Beach Essentials For The Perfect Weekend!

Stop with the lists. I got your back on this one. If you’re one of those people who are a beautiful chaotic combo of being organised but but also a headless chicken, you know the panic you get when you plan a weekend by the beach, or just an afternoon, and you’re so excited you don’t know what exactly you need, or what you don’t need. So like every sane-ish person you end up either packing too much, or leaving home the essentials.

The nightmare has stopped. I – the queen of headless chickens – have decided to make a list of all the beach essentials you need if you’re having a summer day by the beach.

Of course it’s a little bit like the blind leading the blind, but I try you know.

From your bag, to your beach towel, to those sexy bikinis, here it is.

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Hope you have a fab weekend, and soak up all the sun and the beach waves and the beutiful summer. Oh, and the cokctails. Doh.