Whether you’re a sweater or a sweatshirt kinda gal… I got your back. And quite a back you will have after this post. Style wise speaking. Sweaters used to be the only go-to-winter pieces for a long time, which triggered billions of amazing styles to pick from. Thanks for making it harder dear Fashion.

Then, outta the big beautiful blue sky came a sweater sibling with a penchant for sports – the sweatshirt. It got so many nips and tucks over the years that it sometimes looks way more sophisticated than knits.

Truth is, sweater or sweatshirts is like saying tomato tomato, EXCEPT, as similar as they may look from afar, the style they each translate to is so different it’s insane. Sweatshirts are more sporty luxe, and cool, and sophisticated, and sweaters, are more classic, and warm, and cozy, and sort of French chic somehow.

Whatever your cup of tea may be… I got your back. Christmas is only like a few days away. Might as well gift yourself. Splurge my little gorgeous ones, splurge…

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Just curious, which one do you prefer: sweaters or sweatshirts?




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