What To Wear To Work This Summer?

If you think dressing for work is a challenge, think again. What to wear to work like you’re running the world at a billion degrees temperature in summer, now that’s a challenge. If you nail that you’re probably a master of all sartorial things and I already envy you. The thing about being the queen of your job and career is that it not only comes with a tone of responsibilities but also with a certain degree of dressing for the job. If, on top of this you add a massive obsession about fashion and clothes and looking fab every day, without the slightest effort of course – then you’re in the best predicament ever.

The #OOTD dilemma for office wear.

In  summer time this triples the headaches. Just because it’s so complicated to dress beautiful, polished, smart, or casual (but still professional) when it’s so hot outside even the tiniest bikini is too much. Right.

what to wear to work summer what to wear to work summer what to wear to work summer

Also, summer office days more often than not may turn into evening drinks, or cocktail parties with your colleagues, so then you’ve got more #OOTD problemas on your plate.

My fave office looks usually mean simplicity in putting together an outfit and I find that that’s best achieved usually with an office dress or a power suit. So when I came across TAHARI Arthur S. Levine brand I fell hard. Seriously. First of all their shop is amazing to begin with, and their clothes are perfect. Simply perfect for office and after work drinks par example. They do have outfits for more formal occasion or more casual, but what caught my eye was how beautiful the clothes fit a perfect summer office wardrobe.

It’s really a dream for the women who run the world and wanna look fabulous while working.

what to wear to work summer what to wear to work summer what to wear to work summer

3 Fab Office Outfits to Wear this Summer

When dressing for work I for one wanna look like I put no effort in it, but nailed a very polished and professional style, and then there are days when I wanna look like I slay, and days when I wanna look very laid back but still on top of my game. So, with the help of TAHARI ASL I give you 3 major office outfits to nail the above. 

1. Dresses for office & after work drinks or cocktail parties.

The key here is to wear dresses that look smart, they are not over-the-top in anyway, not too tight, not too short, but professional yet modern and sophisticated. Having fun with office dresses is also a matter of the job you have. If you have a creative job, or work in fashion you can probably get away with a lot more fun office dress than if you work in finance for example.

What I love about the Tahari office dresses is their cut is very classic but the prints, and the styles look very chic, so that you get a bit of worlds.

If you’re invited to a posh event after work you can opt for a graphic print dress or a shorter version.

Shop the office dresses look here. 


6129M385_1_SADDLE_IVORY 6120M936_1_SAILOR_BLUE_CITRINE 6120M858_1_TOMATO_RED 6220M376_1_BLACK 6220M440_1_BLACK_IVORY 6120M959_1_BLACK_WHITE 6220M433_1_STONE_ORANGE_WHITE 6220M432_1_BLACK 6220M436_1_STONE_ORANGE_AQUA 6220M382_1_WHITE_PERI_NAVY

2. The Power Suit.

This is probably my favroite look in the world and you can rock this in summer if the fabric is not too thick and you layer a thin top underneath the blazer. I love love love white and black pant-suits and I think they are a very chic and powerful take on the office wear situation.

Wear stilettos and accessories with fab jewellery even statement pieces for a shut the front door moment.

Tahari has the best quality suits to rock at the office both in pants and skirts. The best part about them is that you can break the pieces and wear them differently during the week: pair the skirt with a blouse or the pants with a smart looking top.

Shop the look here.


6180M940_1_COBALT 6180M970_1_PINK_PEARL 6180M926_1_NAVY_BLUE 6280M804_1_SAND 6180M956_1_IVORY_WHT_NAVY 6280M825_1_HEATHER_GREY 6280M121_1_NUDE 6280M800_1_BLACK_WHITE 6280M827_1_NAVY 6280M838_1_NAVY 6280M846_1_IVORY 6280M857_1_BLACK 6280M829_1_NAVY_IVORY

3. Casual Smart with separates

Fridays or more casual days at the office means more comfortable shoes and laid back outfits like a pair of amazing pants in print or graphic or a more sophisticated fabric, or fluid white wide legged styles, or a pencil skirt with a high waist. Wear them with oxford shoes or ballet flats with a pointed toe for a chic smart take on the office style.

To get a more relaxed and sophisticate vibe pair them with more casual tops, or blouses and a cool jacket. Coloured jackets or blazers are amazing, but if you’re more of a cool kinda gal go for a leather jacket to break the smart style of the look.

Shop the look here.


6188M227_1_IVORY_WHT_BLACK 6188M360_1_WHITE_NAVY 6188M271_1_PINK 6188M433_1_BLACK_WHITE 6188M437_1_IVORY_WHITE 6188M297_1_TOMATO_RED 6188M644_1_BLACK 6189M423_1_IVORY_BLACK_RED 6188M463_1_WHITE 6188M645_1_PINK 6188M669_1_SCARLET 6189M510_1_BLACK 6189M612_1_BLACK_WHITE 6288M315_1_WHITE 6288M164_2_LEMONGRASS_GRN 6288M180_1_BLACK_IVORY_PURPLE 6288M191_2_OLIVE_GREEN 6288M322_3_IVORY_LIME 6288M607_2_AMBER_GREY 6288M318_1_MUSTARD

I know the weekend is coming, but it’ll be short like all weekends, and come Monday you’ll be fced with the same #OOTD problem. Well, not anymore. Keep in mind these 3 looks and the amazing clothes over at TAHARI and click away if you’re feeling like it.

Have a fab weekend and an even more amazing next week!