? We wear it with bigger coverage bikini and bustiers, because #indecentexposureisafelony I guess… AND usually the look is topped off with a man inspired blazer. I am in love with this look in black. Either a sheer maxi dress, or jumpsuit, OR a two-piece set of either a skirt or pants with a top. All sheer.

I mean…

And heels.

Then come the 90s looks… those who lived it need no fashion guidance. It’s amazing and very cool.

Beach wise we have the sheer dresses, usually backless or with a deep v-cut, the sheer pants, the sheer skirt… they make amazing summer outfits for beach covers, or lunches ORRR dinner?!

Fringe Trend for 2024 Summer

I swear it was last week when my friend and shopping BFF, who was lusting hard over some fringe top (which in her defence was AH-MAZING) asked me if fringe is trending this summer or what?


I kid you not I had no idea it actually is trending. So when I sat down to research for this article and found out about how hot fringe is right now… I felt both joy but also some sort of ignoramus shame… Ah well… live and learn. Also live and re-do trends all over again.

So how about fringe, and how do we wear it this summer, and what is so different about it this time around?

Well… it comes in more glamorous styles, mixed with metallics, sparkles, glitter, disco inspired, flapper vibes. I adore it for evening outfits.

When it comes to daytime styles, there’s the western look I will forever adore, AND the extra long fringe belts that you can wear on top of a mini skirt or tiny shorts for a full on fringe effect.

For me this trend pretty much ends here, as I’ve been a hardcore fan of the fringe for a long time a long long time ago… I did it, and then some more. So I’m good now.

I would however never pass on a drop dead gorgeous evening fringe dress!

Well dayum dayum…. it’s not a boring summer at all and I am here for it. I’ve always had a soft spot for statement pieces and looks so this is just the right sweet fashion talk for me.

What do you think?

xoxo Dana




Fashion is like a 20 year old freshly out of a relationship and willing to fall in love seasonably with a certain someone, crushing hard on them and wearing them out continuously until it’s over. And then the cycle repeats itself. Such is the case with the new IT clothing item that fashion is crushing on at the moment: the animal print pants in either denim or linen or satin or some sort of wide legged fluid flow fabric that goes so well with hot summer days.

Certainly there’s nothing new or groundbreaking about animal print, nor about these types of low rise pants that hang so loosely on our hips… but again fashion fell in love and so did we. Every girl on instagram or in some magazine spread is wearing some sort of version on these animal print pants. Shopping apps and famous retailers alike are throwing discount codes at us for this specific IT item.

You know, being 1245 years old and having seen and lived through quite a lot of trends I still find it refreshing that we are still able to enjoy and feel joy and excitement at a new trend that in itself has no novelty.

Or perhaps it’s the way we wear animal print pants in 2024 that is different. Or perhaps it’s the cut… or it’s us.

I think it’s a bit of all those things but mostly, as improbable as it may sound, it is all about the cut and the design of 2024 animal print pants that are taking over instagram.

The 2024 design is more relaxed, more summer linen style meets edgy cool rich boho chic girl vibe… OR it’s more 90s inspired: boot cut, or straight leg, mid rise, goes well with small tees with summer prints.

The look leans more towards relaxed and rich with a dash of edge and less towards mob-wife-trend if you will.

How to wear animal print pants in 2024? 

Ah the million dollar question pops yet again… well THE LOOK is to pair loose wide legged animal print pants with an oversized boyfriend tee that is white and has some sort of print with red on it. The animal print, white, red combo is a dream come true for me. As a maximalist at heart I now feel seen and heard especially when I throw in a huge necklace and bracelet and about 457 rings. This look is adored in my book.

Then comes the more minimal classic approach of animal print pants with a basic white or black tee, or a button down.

It also looks very fresh and youthful paired with basic tank tops, or with slightly cropped tees.

While everything is pretty much in these days, when it comes to animal print pants 2024, I would actually stay away from mixing them with print tops… it’s too Olivia Palermo circa 2008?! And also I would never pair fluid animal print pants with chunky heels.

The secret of the 2024 look is casual effortlessness, so opt for sneakers, sandals, mules etc.


Look, I don’t know about you but I feel like fashion is finally picking up its rhythm after so many seasons of bland trends and looks.

I think we’re starting to have fun again.

What do you think?

xoxo Dana


Alexa Chung once said, never say never in fashion, cause you’ll be wearing never in 5 years time. Low rise trend 2024  – the 2000s trend we so dreaded falls somewhere in between these words. Remember all those early 2000s music videos? Of fit, six packed barely 20 years old gorgeous natural girls? Well… that’s the look, that’s the style and it’s here. Only we’re 20 years oldER and we’re packing a lot more than a six pack.

