For the sake of this post I will assume the most ridiculous thing ever: not all people wanna look extra. I know… shocking for someone so self absorbed with a dash of socially awkward tint. #allaboutme Anyway it’s winter – another shocking statement – which means everything sucks except one thing: FUR COATS. They are the best thing about the cold season, they are the christmas of fashion, the chocolate of food, and I am the biggest lover of fur coats out there. From classic styles, to edgy ones, to funky designs, colourful, statement – I’ll take them all and refuse to look anything other than extra.

They have have a superpower no matter what. They make any outfit look money, luxe, sophisticated in whatever way you like, AKA ‘extra’.

So to down-play them can be both a shame but also a true art.

Wearing theses coats on a daily basis can happen and it can happen in a very casual and effortless way too, without the extra over the top vibe they usually carry. It’s true that fur coats can be everything and so much more, but long done are the days of fur coats being more than jackets. These days it’s not just high society women draped in diamonds who wear them. Nope. It’s also a slob like me or you. Hence the accessibility of these jackets and the huge versatility they’ve earned for themselves.

They are everywhere. Extra looking or casual styles.

How to wear fur coats in 2018 without looking extra?

Go for:

  • casual
  • sporty
  • eclectic
  • hobo-chic
  • granny style
  • normcore
  • retro

Pair them with:

  • jeans
  • t-shirts
  • ugly sweaters
  • morocycle boots
  • ankle boots
  • sneakers
  • hoodies
  • leggings

If you still wanna look the extra mile you can. Pair them with:

  • heels
  • stilettos
  • over the knee boots
  • vinyl
  • leather
  • dresses
  • exposed legs
  • evening sexy dress
  • 70s glam style
  • bold lips

What are the hottest fur coats of 2018? 

All is in! Last year it was the year of the vintage styles, those brownish looking coats our moms maybe wore in 70s. Before that the shaggy coats ruled, and before those the tiny ones, and before those the fur lining ones and so on.

2018 welcomes and celebrates all these style AND give a huge welcome to statement fur coats. Talk about extra.

Long fur coats, slightly oversized are looking more dramatic than ever.

Bright yellow coats are having such a moment right now. #chickencool

Vintage style is still pure perfection.

Shaggy and bear fur coats are the new funky stars of these jackets. They’re more fun and laid back.

Statement ones in the wildest colours and prints were all over the streets at Fashion Week.

Street style inspo:


Get the look:


So whether or not you’re a fan of real or faux fur coats please note they’re all IN, and the style out there is casual with a dash of extra. Not everyone can wear fur coats, and not everyone is comfortable wearing them, but for those who love love love this trend the news of them being IN is pure happiness. For the rest… take it with a grain of salt and comment below why you’re not a fan. Or maybe give them a try.

xoxo D.




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  1. Jennifer H.Westfall says:

    Nice post!all the fur coats are awesome but except of coats I prefer jackets and Saints Rogan Shearling Bomber Jacket is the one I mostly wear.

  2. Aaron A. Dennis says:

    There are a lot of choices for fur coats, never noticed. These here are all pretty coats. I like the way the are Cafe Racer Jackets all paired with the different types of clothing. Keep it up :)

  3. joycew.skidmore says:

    Such a brilliant and eye catching fur coats styles. i watched a avengers age of ultron Scarlet Witch jacket styling way yesterday and today see fur coats both are cool and wonderful . Thanks a lot.

  4. Michelle Wilhoit says:

    There are a lot of choices for fur coats, never noticed. These here are all pretty coats. I like the way the are all paired with the different types of clothing. So loving the oversized stylish sunglasses in some of the photos as well, which great photo shots!! Great information, thank you for sharing.


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