Big, bold, and beautiful. Add luxe, sexy and elegant to the list and no, no, no, it’s not a man. It’s a man’s watch. Although I’m such a girly girl through and through and love a touch of glam here and there, sometimes I love to clash my so very sparkly persona with something bolder, classic and more elegant.

A man’s watch is a style statement in itself, and I’m all for that. A lot of women not only adore, but prefer a man’s watch. It’s that extra boldness and cool roughness in a very sleek way we give to an otherwise feminine or minimal look.

Watches are the #1 accessory that will alway be in style. They’re a staple that goes beyond telling time and being on time.

But do we match our watches to our outfits? Do we always wear them? What should we go for: timeless versus trendiness? Do all men watches fit women?

So many questions, so little time.

The best man’s watch style for women to wear?

A classic man’s watch is the best way to go. My watch from Filippo Loreti is the perfect version of a timeless piece, that will be more than beautiful years after today. The brand itself holds great pride in its luxe and quality watches, that look beyond fantastic.

I’m wearing the Rome Silver Blue watch because I’m at that point in my life when minimalism and refinement win over edginess and trendiness. I know, what happened to me?!

Also, I already own a black leather strap man’s watch, and a woman’s golden watch, so the royal blue version with a minimal design really caught my eye, and fit into my new obsession of minimal elegance.

The leather wrist strap is very soft and although it’s a man’s watch, and I have a tiny tiny wrist it can be tied really tight, which is great.

It works fine, it looks fine, and I really love it.

Filippo Loreti is a luxury Italian design brand with a great emphasis on class, high quality, and luxe. Their watches are the heaven of unixes watches design! While they’re super varied in styles, designs and colours, they’re all still very classy business oriented: leather strap, in black, royal blue, brown with a minimal versus more edgy design depending on what you love.

The watches are stunning. They’re great for a man to wear every day, for office casual outfits, and also look fab paired with a suit.

The quality is great, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous, and the shipping is free and fast.

How to wear a man’s watch: women outfits?

A man’s watch looks really good with an office outfit. It’s bold, sleek and very elegant. The Rome watch I’m wearing looks amazing with denim as well, cause of the navy and silver details.

You can also pair a black man’s watch with a minimal all black outfit, or an all white look for work, play, or even some fancy dinner.

The only time I’d stay away from a man’s watch, fashion wise, would be for an evening event: black tie, weddings, long evening gowns and so on.

The rest of the time I go back and forth between my golden women’s watch and this royal blue man’s watch from Filippo Loreti.


I am wearing:

Rome Silver Blue Watch – Filippo Loreti | H&M necklace | Koton Shoes | Zaful pants | Zaful sunglasses | Bershka crop top

{Photos by Florina Ciupertea}

xoxo D.




If you think this is a fashion illusion, you’re wrong. What it is it’s a dream come true. Runway & street style rumour has it the  fashion print are no longer just a thing of summer, and when it comes to 2017 SS trends that stretch all the way into fall 2018 one specific fashion print trend stands out, as it makes a massive comeback: the tie-dye print.

It’s so grown up though and sophisticated this season that it’s probably one of the most versatile and easy to pull off prints on any item and in any situation. It’s subtle, slightly retro-futuristic, very artsy, painting like, easy to mix and it looks very effortlessly luxe in a very serious kinda of way.

When I came across Chaosseed Studio – a USA shop I thought: this is it – the whole grail of prints you can wear in summer AND winter. Amen to that! I love all artsy but very luxe clothes, and I’m a huge fan of summer fluid rich fabrics that can be stretched out all the way into winter, mixed with knits and thigh high boots. This shop caters to this specific style and trend. A staple of prints really. The quality is great, the shopping experience really easy, and there’s free shipping.

Chaosseed Studio Blouse

The classic tie-dye fashion print 

Think luxe, think sophisticated summer, or chic autumn and winter. Pleated skirts and midi dresses make fantastic pieces to rock with both sandals and boots, with silk cami tops, or t-shirts, AND sweaters in cold weather.

Handkerchief Dress | Chaosseed Studio


Chaosseed Studio Dress

The floral tie-dye fashion print 

It’s the most subtle and chic way of doing prints but not getting lost in them. It’s very easy to mix and match, and has this quality of being very fashion forward or very classy depending on you combo. If you mix a pair of fluid printed pants with  a simple black or white top, it’s a timeless look. However if you pair them with a more funky blouse style you nail the trendy side of style.