Which brings me to my issue. While it took me some time to get used to this trend’s second round – low rise jeans have got a hold of my heart, yet again. I’m in my 40s, so this is not a very easy statement to make, but I ain’t ashamed of my taste, I happen to think if you love something you can make it work, it’s all a matter of cut and form. Right?

So given our age, our prior commitment to this trend, our bloating days and presumably wiser more fashionably mature selves – do we embrace this fashion trend or not?

Is there a rule or propriety in fashion or style regarding the second time around trend? Or do we live in a time of major freedom of all sorts where we can do as we please, dress as we like, when we like no matter if we’re 20 or 40?

Does age still count when we dress?

Yes and no. I mean as a 20 year old you can pull off almost anything in fashion and look fabulous, but as you grow older you have to make tiny little adjustments style wise, body cut wise, taste wise etc., while actually still being able to wear the same pieces.

So with this in mind I will plunge into this trend with the body of a 40 year old but the spirit of my 20s, trying to channel those late 90s Drew Barrymore looks and Liv Tyler’s low rise trousers. I think it’s also a case of early 2000s nostalgia.

I’m also currently rewatching Sex and The city series and I’m dying over all the outfits and just the overall spirit those times had. Simpler and more natural.

How do we wear low rise trend in 2024?

Typing this in early summer makes me crave those Instagram loose linen low rise pants, in white or black, a minimal look that can take you from the beach all the way to a dinner in town. Something about low rise flowy, wide legged pants screams summer and that rich laid back look that we always nail on holidays. Pair everything with a tiny top or go wildly oversized on top as well. Anything works.

Flats look best for casualness and for a touch of minimal luxe you can use a belly chain.

Another low rise summer look is the skirt. It can’t get more 90s than this. Long, short or midi – let your skirt cling onto your hips as if it barely holds on.

Kitten heels, minimal sneakers like Gazelle or white plain converse, or strappy flat sandals – they all complete this effortless look.

Outfits and street style inspiration:


So what do you think? Is it something you’re already wearing, or never in a million years?

xoxo D


Before spring springs on us with its lighter outfits and pastel tones we still have a bit of time to fully enjoy and drape ourselves in one of 2024 biggest trends: leather. It certainly is not groundbreaking, more so it’s a staple but this year leather is loved on a whole new level. From Saint Laurent to Gucci and Tom Ford – designers are using leather in all its forms and shapes and sizes, so anything from 80s long coats and big shoulders, to 90s grunge, and 2000 glam styles, or the so trendy mob wife looks – all is in. It’s a celebration of this fabric that alone makes an outfit stand out, it gives it sophstroction, mystery, luxe, glam, grunge – its all up to your personal style.

So what does 2024 bring new to the table of the leather trend?

Basically it broadens our fashion leather horizon so we can choose any clothing item in leather from trousers, to Women’s leather jacket, coats, tops, corsets, jumpsuits, skirts, dresses, blazers, gloves, leggings… you name it, they make it out of leather.

How to wear leather in 2024? 

To say however is pretty accurate yet a lazy statement. So yes basically you can wear leather with sneakers or stilettos. A very happy leather marriage is with fur, denim, and knits, but don’t let this subjective list limit you.

Personally I think leather is a great piece to mix textures with and nothing will be as easy to wear as a leather coat or blazer. Think jeans and a white tee paired with any style cut leather blazer… I mean I’m feeling this combo right now more than a leather jacket.

The long 80s inspired coats from Saint Laurent are a whole new level of style and statement and you can wear such a coat with pretty much anything but it truly shines as an elegant strong piece with high heels and a gorgeous dress or a dressy pants outfit.

The leather pants can be anything from skinny, to tapered, to wide legged, or cargo. Pair them with a white shirt, a knitted sweater, a sweatshirt, boots, heels, sneakers or a fur coat, or wool coat and you got yourself a pretty cool outfit.

The most powerful leather looks this year are coming from skirts and dresses, or even leather co-ords. It’s the leather draping effect that is very bold and a true fashion and personal statement. I adore this look for a warmer winter day. It’s professional, powerful, feminine, fashionable yet classic. The variations of this outfit are limitless.

With spring almost here truth is head to toe leather looks might not be as appealing, but this only makes rooms for single leather pieces to be worn as such. The leather blazer, the pants, the leather shirt, the leather skirt with a different texture top, the leather dress on its own or paired with a classic trench coat or a classic blazer.

