I knew I was getting old(er) *and* wiser mind you, the moment I realised I’m leaning more and more towards minimal classic looks, rather than the whole circus. 1) they’re so easy to style and wear, and 2) they look better. While I’ll always be an edgy girl through and through I gotta say when it comes to an office look for spring, I’m all for classic and minimal with a dash of chic or sophisticated. Think French chic, or Dolce & Gabbana retro sophisticated.
Floral midi dresses in that 50s-meet-70s retro cut are my current obsession, alongside yellow, tiny sunglasses, and red lips. A leather jacket will keep you warm and give you some badass vibes while you’re at it.
This office look for spring is classic, work appropriate, kinda cool in a very retro sort of way, and incredibly versatile. You can switch up the shoes: stilettos for evening, and sneakers for weekend. And have fun with other jackets (denim, trench-coats), or bags (micro bags, bracelet bags).

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xoxo D.

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