2018 Golden Globes Red Carpet: Why Everyone Wore Black?

Never in recent years has there been a red carpet event so talked about, for other reasons other than fashion per se. This alone is a massive milestone in everything 2018 Golden Globes Red Carpet stood for: Time’s up and #MeToo movements supported and voiced loud and clear, bold and beautiful by women and men alike.

Like never before all celebrities stood together (with a couple of exceptions from the colour code rule) and wore all black outfits in support of equality and truth. Saying no to sexual harassment, gender pay gap, discrimination of all sorts, racism, power play, and all the negative issues women have had to deal with for decades – was all in the spotlight. Celebrities were telling it like it is, putting a name on it (Debra Messing addressing the E! situation of Cat Sadler’s leaving the network) for the first time ever. Live. On the red carpet. United through a dress code – all black – by the same movement and beliefs.


Oprah Winfrey summed this all up into one of the best speeches ever, whose aftermath has everyone begging her to run for president, and according to this morning’s news… for the first time she didn’t say no. It was compelling, heartfelt, pure truth, strong, empowering and so so emotional.

Basically good people are sick of bullies, keeping their mouths shut, and playing polite over truth to save appearances, in the film industry and all over the world, from the top A celebrity to the cleaning lady in your office building. Time’s up, and we’re done with turning a blind eye to casual insults, discriminatory behaviour and what not.

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2017 Emmys Red Carpet: Best & Worst Dressed!

With everything happening in the world out there, and with all that went down at the Emmy’s 2017 #womenrock, the great speeches, amazing, talented women being awarded and celebrated after having had fantastic opportunities to play great roles so they can showcase their talents, talking about the Emmy’s 2017 red carpet of all things, is the most trivial thing one could do. Yet here I am. Truth is, I have given a few thoughts to whether or not I really want to go on my usual red carpet rants, cause I feel like that idiot that stays behind and argues a point when everyone else has moved on. #ilovetoembarassmyslef

But, here’s the thing: 1) I have no possible way of watching the show, except for the red carpet on E! (which is aired in Europe later than live obviously), so this alone puts me in a very red carpet-ish angle, and the rest of the story, the best part, aka Nicole Kidman’s speech, Reese’s speech, the winners, the faces, the host, the comments, the vibes, how women rocked this year, and what a milestone it all was for empowerment and equality, and celebrating talent all around (also known under the name of feminism) – I can only access online, dispersed and biased already. So there’s that, and 2) while I’m all for the above 1,000% I LOVE talking red carpet fashion. Period.

Emmy’s 2017 red carpet was one of the most stylish carpets I’ve ever seen. Maybe there was something in the air cause everything just came together that night for everyone there. Well, except those who did’t win, and really wanted to, and those who were not so best dressed, in case they wanted to be. Scrolling through all the photos I was actually “worried” I’d have no worst contenders.

Turns out, there are a few who took one for the worst dressed team. So let’s go.

Emmy’s 2017 Red Carpet – Best Dressed

The whole cast of Big Little Lies has got to be here. Maybe Shailene Woodley not so much, I mean I loved the dress but I felt like the hair was very peasant-praire style inspired, colour and texture as well. Nicole Kidman finally shut it down!!!!! I gave up on her red caret efforts long time ago, but this year her dress was beyond perfect for her. She looks stunning  in red, that’s a fact, and the silhouette was great. I would have freaked out if they tried to put me in that length, so… I love that she went for it,  but I was also scared for Nicole. Hair – stunning. Makeup – fab! The upper part of the dress was insane.

Reese Witherspoon is one of my faves and her choice of that blazer dress was not bad. I think she made it look amazing, she wore it fab with her long blonde hair that popped against the colour of the dress. I really liked it. And I do think she wore the dress not vice versa, and any other person would not have pulled this off so great.

Susan Saradon. Perfection. Can I look like that when I grow up? The cut, the style everything was classic,  simple, and glamorous.

Gugu Mbata Raw – stunning!!! Everything about this look is show stopping in the most natural and effortlessly beautiful way possible. The dress is glitter, liquid glitter and sequins, and it’s so simple and flattering on her it’s amazing. I love that she kept it all simple and accessorised with earrings of the same dress colour.

Zoe Kravitz looks like a beautiful bird. A lot of women went for the ostrich feathers look, but few pulled it off. Zoe’s edge mixes perfectly with the super glam and sweet side (possibly tacky) of the feathers. I love the pearls, cause it makes it all so eclectic but feminine in a very edgy kinda of way. Rocknroll with a girly twist. So if course she was the only one who pulled off this look. It’s one of those looks that the more you look at, the more you love it.

Rashida Jones was beautiful. I loved the dress and felt it had so much movement and silky slippery kinda texture to it. The design, the cut, how she looked it in it – pure flawlessness. Vanessa Kirby – not to crazy about the hair, but the dress!!! Oh my. One of my faves.

Viola Davis stunning!!!! She always always always looks beautiful on the red carpet. The colour of the dress is so good on her it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Somebody call the firepolice or something. Hello Gina Rodriguez! Oh my god. This is so sexy it’s almost impossible to look at. The plunging neckline, the fabric, the long sleeves, the hair pulled back, those earrings, natual makeup – it’s all pure glamour.

Emmy Rossum looked so red carpet glam, old-school meets 2017 classic. Loved the simplicity of the dress, and the hair was beautiful, side parted, old Hollywood style, with the perfect earrings. I’m not really a fan of such big dresses, but this one I love.

Michelle Pfeiffer… everyone was blown away by how gorgeous she looked. I thought she looked ok. |The dress is beautiful, so is she, but let’s not get carried away here. Julie Bowen was superb. I love that she chose a dress that was simple, but not really, and went for full on classic bling. It seems it’s all about the classic jewellery this year.

Madeline Brewer was very stunning and high fashion. The high big shoulders and that earring were like fashion editorial, and the dress so so glamorous and beautiful.

Susan Kelechi Watson is one of my fave women. I absolutely adore her on This is us, and she slayed it at the Emmy’s 2017 red carpet. She looks like a goddess in that dress. I’m in love with that dress. Perfect cut, slit, upper part, shoes were great, hair and makeup brilliantly natural… maybe I would have picked more diamond like earrings.

Sofia Vergara is ok, but I am a little bit so over her red carpet looks, because they’re literally so did done did it’s crazy. Okay the dress is more birdie style, with the ostrich feather being a trend I guess looking like a bird was the go-to thing this year. It’s a beautiful dress, she is a beautiful woman, but come on! I would have picked more classic jewellery, nothing too chandelier-y, and I would have done a side part hairstyle with old Hollywood waves. I think that would have made wonders.

When I first saw Mandy Moore, i was like what the fuck woman, but then seeing more photos from different angles i am loving this dress. it;s so ‘oreo’ dramatic and fun i adore it. and the lipstick is amazing on her. LOVE.

Felicity Huffman looked beautiful and classic. Laverne Cox hot as hell as always.

Speaking of hot… Yonne Strahovski dayum woman!!!! She is one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen. That dress is like held together by invisible little birds (again with the birds). It’s so sexy and so revealing but also incredibly beautiful, without being tacky. Love the hair the make up and that choker.

Also Tessa Thomson looked so good. It was a heard look to pull off, so colourful and so MTV-like awards, but I think she rocked it. Sarah Hyland was stunning, I love her. Erin Lim was shut the front door. I love  this busy opulent Dolce and Gabbana Sicily inspired style so much. it’s perfection for me, but I’m aware it;s a not an easy look to digest.

When I saw Padma Laksmi I was literally blown. Wow! she has unleashed her sex-bomb persona and I love it. the sultry make up, the cleavage, that pink against hair hair and dress. it was a bit too much at first, but why the hell not. she seems to love it, and i love it for her. btw her hair looks amazing.

Nina Kiri very effortlessly beautiful, young, edgy but fresh. Kristin Cavalari very simple (maybe too simple) and cute. Liliana Vasquez looked so good, very beautiful and classic with a bit of drama courtesy of the black belt and accessories. Loved it.


Emmy’s 2017 Red Carpet – Worst Dressed

Please hate me if you want, I don’t care, but Jessica Biel wore the ugliest dress ever, and she topped it all with the ugliest hair ever. I really don’t know which is worse, the hair or the dress, but she looks like she stepped off some 80s prom situation. Oh my god, I keep looking at it, and I don’t get it. what is with that pink fabric over the sequins?


Heidi Klum please clap your hands for me. Oh wait, don’t. You’ll hurt yourself and wake up half the world with those bangles girl. and as if those weren’t enough you popped a few earrings in there too, of all styles – chandelier. And you’re giving us major cleavage and major slit #vajajayalert, and a bright tan… I’m so tired right now from this look. The dress is very maxi summer inspired, and it’s not bad, but not for red carpet, and not with those bangles. What is this, 2000’s?!

Vanessa Bayer somebody just threw up all over you. Oh wait, no, it’s your dress.

You guys, what happens when an ostrich meets a disco ball? They have a party and it looks like the dress Tracee Ellis Ross wore. My oh my. What happens when too much is too much.

Ariel Winter is more like Ariel Summer hot but not in a good way. it’s too much for me. those slits are like the dresses you wear in latin dance competitions, not red carpet appropriate, it’s too tight, too sexy-in a try-too-hard kinda way.

Samantha Bee looks too harsh. It’s not bad, but something about that dress makes me feel so uncomfortable. It’s too structured and blazer inspired and too green. I don’t really like it. I love her hair and her smile and her jewellery.

Lea Michelle she should not be here on the worst list, which in itself should be more like my least fave list, cause she looks beautiful, but i just feel like the belt ruined the look entirely. It looks like a jeans belt, and that is a sequin red carpet dress. I’m also not a big fan of that type of cleavage and straps.