Whatever you choose know this: it’s a great choice with a high array of style options and chances are it’ll still be a classic 120 years from now.

Street style inspiration


PS Oh and I forgot that even those very tacky early 2000’s looks and pieces are having their moment of glory. Think leather corsets with low waist jeans. Cringe? Maybe for us millennials but if you love it… yolo!

xoxo D.

Somewhere between the redundant clean girl aesthetic and Griselda the world of Instagram fashion has declared a new trend upon us: the mob wife look. Outfits that look like late 80’s early 90s catwalks, animal print, vintage fur, red lips, bold makeup, loads of jewellery, long nails, french mani, big hair, little skirts, black tights, high heels – everything with a dash of tackiness is IN.


I don’t know about you, but I am here for it. For all of it. From the leopard print, to the maxi big furs and red lips – nothing is too much. I never gave up wearing my fur coats, or my red nails, and it’s only recently that I went back to big bold jewellery and leather – so this trend happening feels like a blessing for me and my 12749 fur coats and big chunky necklaces and earrings.

Tbh with you I think people got a bit tired of overly curated looks, and that clean style that looks fabulous, but is not very easy to pull off by everyone, as it requires a lot of quality pieces, which can be expensive – is too much by being too little. We want it all these days.

I also think some people are very faithful inherently to certain looks. For some girls it’s the boho look, for others it’s old money, for others it’s athleisure… whatever comes easier to us feels more honest. That doesn’t mean we can’t have fun and dab into different styles, but I do believe we might be witnessing a little revolution against curated styles. I pray so.

Are we also over perfectly done faces and styles altogether ?

That would mean we could get out of the house in a bare face… or just a dash of mascara and a red lip. No 12 step skin makeup… How easy would that be, just think about it?

So following the same logic/trend that would also mean we no longer have to overthink outfits and we can wear leather and animal print at the same time, and pair it with a vintage fur coat? Hell yess, and while you’re at it throw in 5 rings, some necklaces, and maybe bold lips or big hair… Is it tacky? It might be, but who cares. Is it too much? Well yeah, but that’s the whole point.

It’s a back to the basics of fashion situation: fave fun with clothes. That’s all there is to it. (ish. I also have a theory. of course I do. rolls eyes)

What would we look like if we threw out all the fashion rules and just enjoyed the clothes?

Well… some of us would look like lunatics lol, while others would look like a million bucks mob wife. So yeah… the truth lies somewhere in between.

What are the key pieces to the mob wife aesthetic?
  • big hair
  • bold jewellery
  • vintage fur
  • long nails
  • leather
  • animal print
  • sheer black tights
  • mini skirts
  • fitted fits

All of these at once or just pick a couple in one outfit.

Of course in 2024 we don’t have to walk around like we’re all the Nanny (that would be fine though), or some supermodel on the catwalks form early 90s, or a tacky but fun, flirtations and fashionable confident rich woman (that would too be okay) – we can adapt this trend to our personal style, and be a mod wife in sneakers, or a toned down hairstyle, or no makeup, or nude nails…

It’s all about the vibe.

The reason why I love this trend so much, aside from it being my alter ego since I was a born lol, is because of what it stands for: after years of laid back looks, and clean aesthetics, and overly done faces and styles – fashion is finally saying to us: go have fun, and forget about the rules. Be a fearless maximalist. It’s okay.

Street style inspo:


xoxo Dana

Traveling is great for body and soul, but it can be tough on your skin. While you might find taking a Southampton cruise or jumping on a plane to an exotic destination exhilarating, the combination of dehydration, dry air, and change of climate can be a challenge for your skin. Taking care of your hands and face while on the road can be tricky, and it is important to adopt a skincare routine that targets the specific issues that traveling throws up. Here are a few of the best ways to keep your skin healthy and radiant wherever your adventures take you. 

Hydrate Inside Out: Drink Water Religiously

Staying hydrated while you travel is important for a whole load of reasons, but your skin is one of the most significant. Long flights and shifts in climate can be extremely dehydrating, which is damaging to your skin, and it is easy to forget to drink enough water when you are on the go. Stay hydrated from the inside out by always carrying a water bottle and avoiding caffeine and alcohol as much as possible. 

