What Socks To Wear With What Sandals This Summer?

Go on, read that one more time, and relax, you’re not losing it (well, I wouldn’t know all the details, but regarding the sox situation you’re as sane as they come). Yes it is summer, and yes, we are apparently wearing socks.

With sandals.

The novelty of this sartorial situation is hardly new or original. Hello two years ago trend!? Being that it stuck a little less than we’d have liked it, or because we didn’t milk it enough – here we are in the summer of 2016 at the crossroads of some 90s looks, 70s coolness, and a bit of 80s kitsch still trying to make this feet fashion trend stick. I am sensing a slight retro vibe here and there, and though I never thought of myself as a retro-style-fan, I have realised by my shopping habits (retro tees, wide legged pants, chunky sandals)  the retro look crept up on me a lot lately.

And *THIS* ‘sandals and socks combo’ is just that: a retro style done in a very modern time with a slight edge and a lot of personal touch. Hopefully. It’s funky and not too mainstream and the fact that some get shit scared to wear socks and sandals at the same time is a fucking blessing.

Once you decide to try this look you’re faced with the very intelligent Q of what socks go with what sandals? In hot summer.

It’s easy: the only combo you need to remember is chunky sandals go with thin socks, such as lace, sheer, fishnets and anything remotely kitschy but cool.

You can try the all-white-feet-fashion in white chunky sandals and white sheer socks, or the all-black in big chunky black sandals with black fishnet socks, or have fun with chunky shoes and all sorts or funny cool socks.

That’s about it. The rest is pure magic, fashion, and sartorial creativity.

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