Handkerchief Maxi Dress (personal fave)| Chaosseed Studio


Chaosseed Studio Dress

How to wear this fashion print all year round?

Summer is all about breezy fresh and casual looks, in pleated skirts, and maxi dresses, blouses so loose for office wear that you feel like a boho queen. You mix them with sandals and sunglasses, and massive bag for office wear, or a tiny clutch for some chic evening event – stiletto heels and all – and it’s the perfect Chaosseed Look. 

The great thing is the same printed dresses and pleated maxis can go all the way into rainy autumn days and cold winters. Pair them with high boots, and a turtleneck. Layer them with massive lather jackets, or trench coats. In fact, the mix of silk summer fabrics and heavy winter items has been a trend for the past year of so, and it pretty much is the ticket to looking very Fashion Week street style aka sophisticated to the core.

Tie-dye prints a la Chaosseed Studio with a touch of subtle florals is probably the easiest way and safest way, style wise to do prints from one summer to another. Whether you go for the summer printed pieces mixed with winter fabrics, OR you pick printed winter clothes per se – the good news is fashion gives us a green light to all options.


Chaosseed Studio Kimono

Chaosseed Studio Skirt

Chaosseed Studio Shirt

Chaosseed Studio

Street style:


SHOP the look Chaosseed Studio

xoxo D.


To the question what makes an outfit great the answer is entirely good quality fabrics. Sure, style matters, and so do a few other fashion factors, but if the fabrics are not great, no hat style tricks can save your wannabe fashionable ass. Truth is great clothes begin with great quality fabrics!

Expensive fabrics are the key to those ‘good’ clothes which lead to sophisticated outfits and evetually make fantastic style. Luxe fabrics have a refined inherit quality to them, so whatever you decide to tailor out of them will probably stand the test of time and class too. #HowStaplesAreBorn

Tissura is a brand that caught my eye in this hunt for great style and those luxe elegant fabrics. I have so many wedding evens to attend this summer that designing my own dresses has crossed my mind. I have a lady-tailor and God knows I’m full of ideas. Truth of the matter is no clothes in the world will ever fit as perfect as 1) tailor made with quality fabrics, and 2) designer clothes, which too mean quality fabrics.

I spent hours browsing though their online fabrics shop and if I could make clothes – damn what a perfect fashion world I’d live in.

Therefore – YES – this shop is the place to drop a few dollars if you’re into great style and great fabrics. Price is per 1 running meter and you also get a short description of the fabric and its best use. Shipping only take s a few days.


What are the FABRICS’ TRENDS to look out for this season?


1.GUCCI Inspired Prints – Tissura Fabrics

They’re so heavy, busy, and very very dramatic in a feminine way that anything you’ll tailor out of them will look fantastic. I adore tiny prints scattered over some see-throghh or dense fabric, coloured but kinda of desaturated tones of pink, retro green, and dusted blues. They make amazing dresses and skirts.

2. LACE Tissura Fabrics

Nothing in the world will ever beat lace. I wasn’t a fan until recently but I wore a lace dress a few years ago and its texture, so luxe and expensive, converted me instantly. Lace is a perfect choice for dresses and expensive tops. It’s great for the cold season but with a bit of style and luck you can pull of the look in summer as well. White and black lace is still the best colour pick.

3. FLORAL Fabrics a la Tissura

Everyone knows them and everyone loves them. What I love about Tissura more specifically is the infinite styles of floral fabrics they have. Big, small, busy. scattered, vibrant, muted, dramatic, dainty – a fabric for all tastes. And they stand so in line with all the runway trends out there that it’s really a perfect marriage of fashion forward and class.

4. SILK Fabrics

So pretentious yet so very sexy and elegant. Everyone these days is about nudes and creamy tones of whites and light greys and pinks and taupe that when you chose to buy silk you either go for the classic black or red OR you decide to buy silk in all the nudes so you can have sophisticated clothes that resemble luxurious and glam nightgowns, and fluid pyjamas, and red-caret dresses a la Old Hollywood. I am hooked on silk fabrics. The only downside to them is how flawless you need to be cause they really are unforgiving to the least amount of un-perfect skin.

