This year’s Emmys Red Carpet, like never before looked as if all the celebrities out there were really really excited to wear the clothes, the gowns, the billions of posh jewellery and designers, and patroll in front of us like a crowd of beautiful non-mortals which they are. In all seriousness they looked like they were enjoying it, and decided to look fab.

They picked the best dresses, the best hair & makeup the red carpet has seen in a while.

LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 18: Actors Tom Hiddleston and Priyanka Chopra speak onstage during the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater on September 18, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)


Of course some of them overshared details we really don’t give a shit about: like that Amy Schumer what’s her name who let the world know she’s on her period and has got a ob shoved down her vagina. Of course it was a joke. But I still think somebody’s gotta tell that poor sucker she’s not that funny actually. Awww.

I am also well aware all the websites in the world now are praising her for feminism and speaking her mind for dropping  her tampon’s name on live tv. I just think we need to fucking wake up and smell the coffee and not ad a feminism and empowering label on literally anything these days that’s just pure ‘whatever’. That’s like saying imma shit in your shoes cause I 1) feel like it, 2) it’s not healthy to hold it in, and 3) there ain’t a toilet nearby. To which shitting half the world goes insane with prise cause what? I was real?! I did what I felt like? Oh please. We’re so missing the point on a lot of shit out there. Also, I so don’t get the hype with this Amy person.

Yeah, go on, judge me. Aaaaaaaanyway.

Fashion wise – Emmys 2016 red Carpet – was truly beautiful. The gowns were not boring, celebs stepped out of comfort zones aka black or red gowns, and went for sophisticated looks that made this year’s Emmys really really amazing.

In fact, it was so amazing the worst dressed list is basically non-existent. Okay… we’ve got a few candidates for that one, but aside from very few unfortunates, Emmys 2016 Red carpet is more like best and not-so-best-but-still-ok dresses.

Let’s get the ball rolling.

Best Dressed – Emmys 2016 Red Carpet

I truly loved a lot of the gowns and I can’t really pick just one bestest, but my heart skipped a few beats when I saw Taraji P. Henson, Kerry Washington (oh. my. God.), and Priyanka Chopra. Taraji looked fabulous and very effortless in that simple yellow dress. Loved her hair and makeup. Kerry Washington was beyond. SLAY! To have a sexy pregnant bump is one thing, but to rock that bump in such an insane dress is pure perfection. And Priyanka (sigh) I think she’s one of the most beautiful women in the world, and she picked a classic super feminine red carpet dress, with a bit of a train, a bit of details that danced around her. Stunning. Stu-nning.


I was happy to see Claire Danes looking like a golden statue, and although the dress might have been better fitted on the upper part, I still think she looked radiant. Well, it’d have been pretty hard not to what with all that gold, glitter, and sequins, but her hair had a great blonde shade, her skin was sun-kissed, and her dress was pretty hot.


Aniki Rose in white was the picture perfect of a beautiful fairy. Classic. Elegant. No frills and extra fuss needed. Gorgeous. Still in white and going for simplicity was Emily Rossum. LOVED the dress. Sofia Vergara went for white as well, but not too simple. One shoulder, a bit of sequins, mermaid cut (doh) – of course she looked stunning. I will say it again… I would try something else if I were her, dress, hair wise, something new maybe for red carpet fun. Pretty and classic in white was Julie Bowen. Amazing.


A bit of white and a bit of sheer go a long way. LOVED Olivia Culpo‘s dress. It was different, and I loved it. Hair and makeup stunning. Beautiful in white were also Tracee Elis Ross (I think she had one of the most beautiful dresses on the red carpet tbh), and Michelle Dockery – I am not a massive fan of that dress, but she’s a very sophisticated girl and she can also pull off looks that are classic with a bit of fashion edge.


Emilia Clarke in nude was a statue alert. I think she went for this super clean classic minimal style, and I like it.  I guess the whole point of her look was to make a red carpet moment without too many frills.


Speaking of statue mode – Pamda Lakshmi looked amazing in that liquid sequins glittery dress, all covered up, keeping the hair and makeup minimal and classic. Loved. Heidi Klum finally nailed it! Of course she had to go show off a little bit: cut-offs, sequins, skin, but she looked great.


One of the sexiest white dresses was Aimee Teegarden. Oh my. Everything about this look is stunning. Hair and makeup so natural and on point I’m in love. Trace Lysette brought the va-va-voom to the carpet. Simple and hot! Very beautiful. Loved the dramatic hair and makeup. Pretty and sexy in white was also Niecy Nash. Really loved how she rocked that gown.