Amanda Crew – I’m still not sure about it. I wanna love it, but I dont know. Is it see-through and is that a peak into her naked body? Not that there’s anything wrong with it. Really now, I just think it’s ok but she looks like a bedazzled condom.

Leslie Jones she’s so great and I love her but I don’t like her dress and I wanna love it but I can’t. Crying right now. I don’t know why i don’t like it. maybe there should be no slit? Or maybe those earrings are too bedazzled for that bedazzled dress? Help!!!

Debra Messing is messing around in nylon. No, actually she’s lost in a not so pretty dress. Samira Wiley I love the dress, but the upper ruined it: it’s too much. it should have stopped at the cleavage.

Priyanka Chopra why?!!!! So she went with the bird trend, and that dress ostrich train or trumpet ruined it. also it felt like the dress was more like a cotton thick restraining jacket. it does look good, but certainly not what I expected. maybe it would have worked better without those shoulder-arm details. or maybe no feathers.

Laura Dern – tomato tomato. #ostrichalert

Oh my god, somebody call the sheriff! Evan Rachel Wood is in the house. She’s always going for masculine lookms but this is a no no for me. is that a cropped jacket, it that a long vest underneath? Why not a simple blazer?

Mackenzie Davis – well… she is so beautoul but she fucked it up. I have nothing else to say. I don’t wanna say anything. #crying.


That was not at all my long rant, but I’m so excited to read your comments, cause guess what: they’re working! So please feel free to let me know who was your fave or least fave and let’s talk about it.

love xoxo D.






2017 Oscars After-Parties: What The Stars Wore & How They Partied?

Can we all agree that the 2017 Oscars were a bit awkward and not what we expected, hence the tons of opinions on the fashions, the winners, the losers, and the La La Land versus Moonlight situation/stunt?

What the entire universe can agree on through is that the Oscars after-parties had celebrities looking much better than the actual red carpet. To a certain extent it’s understandable, they’re more relaxed, they just wanna have fun, party, drink, and dance, and meet with their friends. You know… a regular Friday night, only in designer clothes and rubbing elbows with Ryan Gosling. 

Photos of Reese Witherspoon taking selfies with her friends and laughing while looking amazing is all of us when we go out. Well…. sort of. Viola Davis wearing sneakers and a fab pant-suit is beyond cool and elegant at the same time. Emma Stone‘s relaxed outfit just screams ‘I just wanna have a drink and enjoy myself now. Who cares about fashion.’ 

Then there was Demi Lovato. Stop. The models. Stop. Sofia Vergara, Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba – everyone looked insanely hot and pretty.

But is there a code to the sartorial choices of the Oscars dresses for the red carpet versus the after-party?

According to Vogue there is, and it’s all about glaming it all up on the red carpet and going for a more laid back version for the party. A second dress should not up-stage the actual Oscars dress, and should be just that, a quick change of outfits that goes with letting your hair down and enjoying yourself. It shouldn’t look as if you could not decide between 2 dresses.

Well now… makes sense doesn’t it? According to this rule Vogue named the best after party dresser Alicia Vickander. 

Now go grab a drink, a mojito, a coffee, champagne, water, whatever floats your boat and look at how the stars party.


Who was your fave?

{photos via Vogue, Elle, Eonline}


2017 OSCARS Red Carpet: Best & Worst Dressed

Last night was one of the biggest and most eventful nights in Hollywood Oscars’s history. Viola Davis won her Oscar being the first black woman to win an Oscar, Emmy, and Tony award for acting.  Mahershala Ali won best supporting actor being the first muslim to win this award, La La Land won best picture. Oh, sorry, no, scratch that. It was Moonlight. That’s how it went down. Oh… and the red carpet seemed poor in ‘wow’s’ and stunning best dressed.

I decided to not sugar coat anything. I’m already having major sweets craving, I don’t need such temptation in my life. So I will be direct and subjectively honest when it comes to 2017 Oscars red carpet. It was one of the worst red carpets. Yes, there were obviously best dressed actresses and those who were looked beyond amazing and stunning and my heart literally skipped a beat, but there were too few.

I also felt like everyone was waiting for this carpet to make a fashion statement be it edgy or classic and most didn’t. They actually blew it. It’s like they stayed for so long in anticipation mode that they eventually got bored and didn’t bother too much.

Best dressed – Oscars 2017 Red Carpet

Viola Davis looked beyond perfect. The dress was a simple gorgeous mermaid in the best colour ever. Red looks insane on her and she pulled it off like a winner! I loved the entire look, form dress to hair and makeup. She looked beautiful. Emma Stone in Givenchy was the perfect image of how to wear gold’ish tones. I LOVED the contrast of the dress with her darker red hair and bold makeup up. So fashion and old Hollywood. Continuing the golden love was Jessica Biel who pulled off a very risky look if you ask me. She looked amazing, but the dress as gorgeous it is, has a bit of that army/ripped fabric effect. Even a bit of Flintstones fashion vibe. Nevertheless I loved it. I’m loving long sleeves on red carpet dresses more and more. It also had this 70s glam vibe to it.

Olivia Culpo – OH MY GOD! Stunning. Perfection. Beautiful. It’s simple, dramatic, very sexy in such a classic 20s roaring dazzling way it’s irresistible. I love the black belt and the contrasting dark nails. Love her hair and makeup. Ah…. I am in love with this look.

Ruth Negga. Are you kidding me? SLAY! This is beyond perfect and I think she took a massive risk here to go for a full on dramatic look, so powerful, and visually so strong for the Oscars, when everyone plays it safe, that it’s insane she did that, and pulled it off 100000%. LOVED the dress, the boho-romatic-dramatic-high-fashion style, loved the hair, the makeup. Beautiful.

Sofia Carson was wow. Simplicity and classic to the core and done with supreme perfection. I love how she was not afraid to keep it minimal and simple. That red lip was the only extravagance she went for and it payed off big time. Gorgeous.

Isabelle Huppert looked so elegant, beautiful and effortless. I love that she went for a very glamorous but relaxed dress, in which she looked comfortable. She killed it.

Okay, Darby Stanchfield looked amazing, but what the hell is up with the cape dress. My friend and fellow blogger Vanessa, over at Budding Fashionista blog said so well: ”the white cape dress. Is Hollywood not over it yet?”. Apparently not, but I’m over it. I love everything about this look, from the dress, to the colour, the cut, the upper part, the flowy rich bottom, the earrings, the hair, I even love the damn cape, but WE ARE OVER IT. Karlie Kloss, really?! Yes it’s all nice and rainbows and butterflies, but I don’t get the cape. I never really loved it, it always felt it was a bit shoved down my throat, but I took it cause it was different, classic, high fashion whatever… Now I’m done.

Emma Roberts looked very pretty, but what I didn’t really like was that dirty yellow’ish white part of the dress. It was a good look, a very classic with an edge style and she pulled it off.

Taraji P. Henson. STOP. Bow down bitches. I love love love love love this dress, and how she was feeling it too. Massive style crush and hotness. Love that she kept it sexy and simple, with just a statement necklace and high slit. It’s the classic red carpet sexy dress that we haven’t seen in such a long time, and I’m so glad she did this look.

Giniffer Goodwin had another version of Ruth Nega’s dress. Different style, same dress sort of. Major faux pas. But she looked good. Ava DuVernay stunning!!!! Again the long sleeves rule. Perfection.

Kirsten Dunst was oh. my. god. Too beautiful. She owned this dramatic very glam style. Chrissy Teigen… cape. And she’s like so in our face lately. Literally speaking. She always looks good. That’s all imma say about it.

Nicole Kidman… Can we all take a moment and say a big thank you and a standing ovation. She finally nailed it. My God, it took only like a 1,567,046,944 red carpets worst dressed lists but she did it. It’s all in the simple choices.

Priyanka Chopra she’s so stunning this woman can wear anything. I don’t know how this dress looks from the side, but from the front I love it.

Brie Larson looks sooooo pretty and refined. She looks like a designer’s stunning sketch. It’s glamorous, elegant, classic, beautiful. Love the hair and makeup too.

Naomie Harris looked sleeked and elegant and beautiful but I still think it was not very Oscar’ish. What the hell do I know?

Worst dressed – 2017 Oscars Red Carpet

[[[[ I am so curious to watch E! red carpet show and Fashion Police and find out what the hell is up with Giuliana Rancic’s dress. I am devastated. I don’t get it: the design is – what the hell is it? the fabric looks like shit, and the colour is great but not on her. Bad photo?! ]]]]] ;’*you guys…. this was my first thought. I have just caught a glimpse of her on E! red carpet talking about the dress and I love it. It was a bad photo. #happyagain

I know everyone was so excited over Zuri Hall‘s dress. I just think they’re all insane. That long waist is horrible, and while the dress is pretty colour wise and those appliqués are amazing, and the colour is fantastic on her, and her hair and makeup are great – that design  looks off on her (and on anyone else for that matter), a bit ill fitted, and not right, I don’t care how high fashion it was supposed to be.

Stacy London. Are you fucking kidding me? I have no words. The hair is great, the earrings are amazing, the colour of the dress is perfect for her… but all of them together, for the Oscars… did she lose a bet or something? And what in the name of the Lord is up with those shoes. Is this like a social experiment?

Blanca Blanco… …. …. you guys am I crazy or is this dress a bit great and hideous at the same time? I adore the sandals and the dress is major high fashion, that slit is perfect, but something makes me hate it. Maybe the overly puffy shoulders or that red belt…

Felicity Jones and Raphaela Neihausen… girls, we know Alicia Vickander wore that yellow dress at the Oscars last year or so, but that doesn’t mean it’s a ticket to winning best dressed. Hence your situation this year. I don’t like the dresses. Simple as that. I’m not a big fan of tea-lenght and certainly not at the Oscars. They’re not ugly of course… but I’m not feeling them.

