SLIDE SANDALS: The Biggest Shoe Trend This Summer?!

I swear slipping and sliding into summer has never been more smooth. sssssssssexy and sssssssssssizling hot. Actually not. More like fun. The SLIDE SANDALS are taking over every single outfit and every single look this summer. IF (and this is a major ‘if’) you’re a fashion lover. Otherwise, chances are YOU WILL NOT GET THIS TREND.

If you think I’m shouting, you’re right.

Ah… how does one lot, who lives for and adores fashion end up with these shoes as the hottest mofos out there? The story begins somewhere last year, when normcore was the one word on everyone’s lips, who was anyone is fashion. One of the key elements to achieving the Seinfeld look, only more hipster, was the Birkenstocks. Those ugly fucking shoes literally crept and crawled under our polished sartorial world and beautiful skins, until designers and la creme de la creme of this world decided to give them a nip and tuck, while keeping the one common trait intact: the sliding flat dorky sole.

slide-sandals-outfits-6 slide-sandals-outfits-2

In this whole normcore, fashion, weird, minimalist, can’t-be-bothered-world invading us… something happened to me. No-uh. I haven’t lost my glam side. I just – swear to God – am head over flats in love with these slides. They are so dorky looking it’s irresistibly cute.

You know how sometimes you’re crushing over somebody – a person – who’s not all that, who, wouldn’t turn heads and honks on the street ever, who is so awkward and weird, but he, kinda, is sweet and then sweetness turns into sexiness, and then you want more, you want conversations, you want jokes and smiles and all of that. And you end up liking the mother fucker. Same thing with these slides. Hands down.

Just this autumn I was in H&M I think, after having written the Birkenstocks article, and gave these shoes a try. I repeat, I majorly disliked them. Up until I put them on. It must have been the late summer heat, my baggy jeans, my hangover dishevelled hair, my brain clouded by God knows what crush, the previous night’s quantities of alcohol… you get it… Something happened, and before I knew it I was fucking slapped with LOVE for these ugly slides. Joke’s on me now, cause in all honestly I find them, not not-ugly, but actually drop dead gorgeous.

I am the bloody walking billboard for the ‘Love is blind’ shit.

slide-sandals-outfits-17 slide-sandals-shoes-summer-trend-looks-2 slide-sandals-shoes-summer-trend-looks-3

Okay, now dirty mouth and bad jokes aside, what is the big deal about the slides? Are they really so great, or is it yet again a case of we’ll take anything for the sake of fashion and trends?

I would like to believe it’s all real, and we’re doing the slides, cause we love em. Oh yeah… that’s my other curse/blessing – I am so kind, and chose to see the good side, that I’m basically stupid.

The biggest superpower these slides hold is the fact that they can make any look and any outfit look French chic, or New York minimalist normcore. They just add that minimal sophistication to a style, and it may all look like wearing bath slippers to the ignoramus, but who cares, right?


slide-sandals-outfits-1 slide-sandals-outfits-3

Their styles range from the classic Birkenstocks to glittery slides, to those platform Stella McCartney ones, to the uber normcore Nikes slides etc.

Whatever you wear the moment you put one of these shoes on you’ll look like somebody who knows fashion but couldn’t care less about it. *Oh my G, Yaaasss.* 

Another plus: they are so comfortable. That’s why they’re ugly doh. And they make us look effortless which is such a coveted style. Of course slightly housewife-ish picking up groceries in her pjs… but I would’d mind looking like that when my bloody slides cost more than my rent for 3 months.

Anyway, enough about me, let’s see how I’d wear them. Just kidding. Street style inspo, and down below I’ve selected some fab designer slides on sale, in case you wanna… you know, shop.


slide-sandals-outfits-20 slide-sandals-outfits-4 slide-sandals-shoes-summer-trend-looks-1 slide-sandals-outfits-12 slide-sandals-summer-shoe-trend-2 slide-sandals-summer-shoe-trend-5 slide-sandals-outfits-19 slide-sandals-outfits-24 slide-sandals-outfits-11 slide-sandals-shoes-summer-trend-looks-5 slide-sandals-outfits-8 slide-sandals-summer-shoe-trend-3 slide-sandals-summer-shoe-trend-7 slide-sandals-outfits-15 Street style, effortless chic, Isabel Marant slide sandas slide-sandals-shoes-summer-trend-looks-4 slide-sandals-outfits-14 slide-sandals-summer-shoe-trend-4 slide sandals slide-sandals-outfits-25 slide sandals slide sandals slide-sandals-outfits-19 slide sandals slide sandals slide sandals

Have the best weekend people…