Are MIDI SKIRTS The Best Thing In Fashion, Or What?

You know how we always want the best of both worlds? The sweet and the sour please. The cake and the figure. Mr. Wrong and Mr. Right. 90s hip hip and a bit of Arctic Monkeys. Kim Kardashian’s closet. Tons of friends. True love. All gain and no pain.

No, it’s really all possible. On Jupiter maybe, or Mars. I heard the Moon can be an option too. But what do we do if we live on Earth? Errr we do nothing. How boring would life be if we freaking had it all?

Just a taste of all — now THAT is a different story. I think we’re on to something here. In case you thought I’m rambling on about some deep shit, you’re probably not that far from the truth, BUT I was in fact mostly talking about fashion. WHAAAAAA?!

Everywhere I look these days MIDI SKIRTS pop like fucking rainbows after the rain. Yeah, they are a skirt trend for a while, but I never really thought they would stick so much outside their professional-office-bordeline-evening-outfit-quality. Well Gosh darn it, they did.

midi-lenght-skirts-looks midi-lenght-skirts

While all the above remained true, and the MIDI skirts continue to make the perfect office wear, the sexy cocktail outfit, the still incredibly retro chic look (aka the full midi skirt), they have also risen above their condition and became go to skirts for casual occasions, for sporty looks, for effortless model-off-duty-channeling-styles. Standing ovation everyone!

So you see my rant in the beginning was totally linked with the MIDI SKIRT trend for 2015. This staple became so versatile lately that it actually embodies the best-of-both-worlds, the ALL-in-ONE thang we can actually have.

So we might not have to travel all the way to Jupiter for this one. Just spend a few quids on the perfect MIDI skirts for 2015 summer. Some of my fave picks right down below. you. are. welcome.

SHOP for midis. :) 

Okay, so back to earth now — WHY is the midi skirt then the best thing in fashion? 

  1. You can wear it ANYWHERE & EVERYWHERE. There are so many styles and designs for absolutely any occasion.
  2. Coverage versatility. For more coverage you can opt for tea-lengths, and for less you can don a slit. par example.
  3. They can translate to a lot of styles. You can wear them with heels, sneakers, flats, sandals… the sky’s the limit.

midi-skirt_fashionweek-stockholm_stockholm-streetstyle_chaloth midi-skirts-outfits-1 perfect-mate-midi-skirt

Design and style wise it’s all a heaven.

We’ve got the already famous full midi skirt, which is perfect for a retro chic style. Personally I’m a little bit over it, but… retro away if you’re into it.


Courtesy of the 70s fashion the A-line midi skirt is making quite a case these days and looks fantastic with side pockets, crop top and some chunky shoes.


The pleated midi skirt is my all time favourite. It’s sexy, feminine, effortless. It’s everything and it looks amazing with any shoes and any tops. For weekends or chic-casual occasions you can wear it with a crop top and stiletto sandals or flats. For office you can don a button-down and a pair of polished shoes. For French chic styles opt for a crispy shirt and brogues. sigh.

midi-skirts-outfits-7 midi-skirts-outfits-2

Another must-have this summer, if you ask me, has to be the jersey midi skirt, the kind models wear off duty, the kind you slip into when lazy mood strikes but you still wanna look kinda cool. It’s the pencil skirt that’s pretty much painted on you (hello curves!) and looks fantastic with flat shoes: espadrilles, sandals, tennis shoes. A simple tee or a crop top complete this casual look a la Rosie Huntington Whiteley.

midi-skirts-outfits-10 midi-skirts-outfits-3

More style inspo coming…

midi-skirts-outfits-4 midi-skirts-outfits-5 midi-skirts-outfits-6 midi-skirts-outfits-8 midi-skirts-outfits-9 midi-skirts-spring-2015-2 midi-skirts-spring-2015-4 midi-skirts-spring-2015-5 midi-skirts-spring-2015-6 midi-skirts-spring-2015 midi-skirts-styles midi-skirts-summer-style-1 midi-skirts-trend skirts-midi-length skirts-styles-midi

And now it’s your turn to tell me your thoughts on the MIDI skirt. Is it really that great or are we just glad to stray away for the minis and the maxis?