Micro Bags: Are They Worth The Fashion Fuss?

Circa 4 years ago tiny little bags had their moment of glory in fashion. Turns out we love to carry around more shit than necessary so we quickly ditched them for larger versions of the handbags. However fashion is known to make little sense and look massively fabulous, so fast forward to present day and what do you say what do you know?

Funky bags are back in fashion and this time they’re tinier than my Monday motivation. From Fendi, to Moschino, Gucci, or Coach 2017-2018 bags are luxe and small. Adorned by statement straps, well placed kitshch embelishmets, downsized to ridiculously tiny sizes that fit more than a lipstick and some money versus cards… tiny bags are stars of today’s looks.

What to look for in micro bags? 

If you’re out to kill it in the fashion and style department look our for either major statements and opulence in sizes as small as little bugs, OR keep the design simple but make a statement in size. The tinier the better. Almost invisible.

Long straps are a must have so you can carry it loosely around yourself a la messenger bag, or let it slung so fashionably from that sexy skinny shoulder of yours.

Size wise if it fits your lipstick it’s small enough, if you can fit your iPhone, it’s too big.

How to wear micro bags?

Maybe I’m not too sold on this handbag trend #busybeelife but I don’t see much use to them unless you’re on holiday, weekend, out with friends, when things such as your laptop, camera, gym outfit, headphones, last year’s receipts, 1,246 pencils, makeup, perfume – are literally unnecessary to carry around.

However… when you can miss out on all the above and resort to the tiniest bag in the world, the fashion effect and coolness it not too bad. They look amazing. The peak of trendiness if you ask me. The IT thang to a look. They’re cute. They’re sweet. They need carrying. They need coffees. Muffins and croissants. And they love love to be shot for Instagram, cause – btw they make fantastic models.

Micro bags are not for everyone, but they’re too cute to miss out on.

Street style.


My fave micro bags to shop for:


Happy weekend my beautiful ones!

xoxo D.