There are trends you take and trends you leave for others to rock, you know. Yeah, me neither. At least not as many times as I’d like to. There’s this fucking uncontrollable urge I have to bloody sample all the looks I rant about here on FashionTag, so I go shopping and always end up broke, with clothes that barely fit my closet anymore, some still with a price tag on, just to show me how bad I actually needed them.

Anyway, yesterday I did just that. Went shopping for… I can’t even remember what, and 2 hours later I had a few things in my bags that, today, upon post-redemption, got me thinking about the why’s behind the purchase.

Lemme tell you. Among other things I bought some ugly slippers (Birkenstock inspired), a pair of incredibly ugly cropped jeans, that make me look ridiculous to say the least (I love them!), and three, not one, retro t-shirts. Three retro 70s style t-shirts.

It was this last purchase that got me thinking how we’ve been sitting on a gold mine here: 70s inspired, cool, effortless, easy, retro, Instagram #OOTD IRL summer look, that sort of shit.

If the above appeals to you – my loves… than you too are hooked on what I predict will be the easiest, coolest, and biggest T-shirt trend ever: the retro t-shirts that our moms used to wear when they were young and wild, that Farrah Fawcett rocked with shorts or flared jeans, that 70s girls lived in.

retro t-shirtsretro t-shirtsretro t-shirts

What makes retro T-shirts retro?

It’s all about the colours mostly, desaturated, vintage inspired shades of red, blue, green, or yellow mixed with white. That’s it.

Then it’s the graphic and the font, which too is retro.

The cut of the tee is classic, fitted, but not tight. It can be cropped (like a modern version of the 70s tee), but it’s usually hip-long so that it can be tucked in your high wasited pants, jeans, shorts, skirts.

I may be alone in my obsession here, but I LOVE these tees, and something about the 70s retro look is *still* very irresistible to me, so, since my retro tee urge keeps on pulsing I have found some fave picks for us to shop.

(click on image to buy.)


How do the cool kids wear retro T-shirts?

There’s no rule. They’re t-shirts which means they look great with just about anything. But especially anything denim.


retro t-shirtsretro t-shirtsretro t-shirtsretro t-shirtsretro-tshirts-2016-3retro-tshirts-2016-1retro-tshirts-2016-6retro-tshirts-2016-8retro-tshirts-2016-9retro-tshirts-2016-7retro-tshirts-2016-10retro-tshirts-2016-11rock-retro-tees

Have a great weekend, with a dash of 70s vices, oh I mean, fashions.


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