Well, you know what they say: better late than never. Although in fashion that is pure crime. If you’re too late or too early you might as well skip it you know. However, I chose not to this time, just because the 2016 Met Gala was maybe one of my favourites. The theme Manus X Machina: Fashion In The Age Of Technology was on point to the times we live in, and some of the beauties of the night and the designers nailed it big time.

I will however confess that, like Giuliana Rancic said, I had expected way way way more silver gowns or sexy robot inspired looks. Perhaps they were all scared everyone’s gonna do the hot robot look, so not too many ended up really doing it.

It was a night of statement, of amazing details, of bold hair and makeup, of couples, and of the classic red carpet disasters. Madonna, really now? You really think Earth is dying to see your arse honey? Michelle Williams looked… lost. And that’s a very nice way of putting it. Thank God for… (okay, I’m taking a deep breath now and imma just say it)… Kim and Kanye. They brought it: the theme, the sexy, the glam. I loved Kim’s dress from Balmain and her makeup was amazing. Kanye was doing Kanye, I loved his edgy downplayed approach.


Gigi Hadid and Zayn killed it! I LOVED her dress, accessories, and his robot sleeves on his suit were pure perfection.


And then there was Beyonce who showed up in a glamed condom. The Queen is the Queen no matter the condom or the bling. I loved her uber long hair, the heavy eye makeup, her body, her dress was amazing too, don’t get me wrong. But Bey, into a perfect silver metallic gown a la robot 2016 high fashion and sexy – she would have killed it. Just saying.


I will say it time and again: how fucking hard is it to nail a look when the world’s best stylists, designers, clothes and money are at your feet?

Anyway, all in all I think it was a fabulous red carpet with a LOT of beautiful and best dressed looks. Not too many theme friendly, but a lot of the night’s ladies were on my best dresses list.

Or perhaps I’m having a good mood these days. Let’s see.

2016 Met Gala Red Carpet – BEST Dressed

The princess of the night – Claire Danes – was beyond perfection. That dress, how it lighted in the dark, the mix of story, with fashion, and technology – it was perfect.


The models nailed the theme and the carpet big time: Jourdan Dunn, shut the front door. THIS is what I’m talking about. Karlie Kloss, dayumn! Kendall Jenner was one of my favourites. So simple, sleek, sexy, effortless. LOVED it. Alessandra Ambrosio – I’m speechless really. She’s beyond stunning. These models man, they get it! Follow the theme and pick a great dress.  Emily Ratajkowski – OMG! Kill me now. She looked gorgeous. I loved the simple white dress and with the high slit and I loved how all these young ladies did their makeup and hair. All of them were sleek and strong and chose this magnetic look.


Kylie Jenner looked beyond hot as she always likes to look. She’s beautiful, but it’s like her look is been done and done time and again, either by her or by sister Kim. Kylie… you used to be an edgy fashion princess. Get your shit together.


Taylor Hill was stunning! Rita Ora… well… she ain’t Becky with the good hair, we got that one settled, her dress though is kinda cool, and for the Met Gala, where it’s all about pushing the envelope and making a style statement I think she nailed it. I actually like the silver and the cut-outs. Perhaps it’s a bit too birdie, BUT it’s vey high fashion Si-Fi bird inspired look. I’ll just leave it at that. You either love it or you hate it.


Elle Fanning, is that all you can do? Simple shimple. Yay. It’s a great look, hence the list you landed on, but we want more.


Hailee Steinfeld Goddam! Such a strong powerful look, dress, makeup. Really like it. I love emerald green on the red carpet and this dress is pure perfection.


Ellie Bamber – she may not be wearing my kinda dress, BUT this look is decadent and opulent, and so high fashion, and so intriguing in a very imperial sort of way, it’s so steamy sexy I am loving it. She looks like a vampire from the 1700s. I got the same vibe from Kate Bosworth, except she did a more feminine trendy approach, with tons of bling. She’s always nailing it. LOVED the look.


Jessica Heart. I like her 2 piece dress and her hair, I wasn’t feeling the boots at first, but it’s the Met Gala, and they do give the whole look a bit of heaviness and edge.


