At this point – 3 days post VMA’s – not too many actually give a shit about the red carpet best and worst dressed anymore. I mean, it was all pretty much said and done, BUT my thoughts and tongue could not be put to rest so I figured better late than never, hence today’s outta sync report.

Needless to say Beyonce was the Queen of the night, Drake and Rihanna are still having fans guess over the love thing between them, Kim K was a nice surprise (please don’t hate), so was Taylor Swift’s absence (and falling off mask eventually. My alter ego can’t stop saying ‘I told you so’ for the past month or so). Oh, and Britney’s comeback was okay I guess. Almost forgot about the night’s highlight.

performs onstage during the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards at Madison Square Garden on August 28, 2016 in New York City.


Without further ado, or my useless rant here is the VMA’s 2016 Red Carpet.

Best Dressed – VMA’s 2016

I think I should also have an ‘I don’t know’ category of these red carpets, because more often than not there are way too many looks that leave a question mark above my head, and my heart goes back and forth between love it or hate it. Such was the case of Beyonce’s dress. What. In the name. Of God. Is that. Okay, the look of Bey and baby Blue together was heart melting and I loved it completely. But truth is she did wear a wtf dress, amazing from the shoulders down, horrible on the upper part. What the hell, did she decide she wanted to go as a an eagle aka John Snow in GOT? That’s a whole lotta haute couture there. I get it that it’s the VMA’s which are all about fun fashion, but this is more a costume. So I liked it with a dash of hated it, at times, if that makes any sense. She stole the night however as a true talent and voice and I bow to that. Her fashion sense and red carpet looks were never her strong game anyway.


Moving on to tabu #2 – Kim Kardashian. I think she was a very nice surprise, and truth be told I am really liking her style more and more these days. She went for a very sexy look (no surprise there), but quite understated, borderline ‘just stepped out of the shower and  barely had time to pull myself together but here I am.’ Less hairstyle, less makeup, less frills and chills. Of course I’m guessing the ‘make-under look’ took as long as any glam make over, but the effortless vibe is there, and Kanye’s T-shirt style helped this chill-vibez-fun-fashion couple style. Loved the hair and makeup, and the dress with the minimal details. Maybe the off-the-shoulder was a bit too much for this look. Too studied if you will.


One of my favourites of the night was Hailey Baldwin. Incredibly stunning, effortless, cool, glamorous. Her black sheer jumpsuit was beyond beautiful, with a perfect cut, and perfect tailoring of the pants, and she wore it fabulously with her hair and makeup. Perfection.


Amber Rose was a winner in my heart, and I love her all the time, but this look was insane. Beautiful and powerful. LOVE her. I love her signature beauty look, and I love that she’s not afraid to experiment and have fun with fashion. She nailed it this time.


Stella Maxwell looked amazing in her 2 piece ensemble. Too much? Too fun? Well she did nail the look, she is young, it all fits her like a glove – design and style wise – and it is the VMA’s not the Oscars so I say YES.


Chantelle Winnie is beautiful for all she is and stands for, and I LOVE her dress and look: the colour, the slit, the upper part, I am not crazy however for that tulle fabric or whatever. Otherwise YES all the way.


Of course Nicky Minaj is going to heat up the place. Bombshell alert. She looks stunning. The dress has a bit of too much going on: cuts, straps, sheer, loads of cleavage, and it looks like it’ll snap anytime, but she makes it work. She’s Nicky so I did expect a very hot look from her. It’s all very well balanced with her natural makeup and simple hair. The dark blue of the dress is a perfect touch. Very elegant and understated.


I also liked the badass borderline BDSM looks like Chanel West Coast, or Rita Ora‘s matronly BDSM godmother. It was rather confusing and too much, buuuuuut, except for the shoes I don’t not like it.


Taylor Hill stunning! Hailee Steinfeld LOVE the look. Very young and sophisticated. Perfect hair and makeup. Thank God Heidi Klum kept it simple. Good going this time. I’m not sure about Jojo… I somehow like the heavy dark look. But I sometimes feel like she’s all wrapped up in jacquard curtains or something.


Cassie. YES. Funky, cool, quirky – I think she pulls it off. But it’s a risky look that would only work on certain people, for certain occasions. I might be wrong, BUT my first reaction to seeing her was ‘oh wow’. And I’m sticking to it.


I liked Alicia Keys look, very flamenco and dramatic, but for me this lack of makeup obsession or movement she’s doing is so whatever. And yes, I did just roll my eyes. Please judge me if that’s your thing. It’s great she’s all about it, but just don’t impose your look or latest fad on the rest and proclaim it THE motherfucking solution to whatever women-issues. I salute her choice, for what it is: her choice. She looks beautiful either way.

I would have loved some red lips to that look though. #justsaying



Rihanna was great at the VMA’s – fashion wise. She always is. I LOVED her looks especially the pink one. Oh. My. Gawd. Perfection. But on stage she was out-staged by Bey. I mean with a performance mostly based on over-singing on prerecorded versions, and choreography for show’s sake… that was bound to happen. Riri’s fashion game is on point all the time. Other than that, I am not sold on her entertaining skills no more. Thank God Drake brought the spotlight back to her with that kiss dodging situation and love professing.


Worst Dressed – VMA’s 2016 

I will unleash the beast and sharp untamed tongue (not that it’s ever been caged or tamed)  and start off with Britney Spears dress. Man, oh man. 16 years later and she’s still doing that fucking red carpet pose, of an awkward 15 year old girl in the limelight. 16 years later and she’s still going for the same shoes, same dress style, same hair, same makeup. I hated the dress. I mean, it wasn’t ugly but that’s not the bloody point. It was a basic dress with an ambition for a classy edge (hence the slit and the cutout) that left me with a meh. The world waited for your comeback (not that you were ever gone) and this is THE dress of choice?


Y’all Ariana Grande was almost swallowed by her pants! Horrendous look. The upper part was okay I guess, but the pants were wrong. Ill fitted, too big, too long, too frumpy. Too much for her petit frame. I hate her bangs. Can I also say I’m kinda over her half up do?!


Joan Smalls. I don’t like it. Same pants problem. Is this a trend or something? I LOVE her makeup and hair, I’m a huge fan of sleeked back hair, but those pants are NO way Jose.


Same problemo with Tinashe, although I kinda liked her draping, and I’m guessing this was all meant to look like this: haute couture frumpy and getting-lost-in-that-fabric. She almost sold this look for me. Almost.


Naomi Campbell is stunning in anything, even in this look. But I don’t like the dress. Simple as that.


Now it’s your turn. Since I still have a problem with the comments section, please comment in the Facebook feature or page if you get the urge to share your own bests and worsts. I would LOOOOOVE the hear them. Thanks.

Have a fab rest of the week my gorgeous ones!


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