You’ll also be so pleasantly surprised to see they also sell classic cotton for shirts – with all the crazy shirt trend going on at the moment -, and jacquard, and taffeta. Whatever your personal tailor has in mind, or you are on the look out for, chances are they’ll have it, and you’ll love it.


More on Tissura SHOP






You’re in an exclusive club of women if you’ve had the same hairstyle ever since you were a little girl. A British study reports that only 6% of women have never changed their styles at all, while more than three times that many say they change theirs just about every single year.

The study goes on to say that 41% of women change their basic hairdos once every two years. And the rest change their looks whenever inspiration strikes. Sometimes it’s before getting married or after having a baby. Sometimes it’s to get a fresh start after a romantic breakup or for a new job. Sometimes it’s to look younger, to look more mature. And sometimes it’s just out of sheer boredom.

Whichever group you’re in, fashion trends fueled by runway shows, celebrities, and movies & television, are the top influencers of decisions you make about your hair.

If you’re old enough, you can remember when everyone was wearing the long deep waves with flipped back sides popularized by Farrah Fawcett of Charlie’s Angels, and two decades later, the sleek long shag that Jennifer Aniston wore on Friends turned into a national craze. Rihanna changes her hairstyle every five minutes, it seems, but it was the ‘do with a single shaved side that caught everyone’s attention and inspired tons of people to do the same.

So while you’re mulling over the reasons you’ve changed your own style over the years and maybe thinking it’s time to switch things up again, here are the top trends coming on for fall:

Long Easy Waves

Romantic but not too fussy, long loose waves were one of the hottest looks on the high fashion runways. If you’d like to try the style but your hair isn’t long enough, this is the time to try tape-in hair extensions. They’re inexpensive, you can easily apply them yourself, and with a minimum of care they can last six to eight weeks. If you’ve already got wavy hair, you can find extensions to match, and even if your own hair is stick-straight, you can create the look by using a one-inch curling iron on both your own hair and the extensions.

Sleek Crown With Volume Below

A fresh new look is the smooth, slicked back crown with the rest of the hair tucked behind the ears and then exploding in texture or voluminous waves. Especially for evening, this style is chic and dramatic. And speaking of tucking your hair behind your ears, it also works without the volume; a cascade of glossy straight hair speaks for itself.


The classic ponytail is back with a vengeance, but looking more polished for Fall 2017. Style yours with a deep side part for extra sophistication, and wear it high, low, or twisted to the side. Finish it off with a big bow in velvet, satin, or wide grosgrain ribbon and you’ll be model-perfect.

Buns and Twists 

Another classic that never really went out of style is the updo. This time it’s anything but messy, though. Create a ballerina bun at the nape of your neck, a vintage French twist ala Grace Kelly, or a ‘do with braids. Tame flyaways with product for control, but don’t let that stop you from including some gentle — and intentional — tendrils for a graceful note around your hairline.

Lots of Accessories

In addition to the ribbons and bows adorning the season’s ponytails, hairbands and headbands are being used to amp up the look of many styles. Studded with jewels, embellished with floral elements, or in simple prints or solids to coordinate with what you’re wearing, they can be your best friends, particularly on days when your hair isn’t quite cooperating. This fall’s array of barrettes and clips are also versatile accessories, whether you use them for control, for a pop of color, for a whimsical touch, or for a big glam statement.

While you’re considering what hairdo to go with next, realize that on the opposite side of the spectrum, men are much more loyal to their haircuts. One survey reports that, despite the fact that style icon David Beckham revises his look all the time, the majority of men only change their hairstyles three times in their adult lives.


Beautiful nail polish colors play a very important role in our looks. For that reason, many women try their best to get a manicure almost every month. The next salon challenge you’ll be facing this summer is picking the hottest nail design that will make you stand out unique. Well, if you want to have the perfect nail design for this summer, check out the 7 hottest nail polish colors and designs below.

