Every now and then I get off my unicorn and decide to mingle with everyone else. Just kidding. I was just about to tell you the straw bag and wicker chair story of 2015 summer, starring none other than this self-absorbed, insecure, fashion-obsessed, crush-developper, but extremely kind and loving gal-pal — Moi.

Let’s all take a minute and laugh. Or, take this very seriously. However you wish, I’m fine with it.

So… as soon as summer heat starts boiling up, and the sun’s brighter than my brain on a good day, I develop a case of split personality. For the past few months, I’ve been playing with Jane Birkin and those 70s boho chic personas, and to be honest I think I’m doing a darn good job living as a 70s fashion icon, French real woman somewhere in the South of France.

straw-bags-summer-style.3 straw-bags-summer-style.6

I wake up to a fabulous view, wearing nothing but my lover’s scent on my summer caramel skin. I spend the morning wrapped up in my fave wicker chair sipping black coffee and listening to vinyls. Before starting to write on my book I decide to hit the market, the shops, and the beach (for inspiration you know), so I slip into a white crispy shirt dress, my gladiator flat sandals, my Marc Jacobs shades, and my summer vintage beautiful straw big bag.

Straw bags are having a major comeback in fashion courtesy of the 70s fashion. With the relaxed summer look on a rise, it’s actually no surprise these bags could actually become the IT BAGS of 2015 summer. They embody everything the hot season is about. They’re cool and trendy but vintage, they’re super versatile, can be designed in tons and tons of styles (big, small, clutches, handbags, for evening, for beach, for work). Straws may be the epitome of casual bohemian, BUT the fabric can be styled in a million ways and actually look great clashed with any outfits.

If you wanna give this boho-chic bag a try, you can check out Leanne Foo from Fluteofthehour.

SHOP her straw bags here | Designs below


fluteofthehour-designer-straw-bags-2 fluteofthehour-designer-straw-bags-3 fluteofthehour-designer-straw-bags-4 fluteofthehour-designer-straw-bags-5 fluteofthehour-designer-straw-bags-6 fluteofthehour-designer-straw-bags-7 fluteofthehour-designer-straw-bags-8 fluteofthehour-designer-straw-bags-9


Enough rant and stories for now. It’s only Tuesday after all, so I leave you with a few straw bags inspiration for hot summer days.

straw-bags-looks straw-bags-summer-style.1 straw-bags-summer-style.2 straw-bags-summer-style.4 straw-bags-summer-style.5 straw-bags-summer-style.7 straw-bags-summer-style.8 straw-bags-summer-style.10 straw-bags-summer-trend straw-bags street-style-straw-bags


What do you think beautiful ladies: yes or no to the IT bag of summer?


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