Take a deep breath, pull that drink closer to you, put on your shades, expand on your swag, inhale the fab summer sun, and start reading, scrolling, and getting ready to splurge on the best summer dresses ever.

Okay, I know I can be a little devil with a tiny bit of an addiction problem in the form of compulsive shopping, but because I like fancy you so so much, I thought I’d share this with you, and maybe tag you along in my sartorial splurging ride. That way we can tighten our BFF bond you know.

In case you’re really financially and fashionably responsible, this post is not for you. #majorsadface with a bit of an envy situation.

So anyway… when degrees are boiling up, and you’re sweating like a Finnish sauna – it’s time you went commando. Just kidding. It’s actually time we wore dresses. Flirty summer light beautiful pretty little dresses.

Of course you can still go commando if that’s your shtick.

2016 Summer Dresses are all the dresses you’ve ever known, worn, loved, and hated into a massive pile. That should solve the option situation. #NOT. I mean I’m seriously starting to hate this little bitch Fashion with her all is in, and all these options being thrown at us. It’s hard enough to chose between two skirts, let alone ALL the bloody dresses you can think of. There is no more trend, no more coveted looks, no more long is in, mini is out, maxis are hot, the rest is not. No sir, ALL is IN. Literally.

But you see… THAT can also be a groit thing. As ironic as it sounds it’s great for lazy minds, as well as major sartorial creatives. So in case you feel like shopping for the dresses of 2016 summer please know that alongside everything that’s in, I’ll throw a little tip in there:

  • pastels are great, so is midi, so are florals, light dresses, white ensembles, lace, see through, loose cuts, shirt-dresses, maxi styles with no shape. Think beauty meets ugly sophistication. Oh, and intricate backs.

So if you feel like it I’ve picked my fave pieces for you from retail to designer. Scroll left or right, and click on image to shop.


I know you don’t need extra inspo, but I’ll give it to you anyway.


New_York_Fashion_Week-Spring_Summer-2016-Street-Style-Helena_Bordon-Striped_Dress-Jimmy_Choo_Shoes-790x1185 shopping-summer-dresses summer-dresses-shopping

Have a fab weekend my loves, and remember to say wicked and wild.