Before you start wining about how you hate turtlenecks cause they make your neck itchy, or feel too chocked, or give you claustrophobia – please… take a deep breath in, and reconsider the little pain you need to subject yourself to for plenty of sartorial splendour.


In case you missed the fashion memo, 1) turtlenecks are still in, 2) 70s twist ain’t going nowhere, 3) nudes and browns are still our 50s shades of 2017 season, 4) fitted tops might be as close as we get to 2000s comeback. (hopefully).

I don’t get an itchy neck from these sweaters (unless they itch), and I don’t mind a little bit of choking once in a while (take that as you want), so I’m quite IN and happy for this trend, and I think turtlenecks are the best staple comeback in a while: aesthetics and temperature reasons.

#OOTD wise turtlenecks look absolutely fab with a pair of vintage Levis, and retro mini suede skirts. Shaggy faux fur on and shut the front door.

My shopping guide for turtlenecks below. From designer to affordable pieces.

Click on image to shop.



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