Simple, but not in white, was Julianne Hough. Oh, my, God I loved that dress. So simple, and so so lacking in the red-capret’ish cliches that I truly enjoyed it. It was something else and I loved it. Perfect colour. Perfect shoulder detail. Perfect slit.


Maisie Williams… I first wanted to put her on the worst list, cause I’m not really sold on the whole dress, but I changed my mind. She looks pretty, slightly dark and edgy, the dress is very cute, and young with a bit of drama. Not too bad actually.


Okay, moving on to Jane Krakovski you will probably say I’ve lost it, but I kinda like that dress. Sort of like a guilty pleasure. The colour is so wild and insane, very not-me, but I’m going with a love it on this one. Judge away.


Kate Mckinnon was pretty in red. That’s it. Slightly ill fitted maybe or just a bad angle, but it was simple and classic. Tina Fey. Oh. My. Gawd. I think this is one of my fave looks from Tina. Loved it. She rocks that green and that dress beautifully. The hair was amazing and the green earrings I think were just the perfect touch.


Kirsten Dunst! Shut the front door. Perfect Hollywood glamour. She is so sexy, beautiful, refined, elegant, and glamorous I’ve lost it. The dress is so amazing with the sheer details and the simple cut and the low low low cleavage. Love the hair. Everything about this look is gorgeous.


Julia Louis Dreyfus was so effortlessly beautiful in that black sheer nude dress I really think this is one of my fave looks for her. Loved the hair. In fact I think hair for everybody was the definition of relaxed and natural and they all nailed it.


Laverne Cox. LOVED. But that’s like no surprise there, she always nails it. Kristen Bell. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. I’m not a big dress or romantic looks kinda gal but THIS: my heart skipped a beat, and I fell hard. I think the colour and the print is amazing on her, and I love the fact that her hair is this natural wavy bob like she just took it out of a ponytail and decided to rock it loosely. LOVE LOVE LOVE.


And then 2 ladies brought the ultimate glamour and made such a beautiful fashion red carpet statement: Viola Davis in that FAB pink-fucsia dress. I LOVED it. And Sarah Paulson in the bejewelled green gown. LOVED it! Perfect low cut, long sleeves and the pure definition of glamour. The short hair that clashed with the glam and elegance of this gown made it al even better. I also loved Angela Basset. Oh my. Stu-nning. Sophie Turner – I am so in love with her new look. And this dress she’s wearing at the Emmys is so gorgeous, a perfect fit for her new style and her age: it’s effortless, pretty, sexy. Loved it.



Worst Dressed – Emmys 2016 Red Carpet

Shall we begin with Stacy London? I’ve literally cried my heart out, and for the life of me I don’t understand what happened. Did she lose a bet? Is there a joke I missed? What. The. Fuck has happened. I am very sad right now.


If you think Stacy was bad, wait till you see Anna Chlumsky. Jesus Fucking Christ. What? She just woke up and decided to wear a massive tent? And what’s with the bloody shoes. I don’t know man, maybe this is a costume or something. Or is there really a joke we missed?


And then there is Gaby Hoffman. OH MY GOD. Good God. Okay Gaby, I get it you’re too fucking good for red carpets and to lower yourself for red carpet fashion and a red carpet dress. Yay! You win. You got us. Good for you.


On the not that bad as the above dressed are a few ladies who – if you ask me – kinda missed it last night fashion wise. Not too tragic, but hey… we’ve got a list to fill here.

Amy Poehler. I did not like. I loved the 70s vibe and the fabric, I even liked the colour on her but I just felt it was a bit too frumpy or too much of a dress. And then on the too-much front Emily Ratajkovski wore a cupcake midnight blue dress. Okay the dress was stunning, but I really cannot get over that upper part. It ruined it. The color was brilliant, but the dress… I don’t think so.


Cupcake alert in the case of Regina King. I mean the colour was fab, but the dress was too ruffled without any ruffles.


And Laura Carmichael: you couldn’t decide between a bad dress and an even worst one, so you wore them both?


Sarah Hyland… not my cup of tea kinda look. It’s actually pretty interesting and young and all that, but I’m not a big fan.


Jessie Graff. I literally hated that dress. It’s not the worst, but its so tacky and that shade of red looks so cheap especially mixed with that leather mid-strap. Not a great look.


America Ferrera picked a great beauty look, loved the earrings and the hair, loved the fabric of the dress, the colour even the spaghetti straps, but it was just wrong somehow from the middle down.




But as I always say what the hell do I know or care? Seriously Emmys 2016 red carpet, it was one of the best red carpets ever.

And now it’s your turn in the Facebook comments. Any faves, or least faves? Fire away.

Have an amazing week everyone! xoxo


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