2015 MET Gala Red Carpet: Best & Worst Dressed

THIS is not for the faint-hearted people. I repeat, THIS is not for the faint-hearted people. The MET GALA event, through everything it stands for is one of the best red carpets to combine fashion, a great cause, art, over-the-top gowns, celebs, and all the perks and slight ridiculousness of this sartorial world we sartorial lovers adore.

If you don’t get it, don’t judge. Unless of course we’re all judging the red carpet, cause that’s what we do: we judge. We love them all, but a bit of bad-mouthing is, if not great, at least funny. And we all could use a laugh from time to time. (at our own expense too)


The 2015 Met Gala‘s theme was ‘CHINA: Through the looking glass’, and, with a few not-at-all-surprisingly exceptions, who preferred yet again to flaunt their asses and tits like it was the champagne room out here, some celebs went for this theme and NAILED it.

The winner of the night being of course: RIHANNA. Can I get an Amen! All the internet omelette memes, and the chicken eggs photos could not in a million years make me see her in that yellow dress by Guo Pei, as anything else but a Queen. An Emperess dressed in that stunning royal yellow gown, all covered up, with cute red hair and exquisite head piece to make the look even more heart-stopping.


That’s how you do it. Seriously, if Rihanna is coming to an event, you, as other celebs will be bound to lose the spotlight, no question about it.

Or… like her peers you can try to turn heads in other manners. Er… skin revealing. Fashion still, of course, but more on the racy side. Okay, people I’m talking about the three lassies out there who showed us that they have a body with asses and boobs and thighs and legs, and backs. Oh… so basically they’re all humans like the rest of us?! Except dressed in uber hot and even more uber expensive designer dresses. Yes I’m looking at you Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez.

Let’s make the list now shall we?

2015 Met Gala Red Carpet – Best Dressed 

Rihanna stole the show by far, so let’s just all go home and stuff ourselves with a egg omelette cause that’s as close as we’re gonna get to her look. Jennifer Lopez looked stunning and beautiful as she always does, and she was the 1st I’d seen, with my instant reaction being: dayum! Loved the dress. Yes it was revealing, but that’s JLo, and I love her for it. One thing I don’t get is why her dress didn’t cause more of a red carpet stir. Ohhhh… wait a minute, must be cause of the other two ladies rocking similar trends: Beyonce and Kim Kardashian.

Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-1 Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-kim-kardashian Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-16 Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-18

I don’t know what Kanye was doing but, he must have been asleep of smth. He let his steamy hot wife wear basically the same dress Beyonce wore a few years ago. Only thing is Bey wore it in black. Ok, bad-mouth aside, Kim looked fabulous, flaunting her famous curves and all.


But nobody puts Bey in the corner so there she was practically naked up-ing the butt/curves game and putting a spin on it all with a very daring pose and that high ponytail.

Pfff, as if we don’t know she’s got game, she had to put her leg up one stair and enhance what her mamma gave her. We get it already! You have bodies and you are sexy. Now can wee move on?


Kendall Jenner, now that’s how you do the red carpet high fashion. She looked fantastic and so so effortless in that column green dress, Chinese inspired, perfect hair, simple makeup. LOVED. And then there were the golden goddess of the evening all which I loved: Kate Hudson (she’s so my girl crush every now and then), and Kate Beckinsdale.

Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-23 Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-29 Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-35

In red we’ve had Reese Witherspoon, who was MEH. Not bad, cause she looked classic, but give me more, it’s the Met Gala. Allison Williams went for red princessy gown YET again. Kudos for doing something different. Not. I guess why fix it if it ain’t broken, but I would have loved to see her in something super funky and high fashion. Poppy Delevingne I loved. I thought she was this incredibly beautiful bohemian queen. Perfect. FKA Twigs… I would have loved to see more from her, but she’s in love, fashion’s the last thing on her mind with that man on her arm, so… as long as it ain’t bad, I guess it’s good. Now that’s a logic that’ll get me far in life.

Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-30 Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-31 Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-33

Then, there were the models, who if you ask me, are a bunch of rich spoiled kids with beauty, I’ll give em that, but also a bit of cash and nepotism. Whatever. I’ve been meaning to get these itchy thoughts out there, so I did.

Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-19 Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-21 Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-22 Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-1873

Moving on to Jennifer Lawrence… I am stuck. Personally I do not like it, but the dress is not ugly. There’s just something about the whole thing I’m not feeling. Her face is flawless… I’m in between here, so feel free to share your thoughts at the comments section.


Marion Cotillard I really liked. So simple, with just a twist of edge. A lot of edge and twist and drama had Lady Gaga, who I thought nailed it. Whaaaaaa?! No. I did not hit my head. I just happen to think an icon such as Gaga, gave us what we expected and so much more. It was the Met Gala, and she nailed it in over the top gown.

Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-37 Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-126

Miley Cyrus and Zoe Kravitz, two of my favourite BFFs, LOVED them!!! That’s how you do this event! Super funky, effortless and yet high fashion. Also, we’re best friends all three of us, so I might be biased. Of course they have to find out about me, but I’m sure they’d be fine sharing their BFF-ness with me.

Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-3 zoeeee

Rosie Huntington Whitely, Amanda Seyfried, Adriana Lima – perfection!

Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-2 Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-6 Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-7 Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-10

2015 Met Gala Red Carpet – Worst Dressed

Oh so many. To be honest it’s not really that hard to land on this list at such an event where there’s such a thin line between great over-the-top and horrible over-the-top.

The winner must be Kris Jenner. What in the name of good ol’ God were you thinking woman? Everything about that look is wrong. Everything. Except the colour maybe. Kris, baby, the 80s are over. And I get it, you want to put everything you have on you… but that karate belt, and those chandeliers you got from your living room?! Really? Oh… I’m sorry, that was a belt, and those were earrings. My bad. If only the horror stopped there. You topped it off with that hairstyle, like you’re trying to audition for an Elvis remake. Hey everybody: Elvis is in the house. Oh, oh, oh, my bad again. It’s just Kris Jenner’s hair.


Sticking to major red failures is non other than – I am prepared for haters right now, so don’t bother sugar coating me or anything. I own my shit – Amal Clooney. For the love of me, I do not understand why everyone is STILL in awe with her fashion choices. It’s like I’m in this parallel universe where I’m the only one awake. That should tell me something, I know, but I refuse to see her otherwise than a red fucking cupcake. Or that dancing emoji. I ain’t feeling her shit. And chances are I never will. She’s been Taylor Swif-ed for me.


Seems like Kerry Washington got the same Cupcake Dressing Code Note, or she fell into an even bigger cupcake bucket of horrendous pink coating. Good God. When you think you’ve seen it all, there comes a live pink cookie staring right back at you. And on the freaking red carpet of all places.


If Rihanna was the omelette, than Sarah Jessica Parker was the flaming torch cooking it. Sorry SJP, but what the fuck? That’s all I got.


Rita Ora & Anne Hathaway came and did their own thing, Little Red Riding Hood Theme. Apparently those two live in their own world, fair enough, God knows I do too. Didn’t care too much for either of them.

Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-8 Met-Gala-2015-red-carpet-best-worst-dressed-36

Solange Knowles… anybody loose a peacock? Do not panic people. Solange has it. She just swallowed it entirely. And you thought we couldn’t spot you S? Ha-ha-ha, you little sly peacock. I mean Solange.


And to wrap it up I didn’t care too much for Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens who had their own Latina theme, which I’m usually a sucker for, but it looked a bit too forced somehow. Or maybe I’m just on a roll right now bad-mouthing and bitching everybody.


NEW YORK, NY - MAY 04:  Vanessa Hudgens attends the


If it were me up there, I’m sure bloggers would have a blast. But until I make a fool out of myself (although I think that ship sailed long time ago), it’s your turn to tell me your faves and least faves. And do not spare anybody.