Teresa Palmer – long waist, belt? What?! It’s like stylists and designers have agreed to make some people at the Oscars look not so flattering. She’s stunning either way… but that dress is not.

Leslie Mann shut down the internet with her dress, and everyone in fashion was in awe of how amazing she looked. I was un-impressed. It was wrinkled, and she looked like she ran off from a fashion shoot before they finished up her look.

Janelle Monae did exactly the opposite – she stayed with the glam team and the designers way too long, until they added all they could and then some on her dress and her look altogether. She looked too done, overly embellished, busy, too much.

Okay, can we all please talk about Dakota Johnson‘s dress, but without the pretentious fashion bullshit? Again the world’s sartorials died and said she killed it. She killed us, that’s what she did. Did you guys like it? I thought it looked hideous. I mean… yeah very cool and edgy and editorial FOR AN EDITORIAL. But it was wrinkled, it was sad, it was willowy, it was crying on her for God’s sakes. No?! Am I alone here?

Michelle Williams… she’s a very pretty girl but her style is so not my style, and I can’t for the love of me like it. Where’s the makeup, and the glam? It’s the Oscars for the love of God. I know she is wearing makeup, and jewellery, and she looks simple and pretty but something about this look I’m not feeling.

Alicia Vickander came out of the shower put on some dress (again the long waist), some diamond necklace and showed up. Btw… you forgot your makeup and you left your hair in your bun.

Scarlett Johansson was a no no. What the hell did she wear, last Tuesday’s vomit? She’s in this rockroll edgy phase I think. I don’t like it. Salma Hayek just wore her glam nightgown and didn’t bother too much. Ah well… we were all in pyjamas too at that point, why bother.

Charlize Theron and Halle Berry. Why? Maybe it’s just me but I thought they looked kinda meh. Bored. Not wow. Charlize Theron’s dress was too much fabric, and wrong hair, and colour of the dress. Bad styling. And Halle’s was great, but I think the hair ruined it. There I said it. You can now judge me and hate me.

Your turn.


2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet: Best & Worst Dressed

A little longer than one week into 2017 and a lot has happened. Like the 2017 Golden Globes, with a red carpet that left me a little disappointed at first, but then kinda grew on me. Maybe I have high standards, or maybe my life is beyond boring but I was not blown away by any dress or look. Certainly not at first sight. So… with no coup de foudre happening I decided to sit on it, and let it sink in a bit before I start ranting about it.

And so I did.

Meanwhile I realized Brad Pitt was at the globes, so for me that was it. sigh.

2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet

2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet

Three days later the world wide web is talking more about Meryl Streep’s and Ryan Gosling’s speeches than the red carpet Golden Globes. Have we grown up? I must say…. I did cringe a little when I typed the title of this post, like who seriously gives a shit who the best or worst were. Watch the damn movies, enjoy the event, and focus on what really matters.

Apparently I have a shallow side, and it won today.

Left unimpressed by the gowns I decided to get off my high horse and maybe, just maybe look at everything with a not-so-bitchy-vibe you know. Here we go.

2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet – Best Dressed

I’m probably the least whimsical dress type girl out there, like give me a sexy mermaid dress and I’m done for life. However… 2017 Golden Globes red carpet showed me otherwise. Emma Stone looked simply beautiful. The dress was perfect, sweet, pretty, I adored the effortless hair and the heavy touch of bling. Same fairy-tale vibe had Hailee Steinfeld’s dress, with a tiny Mila Kunis throwback if you remember. I think it’s very ethereal-night-gown’ish-young-fresh-type-of-dress. Giuliana Rancic slay!!!! She’s always nailing it, and I always feel like she’s setting the tone for that red carpet. Hello princess slash whimsical dresses!

2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet 2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet

Lily Collins oh my! Perfection. Just yesterday I was chatting with one of my readers on FB about this year’s red carpet and we were both pretty much on the same page – Lily Collins being sort of a red carpet winner despite her pink’ish fairy tale kinda gown, which is so not me. Clearly it’s hers. And she totally nailed it. Lola Kirke stuck to the same trend and looked great. A bit of Alexa Chung channeling if you ask me. Nothing wrong with it though.

2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet 2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet

Yellow was a bit hit on the rad carpet at the globes and I think Viola Davis won the look. Super glamorous in a very elegant clean style. Perfection. Maise Williams looked pretty, although that hairstyle was a bit too dated and prom-like. Loved the dress. So simple. Clean lines. Perfect body. Reese Witherspoon stuck to the why fix it if it ain’t broken and did a look she’s done before: the yellow dress. Hmm. A lot of channeling and throwback this year at the globes.

2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet 2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet 2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet

Then came the white-silver-golden gowns. LOVED most of these looks. Elsa Pataki looked stunning and very very va va voom in her see-through gown/ Loved the fact that she kept the rest on the low key: hair, makeup, jewelry. Beautiful. Sofia Vergara! Finally she did something somewhat new: new hair which I thought looked really great and sleek, and a gown that was everything all at once but it kinda worked. It was mermaid but it was not really. It was see through but not really. What it was in fact it’s super glamorous and very sexy. Loved the color, and the sleeves.

2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet 2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet

A new personal fave of mine on the red carpet is Priyanka Chopra who always looks stunning. I really loved the dress and and the whole look (hair and makeup on point) but, like of my readers pointed out the gown was a bit ill-fitted, perhaps too tight on the upper part.

2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet

Regina King perfection! I’m starting to love simple and clean cut dresses more and more. I think this one’s the definition of simple glamour. Sometimes less is more. Ruth Negga shut the front door. This look was probably the only one at which my heart skipped a beat. I adored everything from head to toe, the perfect hair and makeup, and the liquid fabric, it was all pure glamour done old Hollywood style in 2017. Speechless.

2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet 2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet

Another great look in my book was Thanadie Newton‘s. Again… I’m falling for simplicity. I must be either growing up and turning boring. It’s so no frills no drama it’s simply beautiful. Tracee Ellis Ross gorgeous! It’s so statuesque in a very nonchalant and effortless way. Really like the length of the dress and how it sits flawlessly on her body.

2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet 2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet

Olivia Culpo oh my God! She was one of my wow moments, again despite going for a red carpet dress style I’m not too crazy for – the big princess gown. But THIS I adored!!!! The wild prints, the big puffy dress, the upper part, and the beauty look was insane. I loved how dramatic and Dolce and Gabbana style it was, and I swear to wear this look – hair and makeup – forever this year. #InLove

2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet

Simplicity wins my heart again with Natalie Morales’s dress, and Kristen Cavallari‘s. I think Kristen was one of the best dressed actually, very red-carpet-by-the-book style. Everything about this dress and her beauty look were on point, and I think one of the reasons was cause she didn’t overdo it.

2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet

Jessica Beil looked great, but I wasn’t blown away by the dress. It was all a bit chaotic, but she did pull it off, and I think the reason for that is cause she balanced it all with a minimal makeup and hairstyle, and no massive bling. Gal Gadot was one of my favorites!!!! Simple, pretty, and very hot! The woman is glowing and she needed so little to look this good.

Emily Ratajkovski cause quite the internet commotion. She’s sexy and beautiful either way and the dress was very va va voom. One of the best certainly. I loved the fluidity and how effortless Greek Goddess she made it look. Loved the hair and the makeup and also that silver tie like details. Color wise – stunning!

Other ladies that looked great were Charissa Thomson – loved the color of the dress and this V-cut princess style is starting to grow on me. Busy Phillips very beautiful. Amy Adams stunning! I think she’s always gonna nail her red carpet looks. She’s always going for classic with as tiny twist, like the upper part of the dress was insane, it’s like it’s painted on her, and the fabric make sit so glam but the simple cut balances it all. LOVE! Sienna Miller and Amanda Peet were both okay, but a little meh. I wasn’t really feeling Sienna’s white beads or whatever. The dress though looked great, and it looked better on tv than in photos. Naomie Harris stunning!!! Simple but super glamorous. Hollywood style to the core. Many Moore looked good. I really liked it. It was a bit matronly but she pulled it off.

Kerry Washington... I really don’t know what to think of it. Sometimes I love it sometimes I don’t. What I do love is her makeup and hair. Then I love the color, and the upper part, so what I’m not really sure about it the length. She;s always going for this above-the-ankle-length… but I think I’m over it.

Chrstine Evanglista looked amazing! I love how the dress is soooo flowy on the bottom. Caitrona Balfe looked very elegant. I didn’t really like it at first but I think she actually picked a very refined and elegant gown. Blake Lively… I’m aware she’s not the worst dressed, but there;s just something off about her look… I will leave her at best dressed because the dress is stunning, and her while look is amazing, it’s just those damn pockets I think that kinda ruin some of the vibe.

Evan Rachel Wood… very editorial cool and sleek and sexy. Not my style. Not my fave. But a tuxedo look done well.

2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet – Worst Dressed

Might as well hand me a gun and I’ll shoot myself. Sarah. Jessica. Parker. My heart broke. The whole look was wrong, from the color to the hair and makeup. Perhaps it wouldn’t have been so bad without those sleeves but the dress is just too much or maybe too editorial for this event. Bridal gone wrong. Another gone wrong wedding look was Gillian Anderson… not so wrong but I really thought the hair ruined it majorly and while the dress was not bad at all, it was off a little bit. Too young for her or something. Yes I am aware I just signed my death sentence right now.

