Shopping For: The Best CHOKERS!

When it comes to chokers I truly believe from the bottom of my heart there is no such thing as an ugly choker.

Badly styled, maybe, but I just can’t for the love of me see an ugly side to this absolutely fabulous necklace that started off as a 90s trend comeback and to this day, 21. 11.2016, it has evolved into one of the most versatile, ubiquitous, and beautiful pieces around our necks.


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From tiny black leather chokers, as thin as my love for Mondays, to super elaborate jewellery, thick, opulent and embellished styles that resemble pieces worn by countesses or luxe vampires in some film scenes that literally make you drool over their outfits – CHOKERS in 2017 will remain the stars of the show.

Wear them single, wear them piled, wear them in gold, lace, leather, silver, diamond, whatever you do… keep doing it.

And cause it’s Monday, and apparently everyone hates the first Monday of the week, I think a bit of browsing and shopping for chokers never hurt nobody.

My fave chokers down below, from retail to designer. I am beyond obsessed.

Click on image to buy.


Have a great week loves! xoxo