Trend Alert: BAGGY Jeans

The only thing looser than my morals these days is apparently the new jeans trend. (TBH I never thought I’d get the day to say this, might as well bloody enjoy it.) BAGGY jeans are in, and they’re looser than your worst behaviour on your lowest weekend. Not feeling like an odd one out anymore I’m actually getting pretty cocky about this. Happy to finally come 2nd at this looseness and ecstatic really about the baggy jeans trend per se.

Not gonna linger on the former bit either. I mean, what’s the point, we all know nobody gives a shit about moi (including myself), but everyone digs the latter. JEANS. What we have to see is whether or not we dig the baggy trend. Or should I say – is there anything we can do to LOVE the baggies more than we already do?

We gotta show some TLC for them.

Why? I will pretend you did not ask. And you will pretend I did not answer. We both know it’s a lie, but it serves the purpose, so we’ll let it slide. Of course this is great in my unicorn world, and sometimes even in the sartorial reality we live in. Never IRL though.

baggy-jeans-looks-1 baggy-jeans-looks-2 baggy-jeans-looks-3 baggy-jeans-looks-5

Baggy jeans are simply fantastic for one reason. While they’re incredibly comfy, they’re not body conscious, hence forcing us all to strive for a more sophisticated style sans flaunting our hips and bums. Au contraire we give our lumps a bit of a rest and instead focus on how to look cool, polished, relaxed, chic et all in clothes that do not hug us tightly.

How to wear baggy jeans? Well, styling them is a bit of a paradox because the key is to look effortless so when zipping them up we have to not give a shit about how they make our legs, bums, and hips look, but how they look paired with a shirt, or a tee, or a cardigan, a coat, a cape and so on. Think about them as the weekend brunch attire, when the only problem on your mind is where you’re going to eat and what you’re gonna be chatting with your girls.

YET… it’s not really that easy. While we have to strive for the effortless vibe, we also have to look more chic and less hobo.

I will not shout out any rules because I genuinely believe they don’t apply here. You have to try every single outfit combination on, and if it looks good ON YOU, you wear it. Some girls can wear baggy jeans, baggy shirts all the way to their knees, sneakers, and an oversized coat and look dayumn cool. For other short versus long layers work better: baggy jeans + slouchy tee + leather jacket.

One thing will remain forever true: HEELS. Of all sorts, and styles make the baggy jeans work for everybody with absolutely and outfit. Both chic as well as hobo.

Personally I adore those baggy jeans so long you step on them with no care in the world, paired with slouchy t-shirts and button downs. They’ve got that French Riviera blasé rich kids with a penchant for art vibe, and I love that. Messy hair loose or tied up in a bun, a few jewellery for the sake of fashion and there you have it.

baggy-jeans-looks-10 baggy-jeans-looks-13 baggy-jeans-looks-15

Baggy jeans looks are more of a you-have-to-try-it-tomake-it-work kinda style. And what works for some, does not work for others, so what imma do is give you outfit inspiration.

Perhaps you’ll give it a shot over the weekend and let those skinnies rest. Note to self: gotta get me some baggies.

My picks below:


Street style inspo:


baggy-jeans-looks-6 baggy-jeans-looks-7 baggy-jeans-looks-8 baggy-jeans-looks-9 baggy-jeans-looks-11 baggy-jeans-looks-12 baggy-jeans-looks-14 baggy-jeans-looks-16 baggy-jeans-trend-2016-2 baggy-jeans-trend-2016-3 baggy-jeans-trend-2016-4 baggy-jeans-trend-2016-5 baggy-jeans-trend-2016-6 baggy-jeans-trend-2016-7 baggy-jeans-trend-2016-8 baggy-jeans-trend-2016-9 baggy-jeans-trend-2016-10

So what do you think my beautiful stylish sartorials: YES or NO to the baggy jeans trend?