Hailey Baldwin. I’m done. She’s the definition of simple silver dress and sleek look. When it doubt keep it simple. Perfection.


I adored Ciara. She wore an H&M dress with perfect details and that silver hair is just the only amount of robot and Si-Fi she needed. Comes to show you it’s not what you wear, but how you wear it.


Cindy Crawford is a supermodel, ok, she gets it. Stick to the theme and pick and insane dress. Check.


Lily Rose Depp, first of all the kid’s all grown up, I heard she’s loving fashion, and by the looks of it she knows it too. I mean, when your parents are who they are, you’d be an idiot to not have had some of that style rub off on you. I really liked her dress, and I loved how it wasn’t mermaid, but it looked very retro glam. Her step-mom looked out of it, sad, but very beautiful. Listen, you can put the woman in a paper bag and she’d still nail it, but imagine Amber Heard in a silver robot gown. Shut the front door. Better luck next year. Anyhow… she looked gorgeous.


Karolina Kurkova slay! That’s a beautiful dress and a 100% theme check. She knows her stuff and she’s been attending the Met Gala for 10 years, so for her dressing for any Met Gala carpet must be like I’m dressing for lunch with my family. Make sure it ain’t a birthday suit and you should be fine. Kate Hudson… gave me mixed vibes, but you know what, it’s the Met Gala and the woman is having fun. She does look a bit all wrapped up in paper after she got in a fight, but it’s ok. Zoe Saldana was a peacock. I’m still not sure if I misplaced her here on my list.


Jessica Chastain, Margot Robbie, Allison Williams – beautiful! Katy Perry shut the front door. I mean she got the memo, and the dress, and the look, and the everything and then went 1000% overboard. But I like it. It’s strong. It’s a costume that makes a statement. They celebrated fashion, and it don’t get no bolder than this.

met-gala-2016-red-carpet-jessica-chastain met-gala-2016-red-carpet-allison-williamsmet-gala-2016-red-carpet-katy-perrymargot-robbie-met-gala-2016-red-carpet

Alexa Chung! Loved it. I loved that she wore a pants-suit and nailed it 100%. Kristen Stewart I also really liked, so edgy and so Mad Max meets fashion on the red carpet. Also loved her blonde hair.


Ivanka Trump I liked, not very theme’ish, BUT she looked gorgeous. And then the Hadids did it. Sister Bella was stunning! Rachel McAdams looked so beautiful and bold, I adored the nude-sih-brown dress and hair mixed with the bold dark lips. She’s bringing it on on the red carpet lately. Love her. Naomi Campbell will always look 110%, but I’m glad to see her in a beautiful dress, cause she had quite a few misses over the year. Lily Aldridge stunning. I love how everything about her look is faded a bit but still so bold.


Miranda Kerr had me to a double take, but then… I thought yeah! She rocks. She’s this flamenco, Spanish rockstar, who’s so sexy, and feminine. Of course, apparently it’s got nothing to do with the theme, but… moving on.


Naomi Watts, she’s the queen of red carpets. Enough said. Sienna Miller is proof that you can do Si-Fi robotic and boho chic at the same time. Zendaya!!!!!! No words. This girl was stunning. What a beautiful look. Amandla Stenberg had the same vibe, same bold and beautiful effect on me. LOVED.

Naomi-Watts-met-gala-2016-red-carpetSienna-Miller-met-gala-2016-red-carpet met-gala-2016-red-carpet-Amandla-Stenbergzendaya-met-gala-2016-red-carpet doutzen-met-gala-2016-red-carpethannah-davis-met-gala-2016-red-carpetdakota-fanning-met-gala-2016-red-carpetGugu-Mbatha-Raw.met-gala-2016-red-carpetmet-gala-2016-red-carpet-lea-seydouxlady-gaga-met-gala-2016-red-carpetmet-gala-2016-red-carpet-Lily-CollinsAdriana-Lima-met-gala-2016-red-carpetmet-gala-2016-red-carpet-kris-jennerNina-Dobrev-met-gala-2016-red-carpetmet-gala-2016-red-carpet-emily-bluntmet-gala-2016-red-carpet-nicole-kidmanOlivia-Wilde-met-gala-2016-red-carpet