Janelle Monae looked great. For a freaking beauty pageant for kids. Things could have been worse, I mean she could have put stars in her hair. What what?! The dress is dated, and what is up with those polka dots just sewn on there?!

Karreuche Tran… she wasn’t that bad, I think what really worked against her was the dated prom vibe. The color I love and she’s so beautiful it’s hard to go wrong. Ah well…. better luck next time. #TooMuch80sVibe

Tiziana Rocca tsst, tsst? This was not a Halloween drill. I repeat this was not a Halloween drill. Moving on.

Naomi Campbell is rarely impressing me on the red carpet. She’s always going for these cake like dresses. We get it sweetie, you are a piece of fucking cake, but you don’t need to dress like one.

Another cake-complex is happening with Carrie Underwood. Why couldn’t you have kept the upper bodice clean? #wildthoughts

Felicity Jones proves there’s a not so great way to do the night’s ethereal trend. I hate this style dress anyway. It’s just too girly, too busy, too much.

Jessica Chastain is always so beautiful but every time I look at her dress I feel like I have to adjust the shoulders. Arhhh. Also that baby blue… is giving me mixed feelings. Julia Louis Dreyfus… not feeling it. It’s nice but not too flattering, like if the colors were switched it would have been better.

Kristen Wiig… what the hell?! Really not feeling this look. The dress I love up to the sleeves. The hair is just off. I don’t like it. She looks like she’s in a posh tablecloth for God’s sake.

Michelle Williams. Don’t get me started. The girl on the prairie vibe gone wrong. I get it, she’s like too pretty and too talented to give in to such trivial things like fashion and red carpet gowns and makeup… but really, pick another dress. How hard can it be.

Natalie Portman looks like a vase. What’s with the hair? And the makeup? The dress is fine I guess but a bit costume-like.

Nicole Kidman should just fire her stylist and get on with it. She’s got a perfect figure, and beautiful face, the world’s designers at her feet and she’s always on the worst dressed lists. Come on!!!!

Anna Chumski‘s green dress is not really that flattering. A simple cut, in a bold vibrant color like red or just simple black would have looked amazing. Anna Kendrick‘s upper part really made me say a loud wtf?! Or maybe it’s the pose. The color is not really that great either.

Claire Floy… what in the name of lawd is this? Such an unflattering cut and color. Also kinda dated. Drew Barrymore… not feeling it. She looked so all over the place, with a very messy gown, messy hair, messy effortless look. Nah.

Heidi Klum. I don’t know. The dress is amazing, but I’m not sure about how she styled it.

Liz Hernandez could have been the best dressed if only her gown would not have been so fitted. Like I love the simplicity of the dress and her look was beautiful. Comes to show you though how a tiny detail can make all the difference.

Winona Ryder major fail. Not a pretty dress at all. Sophie Turner... what the hell is that? It’s not ugly… not too ugly… it’s just too much and too many unnecessary details.

Chrissy Teigen... I don’t know what to say. #mixedfeelings I love the color and the texture and I love her hair and bold lips, but I’m not sure about that peplum thing.

Aaaaaand that’s a wrap. Now it’s your turn to share your faves and not so faves.


Emmys 2016 Red Carpet: Best & Worst Dressed

This year’s Emmys Red Carpet, like never before looked as if all the celebrities out there were really really excited to wear the clothes, the gowns, the billions of posh jewellery and designers, and patroll in front of us like a crowd of beautiful non-mortals which they are. In all seriousness they looked like they were enjoying it, and decided to look fab.

They picked the best dresses, the best hair & makeup the red carpet has seen in a while.

LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 18: Actors Tom Hiddleston and Priyanka Chopra speak onstage during the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater on September 18, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)


Of course some of them overshared details we really don’t give a shit about: like that Amy Schumer what’s her name who let the world know she’s on her period and has got a ob shoved down her vagina. Of course it was a joke. But I still think somebody’s gotta tell that poor sucker she’s not that funny actually. Awww.

I am also well aware all the websites in the world now are praising her for feminism and speaking her mind for dropping  her tampon’s name on live tv. I just think we need to fucking wake up and smell the coffee and not ad a feminism and empowering label on literally anything these days that’s just pure ‘whatever’. That’s like saying imma shit in your shoes cause I 1) feel like it, 2) it’s not healthy to hold it in, and 3) there ain’t a toilet nearby. To which shitting half the world goes insane with prise cause what? I was real?! I did what I felt like? Oh please. We’re so missing the point on a lot of shit out there. Also, I so don’t get the hype with this Amy person.

Yeah, go on, judge me. Aaaaaaaanyway.

Fashion wise – Emmys 2016 red Carpet – was truly beautiful. The gowns were not boring, celebs stepped out of comfort zones aka black or red gowns, and went for sophisticated looks that made this year’s Emmys really really amazing.

In fact, it was so amazing the worst dressed list is basically non-existent. Okay… we’ve got a few candidates for that one, but aside from very few unfortunates, Emmys 2016 Red carpet is more like best and not-so-best-but-still-ok dresses.

Let’s get the ball rolling.

Best Dressed – Emmys 2016 Red Carpet

I truly loved a lot of the gowns and I can’t really pick just one bestest, but my heart skipped a few beats when I saw Taraji P. Henson, Kerry Washington (oh. my. God.), and Priyanka Chopra. Taraji looked fabulous and very effortless in that simple yellow dress. Loved her hair and makeup. Kerry Washington was beyond. SLAY! To have a sexy pregnant bump is one thing, but to rock that bump in such an insane dress is pure perfection. And Priyanka (sigh) I think she’s one of the most beautiful women in the world, and she picked a classic super feminine red carpet dress, with a bit of a train, a bit of details that danced around her. Stunning. Stu-nning.


I was happy to see Claire Danes looking like a golden statue, and although the dress might have been better fitted on the upper part, I still think she looked radiant. Well, it’d have been pretty hard not to what with all that gold, glitter, and sequins, but her hair had a great blonde shade, her skin was sun-kissed, and her dress was pretty hot.


Aniki Rose in white was the picture perfect of a beautiful fairy. Classic. Elegant. No frills and extra fuss needed. Gorgeous. Still in white and going for simplicity was Emily Rossum. LOVED the dress. Sofia Vergara went for white as well, but not too simple. One shoulder, a bit of sequins, mermaid cut (doh) – of course she looked stunning. I will say it again… I would try something else if I were her, dress, hair wise, something new maybe for red carpet fun. Pretty and classic in white was Julie Bowen. Amazing.


A bit of white and a bit of sheer go a long way. LOVED Olivia Culpo‘s dress. It was different, and I loved it. Hair and makeup stunning. Beautiful in white were also Tracee Elis Ross (I think she had one of the most beautiful dresses on the red carpet tbh), and Michelle Dockery – I am not a massive fan of that dress, but she’s a very sophisticated girl and she can also pull off looks that are classic with a bit of fashion edge.


Emilia Clarke in nude was a statue alert. I think she went for this super clean classic minimal style, and I like it.  I guess the whole point of her look was to make a red carpet moment without too many frills.


Speaking of statue mode – Pamda Lakshmi looked amazing in that liquid sequins glittery dress, all covered up, keeping the hair and makeup minimal and classic. Loved. Heidi Klum finally nailed it! Of course she had to go show off a little bit: cut-offs, sequins, skin, but she looked great.


One of the sexiest white dresses was Aimee Teegarden. Oh my. Everything about this look is stunning. Hair and makeup so natural and on point I’m in love. Trace Lysette brought the va-va-voom to the carpet. Simple and hot! Very beautiful. Loved the dramatic hair and makeup. Pretty and sexy in white was also Niecy Nash. Really loved how she rocked that gown.


Simple, but not in white, was Julianne Hough. Oh, my, God I loved that dress. So simple, and so so lacking in the red-capret’ish cliches that I truly enjoyed it. It was something else and I loved it. Perfect colour. Perfect shoulder detail. Perfect slit.


Maisie Williams… I first wanted to put her on the worst list, cause I’m not really sold on the whole dress, but I changed my mind. She looks pretty, slightly dark and edgy, the dress is very cute, and young with a bit of drama. Not too bad actually.


Okay, moving on to Jane Krakovski you will probably say I’ve lost it, but I kinda like that dress. Sort of like a guilty pleasure. The colour is so wild and insane, very not-me, but I’m going with a love it on this one. Judge away.


Kate Mckinnon was pretty in red. That’s it. Slightly ill fitted maybe or just a bad angle, but it was simple and classic. Tina Fey. Oh. My. Gawd. I think this is one of my fave looks from Tina. Loved it. She rocks that green and that dress beautifully. The hair was amazing and the green earrings I think were just the perfect touch.


Kirsten Dunst! Shut the front door. Perfect Hollywood glamour. She is so sexy, beautiful, refined, elegant, and glamorous I’ve lost it. The dress is so amazing with the sheer details and the simple cut and the low low low cleavage. Love the hair. Everything about this look is gorgeous.


Julia Louis Dreyfus was so effortlessly beautiful in that black sheer nude dress I really think this is one of my fave looks for her. Loved the hair. In fact I think hair for everybody was the definition of relaxed and natural and they all nailed it.


Laverne Cox. LOVED. But that’s like no surprise there, she always nails it. Kristen Bell. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. I’m not a big dress or romantic looks kinda gal but THIS: my heart skipped a beat, and I fell hard. I think the colour and the print is amazing on her, and I love the fact that her hair is this natural wavy bob like she just took it out of a ponytail and decided to rock it loosely. LOVE LOVE LOVE.


