Sometimes the best things in life come in small sizes. Of course as a maximalist I’ve never found that to be true. I mean I’ll always get the larger coke and bigger pizza, the big house, the big necklace… the big party, the large ego… you get it. Yet… when it comes to 2018 latest fad, I am quite a small size lover. Of shades, people. Of shades.  From my recent post about small sunglasses, and my insta stories about them – people are not big fans. So… alone in my small sunglasses predicament I was actually wondering where in the world can I, or anyone who loves them too, could buy them.

You know them: those smaller than an asshole’s brain sunglasses, in black, blue, red, orange that casually stat the top of your nose, an match some sassy bored attitude, a la Kendall Jenner & co par example.

Without further ado here are the bestest small sunglasses ever. I mean… I love them, and I just think the Topshop ones and the Adam Seldam ones are beyond insane.

Shop away ladies and gents:



Thoughts? Do you still not like them?


I knew I was getting old(er) *and* wiser mind you, the moment I realised I’m leaning more and more towards minimal classic looks, rather than the whole circus. 1) they’re so easy to style and wear, and 2) they look better. While I’ll always be an edgy girl through and through I gotta say when it comes to an office look for spring, I’m all for classic and minimal with a dash of chic or sophisticated. Think French chic, or Dolce & Gabbana retro sophisticated.
Floral midi dresses in that 50s-meet-70s retro cut are my current obsession, alongside yellow, tiny sunglasses, and red lips. A leather jacket will keep you warm and give you some badass vibes while you’re at it.
This office look for spring is classic, work appropriate, kinda cool in a very retro sort of way, and incredibly versatile. You can switch up the shoes: stilettos for evening, and sneakers for weekend. And have fun with other jackets (denim, trench-coats), or bags (micro bags, bracelet bags).

SHOP the office look for spring here:

xoxo D.
According the the calendar it’s the first day of spring (crowd cheers), yet according to reality so well portrayed on my Instagram… it’s freaking winter still, so we basically have 1 foot in spring and 1 in winter, hence this look that I feel – were it only a few degrees over minus – would be oh-so-perfect for spring. Hello transitional pieces and outfits. I always loved the flirty spring skirt and turtleneck combo. The ankle boots tie the look together and the classic accessories are minimal to not take away from such a simple very French like style.
SHOP this look:

xoxo D.

I’m still not over my weekly crush on robe coats, and my sartorial predicament with combat boots, so for today I love 2 things: my decaf and this look.


xoxo D.

Valentine’s Day around the corner, mixed with some love for all-red looks AND my obsession with this outfit from Olivia Culpo that I see everywhere – is the whole reason I am starting this post *and this new section #SHOPTHELOOK. 

Red dresses:


Over the knee red boots:


Happy Monday everyone!

xoxo D.

Blazers are a staple alright, and nothing in the world will change that, and nothing ever showcases this as well as Spring does. So… I put one and one together, and got your and my back with the blazer picks below.

The best blazers for all styles, occasions, and looks, from designer to affordable – below.

Click on image to shop.


On HOW to wear them, check out my post here. 

Have a fab weekend my loves!


After a fun Friday night (aren’t they all?) and crazy, and relaxed, and all of the necessary ingredients (high five y’all), we, AGAIN, are faced with the same predicament. No. Not the hangovers. Jesus. Can a girl get a break here? Tsk, tsk, tsk. I’m talking FASHION. Actually casual chic looks for weekend brunch, or outfits to wear this weekend, in case, you know… you’re required to leave the bed and your favourite series.

Weekends are not weekends sans the inherent brunches. So to save you off a few wasted good hours and unnecessary sartorial headaches, I thought to share with you my chic style clothes that crossed my mind this very morning.

Key words here: casual. chic. relaxed. I love striped anything, jeans and sneakers. A great sweater and nude ankle boots, PERFECTION! So here you have it… :)

French Chic.

Urban cool.

Bohemian queen.

Green with envy.

These, I’ll save for tomorrow’s brunches and lunches, cause today I plan to be the laziest ass out there and chill in bed, with House of Cards and Broad City.

Have a great one gorgeous people! xoxo