5/2/2016 - Mia Wasikowska attending The Metropolitan Museum of Art Met Gala 2016, in New York City, USA. Photo Credit should read: Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment  (Photo by PA Images/Sipa USA)

2016 Met Gala Red Carpet – Worst Dressed

Where do I begin? I mean Madonna, Diane von Furstenberg, what the hell is wrong?! I think this is what happens when you think you own it and you have it, and then it turns our you missed a beat. Sometimes trying less is a lot better. My heart breaks for DVF. She looks so serene, like she’s not even aware she just got in a fight with butterflies. I’m sure there’s a story behind it, but… for the life of me I can’t see it. There’re so many ways to do this year’s theme, this has no excuse. Oh, maybe they lost a bet or something.


Demi Lovato is taking herself too seriously fashion wise. That’s it. I said it. I love this girl, but she looks so matronly on the red carpet lately, it’s a pity. The dress is not bad, it’s just too serious for her somehow.


And then there’s the girl that’s gonna have you lot hating on me – Taylor Swift. I do not like her outfit. Something is off about it. Maybe her hair. Oh, oh, I know. It’s her.


Rose Byrne channeled a cabaret robot. I thought the look was a hot cheap mess. Maybe it didn’t photograph well.


Okay, now the truth: Sarah Jessica Parker. Everyone freaked out and was in awe over this look. Everyone. And I felt like I missed the joke or something. If you guys could clear this one for me that’d be great. How, and on what planet is this the best dressed at the 2016 Met Gala? What the fuck? It’s not even about the theme, or how she conveyed something or didn’t, it looks bad. I’m sorry. I love her. But that’s just what I think. I hate the clothes. Love the hair.


Irina Shayk, seriously? You look fab in blue I’ll give you that, but you can do better than a blue chicken can’t you?


You can kill me, threaten me, do whatever you want – the Olsens for me – are a fashion enigma. I don’t like this. Now please somebody explain to me why everyone’s always in heat and sweat and head over heels about these 2 on the red carpet. They look like my great-grandma going to a fancy bridge and tea meeting with the friends. When they were fucking  80. Whatever.


Fka Twigs… nice, but this look seems so meh. It’s like Emma Stone‘s this year. They took a dress and then added a leather corset on top, and ruined both the dress and the corset. Wow. Not feeling it.


Amy Schumer. I’m so over her. And I know everyone else is flipping out. I’m not. I don’t even find her that funny. That dress was a normal dress with an ill-fitting situation. Hair was a mess too. Sorry.


Everyone will probably think I lost it now, but Blake Lively looked not so great. Yes it was a moment, and the long train, and the big dress was a statement. But I hated the fabric, her earrings I was not feeling, it was all very lame cheap, doll on a roll. Too much makeup, too sweaty, too big, too made up. Or maybe this photo is just a bad photo.


Solange go home and play with your yellow chicken friends. Who in the right mind decides that is a great outfit?


Nicky Minaj, honey you’re gorgeous, but that outfit. Bye.


Jemima Kirke… I LOVE her, but this is just wtf? Or maybe I got no clue on how to do fashion. Emma Roberts scared the shit outta me. And Zoe Kravitz I think she got a different memo. I loved her look, thought, but I think it’s not really Met Gala. And Lupita Nyong’o… I don’t get the hype with her. She won an Oscar for a movie she barely spoke 2 lines in, and hasn’t been in anything since. She’s got a PR game stronger than Cara Delevigne’s eyebrows that’s for sure. The woman is beautiful and very magnetic I’ll give you that. Fashion wise I’m not always impressed. So, kill me.


I really really enjoyed this red carpet and the 2016 Met Gala was by far one of my fave. Some looks were beyond beautiful, some were bolder and stronger than a stone thrown in our faces, some were wtf, and some were wow.

Now let’s see what you thought. Let’s talk my beautiful lot.


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