SUNGLASSES Talk: Behind Shades

Here’s the thing – whatever you do in life two things you gotta keep in mind: never be shady, and always wear shades. What may seem like a play of words or just bullshit off my chest, is actually none, but a simple truth. Keeping it real is a trait only the best and kindest ones have, so let’s all strive for that, and while we’re all busy being our best versions, we might as well do it in rocknroll and razzmatazz style… by resorting to sunglasses.

While I’m preaching on the illusion of Evrika, I am well aware I haven’t made any groundbreaking sartorial discovery.

Moving on.

I swear to God sunglasses have got to be my bestest friend in the whole world. I can hide my bad days behind them, my tired looks, my hungover moments, my cheeky stares, my silly glimpses, my eyerolls. And all the while – look freaking good in them. ANYBODY looks great in sunglasses, they’re just that safe ticket to coolness.

But what I want to know is… are we by any chance witnessing today the death of trends in sunglasses and the rise of ALL is in? No, no, this is not a lazy gimmick to dodge spilling out those styles that are hot this season. Uh-huh. I think the ALL IS IN in terms of sunglasses is truer than ever.

Think about it: all the styles and the shades of all the past decades are IN. They’re all having major comebacks. Round rims live side by side with cat-eyes, classic oval shapes, 70s big bold squares, mirror, thin dainty retro pieces, statement styles, funky shades. It’s a freaking party on our noses, and I’m loving every moment of it.

Whether you are going for a casual outing with friends, attending a formal event, or simply lounging by the beach, sunglasses can be the perfect addition to your outfit. With a wide range of styles, colors, and designs available, everyone can find a pair of sunglasses that suits their personal taste and fashion sense. From classic aviators to trendy oversized frames, sunglasses are a versatile accessory that complements every face shape and enhances our overall appearance.

sunglasses-looks sunglasses

What we’re basically blessed with is a style of shades for every mood, for every outfit, for every occasion. If however you’re incredibly particular about your personal style, and you’re a fan of just one type of shades – the shape of your sunglasses is probably out there and in more than one version. Hence the brilliance of our times.

In all this beautiful shady but real chaos I do have a favourite shape – MASSIVE (I can’t stand small sunglasses. they look bad on me, and they lack drama in my book), but when it comes to style I hardly can make up my mind, so I tend to just dance between so many looks it’s crazy. As long as they’re big I’ll take any sunglasses anytime, and twice on Sunday. I’m a slave to crushes, and mood-swings.

Sometimes I adore massive cat-eye sunglasses that look great with polished classic looks, but incredibly dramatic with the opposite styles. Other times it’s all about the big round bohemian shapes, that pull together a very summerish look.

This autumn I plan on investing a LOT in super funky styles, adorned with jewellery, flowers, covering half my face, incredibly bold, that meet somewhere between badass and feminine.

But anyway… while I might always be a headless chicken going back and forth in between sunglasses styles, I always always always have 2 shades I go-to, and will never give up: wayfarers and aviators. I think they’re the most flattering sunglasses out there, and really became timeless pieces. Classic with a twist of edge to them.

Having the biggest crush and thirst over sunglasses right now has led to me spending the morning online browsing and shopping. BARELY could make this short list of my fave sunglasses for all seasons and all styles, regardless of trends and what to wear or how to wear them.

SHOP my fave shades below:


Since no post is ever complete without street stylers and their inherent inspo… here we go.


funky-sunglasses-looks-5 funky-sunglasses-looks-4 funky-sunglasses-looks-3 funky-sunglasses-looks-2 funky-sunglasses-looks-1 funky-sunglasses-looks-6 funky-sunglasses-looks-7 funky-sunglasses-looks-120 sunglasses-looks-1 sunglasses-looks-2 sunglasses-looks-3 sunglasses-looks-4 sunglasses-looks-6 sunglasses-looks-7 sunglasses-looks-8 sunglasses-looks-10 sunglasses-looks-11 sunglasses-trend-2015-1 sunglasses-trend-2015-2 sunglasses-trend-2015-4 sunglasses-trend-2015-5

Now as I go and leave you, I hate to preach, but I will though. Whatever you do this ending summer and early autumn… do not be shady. Ever. It’s like the un-coolest thing in the world. And while you’re at it, keep it real in shades. ;) #wethecoolkids

Have a fab week my beautiful people!