How To Wear The VICTORIAN TREND In 2016?

Channeling your vampire persona has never been so In as this spring. By the looks of runways ever since last fall all the way to SS 2016 the Victorian Trend is probably that glass of water we’ve all been thirsty for for quite sometime. It’s clearly not new, but dipping so far away in time and fashion, and reinventing it in such a way that it mixes brilliantly with the punk trend, and the 70s, and the 60s, and the 90s, with flirty romantic outfits or dark rocknroll edgy styles, makes the Victorian Trend feel like a breath of fresh air. We can only do so much of 90s and 70s.

It also stands for a bit more strength and power, and it seems more hard to pull off (I love that), and more niche rather than mainstream. It’s a challenge that I bet not too many people will take on.

A few years back I’d have overlooked this trend because I wasn’t too fond of lace and ruffles which pretty much makeup this look. I loved vampires though and secretly believed had I been one I’d have had the best fashion, and taste in music, clothes, art, and poems, and a massive knowledge of the world. I’d have been doomed to eternity since the Victorian Age, hence my sartorial taste for the period.

Perhaps the comeback might have a little to do our love for period dramas too. Hello Downton Abbey and those dainty lace outfits, those beautiful embroidered necklines and pearls and flirty subtle ruffles. We clearly want to travel in the past, might as well climb the fashion broom stick sand go all the way to Victorian Age.

Now I, and those alike, can put our dreams into practice. Fashion wise.

victorian-looks victorian-trend-spring-2016-11 victorian-trend-spring-2016-2

What is the Victorian Trend? It mean layers, lace, ruffles, turtlenecks, mutton sleeves, corset sihouettles, a lot of white – all designed and worn into either a romatic flirty girly version of the look, or into a more dramatic style, even edgy, with a dash of punk or rockroll. Hello steam-punk baby.

victorian-trend-spring-2016-9 victorian-trend-spring-2016-1 victorian-trend

How to wear Victorian Trend in 2016?

The easiest way is a lace turtleneck ruffled white shirt, that looks fab with mom jeans, or cutoffs (for a cool casual style), or high waisted pants for office par example.

For a dramatic feminine but opulent take add pearls, and black velvet, and massive rings, and huge earrings a la Dolce and Gabbana.

For edgy styles that are more punk inspired opt for tiny round shades, and huge black hats, cowboy boots, and tons of jewellery. This is also a very spot on festival look.

And then there’s the simple Victorian take: a bit of sheer, white lace, ruffles in either a shirt, a dress, a skirt. Paired with a denim item it’ll be a very chic fresh look.

What I love about this trend is its ability to look dainty and feminine OR dark and literally Victorian period inspired. I love the look paired with black and dark bold lips.

victorian-trend-spring-2016-31 victorian-trend-spring-2016-17 victorian-trend-spring-2016-12 victorian-trend-spring-2016-25

My fave Victorian inspired pieces below. Click on image to buy.


Street style inspo:


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So what do you think: yes or no?