2017 COATS Trend: 5 Styles To Wear This Winter

Were it not for the little perks of winter – sartorial and holidays both – this season would not get a lot of likes had it had an Instagram profile. What is there to like? It’s cold, damp, hence the bad hair days and dry skin, it’s uncomfortable and gloomy.

But it’s got great clothes, and hot chocolates, and cappuccinos served in cozy beds and cozy coffee shops, while wearing some autumn-winter perfect outfit made out of knits and soft fabrics, with always a coat over those perfect shoulders.

No cold season is ever complete without coats. And if you’re one with a penchant for what’s HOT out there each season, the Q of what coats to wear in 2017 winter probably crossed your mind already.

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There’s no rocket science behind the trend-ish side of coats in 2017, ‘all is in’ pretty much remains the mantra, BUT there a 5 coat styles in 2017 winter that are hotter than ever. Some we’ve seen before, some we haven’t milked enough in the past, some are new.

What’s out of fashion? Shorter than knee styles are taking a seat back, so are the fitted styles, the cinged at the waist designs. Anything that looks too preppy and polished and body-fitted is out – as 2017 is all about the deconstructed coats, the exquisite fabrics, the big shapes, the slouchiness, the relaxed designs, that might look hobo but are very balanced by edgier design and very expensive looking fabrics.

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2017 Coats Trend.

1.Sherling Coats.

It’s vintage perfection, a 70s nostalgia mixed with rocknroll, like in those films with a young Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep, happening somewhere in the winter of 1976, both wearing shearling coats that look rugged and cool. The 2017 version of the shearling coat keeps that rugged vibe while being more sophisticated and polished, but not too much, so we still have that badass rockroll vibe to it.


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2. Fur Coats

Tbh I thought they’ve been there done that, but apparently they’re not going anywhere. FYI – faux fur vests are out. (God knows I find it so hard to deal with that, so I chose to wear mine as an outwear option for relaxed days.) In 2017 fur coats, and faux fur coats are either short-haired with funky prints and a 70s take on the design, or are more fluffy and delicate. It’s luxe mixed with edgy.


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3. Extra Long Coats

Like those of last year, your know. The longer the coat the cooler the look. They keep your legs warm, and look extremely dramatic.


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4. Camel Coats

Still going strong, with a bit of a staple vibe happening. As long as it’s not draped I’m loving this coat trend.


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5. Statement Coats

Never ever have statement coats been this cool. Everything you love about a coat style is hyperbolised, as to make it more vibrant: colours, fabrics, sizes, cuts, prints, patterns. The edgier or more un-common the better, but it all looks incredibly great, Gucci or Prada style. Busy, luxurious, extra vintage, extra big, extra anything. You know… exaggerate with your coat.


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Swoon. Cross my heart on this one: I am head over heels for the 2017 coats trend. Especially the shearling coats. I’ve had enough of black coats, of polished fitted styles, of preppy cuts, of military designs, so this 2017 coats trend explosion of styles that are more particular is incredibly welcoming, and refreshing.

Street style inspo.


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What do you think: what’s your go to coat style? Let’s discuss coats, looks, whatever else you want in the Facebook comments.

Have a great one! xoxo