Shopping For: All The Off-The-Shoulders TOPS You Need This Summer

If bras or topless situations would be socially less awkward in the heat of the summer in the city we’d do them, but they’re not, so we’re left with our sartorial creativity, some social boundaries, and tons of fashion trends to pick from. Given all this mess, I’m not gonna bitch and using the infamous #thestruggleisreal hashtag cause seriously as cool as that sounds #Icanteven.

There you go. hashtag ironies.

Or maybe I’m just not cool, and here’s why THAT might be worth an amen.

Yet… I do know a few tricks and shticks, and one of them is called the OFF-THE-SHOULDERS TOP. It’s the most undressed-dressed-and-proper attire you can hope for in summer. And it’s still a trend in 2016. From cropped versions for the weekend to tamed, very dainty, and refined styles and cuts for office the off-the-shoulders top is the star of 2016 summer.

I’ve also got your back with a tiny insight to the best shopping of the week: the sales & deals of all the best off-the-shoulders TOPS out there.

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You’re welcome.

Have a fab week my gorgeous little ones.