Almond Designs In Any Nail Polish Colors 

Almond nail designs have become a common pick for celebrities. This is a nail design that helps them bring that sense of glamour to the red carpet. It comes rounded at the edges and tapered at the tips, a design that’s reminiscent of an actual almond. The base comes a little bit longer, around 4 to 5mm of free edge. That said, you’ll need a lot of nail length to get this look right. The best almond nail design looks pretty cool with neutral colors and nudes. It’s a summer’s best for those looking for a nail design with that flattering, elongated and consistent shape.

Color Blocking Designs

This nail design involves putting different solid colors side by side. The painting is carefully placed to create that neat geometric shape on each finger. The use of strong, contrasting colors give you that funky modern look that will definitely stand out in summer. Though quite easy, this nail design will require some little practice in order to give the shapes that clean and sharp look. Three contrasting colors are used for a color blocking design. Among the most popular color combination to try out include: pink, yellow and blue, pink, silver and red, white, red and purple, among others. In short, it will depend with your personal preference.

Graphic French Designs In All Nail Polish Colors 

French manicures have been all over the streets for the past few seasons. But they’re not that basic anymore. Contrary to the nude polish topcoats and white tips worn back in the 90s, French manicures have now taken on a new turn. Graphic French nail design breathes some new life to the tips to provide that contrasting look. This is achieved using some graphic shapes customized to match your taste. It gives you a summer nail design that looks updated and modern.

3 Dimensional Appliques

3D appliques are a perfect way of ditching away the conventional 2D nail art. As the name implies, this nail design involves doing a three dimensional art on the nails. There are endless options in 3D nail designs. You can choose from 3D paintings, 3D animations, among others. The good thing about this nail design is that it can be used on both natural nails and extensions. Typically, 3D appliques are created using acrylics. The designs are created using a monomer liquid and polymer powder.

Molted Metals Designs

Molted metallic nail designs are one of the hottest trends right now. This design gives you a chic polished mirrored look that will make you forget about wearing nail bracelets. Those that have a love for the classic modern art will find this design so appealing. You can decide to play with various tones of the metallic nail polish. Among the most used metallic colors are silver, gold and chrome. This fancy nail art lends that shimmering and classic touch that matches your sense of style. It can be styled in any pattern of your preference and makes a nice choice for girls who want an eye-catcher nail design.

Embellished Cuticles Designs

Jeweled and bold embellished nails have become popular in the red carpet events. This is a design that breaks all the rules of the usual nail polish to give you awe-inspiring colors and designs. The technique involves application of gemstones to nails. The technique is quite tricky so it’s good to do it professionally at the salon for a perfect finish. There are all kinds of alluring designs you can choose from. In case you want to do it yourself, then you can use nail art stickers that lets you to easily paste the stones in a pattern.

Dual Tone Designs – Nail Polish Colors Envy

Dual tone or ombre nail design is a type of manicure that involves creation of a color gradient. This design sports a light color on top, which blends gradually into a darker color towards the tips. Getting the perfect dual tone nail design takes time and practice. However, there is a lot of room for originality, something that makes it unique. As the name implies, two colors are used to create the effect.

There are many other nail designs to consider, but the above mentioned are among the best for summer wear. They provide a simple yet cool way of updating your summer look. Give them a try and see the impact they create!


Shopping for a new swimsuit can be stressful. Whether you have a supermodel physique or you’ve got a little extra fluff, finding a suit that looks cute and makes you feel great isn’t always an easy feat. For most of us, searching for the right beachwear is enough to make you wish that the old-timey bathing costumes with long pants would make a comeback.

Finding the right swimsuit doesn’t mean that you have to drape yourself in a caftan and call it a day though — even if that does have its advantages. Since comfort is one of the keys to being confident, focus on avoiding these common mistakes that will make even the cutest suit a beach disaster.

1. Your Suit Is Too Small

It should go without saying, but a swimsuit that’s too small is not going to do you any favors. Not only are you risking a wardrobe malfunction, but it’s hard to have a good time when you’re losing circulation because of straps that are too tight. Not to mention, it’s never a good look when everything’s stuffed into a suit that’s two sizes too small. Do you really want a muffin top, or to spend the day trying to manage your cleavage or removing a wedgie? Many swimsuit brands tend to run small, so if you are struggling to contain everything in your regular size, trying going up a size or two, or choose a mix-and-match style so you can get the right size for your top and bottom. Your suit should fit snugly, while still allowing you to breathe.