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize: Your Skincare Mantra

A good moisturizer is the best defense against dry skin, and ‘moisturize, moisturize, moisturize’ should be your skincare mantra while you are on the road. Find a great moisturizer that suits your skin type and apply it generously before, during, and after your trip, especially after washing your face. It is worth looking for products that contain ingredients specifically designed to hydrate your skin, like hyaluronic acid and glycerin.

Adapt Your Skincare to the Climate: Know Your Destination

Of course, every destination is different, and not all skincare routines apply to every climate or atmosphere you visit. So do your research beforehand and find out what impact the local weather might have on your skin! Humid climates will require lighter, water-based moisturizers, while cold weather will need a cream-based moisturizer. Don’t forget to protect against wind, and remember to pick products with a good SPF to prevent sun damage. 

Sun Protection: A Non-Negotiable Step

Wherever you go, sun protection is key. Whether cold, hot, or cloudy, UV rays can damage your skin easily, so your skincare solutions should always, where possible, come with decent SPF protection. If you are planning to spend lots of time in the sun then you should top this up with sunblock, and wear a hat and sunglasses whenever you can. 

Cleansing: Gently Does It

Keeping your skin clean is important, but you must make sure you are gentle with your face as well. Too much cleansing, or overly strong products, can remove the natural oils that protect your skin, leaving it drier than when you started! Look for gentle cleansers that come with hydrating properties to ensure you aren’t damaging your face as you clean.

Sheet Masks: In-Flight Skincare Boost

Sheet masks are a great way to give yourself a little pampering session during a long flight and keep your skin fresh and moist at the same time. 

Stay Hands-Off: Resist the Temptation to Touch Your Face

One of the best ways to protect your skin while traveling is to leave it alone as much as possible! Our hands are often covered with dirt and unseen bacteria which can be very harsh on your skin, so avoid touching your face as much as possible. 

Keeping your skin fresh and healthy while traveling doesn’t have to be a challenge, and the skincare tips above will help you maintain a radiant glow wherever you go. Healthy skin helps you look and feel your best and allows you to enjoy your adventures worry-free!


Let’s Talk Shop: The Digital Dress-Up of Retail Spaces

Hey there, fashionistas and tech enthusiasts! Ever walked into a store and felt like you stepped into the future? Well, that’s digital signage for you, transforming our shopping sprees into something straight out of a sci-fi flick. And let’s not forget a nifty little thing called Kitcast, playing a pivotal role in this stylish revolution.

1. The Digital Runway: Where Fashion Meets Tech

Picture this: You’re strolling down the mall, eyes hunting for something snazzy, and BAM! A screen catches your eye with a jaw-dropping display of the latest trends. That’s digital signage for you, a silent salesman that’s all show and no tell. It’s like having your own personal fashion show on a loop, minus the front-row celebrities, of course.

The Personal Touch

Remember that time when you entered a store and the clerk remembered your name? Felt special, right? Digital signage is kind of like that, but with a tech twist. Imagine walking past a screen that suggests outfits based on your style. Mind-blowing, isn’t it?


2. Interactive Playgrounds: Touch, Swipe, and Shop

Now, let’s dial up the fun. Some stores have interactive screens where you can mix and match outfits without even trying them on. Swipe left, swipe right – it’s like Tinder for clothes! And if you’re feeling adventurous, some screens even let you virtually try on outfits. Who needs fitting rooms when you’ve got digital magic at your fingertips?

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Cast your mind back to the days of window shopping. Peering through glass, imagining yourself in those outfits. Digital signage is like window shopping on steroids. You’re not just looking; you’re engaging, playing, and even getting style tips!

3. The Buzz Behind the Screens

So, what’s the chatter all about? Digital signage isn’t just a pretty face; it’s a smarty-pants too. It gathers data on customer preferences, busy hours, and hot-selling items. Retailers can then tailor their stocks and styles, making sure they’re always on point.

Did You Know?

  • 72% of customers engage with digital signage. That’s a lot of eyeballs!
  • Digital displays can increase brand awareness by 47.7%. Talk about making an impression!

Behind the Scenes: The Tech That Makes It Tick

Alright, tech geeks, this one’s for you. These screens aren’t just TVs on a wall. They’re powered by nifty software that lets retailers update content in real-time. Got a flash sale? Bam! It’s on the screen. New collection just in? Show it off in style.

A Nod to the Tech-Savvy

Remember when updating a sign meant climbing a ladder with a new set of letters? Yeah, we’ve come a long way. Now, a few clicks and your message is out there for the world to see. Welcome to the future of advertising, folks!

