You got that right. This spring, Relaxed & Chic is the new Rock & Roll. Tiny little prints, breezy fluid expensive fabrics, rich creamy colours, whites, electric blues, stripes and bugs. Think summer holiday sprayed with surfing trips, swimming, dining by the ocean, walking along the coast – ALL in beautiful chic effortless clothes.

I’ll take it, thank you very much and see you in September. I mean a perfect summer holiday in fabulous clothes. It don’t get better than this.

THIS is precisely what I think Yigal Azrouel – the very famous well known designer – is trying to tell us with this 2015 SS collection. Two things cross my mind when talking Yigal’s spring woman:

YIGAL AZROUEL SS15 Runway ShowYigal Azrouel-spring-2015-trend-10

(1) Maybe we’ve just had it with too-much-too-shocking-too-edgy styles. At least for summer. We want to look feminine, yet nonetheless powerful. We love effortlessness. We love looking like we couldn’t care less what we put on, yet look like million dollar girls.

(2) While it’s so feminine and fresh it still holds the right amount of edge and power. His bomber jackets paired with flirty tiny white dresses are beyond fantastic. The leather jacket on top of the most vulnerable and feminine dress is the perfect clash. Nobody wants a damsel in distress, and he knows that, so his fashion is just the perfect mix of both worlds with a penchant for ultimate femininity and easiness of style.

Yigal Azrouel-spring-2015-trend-18

Not to mention the perfect twist of 70s inspo. Tea-lengh dresses, wrap slit skirts mixed with modern blue and white aquatic scuba prints. Yigal knows his woman and delivers exactly what she wants.

Click his SHOP for all the looks.

Yigal Azrouel-spring-2015-trend-16

Ultimately he is famous for his ‘aesthetic using high-quality fabrics to drape structured, ultra-feminine, modern silhouettes’, and no matter what the inspiration behind is, I feel he’s always stayed true to this.

He’s collections are shown at every NYFW since 2000, and since 2010 he’s giving us more. Yes, that’s possible. Cut25 by Yigal Azrouël is his new brand concept that beautifully combines everyday casualness with high fashion. The clothes are fantastic. Period. In case you haven’t seen them, you seriously need to click above and browse and have a look. Stunning.

2015-spring-fashion-Yigal Azrouel-1

How to do the relaxed ‘n’ chic spring look, courtesy of Yigal Azrouel?

1. Light colours. As much as I live in black outfits I gotta say nothing screams spring and luxury more than tones of creamy whites, dusted blues, pinks, nudes, muted and somewhat pearly hues.

2015-spring-fashion-Yigal Azrouel-3

FYI though, Yigal does have a contrasted collection, with quite a few to die for black clothes, so… his spring fashion 2015 is simply perfect.

2015-spring-fashion-Yigal Azrouel-2

Whether it’s fluid or more structured silhouettes, go for white/light coloured dresses, that are perfect for casual-to-office-to-cocktail occasions. Pair light coloured tops with light jeans for example. Wear nude skirts with tiny prints with crop white tops.

Street style:


2. Fluid & structured. The play of silhouettes is the ticket to sophistication. Soft dresses look amazing with a safari green jacket. Lace white frocks clash so edgy yet feminine against a leather jacket.

Yigal Azrouel-spring-2015-collection-1 Yigal Azrouel-spring-2015-trend-9 Yigal Azrouel-spring-2015-trend-11 Yigal Azrouel-spring-2015-trend-17

Street style:

spring-2015-fashion-trends-jumpsuits spring-2015-fashion-trends-street-style-2 spring-2015-fashion-trends-street-style-blue

3. 70s come alive. Whatever your mom wore in the 70s (dresses, blouses and skirts wise) is a keeper. Those over-the-knee tea-length pleated or fluid dresses are better than any bodycon style out there. The high slit skirts look amazing paired with crop tops or tucked in shirts for a more spring office style.

LOOK_7_RTW_SS15 Yigal Azrouel-spring-2015-trend-13 Yigal Azrouel-spring-2015-trend-112

Street style:

70s-spring-2015-fashion-trend spring-fashion-looks-2015-4

4. Summer holiday vibes. Imagine you’re living by the ocean, somewhere hot, where there’s always the possibility of going to the beach for a swim. That is your lifestyle and your fashion will adapt to this swim-in-the-ocean, electric blue, tiny prints, wet hair, glowy skin kinda style. It’s not boho-beach-living-in-your-bikins kinda style, but city-life-by-the-ocean-coast relaxed kinda fashion.

Yigal Azrouel-spring-2015-trend-2Yigal Azrouel-spring-2015-trend-4 Yigal Azrouel-spring-2015-trend-6 Yigal Azrouel-spring-2015-trend-7 Yigal Azrouel-spring-2015-trend-8

Chose white dresses with blue prints, go for silky fabrics in creamy colours with aquatic motifs. You can literally take it from the office to the beach in a second. Sans le heels of course, but you get the idea.

Street style:

spring-fashion-looks-2015-3 spring-fashion-looks-2015-5

6. Sexy PJs. 2015 spring might just bring pyjama inspired looks back to the streets. And you know what? I stood out the first round, I ain’t gonna miss it this time.

2015-spring-fashion-Yigal Azrouel-4

There is something very feminine with a French je m’en fiche to the day-time pyjama look. Think silk suit, expensive fabrics, rich perfume, tiny prints, high heels… Seriously. You can’t beat that.

Street style:

spring-2015-fashion-trends-pyjamas spring-2015-fashion-trends-street-style-1

Why we should switch from full on rockroll to relaxed and chic? It’s spring for God’s sakes, and nothing will beat the contrast of light creamy nude fabrics against glowy tanned skin and those 70s middles parted long wavy locks.

spring-2015-fashion-trends-street-style-70sYigal Azrouel-spring-2015-collection-3 Yigal Azrouel-spring-2015-trend Yigal Azrouel-spring-2015-trend-141 2 3

Get the look:

Dress – V-Neck Dress

Skirt – Hawaiian Skirt

Jumpsuit – Strapless Jumpsuit

Jacket – Bomber

Dress – Sailor Stripe Dress

Spring dress – Orchid Dress

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  1. Ana @Champagnegirlsabouttown says:

    Great post! I’m so rocking 70’s style this summer! Suede Zara skirt and Topshop snakeskin boots step forward! :)


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