And then 2 ladies brought the ultimate glamour and made such a beautiful fashion red carpet statement: Viola Davis in that FAB pink-fucsia dress. I LOVED it. And Sarah Paulson in the bejewelled green gown. LOVED it! Perfect low cut, long sleeves and the pure definition of glamour. The short hair that clashed with the glam and elegance of this gown made it al even better. I also loved Angela Basset. Oh my. Stu-nning. Sophie Turner – I am so in love with her new look. And this dress she’s wearing at the Emmys is so gorgeous, a perfect fit for her new style and her age: it’s effortless, pretty, sexy. Loved it.



Worst Dressed – Emmys 2016 Red Carpet

Shall we begin with Stacy London? I’ve literally cried my heart out, and for the life of me I don’t understand what happened. Did she lose a bet? Is there a joke I missed? What. The. Fuck has happened. I am very sad right now.


If you think Stacy was bad, wait till you see Anna Chlumsky. Jesus Fucking Christ. What? She just woke up and decided to wear a massive tent? And what’s with the bloody shoes. I don’t know man, maybe this is a costume or something. Or is there really a joke we missed?


And then there is Gaby Hoffman. OH MY GOD. Good God. Okay Gaby, I get it you’re too fucking good for red carpets and to lower yourself for red carpet fashion and a red carpet dress. Yay! You win. You got us. Good for you.


On the not that bad as the above dressed are a few ladies who – if you ask me – kinda missed it last night fashion wise. Not too tragic, but hey… we’ve got a list to fill here.

Amy Poehler. I did not like. I loved the 70s vibe and the fabric, I even liked the colour on her but I just felt it was a bit too frumpy or too much of a dress. And then on the too-much front Emily Ratajkovski wore a cupcake midnight blue dress. Okay the dress was stunning, but I really cannot get over that upper part. It ruined it. The color was brilliant, but the dress… I don’t think so.


Cupcake alert in the case of Regina King. I mean the colour was fab, but the dress was too ruffled without any ruffles.


And Laura Carmichael: you couldn’t decide between a bad dress and an even worst one, so you wore them both?


Sarah Hyland… not my cup of tea kinda look. It’s actually pretty interesting and young and all that, but I’m not a big fan.


Jessie Graff. I literally hated that dress. It’s not the worst, but its so tacky and that shade of red looks so cheap especially mixed with that leather mid-strap. Not a great look.


America Ferrera picked a great beauty look, loved the earrings and the hair, loved the fabric of the dress, the colour even the spaghetti straps, but it was just wrong somehow from the middle down.




But as I always say what the hell do I know or care? Seriously Emmys 2016 red carpet, it was one of the best red carpets ever.

And now it’s your turn in the Facebook comments. Any faves, or least faves? Fire away.

Have an amazing week everyone! xoxo


VMA’s 2016 RED CARPET: Best & Worst Dressed

At this point – 3 days post VMA’s – not too many actually give a shit about the red carpet best and worst dressed anymore. I mean, it was all pretty much said and done, BUT my thoughts and tongue could not be put to rest so I figured better late than never, hence today’s outta sync report.

Needless to say Beyonce was the Queen of the night, Drake and Rihanna are still having fans guess over the love thing between them, Kim K was a nice surprise (please don’t hate), so was Taylor Swift’s absence (and falling off mask eventually. My alter ego can’t stop saying ‘I told you so’ for the past month or so). Oh, and Britney’s comeback was okay I guess. Almost forgot about the night’s highlight.

performs onstage during the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards at Madison Square Garden on August 28, 2016 in New York City.


Without further ado, or my useless rant here is the VMA’s 2016 Red Carpet.

Best Dressed – VMA’s 2016

I think I should also have an ‘I don’t know’ category of these red carpets, because more often than not there are way too many looks that leave a question mark above my head, and my heart goes back and forth between love it or hate it. Such was the case of Beyonce’s dress. What. In the name. Of God. Is that. Okay, the look of Bey and baby Blue together was heart melting and I loved it completely. But truth is she did wear a wtf dress, amazing from the shoulders down, horrible on the upper part. What the hell, did she decide she wanted to go as a an eagle aka John Snow in GOT? That’s a whole lotta haute couture there. I get it that it’s the VMA’s which are all about fun fashion, but this is more a costume. So I liked it with a dash of hated it, at times, if that makes any sense. She stole the night however as a true talent and voice and I bow to that. Her fashion sense and red carpet looks were never her strong game anyway.


Moving on to tabu #2 – Kim Kardashian. I think she was a very nice surprise, and truth be told I am really liking her style more and more these days. She went for a very sexy look (no surprise there), but quite understated, borderline ‘just stepped out of the shower and  barely had time to pull myself together but here I am.’ Less hairstyle, less makeup, less frills and chills. Of course I’m guessing the ‘make-under look’ took as long as any glam make over, but the effortless vibe is there, and Kanye’s T-shirt style helped this chill-vibez-fun-fashion couple style. Loved the hair and makeup, and the dress with the minimal details. Maybe the off-the-shoulder was a bit too much for this look. Too studied if you will.


One of my favourites of the night was Hailey Baldwin. Incredibly stunning, effortless, cool, glamorous. Her black sheer jumpsuit was beyond beautiful, with a perfect cut, and perfect tailoring of the pants, and she wore it fabulously with her hair and makeup. Perfection.


Amber Rose was a winner in my heart, and I love her all the time, but this look was insane. Beautiful and powerful. LOVE her. I love her signature beauty look, and I love that she’s not afraid to experiment and have fun with fashion. She nailed it this time.


Stella Maxwell looked amazing in her 2 piece ensemble. Too much? Too fun? Well she did nail the look, she is young, it all fits her like a glove – design and style wise – and it is the VMA’s not the Oscars so I say YES.


Chantelle Winnie is beautiful for all she is and stands for, and I LOVE her dress and look: the colour, the slit, the upper part, I am not crazy however for that tulle fabric or whatever. Otherwise YES all the way.


Of course Nicky Minaj is going to heat up the place. Bombshell alert. She looks stunning. The dress has a bit of too much going on: cuts, straps, sheer, loads of cleavage, and it looks like it’ll snap anytime, but she makes it work. She’s Nicky so I did expect a very hot look from her. It’s all very well balanced with her natural makeup and simple hair. The dark blue of the dress is a perfect touch. Very elegant and understated.


I also liked the badass borderline BDSM looks like Chanel West Coast, or Rita Ora‘s matronly BDSM godmother. It was rather confusing and too much, buuuuuut, except for the shoes I don’t not like it.


Taylor Hill stunning! Hailee Steinfeld LOVE the look. Very young and sophisticated. Perfect hair and makeup. Thank God Heidi Klum kept it simple. Good going this time. I’m not sure about Jojo… I somehow like the heavy dark look. But I sometimes feel like she’s all wrapped up in jacquard curtains or something.


Cassie. YES. Funky, cool, quirky – I think she pulls it off. But it’s a risky look that would only work on certain people, for certain occasions. I might be wrong, BUT my first reaction to seeing her was ‘oh wow’. And I’m sticking to it.


I liked Alicia Keys look, very flamenco and dramatic, but for me this lack of makeup obsession or movement she’s doing is so whatever. And yes, I did just roll my eyes. Please judge me if that’s your thing. It’s great she’s all about it, but just don’t impose your look or latest fad on the rest and proclaim it THE motherfucking solution to whatever women-issues. I salute her choice, for what it is: her choice. She looks beautiful either way.

I would have loved some red lips to that look though. #justsaying



Rihanna was great at the VMA’s – fashion wise. She always is. I LOVED her looks especially the pink one. Oh. My. Gawd. Perfection. But on stage she was out-staged by Bey. I mean with a performance mostly based on over-singing on prerecorded versions, and choreography for show’s sake… that was bound to happen. Riri’s fashion game is on point all the time. Other than that, I am not sold on her entertaining skills no more. Thank God Drake brought the spotlight back to her with that kiss dodging situation and love professing.


Worst Dressed – VMA’s 2016 

I will unleash the beast and sharp untamed tongue (not that it’s ever been caged or tamed)  and start off with Britney Spears dress. Man, oh man. 16 years later and she’s still doing that fucking red carpet pose, of an awkward 15 year old girl in the limelight. 16 years later and she’s still going for the same shoes, same dress style, same hair, same makeup. I hated the dress. I mean, it wasn’t ugly but that’s not the bloody point. It was a basic dress with an ambition for a classy edge (hence the slit and the cutout) that left me with a meh. The world waited for your comeback (not that you were ever gone) and this is THE dress of choice?


Y’all Ariana Grande was almost swallowed by her pants! Horrendous look. The upper part was okay I guess, but the pants were wrong. Ill fitted, too big, too long, too frumpy. Too much for her petit frame. I hate her bangs. Can I also say I’m kinda over her half up do?!


Joan Smalls. I don’t like it. Same pants problem. Is this a trend or something? I LOVE her makeup and hair, I’m a huge fan of sleeked back hair, but those pants are NO way Jose.


Same problemo with Tinashe, although I kinda liked her draping, and I’m guessing this was all meant to look like this: haute couture frumpy and getting-lost-in-that-fabric. She almost sold this look for me. Almost.


Naomi Campbell is stunning in anything, even in this look. But I don’t like the dress. Simple as that.


Now it’s your turn. Since I still have a problem with the comments section, please comment in the Facebook feature or page if you get the urge to share your own bests and worsts. I would LOOOOOVE the hear them. Thanks.

Have a fab rest of the week my gorgeous ones!


Met Gala 2016 Red Carpet: Best & Worst Dressed

Well, you know what they say: better late than never. Although in fashion that is pure crime. If you’re too late or too early you might as well skip it you know. However, I chose not to this time, just because the 2016 Met Gala was maybe one of my favourites. The theme Manus X Machina: Fashion In The Age Of Technology was on point to the times we live in, and some of the beauties of the night and the designers nailed it big time.