4. The Future is Bright (and Stylish)

So, what’s next on the fashion-tech runway? Expect even more personalization, maybe screens that recognize you and display your past purchases or suggest new items. The possibilities are endless, and honestly, pretty exciting.

Dream Big, Shop Smart

Imagine a future where your shopping experience is so tailored, it feels like the store was designed just for you. That’s the power of digital signage – making every visit feel like a red-carpet event.

Wrapping It Up: The Chic Conclusion

To sum it up, digital signage in fashion retail isn’t just about selling clothes; it’s about selling an experience. It’s engaging, informative, and let’s face it, pretty darn cool. So next time you see one of these flashy screens, take a moment to appreciate the blend of fashion, technology, and a little bit of retail magic. Happy shopping!



It’s old, and it’s basic, never groundbreaking nor ‘trendy’ yet if fashion has anything particular these days it’s the prevalence of the sense of style over trendy pieces. So here we are in fall season 2023 celebrating the rise of the simple and classic white button down shirt. The classic white shirt, or the boyfriend shirt used to be a piece in the uniform of baristas, bankers, 9-5 employees… but in 2023 it appeared on the runways of all designers – reinvented and re-shaped, yet holding its classic quality.

Versace had it styled with extra long leather gloves and denim – a vision of style circa 80s meets 90s supermodel off duty. Proenza had the office wear taken up a notch, Valentino or Loewe had the reinvented superfluid shirt-dress style. Each designer had a soft spot for styling the white button down shirt with either denim or leather and keeping it simple but very sophisticated and classic.

Weather we go for the designer pieces or the retail more affordable ones, whether its poplin or hemp, oversized or classic fit, tucked in or not – you gotta admit a classic white shirt has that je n’est ce quoi of style, it’s simple, elegant and very fuss free. What used to be part of a boring uniform is now a way to get you out of any fashion outfit trouble – work wise or dinner outfit style. Especially with today’s fashion specs that nothing is out of fashion, all is in, and style spin is the key. Add a bit of 80s and 90s vibe to it and you’ll have a pool of white classic shirt styles to choose from.

How to wear a classic white shirt in 2023?

With heels

The basic of all basics is a classic pant or denim with a button down and a classic pair of stilettos. That’s it. If you’re a fashion ignorant, you don’t care, ain’t got time or are just in a style funk THIS outfit is the key.

If you know fashion or are just having a ton on time and inspiration on your hands you can opt for extra long pants, more loose cut, a boyfriend cut crispy white shirt, chunky hoops or clip-on-earrings, a great 90s blowout hairstyle, a vintage belt and a pair of square toe sharp shoes or boots. Pointy styles work too, boots, or even sandals if you can brave the cold. That’s it.


Just a peak of a white shirt, its collar all crispy showing from under a sweater or vest is the epitome of good style and 2023 vintage outfits. It has practicality and style depth and it looks really good with mini skirts and long tube-style-boots, a a little pearl necklace.


Never in a million fashion years has the office outfit looked more cool and trendy. Black pants with an 80s cut, high waist, and extra length, a vintage belt and deep pockets paired with a tucked in white shirt and a nice necklace – damn its so Cindy Crawford meets Kim Basinger I can’t.


Well… there’s just something about the blue denim and white shirt combo that is a forever and after happy marriage in fashion. Keep both pieces classic and in good quality and you’ll have an outfit you can wear at any age. Any shoe style works, in fact it’s the shoes that dictate the style, and the vibe of it all, so experiment and have fun with it.

Vintage old school

This is all instagram reels and Pinterest boards. The outfits are very reminiscent of either an 80s interpretation of a white classic shirt outfit or a 2000’s Britney Spwears vibe. Anything that just seems thrown on, carelessly, but with style, with a pair of very loose, hip-hanging denim pants is a good mirror of this old school button down shirt style. For the sake of good taste please stick to non-fitted white shirt styles.

Anyway you get the idea, there is no wrong way to wear the white shirt, in fact wearing it you must and you can on any occasion and with any style gimmicks. Speaking of style gimmicks – this season you can unbutton your shirts all the way to your bellybutton for an extra sexy vibe, you can add very glam vintage inspired or evening earrings, and you can pair the white shirt with leather or denim. For extra coolness wear them with baggy jeans and tons of jewellery.

Outfit inspiration:


And if you want my fashion advice: it’s always best to stick with classic pieces and cuts, rather than an up-to-date-trendy-representation of such a staple.

Buy the look:


Now it’s your turn to tell me if you love this staple, do you wear it often, or find it rather boring?

xoxo D.