Probably one of my favourite accessories ever, the sunglasses are a must, and a necessity. I mean, when your face ain’t your best friend you kinda need to love the shades. Enough about me. Truth is, sunglasses are the best and you can never have too many pairs, and wearing them is always the easiest style trick in the book.

A pair of statement shades will always lift a simple outfit. A pair of classics will always blend in.

Trend wise in SS2016 all shades are IN really. Retro shades and funky sunglasses are having a massive moment. Round huge frames live side by side with tiny round frames, massive cat-eyes, peak-hole styles, classic wayfarers – it’s really the summer of the shades.

Colourful frames are having a comeback, and pastel tones as well. Mirror glasses, and tiny styles are in as well. Personally I LOVE them all.


In case you too are a shady lover shop below my fave styles from retail to designer.


And remember, never leave home to anywhere without your fave pair of sunglasses.


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