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The Return Of The CAMEL COAT!

camel-coat-street-style-11 After what was supposed to be a lazy weekend, another working week kicks in, and this only means, more stress at the office, crispy cold mornings, long days and the ever present question: “What to wear to work today.” It’s autumn, so this means 2 things: coats & layers. No cold season will ever be complete without the Coat Trend talk. Ever.

And it seems to me, no other season has been so hooked up and crazy packed with coats, as the 2013 – 2014 Autumn & Winter. All is in, and fashion took a seat back to style. There is no coat design to not wear this time around, it’s all a matter of styling & reinventing them. So it comes as no surprise that alongside those (still in) military coats, black elegant or grungy styles, some new and quite surprising coats made their way in.

The pink coat, which we discussed a while ago (click here for more) & The CAMEL COAT. camel-coat camel coat 2011-Camel-Coat Reminiscent of those 1970’s and ’80’s, this coat is the definition of classic elegance, and luxurious refinement in a very understated yet rich way. It sort of inspires us to think of those rich beautiful celebrities all covered up in expensive wool & cashmere while making their way through a crowd of paparazzi.

The past of the Camel Coat: 70s-style-camel-coat 70s-style-camel-coat camel-coat-princess-diana retro-camel-coat (2) retro-camel-coat marilyn-monroe-inspired-camel-coat-look

Max-Mara-Camel-Coat-style One of the most iconic camel coats was designed in 1981 by Maxmara (above) and ever-since it has remained its most sold and famous piece. So no wonder this year is its comeback. The return of the camel coat is just this – a fabulous comeback of the classic style, which, true, might’ve never really left the rails, yet it hasn’t held the spotlight either in quite sometime.

2013 Autumn celebrates this nude/brownish version of the coat in every possible style. Man inspired designs, oversized, super tailored, structured, slouchy, broad shoulders, plunging necklines, very long or short, fitted or not, double breasted, trench inspired, blazer inspired – ALL is INcamel-coat-2013-trend camel-coat-autumn-trend Yet I think no other coat style embodies the camel coat’s elegance and refinement quite as the belted style does. A bit oversized, collar popped, sleeves rolled up, calves length, perfect for crispy mornings, and able to cover up any outfit with the most effortless classy sophistication possible. camel-coat-street-style-2 camel-coat-street-style-3 The CAMEL COAT looks amazing over blazers, suits, silky tops, or even jumpers, denim shirts, dresses. It goes with any style from laid back to sporty, to casual, to business.

Though styling it with any color used to be sort of tricky, today more and more fashionsiats seem to not give a crap whether camel looks good or not with say… red, or green, or prints, or all colors in one outfit. Much to our surprise the-camel-and-the-anything combination looks not good, but fabulous. camel-coat-street-style-1 camel-coat-street-style-9 camel-coat-style So in case you’re off to buy a new coat and have no idea what to get – I think, gifting yourself with a camel coat is a massive style investment. Time only testifies to it never going out of fashion and women with a penchant for dressing up only prove how versatile and tremendously elegant, refined and classy such a coat is.

To get some inspiration… let’s scroll through these pics ;) camel-coat-autumn-trend camel-coat-look camel-coats-street-style OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA camel-coat-street-style camel-coat-street-style-4 camel-coat-street-style-4 camel-coat-street-style-4 camel-coat-street-style-4 camel-coat-street-style-8 camel-coat-street-style-4 camel-coat-street-style-12 camel-coat-street-style-4 camel-coat-street-style-14 camel-coat-street-style-16 camel-coat-street-style-17 camel-coat-street-style-trend camel-coat-trend long-camel-coat-street-style