2. Your Suit Is Too Big

A swimsuit that’s too large is just as uncomfortable as one that is too small. If your straps keep falling down or the top is riding up, or the bottoms are loose and saggy, you need to go down a size or invest in a new suit. If you are wearing a larger size because you are self-conscious or want to hide “flaws,” consider a swimsuit designed to enhance your shape and provide more control.

3. Your Suit Is Too Transparent

Are you putting on a show every time you go in the water? Does the bright sunlight bring out more than just your fabulous tan? If your suit is revealing more than you would like, you want to get something else. Light colored suits should have an opaque liner, but even dark colored suits can become transparent. Over time, swimsuits wear out and the fabric becomes more transparent, so check your older suits before wearing to make sure they aren’t showing too much.

4. Your Suit Is Itchy

A suit that looks great on the rack at the store might not be so great once you hit the beach. Some fabrics and trims that look cute, like lace, can turn out to be itchy or uncomfortable once you get to the beach or pool. And even if they aren’t itchy, other details, like buckles, rivets, belts, ruffles, or fringe, can end up driving you crazy when you wear the suit for longer than the few minutes required to try it on. When you’re picking a new suit, consider these details before you make a nonrefundable purchase, and end up stuck with a swimsuit you can’t stand.

5. You Can’t Move Freely

Unless you plan to do nothing but lie still in a beach chair all day — which is totally legitimate, by the way — you want to make sure that you can move around comfortably in your bathing suit. If you only feel like you look great while you sit at a certain angle with your stomach sucked and your chest pushed out, you’re going to be tired and sore before long. Before you buy your swimsuit, think about your normal activities at the beach or pool, and whether you’ll be able to do them comfortably or not.

The best way to find a swimsuit you love is to try on several different styles (and sizes) to find the one that you’re most comfortable with — whether that’s a bikini (the most popular choice) or a one-piece (a growing trend). And regardless of what you choose, wear it with confidence, because when you feel great, you will look great.



Nightwear for women has changed drastically through the years, from  home-made gowns to manufactured nightshirts, pyjamas, nightgowns, onesies and slinky, silky numbers. Women nightwear were once a shapeless fashion, designed more for keeping warm and discreet, rather than looking nice and being comfortable.

Since the birth of the sewing machine in the 19th century, sleepwear has become more lavish and more diverse. As babies, we wore sleepsuits and onesies. Then we moved on to pyjamas and nighties as children. In fact, a recent study by Promopony resulted in a third of parents claiming that a warm sleepsuit was an essential clothing item for their toddlers. This seems to be more of a priority than a breathable t-shirt or clothing. Keeping warm at night is much more important for parents who have children, whereas it’s easier for adults to gauge their own body temperature and decide whether they need a few more layers for bed. Perhaps also, since central heating has made homes warmer, we are encouraged to opt for a sexier number in bed, than a nightgown or pairs of pyjamas? Nightclothes are certainly ruled by the climate and our own personal fashion, too.

Women Nightwear & Nightcaps

Nightwear and loungewear is a popular cosy mix nowadays, making it easy to strip off when we are ready to relax and stay in for the evening.

The early days of nightdresses, dressing gowns and nightcaps are gone. Society no longer dictates that women need to be prudish in covering up in the way that we did in Victorian times. Women were influenced  to disguise their female curves in layers of clothing so that potential debauchery was non-existent. Men wore nightshirts that were similar to a female tunic in the Middle Ages, . This was a comparable outfit worn by men and women for years in places like Rome and Egypt. Nightdresses and nightshirts were made from rectangular pieces of white linen designed to absorb body perspiration.

Flannelette, Silk and Satins

Women nightwear design changed in the 1800s, with ladies’ nightdresses having a loose cut with minimal trimming. New styles were introduced: the V-neck, collars, cape styles and sleeves that were made with pleated or puffed material. Bodices were tied together with ribbons and ruffles, beading and lace were used to embellish the garments. Around 1890 silk in many colours and printed designs came into fashion. Hence women having something a little more luxurious to choose from. Flannelette nightgowns came in shortly after, offering a cosy alternative but still with the feminine trimmings of lace and ribbons. Empire nightgowns then seemed to be the height of fashion, subsequently followed by the flimsy negligees made from silk, satin and giving women a sexier look with see through or sheer materials. Many items of nightwear became more similar to lingerie, made from the same alluring fabrics.

