2018 Trend: How To Wear PLAID Without Looking Dated?

One of the biggest trends fashion is giving us this fall season is the prettiest and ugliest of them all. The easiest to wear and the trickiest to pull off. It’s a hassle. Ladies and gents I give you PLAID.

With plaid you either end up looking really cool. Like beyond cool. Insanely elegant, refined, sophisticated and cool, OR you end up looking dated – circa 90s Gwen Stefani pants and plaid shirts (y’all stand up if you’re a fan and guilty), or circa 2000s with a dash of fashionista: tube boots, leggings, dress-like plaid shirt, vest on top, plaid infinity scarf, Kim Kardashian wavy hair, big bag. Worst case scenario you look so dated it’s granny-style.

But even that is a thing, so… moving on.

2018 is all about sophistication and plaid as difficult as it may be to pull off is the #1 item to guarantee this coveted fashion situation. If… we manage to pull it off. Think Gucci meets Vivienne Westwood and they party with Versace in the 90s. Think the cool kids of today wearing plaid as if our moms never wore it in the 70s or we never rocked it in the 90s. It’s grungy with a bit of glam, and if you really know your shit you can look beyond fab in plaid.

PS. yes I am making a case for this trend, cause I’ve only just discovered its appeal. I am an idiot, I know but what can I do other than wrap myself in plaid this season and make up for all those times I hated it and walked right past it. #daggerthroughtheheart

How to wear plaid in 2018?

  • plaid coats
  • plaid mini skirts
  • plaid midi & skirts
  • plaid dresses
  • plaid thin thick fabric
  • plaid scarves
  • plaid details

Anything plaid mix it with feminine pieces or designs, add a bit of glam through jewellery, nails, bold lips, and a bit of effortlessness with natural looking hair. Stay away from too hobo looks, they’re so passe, and stir away from anything too styled and preppy.

Pick plaid pieces that would have never worked with plaid a few years back, like a cropped top under a plaid suit, with tiny 90s glasses. Pick a ruffled midi asymmetric skirt, in PLAID,  with kitten heels ankle boots. Wear a lace dress and wrap yourself up in a bath robe coat in plaid.

Pair plaid with hoops, with tiny cute bags, and cropped mom jeans. It will give this granny fabric a lot of sartorial dimension, more glam, edge, and that french timeless chicness.

Paid mini skirts look so so chic these days. Pick thick winter fabrics and high waist styles and wear them with plain cool t-shirts and a blazer on top.

If you can’t stay away from plaid shirts, which are not so great anymore… pick massive styles, and wear them like you’d wear your man’s shirt on a lazy Sunday morning: with pride, comfort, confidence, and max effortlessness. Kim Kardashian is the queen of plaid shirts in 2018. It’s such a sophisticated eclectic look: the masculine vibe of the shirt with a dash of 90s grunge mixed with a bit of glam and minimalism. Shut the front door!

Street style inspo:


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All I can think about right now is what the hell was I thinking ignoring plaid up to now?! Anyway… that’s all gone and in the past now, as I’m wide awake this season and planning to love plaid a lot.

Or maybe I’m just growing old and am finally falling into my age box fashion picks of something?!

I don’t really believe that crap, so bye.

xoxo D.