Why It’s OK To Wear BLACK This Summer?

all-black-2013-summer-trendThat Black & White is The Trend this season (click here for more) is no news flash to anyone, but wait… can we assume that Black (and black alone) is a Trend this season? Can we talk about a Summer in Black? I’m sure a summer in White for that matter is way more appropriate, hence the tons of white dresses and all the clothing attire in retail this season. Yet… black has never been so cool and OK to pull off in Summer, as it is in 2013. Well… perhaps apart from those 90’s grunge times, which, anyway are sort of back, and it all probably is a slight reminiscence of those alternative moods and anti-fashions. I would presume (unable to contain my excitement, DOH) that due to a lot of fashion signs happening out there (PUNK met gala, Punk/Rock/Grunge Street Styles, loads of non-colors on the catwalk for this season, loads of dark tones) – it is safe to say that in 2013 it will be OK (actually cool) to wear Black in the middle of Summer. OMG… what took you so long, Trends? long-black-sheer-dress-streetstyleSure it may be a bit uncomfortable if you’re living in desert like temperatures, and the world will probably risk looking like teenage outcasts, but – don’t be hasty just yet. Think about how classy and posh Black is. Or how you can never go wrong with a black dress, a black swimsuit (since we’ve got summer on our minds) or a black top. So, Black for 2013 Summer is a blessing to some and a drag to others. For the latter ones – breathe now… all you color lovers! Keep your summer’ish style intact while doing the black trend, by simply adding a hint of darkness to your look. Trending after all is about adapting it and making it your own, right? Go for bags, shoes, nails, jewellery, tops or bottoms. No rules… remember :) 2013-summer-trend-wearing-blackAudrina Patridge-beach-black-dressblack-bathing-suitrihanna-black-swim-suitHaving a green pass to don Black in Summer gives us tons of options in regards to looks and styles we can pull off. Black is versatile and so the options are limitless. A black dress can look classic with heels, can look edgy with boots, boho-chic with sandals, sporty-chic with tennis shoes… and so on. A black suit is classy but can turn to edgy when paired with statement accessories, or a funky top. Black can take you to the office and make you look like a top manager, or place you later on in a bar looking like the most hipster of them all. It will never be dated, never be inappropriate, never be too much or too less. Always easy to dress up or down. Sophisticated and chic when you want to and rebel & edgy when you feel like it. 2013-summer-trend-all-black-look2013-summer-trend-all-blackall-black-2013-summer-trendblack-dress-street-styleCharlize Theron : Sexy in Blackclassy-black-lookstreet-style-2013-summer-trends-blackstreet-style-blackstreetstyle-classy-black-dressstreetstyle-black-dress (2)With the grunge trend still on (click here for more) Black can make you look like a reinvented cool version of yourself from back in the day. Cool, effortless, rock’n roll, with that rebel without a cause hint. street-style-black-outfitall-black-style-2013-spring-trendstreet-style-all-black-outfitstreet-style-2013-summer-black-dressStreetstyle-black-dressstreet-style-black-lookstreet-style-black-trend-2013-summerStill not feeling it? But nevertheless refusing to sit back on this one? Do your own thing then, and throw in just one black item. See these street style photos for some fashion inspo.  black-accessoriesblack-skirt-2013-summer-trendblack-skirt-street-style-2013-summer-trendblack-statement-leather-jacketblack-suit-black-trend-2013-summerblack-top-2013-summer-black-trendblack-top-summer-2013black-trend-2013-summerblack-trend-accessoriesblack-trousers-2013-trend-street-styleRihanna Goes Harry Potter?street-style-black-skirt-2013-summersummer-trend-black-skirtWhat do you think? Is black too much for Summer or Thank God it’s OK to drape ourselves in black this season, without looking like weird little kids?