In conclusion, a lady’s choice in nightwear in the modern day very much depends on personal taste. Whether you want something warm, something loose and comfy, or a feminine and flattering negligee, women have a huge range of fashions to choose from.


It’s always girls we have the fashion talk for, but the men in our lives love clothes and looking hot and cool just as much as we do. If not more, actually. So once the sun’s out and the sky’s brighter the summer fashion for men talk is due.

What do men wear this summer?

I heard birthday suits are pretty amazing. No? Okay, well it’s the regular choices then, like shirts, and shorts, buttons downs, summer pants. Men’s summer fashion is simple, casual, with a dash of chic, smart, or edge depending on personal style.

However it’s safe to say boys this summer look effortless and relaxed with a stronger penchant for details and accessories.

Therefore,  great shoes, a perfect watch, socks for men, a pair of sunglasses are all tiny details that make a great summer outfit.

If all else fails, the summer fashion for men essentials will always remain: a pair of chinos, a floral button down, a white t-shirt, a pair of classic denims, a sports jacket, classic sneakers.


summer fashion for men

For tons of fashion tips and tricks make sure y’all check out Onpointfresh.



Studio photography is famous for maternity photos, baby portraits, graduation pictures, family pictures and the likes. This is because the photos look more professional if they are done in a studio and, as we all know, these kinds of photos look much better when done professionally and formally.

Kate Back Drop will help you come up with the best studio pictures by offering you a wide choice of beautiful backgrounds that will be suitable for almost any occasion.

What Is a Photography Backdrop?

A photography backdrop is usually used in studio photography. This is what serves as the background of an image. There are ugly ones and printed ones, most often than not, plain backdrops are used for formal purposes such as ID pictures and the likes. On the other hand, the printed backdrops are attractive for events, family portraits and more.

Why Does a Photography Backdrop Matter?

Based on experience and according to reliable sources, it is critical to choose the best kind of photography backdrop because it is equally important as the subject of the photo. If you think that the subject is the only star in the picture, then you are wrong.

For a photo to be the best of all the best, it must have the combination of perfect subject positioning and perfect background that compliments the picture well. Remember that any single item or pattern in the photo can automatically steal the spotlight from the subject.

Aside from focus, your backdrop can also determine the mood of your photo. It can help you show the subject’s feeling or the entire feeling of the picture in just one backdrop.

Even when the subject does not show his emotion in the picture, with the right backdrop, it can be revealed. For example, if you choose a black shade with a hint of red that reminds of fire, the photo would look as if it has a furious mood.

If you want a garden setting, then it would give the photo a pleasant or relaxing vibe. Thus, it is a must to choose professional backdrops sale for photography.

Lightning and Backdrop Are Partners

Though backdrops are mainly important to give the whole vibe to the picture; it is also a must to ensure the quality and clarity of the photo. How does it affect the overall quality of a picture? Well, it is because it changes the lightning.

When you choose the right lighting setting and the perfect backdrop, you will see that they will work together in bringing out the best of your subject. The ideal combination of lighting and backdrop would highlight important features including skin color, hair color, bone structure and facial expressions, as stated in Udemy Blog.

Choosing the Right Backdrop for Your Photography

It is a must to have the right kinds of backgrounds. This will entice clients to patronize you and come back to your studio whenever they need a studio portrait. Offering them a wide variety of backdrops to choose from will make them love your studio. Thus, it is a must to have multiple kinds of backdrops.

Just because you need a lot of backdrops does not mean that you can just pick any backdrop out there as long as it is usable. Remember that there are a lot of factors you need to consider when buying photography backdrops.

The very first thing you need to check is the material of the backdrop. You have to decide what kind of material you want for your photography. Cloth is highly suggested by most professionals. The reason for this is because they are much more durable than other materials used for the backdrop. Also, they reflect lightning better than the others.

Another thing you need to check is whether the backdrop is seamless or not. Seamless backdrops are much more preferable for its high-quality appeal. You do not want to ruin your background with all those highly visible seams, right? It is also critical to check wrinkles on the backdrop.

