3 Pastel Outfits To Wear This Winter

Pastel will be the #1 trend this spring, if you didn’t know that now you know. From dusted pinks, to baby blues, to de-saturated greens and ice-cream 50’s colors, pastels were back on the runway for SS2017 collections and they will be invading retail shops soon as the damn winter is over.

Truth is pastel was never really gone, and sartorials were picking light clothes over dark ones for sometime now. Hello nude trend, grey outfits, and white in winter.

So why not step outta the comfort zone and try a little pastel adventure to better master this trend come spring, you know? It’s only light pinks and blues after all, right?

Aside from the sheer panic I feel, that I’ll be super exposed and pajama-like draped in pastels, and that these colors don’t really compliment my not-so-fair-skin-tone… I LOVE this trend. I love it. I love it on others. I love to see pastel outfits all over Pintrest and Instagram… and I really would love to look like one of those cool girls who can pull off a baby blue outfit at -10 degrees Celsius gloomy weather. But for now… I can’t. And I am crying inside cause pastel outfits are such sophisticated looks and so chic, and in 2017 they hold a somewhat punk or rocknroll romantic vibe to them. It’s not all rainbows and boring light tones, pastel in 2017 is a bit edgier and more adapted to personal style.

With this in mind, and the incredible luxe trait it holds I wish to be more pastel prone this season.

By the looks of it spring is far far away, so… here’s how to wear pastel in winter 2017.

1.Dusted PINK. Pink pastel sweaters and sweatshirts are a massive look this winter, paired with dainty jewellery and a pair of weird mom jeans. Or opt for a light pink cardigan with a white crispy shirt underneath and a pair of dressy pants for office. Those who love preppy dressy office styles will love this look.

Pastel pinks look great paired with darker accessories and details: dark nails, bold lips, that sort of thing.

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2. Baby BLUE. I think this is one of my favorite pastels but so hard to pull off if you’re not a brunette or a fair blonde. Which leaves me… nowhere really. Baby blue pastel outfits have a very chic crispy vibe to them. Fresh, clean and luxe in a very classic way. I LOVE a baby blue top (shirt or a cozy sweater) paired with blue jeans.

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3. NUDES and WHITES. These may not be pastels per se, but nude and white winter outfits were bigger than everin2016-2017. So big that even I traded some of my black tops and outfits for nude pieces and so big even gym wear looks cooler now in lighter shades. Who knew?

All the pastel clothes to have this season right here. Click on image to shop.


Truth is an all-white-outfit is pure luxe and ultimate sophistication and all-nude looks so rich in a very casual cool chic way that I was sold on the look instantly.


So, what do you think about this pastel thing: YES or NO?