Shopping For Office Dresses

Monday’s that day when it either all goes up, or down. And today is one of those days when our spirit goes up but our finances go slightly down. Nothing feels as great as Monday retail therapy, spending a bit of that dough, and pinning fab outfits for the week to come.

In case you’re lost in your imaginary world (who me?) please come back and smell the coffee. I mean spring. Floral prints (groundbreaking), flirty dresses, bare legs, ballet flats, classic pumps, sunglasses – everything looks and feels more alive and beautiful in spring.

But all seasons come with the most dreading Q of them all: what am I gonna wear today? Crying emoji. Stop the panic. I got your back with my fave picks of the week.

Shopping for office dresses and styles for that perfect office #OOTD.

Office Dresses

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Fab shoes


Bags for office hours


Have a fab week my pretty little sartorials. xoxo