A backdrop with wrinkles will do no good to your photo. There are cloth backdrops, like the ones offered by Kate Back Drop that are wrinkle-free. Investing in those will be wise.

Customized Backdrops

It is best to partner up with a backdrop supplier that offers almost all kinds of backdrops for all sorts of seasons out there. Be sure that they offer prints with bokeh, forest, scenery, plain and other types of backdrops.

Also, it is best to buy backdrops sale for photography according to your needs. If you can’t find the right backdrop for your planned photography, then feel free to order a customized one. We at Kate Back Drop Company can cater to your needs. Tell us the design, the feel and the size of the backdrop that you need, and we will gladly deliver it to you.




It is natural for us to want our hair to be perfect and in place every time we leave the house. Inevitably, there are days when our hair does not cooperate with us, thus ruining our entire appearance.

New Hair Line hair pieces are an effective way to ensure that you prevent these bad hair days from happening. They prove extremely helpful not just to provide you with an improved appearance, they are also extremely useful for individuals with receding hairline.

Hair replacement systems come in different styles and sizes, from the standard version to the more modern types. They all have one purpose; to increase volume, add length and boost appearance. Whether it’s thinning patches or just no volume – the hair solutions these days are a blessing. 

With all of these benefits, some people are still not convinced about wearing hair replacement systems for women and men. They have a lot of reasons for not choosing the non-surgical hair piece method, and these include the following.

  • A hair replacement system needs more maintenance as opposed to having natural hair.

  • Constant use of a toupee can increase the risk for your remaining natural hair by suffocating it. This includes further damaging the natural hair through hair loss or breakage.

  • Wearing a toupee takes a longer time as opposed to just leaving your natural hair as it is. The main reason for this is there is a process to be followed when you wear the toupee. After that, you also need to style it.

What are the Advantages of Wearing Hair Pieces and Hair Replacement Systems

Toupee for men and women have been in the industry for many years already. There is a massive popularity about hair pieces, not just with people with receding hair conditions, but also with those who are utterly bored with their everyday appearance.

People who want to look different would like to try NewHairLine. These hair pieces enable you to play with your style, without harming your natural mane.

For those experiencing hair loss, they are available in an array of lengths, textures, styles, and colors. They are a lifesaver especially if you have alopecia with already visible bald spots. You do not need to dread public embarrassment as it sticks to your head snugly and tightly.

Remy hair feels and looks natural, and it is also possible to color it, should you want to style it after some time. Hair pieces can be set in a perm to match any curl pattern of the wearer. The purpose is to blend the toupee with your natural hair.

There is a lot of fun being able to style the hair replacement system as if it is your own. Hot hair styling devices will not damage the hair piece, giving you more versatility when styling your locks. Also, it does not require using a particular product for styling and maintenance.

It is possible to wear a toupee during sports activities and other outdoor activities. Just remember to fix the wig again with another coating of glue to ensure a much stronger bond to your head.

It is important to secure the wig since sweat can break and weaken the bond of the glue quickly. Having said that, rest assured that even when you are sweating heavily, the hair replacement systems for women and men will not come off or fly away.

Start Early on

People who are afflicted by hair loss, tend to experience it slowly. Hair loss usually starts with a receding hairline or thinning patches. This condition of the hair is easiest to conceal if you address it at its onset.

You may want to hide alopecia before it becomes dangerous. You see, you may have to explain yourself a lot of times when your hair loss has advanced to an evident stage, and then you suddenly cover it up.

Find a Good Company

One of the difficulties for people who are wearing hair replacement systems is not in the acquisition or the precise handling of it. It is in looking for a reputable company that can expertly design the hair replacement systems that provide you with the most natural-looking hair pieces.

A large number of hair stylists are typically trained as hairdressers; however, they have to adapt to the styling of the hair pieces to be able to keep up with this industry.

Professionals who are thoroughly trained in hair replacement systems work with a range of blending, cutting and styling processes to come up with natural-looking hair pieces. Their experience and expertise are essential, which reassures and comforts the users.

Toupees can help retain your youth and appearance, as they minimize the unattractive look caused by hair loss. These hair pieces bring back the creamy and silky hair that you want. While there are many ways to hide or address hair loss, the toupee for men and women is a fast and easy answer to this problem.