The ONLY good thing about the cold weather is the variety of clothes you can wear. The layering you can play with. The coziness of all the sweaters, the bundling up with all the scarves and gloves and hats and what not. One thing everyone in winter is wearing, whether for style reasons or just cause we’re human and we’re cold is THE COAT styles.   


Ah… personally I spend hours online shopping for great coat styles, making wishlists over wishlists on websites I’m in love with, like CHOIES for example, and I confess I’m down with almost any coat style. Btw, make sure to click on the link, cause they’ve got a massive SALE for Thanksgiving. Spoiler: tons, and tons of coats ladies!

But my almost daily wishlist routine has raised the question of WHAT is actually hot in terms of coats in 2015 winter? Are there passe styles and cuts, is there a specific coat that we must own and wear?


As much as I’m still faithful to the mantra of all is in in fashion right now, I am not an idiot (well that’s what I like to think anyway) so I have seen that all the beautiful people out there have a penchant for a certain type of coats (cut wise): long collar line, V style, slightly oversized, quite architectural, long design, broader slightly slouchier shoulders, pockets, cinged at the waist, draped, wrapped.

These cuts and designs seem to be quite ubiquitous right now. But… since the question of which of them is the hottest out there still pends let’s do this. Let’s divide and conquer and while we’re at it let’s make a few wishlists and maybe shop. Thanksgiving is coming soon, and we so need a coat. Right?

1. COLORED COATS. With the above cuts and designs in mind you can go wild and funky and extravagant with color. And I mean crazy bright shades of fuchsia, pinks, bright yellows, oranges.

cost-styles-2015 (2)

If they’re too much for you… (I’m feeling fingers pointed at me right now) a great alternative here is cobalt blue coats, red, and green. There is something very chic about the classic colored coats. I can do these and take my hat off to any of you who can do them all. :)

colored-coats-2015cost-styles-2015 (3)cost-styles-2015 (4)cost-styles-2015red-coat-styles-2015

Get the look here:

2. PASTEL COATS. They’ve been in for sometime and are the dainty versions of the above. Like the dainty jewelry trend. I LOVE them. I mean I love how they look on others, I love the retro feel, the femininity they hold, the elegance… but I am a little bit pastel-challenged. I’ve always felt faded colors do my brown’ish complexion little justice. The pink ones though… I think I’ll reconsider.

pastel-coatspastel-coats-2015 (2)pastel-coats-2015 (3)pastel-coats-2015

Get the look here: 

3. STATEMENT COATS. The irony is, as uncomfortable as I’m with the above I’m sold on these ones. I ADORE statement coats, the funkier the better, the quirkier and more fashion forward and extravagant the better. Go big or go home. Why? Well… in winter whatever your outfit may be, it’s bound to be covered by some humongous outwear, so why not make it all about the outwear. THE COAT. Ta-daaa.

statement-coatsstreet-style-trend-statement-coats (2)NYFW FW14 Street Stylestreet-style-trend-statement-coats (4)street-style-trend-statement-coats (5)Emmanuelle Alt at Sonia Rykiel

Get the look here:


4. FUR COATS. Okay, do I have to explain this? I thought so. But I will anyway. Everybody is jumping on this trend right now. It is one of the biggest looks out there in 2014-2015, and you know me… if it shines to bright I’ll have it. If it stands out and it has a faux fur… don’t even ask. I’ll take it and love it and wear it forever. Hence my faux fur load of coats I already have. And with winter almost here and Thanksgiving knocking you so need a faux fur.

fur-coat-trend-2015fur-coats-winter-2015 (2)fur-coats-winter-2015 (3)fur-coats-winter-2015 (4)fur-coats-winter-2015 (5)

Get the look here:


5. CLASSIC COATS. Now this is what I’m talking about. Give me classics and I’ll take them, thank you very much. Nothing, and I mean nothing will ever beat a black coat. A camel coat (which is HUGE this season), a white or grey coat are the epiphany of elegance. They’re the staple we all have and can never have enough of. They go with anything, look good regardless of the trends and fit just about any style.

classic-coats-2015coat-style-2015-classic (2)coat-style-2015-classiccoat-style-2015-classic

Get the look here: 

So what is your favorite coat style this winter?

For more make sure to check out CHOIES massive Thanksgiving SALE (ding! ding! ding!) they’ve got amazing coats!!!!

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  1. Biki says:

    You’re so right, one of the great things about winter is Coat Season! I found this vintage store in Berlin (Humana) that sells amazing winter coats. I got an oversized one, black 100% wool, V Shaped, fur detailing on neckline and cuffs bla bla, and it cost just 40 euros! Looking at the images here, I really like the Coloured Coats trend, its a great way to rock colour and keep spirits up in the dour grey weather! x

    • FashionTag says:

      hey babes, you just made me wanna go shop right now I swear, + visit Berlin (love that city btw). Colored ones are great, and you’d look fab in a bright colored one. Think blues and bright pinks are my faves. Also I love the faux fur ones (still). Black, classic are nice as well. Need to buy a new coat myself as well. ahhhh. Thanks xoxo

  2. Ana says:

    I’ve got all of them save for the pastel one…Admittedly I’ve accumulated them over a few years! I like my coat to last a few seasons- my leopard print is almost a decade long! (there’s something to be said about buying quality stuff) Love your writing, so glad I came across your blog!

    • FashionTag says:

      Thank you so much Ana!!! so glad you like it :) I’m the same, got a few coats over the years, (faux fur and leopard like yours are still my faves), but just realized it this weekend I’m so poor on the classic colored ones. I guess I’ve been like too obsessed with funky statement coats that I ignored the simple black/camel/grey ones. I smell shopping soon lol. Thanks xoxo


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