I will however confess that, like Giuliana Rancic said, I had expected way way way more silver gowns or sexy robot inspired looks. Perhaps they were all scared everyone’s gonna do the hot robot look, so not too many ended up really doing it.

It was a night of statement, of amazing details, of bold hair and makeup, of couples, and of the classic red carpet disasters. Madonna, really now? You really think Earth is dying to see your arse honey? Michelle Williams looked… lost. And that’s a very nice way of putting it. Thank God for… (okay, I’m taking a deep breath now and imma just say it)… Kim and Kanye. They brought it: the theme, the sexy, the glam. I loved Kim’s dress from Balmain and her makeup was amazing. Kanye was doing Kanye, I loved his edgy downplayed approach.


Gigi Hadid and Zayn killed it! I LOVED her dress, accessories, and his robot sleeves on his suit were pure perfection.


And then there was Beyonce who showed up in a glamed condom. The Queen is the Queen no matter the condom or the bling. I loved her uber long hair, the heavy eye makeup, her body, her dress was amazing too, don’t get me wrong. But Bey, into a perfect silver metallic gown a la robot 2016 high fashion and sexy – she would have killed it. Just saying.


I will say it time and again: how fucking hard is it to nail a look when the world’s best stylists, designers, clothes and money are at your feet?

Anyway, all in all I think it was a fabulous red carpet with a LOT of beautiful and best dressed looks. Not too many theme friendly, but a lot of the night’s ladies were on my best dresses list.

Or perhaps I’m having a good mood these days. Let’s see.

2016 Met Gala Red Carpet – BEST Dressed

The princess of the night – Claire Danes – was beyond perfection. That dress, how it lighted in the dark, the mix of story, with fashion, and technology – it was perfect.


The models nailed the theme and the carpet big time: Jourdan Dunn, shut the front door. THIS is what I’m talking about. Karlie Kloss, dayumn! Kendall Jenner was one of my favourites. So simple, sleek, sexy, effortless. LOVED it. Alessandra Ambrosio – I’m speechless really. She’s beyond stunning. These models man, they get it! Follow the theme and pick a great dress.  Emily Ratajkowski – OMG! Kill me now. She looked gorgeous. I loved the simple white dress and with the high slit and I loved how all these young ladies did their makeup and hair. All of them were sleek and strong and chose this magnetic look.


Kylie Jenner looked beyond hot as she always likes to look. She’s beautiful, but it’s like her look is been done and done time and again, either by her or by sister Kim. Kylie… you used to be an edgy fashion princess. Get your shit together.


Taylor Hill was stunning! Rita Ora… well… she ain’t Becky with the good hair, we got that one settled, her dress though is kinda cool, and for the Met Gala, where it’s all about pushing the envelope and making a style statement I think she nailed it. I actually like the silver and the cut-outs. Perhaps it’s a bit too birdie, BUT it’s vey high fashion Si-Fi bird inspired look. I’ll just leave it at that. You either love it or you hate it.


Elle Fanning, is that all you can do? Simple shimple. Yay. It’s a great look, hence the list you landed on, but we want more.


Hailee Steinfeld Goddam! Such a strong powerful look, dress, makeup. Really like it. I love emerald green on the red carpet and this dress is pure perfection.


Ellie Bamber – she may not be wearing my kinda dress, BUT this look is decadent and opulent, and so high fashion, and so intriguing in a very imperial sort of way, it’s so steamy sexy I am loving it. She looks like a vampire from the 1700s. I got the same vibe from Kate Bosworth, except she did a more feminine trendy approach, with tons of bling. She’s always nailing it. LOVED the look.


Jessica Heart. I like her 2 piece dress and her hair, I wasn’t feeling the boots at first, but it’s the Met Gala, and they do give the whole look a bit of heaviness and edge.


Hailey Baldwin. I’m done. She’s the definition of simple silver dress and sleek look. When it doubt keep it simple. Perfection.


I adored Ciara. She wore an H&M dress with perfect details and that silver hair is just the only amount of robot and Si-Fi she needed. Comes to show you it’s not what you wear, but how you wear it.


Cindy Crawford is a supermodel, ok, she gets it. Stick to the theme and pick and insane dress. Check.


Lily Rose Depp, first of all the kid’s all grown up, I heard she’s loving fashion, and by the looks of it she knows it too. I mean, when your parents are who they are, you’d be an idiot to not have had some of that style rub off on you. I really liked her dress, and I loved how it wasn’t mermaid, but it looked very retro glam. Her step-mom looked out of it, sad, but very beautiful. Listen, you can put the woman in a paper bag and she’d still nail it, but imagine Amber Heard in a silver robot gown. Shut the front door. Better luck next year. Anyhow… she looked gorgeous.


Karolina Kurkova slay! That’s a beautiful dress and a 100% theme check. She knows her stuff and she’s been attending the Met Gala for 10 years, so for her dressing for any Met Gala carpet must be like I’m dressing for lunch with my family. Make sure it ain’t a birthday suit and you should be fine. Kate Hudson… gave me mixed vibes, but you know what, it’s the Met Gala and the woman is having fun. She does look a bit all wrapped up in paper after she got in a fight, but it’s ok. Zoe Saldana was a peacock. I’m still not sure if I misplaced her here on my list.


Jessica Chastain, Margot Robbie, Allison Williams – beautiful! Katy Perry shut the front door. I mean she got the memo, and the dress, and the look, and the everything and then went 1000% overboard. But I like it. It’s strong. It’s a costume that makes a statement. They celebrated fashion, and it don’t get no bolder than this.

met-gala-2016-red-carpet-jessica-chastain met-gala-2016-red-carpet-allison-williamsmet-gala-2016-red-carpet-katy-perrymargot-robbie-met-gala-2016-red-carpet

Alexa Chung! Loved it. I loved that she wore a pants-suit and nailed it 100%. Kristen Stewart I also really liked, so edgy and so Mad Max meets fashion on the red carpet. Also loved her blonde hair.


Ivanka Trump I liked, not very theme’ish, BUT she looked gorgeous. And then the Hadids did it. Sister Bella was stunning! Rachel McAdams looked so beautiful and bold, I adored the nude-sih-brown dress and hair mixed with the bold dark lips. She’s bringing it on on the red carpet lately. Love her. Naomi Campbell will always look 110%, but I’m glad to see her in a beautiful dress, cause she had quite a few misses over the year. Lily Aldridge stunning. I love how everything about her look is faded a bit but still so bold.


Miranda Kerr had me to a double take, but then… I thought yeah! She rocks. She’s this flamenco, Spanish rockstar, who’s so sexy, and feminine. Of course, apparently it’s got nothing to do with the theme, but… moving on.


Naomi Watts, she’s the queen of red carpets. Enough said. Sienna Miller is proof that you can do Si-Fi robotic and boho chic at the same time. Zendaya!!!!!! No words. This girl was stunning. What a beautiful look. Amandla Stenberg had the same vibe, same bold and beautiful effect on me. LOVED.

Naomi-Watts-met-gala-2016-red-carpetSienna-Miller-met-gala-2016-red-carpet met-gala-2016-red-carpet-Amandla-Stenbergzendaya-met-gala-2016-red-carpet doutzen-met-gala-2016-red-carpethannah-davis-met-gala-2016-red-carpetdakota-fanning-met-gala-2016-red-carpetGugu-Mbatha-Raw.met-gala-2016-red-carpetmet-gala-2016-red-carpet-lea-seydouxlady-gaga-met-gala-2016-red-carpetmet-gala-2016-red-carpet-Lily-CollinsAdriana-Lima-met-gala-2016-red-carpetmet-gala-2016-red-carpet-kris-jennerNina-Dobrev-met-gala-2016-red-carpetmet-gala-2016-red-carpet-emily-bluntmet-gala-2016-red-carpet-nicole-kidmanOlivia-Wilde-met-gala-2016-red-carpet

5/2/2016 - Mia Wasikowska attending The Metropolitan Museum of Art Met Gala 2016, in New York City, USA. Photo Credit should read: Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment  (Photo by PA Images/Sipa USA)

2016 Met Gala Red Carpet – Worst Dressed

Where do I begin? I mean Madonna, Diane von Furstenberg, what the hell is wrong?! I think this is what happens when you think you own it and you have it, and then it turns our you missed a beat. Sometimes trying less is a lot better. My heart breaks for DVF. She looks so serene, like she’s not even aware she just got in a fight with butterflies. I’m sure there’s a story behind it, but… for the life of me I can’t see it. There’re so many ways to do this year’s theme, this has no excuse. Oh, maybe they lost a bet or something.


Demi Lovato is taking herself too seriously fashion wise. That’s it. I said it. I love this girl, but she looks so matronly on the red carpet lately, it’s a pity. The dress is not bad, it’s just too serious for her somehow.


And then there’s the girl that’s gonna have you lot hating on me – Taylor Swift. I do not like her outfit. Something is off about it. Maybe her hair. Oh, oh, I know. It’s her.


Rose Byrne channeled a cabaret robot. I thought the look was a hot cheap mess. Maybe it didn’t photograph well.


Okay, now the truth: Sarah Jessica Parker. Everyone freaked out and was in awe over this look. Everyone. And I felt like I missed the joke or something. If you guys could clear this one for me that’d be great. How, and on what planet is this the best dressed at the 2016 Met Gala? What the fuck? It’s not even about the theme, or how she conveyed something or didn’t, it looks bad. I’m sorry. I love her. But that’s just what I think. I hate the clothes. Love the hair.


Irina Shayk, seriously? You look fab in blue I’ll give you that, but you can do better than a blue chicken can’t you?


