Bucket Bags: The New Bloggers’ Obsession?!

Bucket bags, bloggers, obsession, fashion, passion… talk about a pretty sight with a dash of beautiful cliches, that I’ll take any day, thank you very much. As the spoiler in the title so un-originally predicts — yes, 2015 summer belongs to the bucket bags in all their glory, sizes, colours, retro vibes, and bohemian cool moods, and if you’re one to look for the ‘why’s’ and ‘how’s’ of this summer bag trend, look no more.

I have found the culprits of this fad in the form of: 1) the 70s fashion that we will apparently never shake off. It’s the new 90s in case you haven’t realised it, and 2) fashion bloggers, who seem to have a major love situation for the bucket bag.

The brown bucket bag is pretty much everywhere these days.

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And I dare say it’s a case of deja vu. Remember the Zara skort? Touche. What do we think about it? I say Amen and bring it on, and this, coming from a girl who only wears big structured bags OR tiny shoulder ones. Cause of my extreme dual personality you know.

TBH (brace yourselves) – I do not fancy this bucket mofo at all, BUT there’s a certain kind of chicness and a bit of retro beauty into things you don’t pick on the first try. A challenge or perhaps a break of the fashion mundane you so easily and predictably do over and over again.

And aaaaanyways… this bag has a massive advantage: you know the saying – when you’re having a bad day, or something goes wrong, or you just woke up confused – ‘Just chuck it in the bucket!’ Let me add bag to the saying, and take it all too literally.

Because these days I am the fucking billboard of wrong I will make the bucket bag my best friend. And if all else fails I’ll just chuck myself in the damn bucket (bag) and hope for the best.

bucket-bags the-bucket-bag

So guess what happened once I decided to write this trend report? Well… I have realised, that as much as I may not fancy this bag for reasons that have merely to do with my personal style nothing more, I do not find it ugly, nor am I so quick to chuck it in the bucket anymore. Okay, I have to stop this reference.

More so, I would gladly trade one of my small structured messenger bags for one of these buckets. On one condition though. Okay two.

1) I’d like my bucket bag in a more structured style. Size, I do not care about (now that’s something you don’t hear very often). Small structured bucket bags are great as cross body styles. Big bucket bags are a great office wear choice. Slouchy (in any size, colour, brand), I don’t do. Yet, at least.

I’m literally dying over these buckets below. sigh. sigh. sigh.

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2) I’d wear it mostly with a basic monochromatic style. All black head-to-toe look paired with a clean structured white bucket bag, or even a black one for a very polished sophisticated monochromatic style.

THE look below. sigh.

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A white head-to-toe look paired with a black bucket bag for contrast, or with a white bag for a monochromatic statement.

Again sighing over these black and white buckets.

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So on my daily annoying how-to-wear-tips I got nothing more than any of us would have:

– it’s a bag, that looks like a posh bucket, it can be sweet, smart, elegant, flirty, patterned, coloured, basic, minimal, expensive, designer, or Primark cute – and YES it does actually go with anything. BUT in this process it might give a bit of relaxed and retro vibe to your look. But that’s only for sartorial spotters like us. I have a guess for those not so much into fashion a bucket bag is just a bag that holds your shit together and looks great.

And I don’t see why we could not treat it the same way. I know right?

Until that happens let’s marvel at the fab blogger and street stylers with their bucket bags.


bucket-bags-1 bucket-bags-4 bucket-bags-5 bucket-bags-6 bucket-bags-7

Image by Jesse Maricic | info@rawwcreative.com | www.rawwstreetstyle.com |

Image by Jesse Maricic | info@rawwcreative.com | www.rawwstreetstyle.com |

bucket-bags-9 bucket-bags-10 bucket-bags-11 bucket-bags-trend-1 bucket-bags-trend-2 bucket-bags-trend-3 bucket-bags-trend-4 bucket-bags-trend-5 the-bucket-bag-1 the-bucket-bag-2


So what do you think – regardless of my rant which as usual has something like nothing to do with the topic – are you a bucket bag person or not?