No winter has ever looked so fabulous as 2018 winter. It’s as if this season waited patiently for all coats trends and looks to parade themselves throughout time and then brilliantly selected only the best. This fall the coats we love to so effortlessly throw on our backs are 100 shades of different and luxe and so much more. You just can’t limit 2018 coats trend to just one coat style. Oh what a pity that would be. Sure, there are a few dusted overly done looks that we’re so over, but the rest is here: reinvented, vintage, minimal, opulent, funky, military, feminine, fur, leather, sleek, slouchy, fitted, long, midi…

What designers showed us on the runway for this season was a mix of the opulence I was telling you about with a bit of vintage and glam, some rascal vibes, and sometimes a minimal 80s kind of creamy coats that Melanie Griffith used to wear back in the day. Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen had the most glam and luxurious coats you’ve ever seen – which is a clear indicator that 2018 coats trend is quite statement.

If, on top of this you add your vintage fur coats and faux fur you’ve got from way back when it only emphasises our desire to again have so much fun with fashion. Who cares if it rains or pours, if it’s freezing and snowing all at once?

(well… I kinda do… but we’ll not discuss my hatred fur the cold here. You see… I am trying to focus on the bright side here – the fashion.)

On the other hand a certain kind of understated glam and timeless elegance will always always be in, so 2018 coats trend is also a very minimal and 80s inspired sartorial picture. Camel coats, black coats, nudes, taupes, greys and all the dusty creamy shades of the world in broad shoulders, super long hemlines, wrapped like design. The coats of Max Mara for example. Stu-nning.

2018 Coats Trend: so what exactly do we wear this season? 

  • fur coats
  • coloured fur coats
  • printed coats
  • coats with beads, sequins, appliqués
  • Edwardian coats styles
  • military styles
  • glamorous
  • very long coats
  • belted coats
  • leather fitted coats
  • faux fur coats
  • sherling coats
  • minimal coats
  • 80s inspired styles
  • camel coats
  • bright colours
  • statement coats
  • oversized coats

ALL. IS. IN. Shorter styles coats have a little bit lost their ground and so have black coats, but having said that I would never say no to a long faux fur black coat. A-line coats have lost their appeal as well, and so have coats that are too cinged at the waist, and flare in a short style of a mini skater skirt. Yeah those are gone.

What is the #1 2018 Coats Trend?

As hard as it is to pinpoint I’d say we tend to lean more onto the statement coats this season, with a massive return of the colours and printed coats as well as appliqués styles.

However… be careful they’re not circus like, nor too playful in the sense of clown-like-colores and statements. They’re more glam-playful royal-funky-opulant rather than the above.

And I… am all for that.

Let’s have a look, grab a drink,  and let the street style take over.


Get the look:


What do you think: are they a great change for a change or what? Or are some of us not feeling this too-much trend? Insert thinking emoji.

You know… I talk the talk but when it actually comes down to the dirty business of wearing a bird on my head for example, I tend to chicken out. However… I love fur and faux fur, so for me… there’s no such thing as too much there. And I love this new glam Edwardian-Military style so that’s great too. But then I’m also a camel coat wrapped around myself kinda girl as well…

Decisions… decisions…

xoxo D.


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  2. joycew.skidmore says:

    Unique and fabulous styles of coats for 2018 . i really like your collection and i am interested in last one in fact yesterday i saw a distressed leather jacket collection in yellow both are amazing. Thanks

  3. clara says:

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  4. Priya Kale says:

    Thanks for sharing this awesome pictures and information. I also agree with you, I just love to wear fairy coats but now I have to buy some printed one also. These coats are the latest trending fashion for 2018.Thanks again!

  5. Ethan Jackson says:

    This is a very well written article. I love bright colors. But this season seems to be more colorful. Thanks for sharing.

    • FashionTag says:

      I used to be so stuck on black and dark coats, but now i’m so loving the statement pieces and colourful ones. Thanks xx


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