You can kill me, threaten me, do whatever you want – the Olsens for me – are a fashion enigma. I don’t like this. Now please somebody explain to me why everyone’s always in heat and sweat and head over heels about these 2 on the red carpet. They look like my great-grandma going to a fancy bridge and tea meeting with the friends. When they were fucking  80. Whatever.


Fka Twigs… nice, but this look seems so meh. It’s like Emma Stone‘s this year. They took a dress and then added a leather corset on top, and ruined both the dress and the corset. Wow. Not feeling it.


Amy Schumer. I’m so over her. And I know everyone else is flipping out. I’m not. I don’t even find her that funny. That dress was a normal dress with an ill-fitting situation. Hair was a mess too. Sorry.


Everyone will probably think I lost it now, but Blake Lively looked not so great. Yes it was a moment, and the long train, and the big dress was a statement. But I hated the fabric, her earrings I was not feeling, it was all very lame cheap, doll on a roll. Too much makeup, too sweaty, too big, too made up. Or maybe this photo is just a bad photo.


Solange go home and play with your yellow chicken friends. Who in the right mind decides that is a great outfit?


Nicky Minaj, honey you’re gorgeous, but that outfit. Bye.


Jemima Kirke… I LOVE her, but this is just wtf? Or maybe I got no clue on how to do fashion. Emma Roberts scared the shit outta me. And Zoe Kravitz I think she got a different memo. I loved her look, thought, but I think it’s not really Met Gala. And Lupita Nyong’o… I don’t get the hype with her. She won an Oscar for a movie she barely spoke 2 lines in, and hasn’t been in anything since. She’s got a PR game stronger than Cara Delevigne’s eyebrows that’s for sure. The woman is beautiful and very magnetic I’ll give you that. Fashion wise I’m not always impressed. So, kill me.


I really really enjoyed this red carpet and the 2016 Met Gala was by far one of my fave. Some looks were beyond beautiful, some were bolder and stronger than a stone thrown in our faces, some were wtf, and some were wow.

Now let’s see what you thought. Let’s talk my beautiful lot.



2016 Oscars RED CARPET: Best & Worst Dressed

My oh my! Never thought I’d live the day to see this: 1) Leonardo DiCaprio has finally won his first Oscar for his leading role in The Revenant. Amen to that, and let’s all sing Yay! Okay., and 2) Oscars 2016 probably had the best red carpet ever. That, or I’ve turned into a good fairy and lost my bitchy shtick. Nobody wants a good fairy, right?

Of course if Leo hadn’t won that would’ve been massively awkward with all the online and PR Oscar-meets-Leo-in-2016-push-move-down-our-throughts. Yes, I just said that, but hear me out. I LOVE love love love Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio. His my #2 right after my imaginary husband Benicio Del Toro. All his films were fantastic and his performances absolutely incredible, and I would’ve given him an Oscar almost to all or any of his past performances… but The Revenant, while he was as amazing as only he could be on screen… I did feel Eddie Redmayne did a much better job this year, and Leo an even better one in the past. BUT it was high time he got that golden man statue so… there you go. It was his year.


I was happily surprised that Spotlight won the Oscar for best picture, since I felt it was the kinda film that is always overlooked. So over the top happy for Brie Larson‘s Oscar and Alicia Vikander for The Danish Girl. She is my fave one right one, my girl crush, my actress crush, my-new-It-girl-prediction.

And yes, the red carpet was so good, so classy but modern, it gave us so many great surprises and so many wow moments, that while looking through the pics I was scared I’d have no one to put on the worst dressed list. Well… hang out with me here a little longer and you’ll see. Of course I might be wrong and it might all be the worst red carpet yet, as I was so made aware of this by one of my friends just this morning when I posted a pic of Alicia Vikander on Facebook wow-ing over her dress. To which my friend said: ‘are you fucking serious about that dress?’ And then I went on and on, and on, about my love for Alicia and her pale yello dress and about the whole red carpet, which I love this year.

‘Yeah… I think we’ve watched different shows, it was horrible’, my friend said. ‘What the hell was up with all those dresses: horrible cuts, designs and Alicia’s looked like a fucking duvet. Who wears a yellow duvet folded at the hem like it’s Sunday morning in bed?’ 



HOLLYWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 28:  Actress Alicia Vikander accepts the Best Supporting Actress award for 'The Danish Girl' onstage during the 88th Annual Academy Awards at the Dolby Theatre on February 28, 2016 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)


Best Dressed – 2016 Oscars Red Carpet 

My top 3 were my girl crush Alicia Vikander in that absolutely stunning pale yellow shorter in the front princess gown. Loved the colour on her skin, loved the bare shoulders, and the overall look. She’s so effortlessly beautiful, feminine, petite, and relaxed that I adore her. Her dress was kinda Oscar risqué but she pulled it off. Charlize Theron. Shut the front door. The woman is a statue of elegance and beauty, and that’s all I have to say. Stunning. That long endless plunging neckline and soft red fabric was so old Hollywood glam mixed with a bit of modern fash. Perfection. Priyanka Chopra was just perfect for me, as I love a classic mermaid and I’m obsessed with sparkiling white and strapless on the red carpet. It looked simple but glamorous.


Saorise Ronan was wow! What a great surprise! That green Calvin Klein dress was so different from everything she’s gotten us used to, but so sexy, young, glamorous. I loved the cut, the simple design, the sparking green. What I did not like was the earrings. They were just wrong. I would’ve gone for a loooong thin necklace instead. But the dress, amazing!


Olivia Munn, OMG! Absolutely beautiful. Risqué colour for the Oscars’ red carpet, but she pulled it off. A very beautiful simple dress with a twist of retro somehow due to the hair and the upper part. Loved it. Naomi Watts is the queen of red carpet. I can’t remember a time I hated her gown. Never. She’s always doing Old Hollywood mixed with modern, always classic cut dresses. Loved the colour, the lips, the hair, the sequins. Something about her is always so glamorous and classic but also very effortless. LOVE. Olivia Wilde… I liked it. It’s Greek Goddess meets sexy actress. But again I’m a fan of white gowns on the red carpet.


Brie Larson. What do we think of Brie Larson? It’s not bad, okay, there’s something very appealing and beautiful about that dress (how it moves, the royal blue, how she wears it), but I would’ve picked something more classic and glamorous for her. It’s not bad though.


Oscar has a wife, did you know that? And her name is Margot Robbie. Joke aside, I LOVED that golden dress. Perfect fit, perfect look, with her hair, and very old classic glamour. This dress-style is probably my fave way of doing sequins: long sleeves and deep plunging neckline are the best in a red carpet sequin gown.


Rooney Mara. FUCK. THIS is absolutely stunning. High fashion, check. Red carpet perfection, check. Beauty, check. Elegance, check. She’s sometimes too high fashion for red carpets but this is stunning, the lace, the see-through, the cuts, the design… it’s insane.


Chrissy Teigen absolutely beautiful. Starting to be obsessed with long sleeves on the red carpet. Julianne Moore, YES, thank God she nailed it. Also, I’m so happy she went for black, and no sequins this time, cause I felt she always did the same dress (sequin, green’ish) over the years and sometimes she nailed it and sometimes it was a total miss. Great look this time.


Cate Blanchet… okay, what do we think? Truth is I like this more than I hate it. I hate the colour but I love it on her, and I love the cut of the dress. Classic. What I’m not too crazy about are those fucking flowers splattered all over, BUT they’re not really killing the dress. So, while it’s not a WOW moment it’s still very beautiful and ethereal.


My heart skipped a beat when I saw Rachel McAdams in that simple emerald green dress. I LOVED it, although it is maybe too simple, and a bit wrinkled in front cause of the delicate fabric, but I adored it, and also really liked the fact that she went blonder a bit, and did a very minimal look. And the slit… shut the front door.


Jennifer Lawrence… not too bad. Loved the fact the she did something different and went a bit dramatic. She had a lot going on with that dress, but she pulled it off however.


Zuri Hall was so pretty and so hot. That’s a modern classic red carpet look and I love it. Perfect hair.


Sofia Vergara… I’m not really sure, and I also feel as if she wasn’t feeling her dress either. It’s not bad, just not her, BUT I’m happy it’s not a strapless mermaid gown and the hair is beautifully different. So, kudos for that. Jennifer Garner... well she looked fab in some photos and meh in others, but the look is very classic red carpet, and I love the fact that she kept her bling to a minimum and let the dress do the talk. Very elegant.


Tina Fey, great dress, hated the hair and that necklace ruined it all. Anne Marie Carpendale had a very beautiful dress on, very red carpet appropriate. I liked it. Maria Menuous was okay, but boring. Not bad at all. I’m just not a fan of those shoulder gown styles. Liza Hernandez was not bad at all. I think she’s so beautiful and she really pulled off that statement dress, which is not my fave dress, but she somehow made it work. Loved the simple hair and makeup. Stephanie Bauer... that green dress is mermaid envy. She looked hot and very elegant. And I am kinda feeling this minimal jewellery look.


And last but not least – Dorith Mous. Ladies and gents I think this is drama and beauty collided into a fabulous fashion gown. Y’all probably gonna think I lost it but I think it’s beyond. It’s absolutely beautiful. High fashion editorial beautiful. A bit like Gaga’s look as well.


Worst Dressed – 2016 Oscars Red Carpet

I’ve never been so undecided about the worst as this year. Well not all, cause some gowns were a total miss, but there were some dresses or looks that were not good, but really not bad either, and I’ve already gave a few ladies a pass in the above (hello Maria Menuous, or Jennifer Garner, or Tina Fey), so this feels a bit unfair, but what the hell. They were boring, that’s all. I’m looking at you Mindy Calling. You are my girl crush, you’re always so fashion crazy, and then you come and wear this? It’s so meh… not really bad, but I wanted more. I guess I’m just disappointed.


Woopi Goldberg‘s dress I liked, then I did not, then I liked, and then she ruined it all for me with those jewellery. What I do like is the gown & tats mix. Perfect.


Sophie Turner fell in puke or chlorine, and had no time to adjust. The dress looks nice, like a very nice pyjama. Her hair is perfect and her necklace too. But she’s in a bedroom gown, so… that ship has sailed. Oh, and that upper part cut what the fuck is that? It looks so old and dated my great grandma would’ve skipped it too.


Patricia Arquette… man I don’t know. I like the colour and the dress itself, but she’s just not right in it. I’d love to see her styled differently, cause she’s so beautiful and has got a certain edge and twist to her that I think it’s all bad styling here. That’s all.


Uhm... Heidi Klum. Go home. It’s night-gown alert again. She is really trying too hard lately, and she’s dipping too much into birds’ world for inspo. She looks swan’ish gone wrong here, and wasn’t she chicken on the loose at some other red carpet event not too long ago? I mean, just a thought here: human world inspo? Maybe? Next time girl.


Jennifer Jason Leigh… booooooring, dated, old, wrinkled. A bit of tuck here and there, lose the flowers, the peplum, the intricate stupid details and it would’ve worked. Yes, a new dress might have helped.


Isla Fisher. Nooooo. I am crying right now. Are you going hill climbing, picking flowers in a basket circa 1915? No? Then what the hell are you doing wearing that pretty old dress?


Did you know Xena the warrior princess was at the Oscars this year? No? Oh, it wasn’t her. Ohhhh… that was Kerry Washington? Hmm, are you sure? I mean with the hair, and the leather bodice or whatever, and that high slit on that long *again* night gown dress I thought Xena just cleaned up a bit for the Oscars. Well… my bad.


Reese Witherspoon. Awwww, aren’t you the pretty Southern peach. That is soooo sweet girl. If you’re going to the prom!!!!!! Don’t get me wrong, she’s beautiful and pretty, but she’s always in these prom’ish dresses. I’m over it.


Emily Blunt, noooooooo! Whyyyy? It’s so bleah. I could’ve made that dress. Just sew two bra straps on a night gown (AGAIN) and ta-daaa.


Amy Poehler, oooookay!? Jesus Christ what the fuck is that? Dolce and Gabbana gone wrong that’s what it is. Or maybe she was just trying to be funny.


Kate Winslet what in the name of God and Mary and Jesus Christ is that? It is the ugliest dress wanting to be pretty ever. Okay you supported Leo, and it was all about you two for the past month, but is that all you could do?


So there you go… we’ve had a few worsts after all.

Now it’s your turn.

Let’s burn the comments.




2016 Grammys Red Carpet: Best & Worst Dressed

A more suited title would be ‘Worst and worst dressed’. I mean, what the fuck happened out there? Last time I checked the Grammys were just about the edgiest, loudest, coolest, funkiest and most sophisticated fashion forward red carpet of all. It was about having fun and being outspoken style and fashion wise.

Oh there was outspoken’ness alright, with Taylor Swift slamming Kanye West, thank God. I don’t care how talented his ass is, or how much of a self proclaimed God he is, or how cool and fashion-music-and-everyitng-us-mortals-can-t-grasp-he is, he is a dick. And nothing in the world excuses it. And he ain’t a dick just now, after saying on record what he said about Taylor, but cause of all the crap he continues to say and has said since he popped his head in the rich and famous world. No, you motherfucking punk ass, you can’t pick on women, and expect the world to go along cause you’re talented! And I used to be a fan. At this point on I couldn’t care less for his Pablo nor his music. He’s a poor man. And yes I did just use this Grammy post to finally put my thoughts out there. As if anyone gives a fuck, but I owe it to myself.

For the record I still don’t like Taylor Swift, but she was wronged.

As E! very well put it, 2016 Grammys were awkward and uncomfortable. I haven’t attended, obviously, but it sure looked kinda weird, less effortless, less fun than it usually is. See Ariana’s joke nobody laughed at, Miss Swift being happier than Ed for his win (awkward), the red carpet infinite misses. Adele’s shit happened.


But the highs were fucking high. Lady Gaga was of course amazing in paying her tribute to David Bowie. Fantastic performance, outfits and moment. Kendrick Lamar killed it with his performance and practically won the Grammys with ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’. I bet Kanye is now working on his next Twitter rant.

And yet the world keeps moving. And so should I.

LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 15:  Singer Lady Gaga performs a tribute to the late David Bowie onstage during The 58th GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on February 15, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images for NARAS)

2016 Grammys Red Carpet: BEST DRESSED

This will be the shortest list in history, with Giuliana Rancic reigning in that amazing golden edgy incredibly sophisticated and powerful dress. SLAY G! My favourite of the night. Another fave of mine was Selena Gomez in her dark blue Calvin Klein. Simple glam and effortless at the same time. Beautiful. Lady Gaga payed an homage to David Bowie and nailed it. LOVED the blue dress. Beyonce did not do the red carpet, but her dress was pretty nice. One of my fave looks for Bey. Very effortless and beautiful.

2016-grammys-red-carpet-beyonce 2016-grammys-red-carpet-giuliana 2016-grammys-red-carpet-lady-gaga 2016-grammys-red-carpet-selena-gomez

I also liked Zuri Hall in classic black mermaid with just a bit of sheer for a touch of edge. LOVED Kehlani‘s red long sleeve gown. So 70’s diva-glamorous and relaxed. Liz Hernandez was very young and fresh and sexy, and I kinda liked it.

2016-grammys-red-carpet-Liz-Hernandez-Grammy-Awards-2016 2016-grammys-red-carpet-zuri-hall2016-grammys-red-carpet-Kehlani

A more sophisticated version of that dress and look, was nailed by Seraiah, who kinda looks like Rihanna. (her hair ain’t helping her much either. It’s a good thing to look like Rih, but a bad one as well, when you’re in the same business you know).


Bella Hadid was bella alright! Really hot and gorgeous look. Ellie Goulding‘s dress was amazing in the back. A bit ill fitted in the front, but she looked gorge! Love the hair and the colour of the dress.

2016-grammys-red-carpetellie-gouldong Bella-Hadid-2016-grammys-red-carpet Ellie-Goulding-2016-grammys-red-carpet

Kacey Musgraves looks like she dipped in graves and then polished herself up for the night. Given the horrendous worst dresses, hers was a blessing in the stars.


And then there were those dresses that were just: ‘Seriously! That’s all you could do? Why bother show up if you can’t put an effort into a fab dress. What a waste of all those designers and money and stylists.’ I seriously don’t get how – to this day, with all the given premises – we still have worst dressed.

Anyway, the following ladies were not bad, but I’m not blown away either. On any other given day, I’d have thrown them in the worst dressed bucket. I’m feeling kinder today.

Taylor Swift’s look was very Anna Wintour’ish. The hair, truth be told I’m not feeling but he dress, I mean the skirt, knickers and bra look kinda great on her. She look young and fresh, and the colour combo looks amazing. So it’s a YES for me this time. Chrissy Teigen. Of course she did white. I was considering putting MYA in the worst, cause I feel her dress and look is so old Tuesday, but it’s OK. It’s an okay dress, so… here she is.

2016-grammys-red-carpet-chrissy-teigen 2016-grammys-red-carpet-MYA 2016-grammys-red-carpet-taylor-swift

Florence Welch… she was alright. Not my style, but not bad. Kaley Cuoco was kinda cool looking. Great jumpsuit and hair and very clean lean and effortless style overall. Anoushka Shankar, I loved her dress, colours, jewellery. Beautiful.

2016-grammys- 2016-grammys-red-carpet-florence-welch- kaley-cuoco-2016-grammys-red-carpet

2016 Grammys Red Carpet: WORST DRESSED

Everyone else basically. And not so much worst, as in major disappointment. I’m looking at you Demi Lovato. What the hell, is that all you could come up with? Adele was in black. Groundbreaking. Ariana Grande in her hair and mermaid red dress. Same level of groundbreaking. I wasn’t feeling Alessandra Ambrosio’s dress either. Too much. Eyes too dark, too much black, too many stripes and chokers, and slits, and bits. Dammit.

2016-grammys-red-carpet-demi-lovato adele-2016-grammys-red-carpet ariana-grande-2016-grammys-red-carpetAlessandra-Ambrosio-2016-grammys-red-carpet

Janelle, you look ridiculous. Please go home and change. Ciara, you came in your posh bath robe, lounge wear? Aww. Celeb life is a hard knock life, but girl, next time try and remember: when on the red carpet we do red carpet DRESSES. Okay. You go along now. Great bod tho.

-janelle-monae-2016-grammys-red-carpet 2016-grammys-red-carpet-ciara

I wonder does Anna Kendrick know she’s young and she can dress her age?


Kimberly Schlapman... … … … just wrong. Same colour as Swift’s dress, but that puddle hair ruins it. Dress design ain’t that great either.

2016-grammys-red-carpet-Kimberly-Schlapman-grammy-awards-arrivals-215162016-grammys-red-carpet 2016-grammys-red-carpet-carrie-underwood 2016-grammys-red-carpet-DianaGloster-grammys.cm.21516 2016-grammys-red-carpet-tori-kelly 2016-grammys-red-carpet-vanessa-simmons faith-evans.2016-grammys-red-carpet skylar-grey-2016-grammys-red-carpet tove-lo-2016-grammys-red-carpet

There were some great moments, some too-few great gowns, but all in all I’m sticking to my first impression: it was a more-worst-than-best-red carpet, boring, and very unconformable event altogether.

Your turn now, in the comments below.